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100 Dirty Sex Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Improve Sexual Intimacy

100 Dirty Sex Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Improve Sexual Intimacy


Sexual intimacy is important in every relationship, and that’s why we have come up with a list of 100 dirty sex questions to ask your boyfriend in order to improve your sex life.

Sex and sexual intimacy can sometimes be mixed up because many people do not understand the difference between the two.

While you can have sex with just anyone, sexual intimacy is deeper and way more than just having sex. It is something you experience with someone you love and have a deep connection with. 

It is of utmost importance for you to be able to communicate your sexual needs, desires and preference with your partner, and the only way you can be free to do this is if you guys are sexually intimate.

Communication is a vital aspect of intimacy in relationships

Intimacy in a relationship is very vital and it can make or break your relationship, so it is always important for couples to discuss their intimacy issues.

For you to be in sync with your partner when it comes to the intimate part of your relationship, you need to be open and talk about it. Communication is always the key when it comes to any relationship issue, and intimacy is one of them.

If you and your partner cannot communicate about the intimate part of your relationship, then your sex life will suffer.

Benefits of dirty talk while having sex

1. Talking dirty while having sex with your partner can help you know what your partner is comfortable with and the limits they are willing to go.

2. It can help you and your partner get creative in bed and let’s not forget that it can also help the juices flow better.

3. Asking dirty questions can be an enjoyable form of foreplay before the actual penetration.

4. You can also spice things up in your relationship by asking your partner flirty questions.

5. Asking sexy questions is a good way to surprise yourself and your partner.

6. Most of the time dirty taking leaves room for better sex.

7. Dirty talking is a good way to communicate about what makes you feel good without shyness.

8. Asking your boyfriend a freaky question can make you feel sexier during sex.

9. Dirty talking gives you the confidence to try and dare new and exciting things.

10.  Dirty talking is another form of release.

100 Dirty sex questions to ask your boyfriend

If you are looking for what questions to ask your boyfriend during sexual intimacy, we have compiled a list of 100 sex questions you can ask your boyfriend while you guys are getting freaky. 

You will need to ask your boyfriend these questions before having sex to help set the mood, or you can also use these 100 sex questions if you want to know how to talk dirty to a long-distance boyfriend. So distance shouldn’t always be a barrier when you want to be intimate with your boyfriend.  

1. You can drive your boyfriend’s sexual urge to a whole new level simply by asking him if he ever watches porn videos.

2. Asking your boyfriend if he prefers to give or receive is another way to improve your sexual intimacy.

3. Asking for pictures of his favourite body party can also help.

4. Ask your boyfriend if it is okay for you to watch him while he is jerking himself off.

5. Would you get turned on watching me cook breakfast with just my panties on? 

6. Do you prefer sex in the morning afternoon or night?

7. How do you like your sex rough or slow and sensual sex?

8. What is the longest time it has ever taken you to reach orgasm?

9. Can you remember your first time? How was it?

10. Do you enjoy sex chatting?

11. Do you like having sex in front of other people?

12.  Would you love to try a threesome?

13. Have you ever had sex with more than one woman in one day?

14. Have you ever thought of BDSM.

15. Do you like getting tied up during sex or would you love to tie me up?

16. Would you care to use food to stimulate intimacy?

17.  Would you love for me to give you a lap dance?

18. Have you ever had sex on a plane or thought about having sex on a plane?

19. What is your wildest sexual experience?

20. Would you accept a blowjob from me while driving?

21. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever thought of doing to me?

22. Have you ever had sex in an uncomfortable place and if yes where is that place?

23. Do you ever fantasize about someone else while we make love?

24. Have you ever had sex inside a hot tub or in a pool?

25. Do you think of me when you pleasure yourself?

26. What is the longest time you have ever gone without sex?

27. Can you have sex with someone you are not attracted to?

28. If I ask you for a massage would you start from the down or from the top?

29. What is your most favoured part of your body?

30. Would you prefer I wear sexy lingerie or just walk around naked?

31. Cotton panties or Lacey thong?

32. What instantly turns you on?

33. T-shirt or crop tops?

34. Do you ever get the urge to tear my clothes off?

35. What is that piece of clothing I wear you find irresistible?

36. If I ever catch you staring at me, which part of me are you imagining?

37. If you could see me wear just one piece of clothing forever, what would that be?

38. Do you feel jealous or proud when other guys check me out?

39. What is the one thing I do during sex you enjoy?

40. Do you want me to always make the first move?

41. If you were to describe the part of my body you like the most how would you describe it?

42. Do you like it when I dominate you during sex?

43. What is your biggest sexual turn-on?

44. What is your biggest sexual turn-off?

45. What is the strangest place you ever had sex?

46. Would you allow toys during sex?

47. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

48. Do you prefer for me to be on top or bottom?

49. Do you enjoy it when I pull your hair?

50. Have you ever had sex in your car?

51. Would you like it If I sex you dirty pictures?

52. How often do you want to have sex?

53. Do you enjoy our make-out sessions?

54. What kind of music do you like during sex?

55. Would you prefer I have short hair or long hair?

56. When do I look the most stunning to you?

57. How would you help me relieve stress?

58. Would you give me breakfast in bed?

59. Big bum or big breast?

60. What is your favourite sex position with me?

61. What is the craziest thing you have ever done during sex?

62. Do you have a special name for your penis?

63. What is the riskiest thing you have ever done during sex?

64. Have you ever swam naked in a pool?

65. Do you have wet dreams about me?

66. How would you describe our sex life?

67. When you wake up in the morning what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

68. How many rounds of sex do you think you can go in one night?

69. Would you like to try new things in bed?

70. What is the hottest thing you have ever done during sex.

71. Do you enjoy giving head?

72. Have you ever touched yourself in public?

73. Have you ever been attracted to a man?

74. Is there anything you wouldn’t do inside the bedroom?

75. What do you enjoy doing to me In the bedroom?

76. Do you like it when I moan loudly or quietly?

77. What is your favourite sexual position with me? 

78. Do you like playing rough sexual games?

79. Do you experience erotic dreams?

80. Can you describe how you would love for me to touch you sexually?

81. What is your favourite part of your body for me to touch?

82. Do you enjoy it when I give you a blowjob?

83. At what age did you give or receive your first French kiss?

84. What is your best form of foreplay?

85. Do you always feel horny while talking to me?

86. Do you enjoy sex with the light on or light off?

87. Naughtiest place you want to have sex with me?

88. Would you love to experience an ogry?

89. Would you love to have a cuckold experience?

90. Have you ever had to hire a professional hooker?

91. What is your weirdest fantasy when it comes to sex?

92. How many sexual positions can you achieve in one goal?

93. Would you watch porn with me?

94. What is the most sexist outfit I would wear that would be an instant turn-on for you?

95. Would you put my pleasure first before yours?

96. Do you have any sexual fetish?

97. Do you have a sexy song that puts you in the mood?

98. What was your most memorable orgasm?

99. Do erotic movie scenes or books turn you on?

100. Would you go on an exotic vacation to a nude resort?


Knowing all these intimate things about your partner can help increase your bond and help forge a deep connection both sexually and emotionally.

You should be able to communicate with your partner and let your partner know all your fetish, fantasy, and everything in between. This Is the only way your relationship will work properly.

These questions can get your partner going and at the same time, they can also be steamy for you. Talking to your partner about your sexual need is a fun and flirty way to get to know each other better.

When it comes to sexual intimacy you need not be shy, but learn to open up and tell your partner all your sexual preferences, lack of proper communication during intimacy can ruin your relationship.

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