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Reasons Why A Man Says You Are Amazing

Reasons Why A Man Says You Are Amazing

When a guy says you are amazing, you might become overtaken by the feeling of approval and joy after your ear picks the praise. For a fact, this feels good when anyone says it. But the question is what does it mean?

Are they of the view that you are amazing or do they say it only for fun? Are they saying this out of likeness or because you did something intriguing?

A guy might say you are amazing because you accomplished a great feat. He might also drop that compliment because your beauty and personality are uncommon. A man might say that you are amazing because you did something no one else has done for him.

Well, guys could commend you with these words for so many reasons. In this post, you will learn various reasons why a man could say this to you.

What it means when a man says you are amazing

Most times, after hanging out with a lady, a man could be baffled by how comforting the lady was. And this could contribute to why he uttered those words.

When a guy says you are amazing, it could mean that he finds joy in being around you. And he understands that if he uses similar words, you would joy too.

Another reason why a man would utter these words is to cheer you up. It’s possible you were down and talked to him about the issue. This made him utter those words to you because they would lift your mood.

He knows that uttering the words not only gives you solace but also signifies that he values you a lot. He may or may not be serious about it. But people say it often when they feel that is what you need to hear.

Furthermore, when you notice he uses the words a lot, it suggests that he feels something for you. Men will likely want to compliment someone they are attracted to.

So, using these words may indicate that you wow him. Or he wants to make his motive known. You will know for sure that he is drawn to you if he calls you and seeks to be around you.

Have you done something good for him lately or turned up for him when he needed you and these words came from him? Well, that’s obvious, it is a show of gratitude.

Guys can also use these words if they think a lady likes them and they want a deeper relationship with the lady. 

Also, a guy might use these words if you inspire him. When some guys meet ladies who inspire them, they compliment them with those words.

In addition, men are known to use attractive words when they are trying to get a lady. A sure indication that he wants more is if he calls you and does nice things for you.

Why did he say you’re amazing early on?

A man might use this compliment if you offered him help. That should tell you he is a grateful soul. These types of men might also use this compliment on strangers who helped them.

In reality, it is not necessary for you to know someone so much before you think they are amazing. It’s possible to feel this way even on a first meeting.

Some men meet ladies with great personalities and also use those words. And because these men don’t want to lose these ladies, they use these words to leave a mark. 

However, men also use these words to motivate people around them. And also compliment subordinates that have done well to do more.

So if someone of the opposite sex says these words to you and you feel it’s coming too fast, his actions may suggest why. You should also know that most people use this as a mere compliment and nothing more.

Why he constantly says I am amazing

Well, that could be a signal to a lot of things. And it depends on who that guy is to you. A coworker or someone you always render help would likely make it a habit because it is a show of gratitude.

They keep repeating the words whenever they recall your goodwill.

However, if this is coming from someone you just met or you are a friend with, it can mean two things. Either that’s their favorite kind of compliment for anyone or they feel you are very special.

This could also show that they are overwhelmed by their growing emotions toward you. And they can’t hold them back. Anytime they look at you, it gives them the ‘wow she is so stunning’ feeling.

So when he can’t stop complimenting you with these very words, study his attitude. It will give you an insight into what is going on.

How to know a man loves you without him saying it

A man who likes you might not say a word but by his actions, you will know how he truly feels. There are things that a guy who likes you platonically would never do.

For instance, he reaches you every time and also texts to check up on you. Well, every good friend would do this.

But the thing is when a man adores you, he will call you, and also want to spend time with you. And when you are around him, you will notice he wants you to stay longer.

Such a person will not be cool with you having close male friends. He is jealous but may try to hide it. Some guys might even go to the extreme.

They might put light on the bad side of a close pal to discourage your connection with them. Although that signifies a toxic trait, it is to show that he likes you sexually. You will also notice that he buys you thoughtful gifts, and also takes you out on dates.

Some guys who abhor romantic thoughts towards you might treat you like they are dating you. They will take you on dates, prioritize you and always be there for you.

In addition, when a man likes a woman, he is likely to seek her opinion often. That is to show that he values you. You will also see that he listens to you, and shows you affection in different ways.

He might even try to touch you if he is confident enough.

How to react when my partner says I am amazing

When someone gives you any form of compliment, appreciate them with a smile and a ‘thank you’ reply. For the fact that this is someone close, seize the opportunity to tell them something nice too.

Receiving compliments is a good feeling. But when people say things to you, they sometimes expect that you return the favor. Especially if it is a compliment that comes after you have done something together.

In whatever way, after such a comment,  saying thank you is always the best response. But if they say it a lot and you seem not to be sure of their motive, ask them why they think you are amazing.

But the right thing to do always is to always be appreciative when people commend you. Since you are in an affair with this person, it is normal for them to say words like this to you.

If your partner does not commend you, who else should? So appreciate them and tell them something sweet too. They also like hearing it and don’t take the comments without giving back.

My partner says I am amazing in bed

This is self-explanatory. It shows that he reckons you have impressive sexual skills. This might be a fact if he says this every time he sleeps with you.

It is a good feeling when you get commended after sex. It gives you the idea that your partner enjoyed it as much as you did. Being told that you are amazing after sex is a good compliment.

Although some men might not be totally honest even after using such comments. But if a man enjoys bedtime with you, he will always ask for more.

During the process, you will notice how much he is into it and how he does it with so much passion. This is how you know he is real with his comments.

Naturally, an outspoken man with confidence would tell you this. Men know it makes a lady feel good to know they satisfied their man. That is why he is saying this word.

How Can I be sure he really means it when he says I am amazing

Focus on actions. The truth is, people can fake comments but they cannot fake actions. They might attempt to pretend but they won’t be able to keep it for long.

When the opposite gender says you are awesome, you will see him hold you with so much value. Uttering the words means you give him so much joy and you have amazing personalities.

Consequently, he will always be around you and even seeks your advice. He will call to check on you frequently.

Your mutual friends will tell you how much he speaks highly of you. And he won’t only commend you, this man will tell you why he thinks you are an awesome person.

Why he calls me amazing but has no intention to date me

The thing is a man can see you as someone special but still does not want anything more. His reasons will be best known to him.

But you should understand that the fact you are a nice person does not mean every man should date you. Yes, everyone wants someone amazing. Sometimes, he could either think you are too good for him or he is not ready for a relationship.

Nevertheless, someone saying you are awesome does not always translate to  ”I love you”. It could be something they say based on what you do for them or your personality.

And not wanting to go out of the friend zone does not mean that their compliments are not honest. Understand that this comment does not always translate to I love you.  It could only be a show of appreciation.

What makes a person amazing?

An awesome person has a unique personality. They are keenly active in solving problems and helping others. Yes, anyone can be of help to other people but to be regarded as amazing, do it without ulterior motives.

This is helping people without expectations. They are naturally good people. Sometimes, they can even put other people before themselves. They respect everyone’s opinions so as to maintain peace.

For instance, if you are friends with an amazing person, they will do the things you are cool with. They do this so that other people can be cool around them. Instead of imposing their beliefs on others, they respect what others feel.

You are not afraid to be yourselves or pretend to be someone you are not. And when you feel you are not treated the way you want you are honest with it.

You are always open about how you want people to treat you. And also, you don’t treat people in ways you wouldn’t want to be treated.

Generally, spending time with an awesome person can lift your mood. This is why people like to be friends with them. The sad part is that most times, they are taken for granted and used.

Final note

When a guy says you are amazing, it could mean different things. So if you wonder what it means, you have to observe his general behavior towards you to ascertain.

The fact is if someone says this to you, it means they think highly of you.  Except they are not the honest type. But you will also know this when they don’t back up their compliments with actions.

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