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15 Clear Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty

15 Clear Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty

One thing that can help you forgive your boyfriend after he has hurt you is seeing the signs he knows he hurt you and feels guilty about it. But how can you be sure he feels sorry for his actions and what do you look out for? 

Well, When a guy knows he hurt you and feels guilty about it, he is going to show some signs like; being remorseful, He will apologize, treat you even nicer than before, and try to fix things between you two. He will also make efforts to change so you can forgive him.

Did your boyfriend hurt you and you are not sure if he is sorry? Below are 15 clear signs that show he regrets his actions and feels sorry about them.

15 clear signs he knows he hurt you and feels guilty

1. He sincerely apologizes 

This is one of the hardest things to do when we offend someone, even when we are sorry about it. So when he approaches you to render a sincere apology, then he is sorry for what he has done.

You can tell a sincere apology from the way he says it and the effort he is taking to make you believe he is truly sorry so you can forgive him. 

Well, him apologizing does not mean you should get back to him. But you can forgive him to free yourself of grudges and hate.

You have to look at what he has done to you, to know if you can be able to sweep it under the carpet and get back to having a relationship with him.

2. He is unusually quiet 

If you notice that his mood has changed since he hurts you, that might be a sign that he regrets his actions. It’s not just his mood around you. It affects his mood around everybody.

Even at work if he becomes quiet and unmotivated, then he really regrets his actions and truly wishes for you to forgive him.

People usually go quiet when they wrong someone and blame themselves for it.

3. He speaks well of you to other people 

When you start hearing people saying how your ex speaks so well of you even after hurting you, it shows that he knows he hurt you and has taken responsibility.

Telling people how bad he has treated you helps him feel better from the guilt he is feeling inside. So if your boyfriend has been doing this, then he is truly sorry about what he must have done to you.

4. He becomes more romantic 

A guy who is truly sorry would become extra of everything he used to be, in an attempt to soften your heart to forgive him.

He is going to become more romantic, send you texts, ask you to go out with him, and do everything just to make you soft for him again.

5. He keeps telling you about the good times you both had 

This is one method we use to get people to feel soft for us and also shows that your ex is trying to get back to you. In a relationship we usually have wonderful moments, we have not shared with anyone.

These special moments when we remember them help to rekindle our love for each other. So when he starts telling you about all the good times then you know he is trying to get back together.

6. You notice he is changing 

Even after apologizing to you, one way you can be sure he is truly sorry for what he has done is his change in behaviour.

He knows everything you did not like about him. He is going to try to start changing and make you notice it. A man letting go of his ego, adhering to corrections, shows he regrets his actions and wants to be a better man for you.

7. He is trying to please you

The fact that you guys have spent some time together, makes him know you so well and knows what to do to appeal to your emotions.

Is he getting your gifts, doing house chores, cooking, getting your lunch? Then that’s a sign he is aware of what he has done to you and he is doing everything to make you happy so you can consider him again.

8. He seeks ways to talk to you

When you are hurt, one thing you can do is cut your boyfriend off. when you do this if he is truly sorry he is going to find every means to get in touch with you.

He is going to call your close friends to help him tell you he is trying to reach you. All these are signs that he truly wants to get back to you. If maybe you didn’t cut him off but he does not know how to contact you, he is going to try to do things to reduce the tension between you two.

He might try to tell you about something that happened or send you a picture of you two just to kick start a conversation.

9. He tells you that you deserve better

When he keeps saying this, it means he has taken full responsibility for his actions and knows he did not treat you the way you ought to be treated.

He is thinking that you might not be able to forgive him and that he has failed you so he tells you that he is not good enough for you. This is left for you to consider.

Is he not good enough for you? If you think so then you can end things up and get someone that deserves you. But if you know he is good enough for you then you have to gradually accept his style of apology and try to get back together

10. He becomes extra happy with other people 

A guy usually does this when they miss you but wants to act like they don’t. The downside of this is that it’s very easy to spot the fakeness in it when he is acting happy but he is not.

If he is usually not like that, and just pretending, this makes you realize he misses you, and he knows he hurt you and you are the only true happiness he has.

11. He tries to avoid you 

Depending on the magnitude of his offence it might be hard for him to approach you.

For example, if he cheated on you, he is not going to approach you instantly because his actions would make him feel ashamed. He will start to try to avoid you. Is he seeing you and walking away? then that he is a guilty conscience.

If he is trying to avoid you by all means, then it means he has not been able to get himself to talk to you, after what he did and he is truly sorry and feels ashamed of his actions.

12. He disappears 

After trying to avoid you, a guy can just totally disappear from your life. Because he is running from the current situation.

If he does this, it means he is ashamed to approach you but you should not be the one to contact him. He has to man up and come to you to offer a sincere apology. Doing that will show he is ready to change.

13. He blames others for his wrongdoings 

Sometimes a man can try to blame situations for his actions. Just to make you feel he is still the man you think he is, he will claim a certain factor caused his actions to hurt you. 

14. He is more open 

He is more open to changes, he tries to seek your opinion before doing anything and he is ready to do anything you suggest. This is a sign that he has a guilty conscience and he is trying to appeal to your emotions. 

15. He starts giving you more attention than usual 

He is always showing up, calling you and trying to always be there for you than before? Then he is trying to let you know he cares so much for you, despite the fact that he has broken your heart.

Though this does not mean you should forgive him right away, it gives you an idea that he feels sorry for hurting you.

How to know your ex regrets leaving you

Sometimes we can quickly regret our actions when we break up with someone we love. Especially when the person becomes more attractive we remember.

Here are some ways to know he regrets leaving you:

1.   They keep contacting you

If your ex can’t stop trying to reach you and showing you care, that means he misses you and regrets breaking up with you.

He is going to text you and call you even when you try to cut him off, he is going to look for ways to reach you. 

2.  They are trying to show you that they have changed.

They will try to make you notice that they have changed and become a better version of themselves. They will try to show you that all the things you did not like about them, they don’t do anymore.

3. They flirt with you

They will try to flirt with you, remind you of good and romantic moments you both had, just to make you soft and become friends with them again.

4. They apologized 

They will go direct and render a sincere apology to you, claiming full responsibility for their actions.

5. They will try to ask you out again

This is one way to know they regret breaking up with you. They are going to keep asking you to date them again even when you turn them down they are going to come back and keep trying.

Does a man feel remorse for hurting a good woman

A good man is going to feel remorse for hurting a good woman. But a bad man would not because that is what he does, playing with women’s feelings and hurting them.

If a man is remorseful for hurting you, then he is a good man. If he is not then he is a bad man and you should not even think about him again.

How long does it take him to realize he hurt you?

It could take days, weeks, or even years for a guy to realize that he has hurt you. This depends on the guy and what might have been the cause of the hurt.

When I broke up with my ex, I thought I did not need her until the next day. I realized how my life is empty without her.

For some people, it could be the same or take even longer.

If a guy hurts you by cheating on you, it might take longer for him to realize he has hurt you. Sometimes until the person, he is cheating with hurts him too, then he realizes what he has lost and starts running back to you. 

So one cannot say how long it will take him to realize his mistakes. It depends on the guy and the situation surrounding him hurting you.

If he regrets hurting me, will he try to win me back over?

Most times, a guy will try to get a girl back after they realize they hurt her. At that time, he wished he could turn back the hands of time, to where he did not push you away.

So he will do everything possible to get you back because he regrets his actions, and realizes his life is empty without you.

But sometimes a guy can regret hurting you and not try to get you back. Because he will think he is not good enough for you. Thinking, when you accept him, he is going to hurt you again.

How does a guy feel after hurting a woman?

When a man who loves hurts you and knows he hurts you he is going to; 

 1. Wants to get back to you immediately 

This will make you wonder if this is not the same guy that said he doesn’t want you anymore. He realizes his mistakes immediately and immensely feels your absence.

He knows your worth in his life. So, he fights to get you back, come hell and high water. He wants absolutely no one to have you except him.

2. Feels instant regret

When they hurt the woman they love they are going to instantly regret their actions. He is going to realize immediately what he just did and beat himself over the fact that he hurts the only woman he loves.

3. Feels remorseful 

After realizing his actions he is going to feel bad. The feeling of remorse would be so obvious that he cannot hide it.

How to make him realize he made a mistake

Sometimes people can hurt you and blame you for their actions. They can even think you are the one that hurt them.

To make a guy realize he has made a mistake you should stay away from him. He will notice your absence and start to ask you what he must have done wrong. If he has done you wrong but won’t accept that he was wrong, you leaving him alone will give him time to think properly.

When you focus on yourself, work on yourself, hang out with other people and stay happy, the guy is going to spend a lot of time alone thinking and it will help him realize his mistake.

Can the male gender accept the same level of the hurt they put the female gender through

No, when it comes to a relationship the woman is more at the receiving end. So when it comes to hurting each other, the female gender is more tolerant than the male.

What a woman can take in a relationship the man might not be able to take or tolerate because of the way relationships have been built. A man can cheat on a woman and expects the woman to forgive him because like everybody believes all men are cheats. 

When a woman does the same, everyone frowns at her. The man acts like you have done something unforgivable.

A woman tends to accept more hurt than a man because they put more into a relationship compared to a man. She might have already told her friends how sweet you are and might not be able to face them when things go south.

How to make a guy not hurt you

When you are in a relationship, they are several ways to keep your heart safe;

 1.  Take things slow

When you are in a relationship, don’t rush things. This gives you the time to study situations very well and even when he hurts you, you are not going to feel it much because you saw it coming.

2. Pay close attention to red flags

This will help you see the hurt before it comes. Always listen to what your mind tells you. The best way to do it is when you spot a red flag you start to monitor closely.

Don’t overlook it, just monitor it with time you would know. 

3. Date who suits you

One thing that can give you heartbreak, is when you are forcing yourself into a relationship. Dating someone above your class or who does not have the same goals and sees life differently from you.

You have to take your time to choose someone that sees life the way you do this will help you avoid heartbreaks.

Final Note:

Just like a popular saying “The tongue and the teeth are united in their common love and service to the mouth and the body, yet sometimes (and accidentally), the teeth bite the tongue”. They always find a way to reconcile and work together again.

This applies to a relationship too. If your boyfriend hurts you it does not mean that he does not care or love you.  So you have to look for the signs that he knows he hurts you and feels guilty and even when he shows these signs, it does not mean that you should run back to him.

You have to take things slow before you decide whether to get back to him or not.

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