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10 Bankable Ways to Walk Away And Make Him Come Back

10 Bankable Ways to Walk Away And Make Him Come Back

The best and most easy way to make your man come back is to walk away. This can even make you tell friends how lucky you are to have such a man. And you go: “I walked away and he came back”. Making your man miss you is one sure way to make him want you back. Men tend to crave what they can’t have, if your man sees you having fun and moving on without you, he will surely want you back. So, if you still love your man and you feel like he is no longer into you, it is best you step back and give him room to breathe.

There are different ways in which you can walk away from your man and have him crawl back to you, and some of the best ways of achieving this are: cutting him off, not picking his calls, having fun without him. Below are the other ways discussed below:

10 ways to walk away and make him come back:

1. Don’t call him and don’t pick up his call or answer his text:

When you want to walk away from your man and ensure he misses you, you have to put down your phone also. Cut off all contact. If possible, block his number from calling you. Put your phone out of reach so you are not tempted to call him or answer when he calls you.

It might be difficult to stop communicating with your best friend. You might be tempted to call or text him, but you have to be strong and remind yourself of your goal which is to make him realize your worth and for him to miss you. He cannot miss you when you keep calling him every day. When you cut contact with him, he will come back to you,

2. Go out with your friends and have fun: 

When you decide to walk away, the first thing you need to do is to surround yourself with your friends, you need your main girls or even guys to distract you, from your relationship woes, it is okay to miss him and you will only be deceiving yourself if you say you don’t miss him. Ensure you go out with friends to have fun, take pictures, and try to take your mind off him. When he starts to notice you are having fun without him, he starts to miss you more and this will make him come back to you. Some will even start thinking of starting a family and having a baby with you.

3. Update your social media regularly: 

To ensure he misses you when you walk away, you need to be able to use social media to your advantage. You can use your social media to give him a glimpse of your life, ensure you upload hot and cute pictures of yourself regularly. Post pictures of you having fun with your friends, but you have to be careful not to overdo this because using social media can also have side effects. And this is because when you keep posting about how amazing your life is going, he might begin to suspect that you are just trying to get his attention, so it is best you post moderately.

You want him to see how much fun you are having but at the same time, you don’t want it to seem like you are forcing it just to get his attention. Ensure you don’t look desperate or too trashy, just make sure you upload pictures where you look amazing, and this way he will most definitely want to come back to you.

4. Continue to live your best life:

When you walk away from him, don’t go about hiding, or staying indoors crying. Even when you feel like giving up, you have to stay strong and remember why you are doing it in the first place. Ensure you don’t chase after him, thereby giving him room to take you for granted again. Ensure you don’t let him see you with puffy eyes or looking unkempt just because you miss him. Go to work, hang around your usual places. Let him see you happy and leaving your best life he will miss you and want to come back to you.

5. Ensure you are busy:

When you walk away, you have the perfect opportunity to focus your energy on everything you have been meaning to do but kept postponing. You have to make sure you are busy so you don’t spend your time thinking about him. After all, when you are idle, you have time to reminisce about memories and this might tempt you to reach out to him. But you have to remember your reason for walking away. When he notices how busy you are and that you no longer have time for him anymore. He will miss you more and want to come back.

6. Dress fabulously:

When you walk away, try to step up your dressing game, especially if you want him back. You do not want to stumble upon him in the middle of the road looking haggard, step up your game. This might give you the impetus to say “I walked away and he came back”.

7. Be happy:

When you find your happiness, then you can easily walk away. You need to let him know that your happiness does not solely emanate from him alone. Let him see that you are leaving your best life and that you are very happy alone. When you bump into him, don’t let him spoil your good mood, don’t even give him a second thought just keep smiling and having fun, this way he will regret letting you go and would want to have you back.

8. Work on yourself:

When walking away, do make sure you also take a hard look at yourself and try to discover your faults too. Take the time apart and work on yourself. Become a better version of yourself so that when he comes back to you, you don’t end up making the same mistakes. Let’s face it, all the fault might not be from him and when he sees you turning into a better version of yourself, he will want to come back to you.

9. Go on dates:

The best and most possibly fastest way to make him come back is if he sees you moving on with other people. Go on dates and meet new people. If your man still loves you and sees that you are hanging with another man, he will come back to you.

10. Delete all pictures of both of you on social media:

Another way to get your man to come back to you when you walk away is by deleting all the posts of both of you on socials and changing your status to single. When your man sees this, he will know you mean business and come running back to you.

Why does your man come back when you walk away?

Men can walk back to you after you walk away for different reasons. Some men enjoy chasing women, so after they notice that you are no longer interested or that you no longer chase after them, their chasing spirit kicks in. They start chasing after you and trying to do everything in this power to get you back. Sometimes men also enjoy the challenge of trying to get you back, especially if they still love you and want you back.

Once you walk away, they see it as a challenge to get you back into their life. When you walk away, your man might miss the constant attention and companionship from you, so they try to get you back because they miss you. There is a saying that you don’t know what you have until you lose it, so after you walk away, your man may realize how much you mean to him and this will make him want you back. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so when you walk away from your man, the space and the time will help him build a deeper connection with you and have him running back to you.

Can walking away make him miss you badly?

The answer to this question is a little bit complicated, this is because everyone reacts differently. It can also depend on how long you were in the relationship with him. When we ask this question we all want the answer to be yes, but it can’t always be yes. With some men, walking away can make them miss you so bad that they chase after you, but with other men, they feel relief when your walkway. That’s one reason I believe it depends on the kind of relationship you guys had, how emotionally committed he was to you during the relationship. 

What does walking away do to a man?

One reason you walk away from your man is for him to see your worth and to realize how special you are. Walking away from your man makes him realize how much you mean to him. It leaves them heartbroken and desperate to have you back.

Walking away helps a man to reflect and discover all the reasons you left and try to do better. If your man loves you, losing him will help him realize he has not been treating you the way you deserve to be treated. It helps him realize how much he loves and the ways he can improve the relationship so as not to make the same mistakes twice.

 Will a man realize what he lost when he walks away?

When your man starts to miss you he will realize what he has lost, especially if he sees you are already moving on from him. Most men just can’t stand to see their ex happy without them. This is when most of them realize that they may have lost the best thing that happened to them. He realizes he made a mistake and most times, he realizes his mistake when it is too late.

How does a man feel when a woman walks away?

Most men are not emotional creatures, so they may not even react or have any adverse reaction to their women walking away. A lot of men are not able to handle it when their women walk away. Most men might have an emotional breakdown due to their woman walking away. They may even feel they are not good enough and start to question their self-worth while trying to figure out why she walked away from him.

Sometimes, a man may feel extreme anger and bruised ego from his woman walking away from them, especially a prideful man. He might hold all of his pain and anger inside of him because he does not want anyone to know that leaving him hurt them in any way. But most men just struggle to accept that you are leaving, especially when they really love you and just can’t seem to understand why you are walking away.

Why did he let me walk away easily?

Your man might be tired of the relationship and it might be that you are the problem in the relationship. Instead of fighting a losing battle, he decided to let you go. And sometimes let’s face it, it is easier to let go than to fight a fight you already know you can’t win. It is better to let go so he can start to heal and move on with his life.

Your man may let you walk away if he realizes that you are no longer worth the pain, and if you are costing him is peace of mind and happiness. He has to put himself first by letting you walk. You might feel that he allowed you to walk away so easily, but you have to understand that it might not have been easy for him to let you go and that he is hurting too. He just has to let you walk away for the benefit of you both.

What power does walking away hold?

It takes a strong woman to walk away from a man, trust me it is not easy to walk from a man you love. It takes a strong woman to walk away from the person she was already seeing her future with. Most men don’t even realize what they have until they lose it, so when finding the strength to walk away, you should remember you hold all the cards in your hands now. Walking always simply helps you send a message to your man that you can live a happy and normal life without him. You don’t need him to be happy, this way he may realize all his mistakes and try to step up, because he fears that if he doesn’t do better he might lose you forever.


It is never easy to walk away from our relationship, but at the same time, we have to realize that walking away might just be the only way to make your man realize your worth and come running back to you.

But at the same time, you have to also have it at the back of your mind that walking away is not a guarantee that your man will come running back to you, so you should prepare to accept it as a blessing and move on to new and better things. Also before you walk away, you should ensure that the problem is not from you and that you have tried other avenues and walking away is your last resort.

Finally, don’t walk away for selfish reasons which don’t emanate from the need to either find peace with yourself or from laziness or from the egoistic need to say “I walked away and he came back”. Please, make sure they are for genuine reasons.

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