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18 Reasons Why He Randomly Text Me After Months of No Contact

18 Reasons Why He Randomly Text Me After Months of No Contact

A guy who has stopped contacting me for months just suddenly started texting me. Why does he randomly text me after months? Does it mean he wants to get back, or he just misses me?

If this is your current situation, you should know a guy can randomly start to text you after a month with no contact, because he misses you, wants attention, or just wants to have sex with you. Although, you can’t rightly know a guy’s motives for reaching out to you from his first text, here are possible reasons why he is suddenly contacting you, after months of not hearing from him.


18 reasons why he randomly text me after months of no contact

1.  Guilt   

A guy can take a very long time to realise he hurt you. When he finally acknowledges his mistake, he might try to reach out to you, to apologise. If he is texting you back to apologise, you should be able to know from his texting.

2. Something reminded him of you

Memories don’t just disappear. Even when he must have stopped talking to you for a while, they are going to be things that remind him of you. When he does come across these things, it will trigger a nostalgic feeling inside him. And he might decide to send you a text, just to say hi.

Or maybe he is just scrolling through his contacts and seeing your name, he can decide to just send a text. If he texts you randomly then stops, and you don’t hear from him again, then it might be that he just texted, because something reminded him of you and nothing more.

3. Friends with benefit 

After a while, a guy might realize that he misses the sex he had with you, but he does not want anything serious, just friends and have sex. So, he might be texting you, to see if he can get you to agree with this. You should be able to know his true intentions in no time because if he wants to be friends with benefits he is going to say it. Or act like it. He might want you to come over, but will never say anything like getting back together.

4. Sex 

Why does he randomly text me after months? Does he want to sleep with me? The answer might be yes. Most times, after a guy cut contact with you, he might start missing the sex you had with him, so he might just be texting back, to have sex with you again. So his texting might just be a booty call. If he succeeds, he might disappear again. 

5. He wants to get things back together 

Why does he randomly text me after months? Does he want us to reconcile? Well, you might be right. He might have started dating somebody else, but would later realise that he still wants you.

So, he might start to text you, to see if he can fix things together again. You should be able to know this from his actions, and the efforts he puts in getting you guys back together again.

6. Misses you 

The fact that he stops contacting you, does not mean that he has moved on. He might have been fighting with himself, about whether to text you that he misses you, or not. Now that he can’t hold it in anymore, he is texting you to let you know, he misses you.

7. To know how you are 

His random texting could just be a no-string-attached, “how you are.” He just wants to know how you are doing, that might be why he is texting you.

8. Boredom 

Maybe you miss him too. But you should not be jumping in excitement, that he is now texting you again after months. He might just be texting out of boredom so it would be better you don’t rush into things to be able to discern his true intentions first.

9. Lonely

Yes, you both agree to cut contact, or maybe he did want to cut contact. He might have just realized how lonely his life is without you. Not everyone can stay without someone in their life. He does not want to stay in such a lonely world. So, he might try to get back to you. to use you as temporary comfort. 

10. Challenge 

You cut contact and have not been talking to him. This makes you look like a hard target for him, and most guys love the feeling of having to win a girl over. So, he might be texting you, to try to win you over; when he does, he might know where to be found again. So, you have to be careful and don’t allow him to rush you into catching feelings again.

11. You are his rebound

Has he already been seeing someone else after you guys broke up? Now he is texting you because his new relationship did not work out.  There might be possibilities he is reaching out to you is not genuine. Maybe he just wants to use you as a shield, to stop himself from feeling the pain of breaking up. 

12. Wants an update on your life 

When we break up with people, it is normal for us to be curious about what’s going on in their life, now that we are no longer with them. They might have been trying to stalk your social media, but since they can’t get what they want, they started to send you texts, just to find out what’s going on in your life.  Maybe to find out if you are still single, or made a big move.

13. Keeping his options open 

The fact that you guys had a thing, means there is a possibility of getting back together. So, he might be texting you back, to sustain the connection you both had. He is doing this, to keep his options open. 

14.  He and his friends talked about you

This is one major reason, a guy can contact a girl, after months of no contact. His friend might have reminded him about you; how cute you are, or maybe one of them saw you somewhere, and now they are talking about you. This will make him start to miss you, and want to contact you.

15. To be your platonic friend 

He might just be texting you, to come back into your life, as a genuine friend, this time. You might have broken up, and stopped contacting each other. But he must have realised that you were a good friend to him.  So he might be coming back, to see if he can keep that friendship. 

16. Boot his ego

Maybe you ended things. He might be texting you to come back to boost his ego. He will want to see if you still have feelings for him. When you reply like you still do, that gives him an ego boost knowing that he can get you anytime he wishes.

17. Seeks attention

He might have been trying to look for someone that cared for him as you did. But the fact he can’t find one, makes him run back to you, for the attention that you gave him.

18. To see if you are still angry

He may have already apologized. But might still be getting the feeling that you have not forgiven him yet. So he might be texting you, to see if you are still holding grudges.

What to do after he randomly texts me after months 

1. Try to know find out his true intentions 

This might be a very hard task. But you should know why he is texting you before you can open your heart to anything with him.

Taking things slowly, and asking him directly, will be a good way to find out. Though there is no guarantee he will tell you his true motive, watching out for red flags, and taking things slow can give you enough time to find out.

2. Figure out where you stand

Do you still have feelings for him? Do you still want him as a friend, or you don’t even want him in your life anymore? you have to answer these questions, to know if you should reply to the text or not

3. End the conversation whenever you like

The worst thing you can do to yourself is making a guy feel like you still have feelings for him after he randomly texts you after months. That is going to boost his ego and might make him mistreat you again. So you should end the conversation without notice. So he knows or feels, you are not into him anymore, even if you are.

4. Don’t text first 

Don’t make the first move, even if you are tempted to. He is the one who reached out to you first. So you have to make him put all your effort if he seriously wants to fix things.

5. Get to know him 

People change. You might miss him so much and you are so happy he is texting you back, But, you can’t just start to rush things. What if he is no longer the person you remember? You have to get to know him first before you can make it anymore.

6. You have the right not to reply or to end the conversation 

Don’t feel obliged to text him back or keep the conversation going. If you don’t want to, then don’t do it, you don’t owe him anything.

7.  Be mysterious 

Don’t be the girl he can easily read. Keep him guessing. It will make you look like a difficult task for him, and also increase his interest. 

8. Watch your response 

Don’t send him confusing signals. You have to make your reply as straightforward as possible. 

9. Try not to be rude

Even if you are angry at him, try not to be rude. That will show him that you are still holding on to the past.

10. End things if you feel like

If you have the sense that he is trying to get things back together and you don’t wish for that, you have every right to end things, if you wish. 

12.  Work on getting back to him 

If you still have feelings for him, and you think he is texting you for that same reason, then you can slowly try to work things back together. 

13. Expect the worst 

You getting back to him is putting yourself on the line. So if she is texting you, and you are texting him back with the intent to fix things, it will be better to prepare yourself for the hurt that might come, if it does not work out.

14. Seek advice

You can seek advice from professionals or mutual friends. Friends must have seen him or heard him talk. They might have an idea why he is texting you.

15.  Reveal things about you slowly

Don’t rush in letting him know everything about you. You don’t know why he is coming back into your life, keeping things private for now is best for you. 

What does it mean when he suddenly texts me?

If he starts texting you back it could mean a lot of things. Maybe he just misses you or he has other hidden motives, but it’s left for you to have the final say on what you have in mind towards him, which is everything you want. It would be safer for you to take things slowly doesn’t let him rush you into making decisions.

How to reply someone who texts me after a long time

1.  Don’t be rude

Even if they ghost you, or stop talking to you, it will be immature to be rude to them. You have to give them a chance to say what they have to say. You can politely say anything you feel like saying to them.

2. Leave them “read”

If he is texting you on social networks, it won’t be ideal to be leaving their message unread.  Reply to them, but don’t make the move for them, end the conversation when you feel like it.

3. Keep personal details

Don’t overshare. If someone comes back into your life, you don’t know their true intentions yet. It would be better to keep some details, while you are texting them.

4. Be honest 

Say your mind, Don’t beat around the bush. Do you want the texting to continue? say it. If you don’t feel like texting them again, say it but do it politely.

5. Don’t pry 

Yes, you can do some catching up but don’t make it look like you are trying to pry into their affairs. They texted you, they should be the one doing most of the talking, don’t make it look like you have to wait for them to text you.

6.  Ask them why they are texting you

You can also outrightly ask them why they are texting you. You have every reason to know why they stop texting for a long time. 

Why do guys stop texting and start all over again?

1. Trying to figure out if you like him too

If he has been texting for a while now and suddenly he stopped he could be doing this to see if you are into him. Most times, a guy might be asking you out but he is not sure if you feel something for him too so he uses his absence to test the level of feelings you have for him. If you are into him he expects you to text him in a short while. 

2. You said something that hurt him

Have you said something that pissed him off? Or said something that made him feel he does not have a chance of winning your heart? He might decide to stop texting you when the anger wears off or when he thinks he should try again.

3. He has other women 

Someone who is texting a lot of women might find it hard to keep up with texting all of them at once. So he is going to be taking turns while texting all his women.

4. Ran out of things to talk about 

A guy can stop texting you if he has nothing to say. So if he is someone you like, maybe it is time to help him make the conversation more engaging.

5.  Thinks it won’t work out

You guys have been texting for a while, he must have realized it’s not going to work out between you two, then he will cut contacts, but later start to miss you, and later text back, to see if things can work out this time.

6. Wants you to miss him

A guy might be trying to use his absence, to make you miss him or start to develop feelings for him. This usually works sometimes. Just like the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder, when he stops texting, he makes your heart start to long for the attention he gave you.

10 Signs he is still in love with you through his text

1.   Texts back immediately 

If he is not interested in you, he would not have the interest to text you back immediately. But because he is still in love with you, he is going to reply to your text immediately. Even if it took you a while to text him back.

2. Writes you a long text

When a man who is in love is texting you, his texting is going to be lengthy. Because he would want to tell you everything, and also want to pour his heart out through text.

3. Tells you how much he misses you 

Is he always telling you how much he misses you? That’s a sign he is still in love with you. 

4. Before going to sleep he texts you 

He wants you to be the last person he talks to before going to bed. You are going to know he still loves you from the sweet text he sends you, before going to bed.

5. First thing in the morning he messages you

Just like wanting you to be the last person he talks to before going to bed, is also going to want you to be the first person he talks to, once he is awake in the morning.

6. Sends random compliments 

Is he sending you random compliments In the afternoon or while is at work? Is telling you how beautiful you are? Then he still has feelings for you.

7. Reminds you of all the sweet times you had

He is going to remind you of all the times you had together, or the memories you shared. He is telling you because he misses you, and he also wants to make you start to feel the same way he is feeling

8. Asks to see you

If he is still in love with you, he is going to be asking you out for dates regularly.

9. Directly tells you he loves you

He is going to be direct; he is going to tell you he still loves you and wants you to get back together.

10. Likes hearing everything about you

He wants to know every detail about you, how your day was, and everything. When you ask him about what you told him, he remembers even the littlest of details.

How to know if he is still single

1.  Ask him 

If you are the type that doesn’t like to waste time, you can ask him directly if he is still single. It will save you a lot of stress of having to find out on your own.

2. Look him up online

If you don’t want to go directly, you can look at his social network accounts, and see if there is any trace of his relationship status there.

3. Ask his friends 

If you have mutual friends, you can ask them.

4.  Be the first to say you are single 

You can tell them you are single first.  This will prompt them to reveal their relationship status.

5. Ask about his partner

You can just throw in a conversation like; how is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing? It’s going to make them reveal their relationship status.

Is it okay for a guy to text you after months of no contact

People can cut contact with someone and later start to miss them, or just simply want to hear from them. So, it is okay for a guy to text you back after months, but it depends on his intention for texting back.

8 ways to know he is cheating on me

1.  Always smiling at his phones

Are you with him? And he is always smiling at his phone. Is he talking to someone else, and when you ask who he is talking with, he gives you a shady reply.

Then, that’s a sign that he is cheating.

2. Never let you touch his phone

His phone is now out of bounds for you, that’s a sign he has a lot of things that he is hiding. 

3. Does not make the calls in your presence 

When his phone rings, he prefers to answer it somewhere else. Why would he do that, if he has nothing to hide?

4. No longer interested in Physical intimacy

Sex is now boring to him. He does not initiate sex. Even when you do, he does not show too much interest. Probably because he is exhausted from doing it with someone else.

5. Change in schedule

He now has to work late, or has urgent meetings that you don’t know details about. This might mean he is trying to make excuses to see another woman.

6. Talking with you doesn’t interest him

You are now bored around him. When texting, he no longer texts back. When you are together, he prefers to be on his phone than to talk to you.

7. Constantly accusing you of cheating 

Is he constantly accusing you of cheating? That might be his defense mechanism to avoid you finding out he is cheating on you.

8. Prefers to be alone now

Is he spending a lot of time in the toilet with his phone, or prefers to be in the room? Then that’s a sign he must be looking for alone time to talk to his new girlfriend.


It is not an easy task to discern a guy’s true intentions, when he texts you back, after months of no contact. But you have to make sure you know his true motive before you make any move with him. 

I hope the reasons listed in this article were able to assist you to answer your question: “why does he randomly text me back after months.”

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