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How to Act Around A Guy Who Rejected You & Deal With It

How to Act Around A Guy Who Rejected You & Deal With It

Visited a friend the other day, she was in shambles and all she was majorly worried about was ‘how to act around a guy who rejected you’.

Rejection is a part of life, we all have to get used to it, at various points of our life we all have to face rejection, either rejection from a job, family, or even our lover. Rejection is not always easy, it can be painful and it can even cause emotional distress. 

Most ladies do not know how to act after rejection, so this article is going to show you how to act around a man that has rejected you. 

How to act around a guy who rejected you; what to do after being rejected

After a rejection, the best thing you can do is accept your situation and learn to adapt as best as you can. 

The next step after a rejection is to learn how best to act around him. Especially if you have to work with him or both of you have mutual friends and have to hang out regularly. 

First, you have to realise that the fact that you were rejected cannot and will not define you, but how you act is what can make or break you.

You have to be mature around a guy who rejected you, you should learn to put up a brave face around him. Do not let him know that his rejection is hurting you, smile around him, talk with him, and just keep on being cool with him. Don’t let him catch you watching him, or let him see you trying to see if he is watching you. Indulge in productive activities, go out and have fun, let him see you moving on without him.

After rejection, there is nothing much you can do, but move on with your life, rejection does not mean you have to hide your face in shame. 

You need to act like a boss, hold your head up and act like you are unaffected by his rejection. Do not let his rejection bring you down, smile always, and just continue being yourself around him.

10 healthy ways to deal with rejection

1. Learn to understand why his rejection hurt you

Before you can deal with rejection you have to understand why the rejection hurts so much in the first place. 

You have to learn to accept that you are not unworthy nor are you unacceptable. 

When you realize that you are more than enough then you can learn how to deal with the fact that he rejected you,  healthily and positively.

2. Take time out

Immediately after rejection your first reaction is pain, anger and, most times you feel like punching the air. Most times screaming or punching the wall cannot solve your problem.

The best thing to do is to take a step back, instead of screaming or punching the wall, you can go for a walk, run or even do yoga. Meditating even helps keep calm, just take time out to do anything that helps you feel good.Try to find your happy place. 

Taking timeout can help you access the situation calmly and rationally.

3. Process your emotions

Immediately after he rejects you, you feel like you are calm and in a better place. You can take out the time to assess your emotions and try to understand what exactly you are feeling.

You can choose to write it all down so that you can be able to articulate your feelings properly, processing your feelings can help you cope with his rejection better.

4. Stay with your loved ones

Be in the midst of people who love you and would not reject you. Being with your family and friends after rejection can help you realize that you have a lot of people in your corner. They do not take you for granted and they will never reject you.

5. Think of those who won’t reject you

You might be in a place where you can’t be with your loved ones, the next best thing you can do is to think of them. Then the mere thought of them can cheer you up, and make you feel better. 

Even if you feel down about the rejection, the thought of that person who loves you and won’t reject you is more than enough to make you feel better.

6. Be kind to yourself

After being rejected, you don’t need to berate yourself or make yourself feel bad. Instead, you need to be kind to yourself, tell yourself words of affirmation, you can even view rejection as a form of experience and going forward learn from it.

7. Don’t let rejection restrict you

After a guy rejects you, you should not let it stop you from following your heart, rejection is a normal way of life. 

If after the rejection you still see someone your heart desires, be brave, go for it.

8. Do not allow rejection to define you 

One way to get over rejection is not to allow it to define you or who you are. 

One single person’s rejection of you cannot make or break you. Never allow any one person’s rejection of you define your self-worth, or dim the shining star you are. 

The fact that he rejected you does not mean you are unworthy or you are not good enough.

9. Take it as a learning curve

After he rejects you instead of seeing all the downside you can choose to see the good side. You can ask yourself how his rejection was of any benefit to you, and in what ways you can learn from it.

10. Be happy

After rejection, you have to keep going, don’t let rejection bring you down, live each day like it is your last. Do not let the rejection rob you off your happiness or stop you from living your life.

Go out on dates, enjoy the company of those who love you, and just try as much as possible to be happy.

Why you were rejected

There may not be a logical reason why he rejected you. Most times you never know the reason why you were rejected except you summon the courage to ask him. 

Although, to satisfy your curiosity we may have an idea of what went wrong and why you were rejected. 

1. Desperation

Most times he may reject you because he senses your desperation and does not find it cute or enticing.

2. Friendship

He may also reject you because he sees you as a good friend and he is scared that dating you might ruin the beautiful friendship you both share.

3. Too needy

He rejected you because he sees you as someone who is too needy and he cannot deal with such neediness.

4. Intimidated 

You may seem to him as a strong and independent woman, and he may just be intimidated by you.

Besides most men like to chase, robbing them of that privilege, excitement, thrill and offering yourself without them hunting you, makes them lose interest. Challenge and competition runs in their veins. Let them chase!

5. Doesn’t see you in that light 

You may just not be attractive to him and does not want to force it. Just maybe he can’t just see you like that.

Is it okay to be rejected is; is something wrong with me?

Rejection is a healthy part of life, it is normal for us all to experience rejection at one point or the other in our life. So yes, it is okay to be rejected. 

No, there is nothing wrong with you, you are okay just the way you are, not everyone can see or understand your worth and that is also fine because it is a part of life.

The biggest mistake people make after rejection

After rejection, most times we are too quick to act. That is why we end up making huge mistakes that may affect us negatively. 

Most times after a man rejects you the biggest mistake you can make will be to keep on chasing him.

Chasing him only serves to prove to him how weak and needy you are. It won’t help him see you in a different light instead he will lose all his respect for you. 

Another mistake you can make after a man rejects you is to insult him. Insulting him all serves to show him, he was right in rejecting you and to show him how small-minded you are. 

Another big mistake you can make after rejection is to wallow in self-pity. You can pick yourself up instead of dwelling on his rejection.

Ultimately after he rejects you, if you keep trying to show him that he made a mistake and that you are perfect for him, you will end up causing yourself more harm than good.

Should I stop talking to him because he rejected me?

Just because he rejected you does not mean that you should stop talking to him or stop being friends with him. If he was your co-worker you can’t avoid him forever. 

The only reasons you should stop talking to him is if he goes behind your back to start mocking you, or he makes you feel small and unworthy, 

Also, if you know talking to him is affecting your mental health and stopping you from moving on with your life.

How to stop thinking about someone who rejected me

Rejection is never a good experience, especially if you have to still keep in contact with that person because you both hang around the same circle of friends. You have to learn to stop thinking about him. 

1. Cut ties

The very first way you can stop thinking about him is by cutting all contact with him for some time until you can come to terms with the rejection and get yourself together.

2. Stop following them on social media 

When you want to stop thinking about him you have to block him on all social media platforms. So you don’t get tempted to see his picture or check up on what he is doing.

3. Grieving time 

After rejection,  you stop thinking about him by allowing yourself time to grieve. Allow yourself to cry, and mourn what could have been, letting it all out can help you stop thinking about him.

4. Write about him 

Write about him in your journal. You can write a note to him in your journal, a note only you can see. You can give details about the love that never got to see the light of the day. 

In this journal you can write about how somehow it is his loss, not yours.

Whenever you feel down you can go back and read the letter to make yourself feel better.

How to make someone like you even after rejection 

1. Improve on yourself

In other words, glow up, ensure that if he rejects you, you take the opportunity to improve on yourself.

Let your dress sense always be on another level, especially when you know you will see him. Make sure that you are always dressed to kill, never let him see you look anything less than good. Guys tend to always want to be with the prettiest girls in the room. But also ensure that you are improving yourself for you and not just for him.

2. Focus your attention on someone else

When your crush rejects you, you should take all that attention to someone else. When he notices that you are hanging around someone else he may feel jealous and want you back.

3. Give him space

If he is your friend or even a co-worker, you can give him a little breathing room, let him miss having you around. 

Let him have enough time to process his feelings. It might be that his rejection of you came about because he was shocked that you confessed your feelings to him. So, after processing his feelings he may come to realise that he wants you too

4. Overlook the crush

When he tries to bring up the crush, just play it cool and act like it was no big deal. Just keep acting cool around him and don’t let him see that you are hurting. 

When you try to keep things in a cool manner he may begin to notice you in a different light.

5. Hang out with mutual friends

If you guys share mutual friends don’t try to avoid them. Instead hang around with them and let them see that you are living your best life. Seeing you all the time may make him start to see you in a different light.

6. Don’t bring up the feelings again

Just pretend it never happened,   don’t try to bring up the conversation or even talk about it with your friends. 

When he sees you are not pining for him, he may realize what he Lost.

7. Don’t cut him off

If you still want him to like you back, you don’t have to cut off contact with him. instead, you can remain friends with him, and just keep being yourself around him, who knows if you keep being friends with him, he may change his mind about you.

8. Focus on other things

After rejection, you can focus on other fun and exciting stuff. You can go on vacation, learn a skill, or do any fun stuff. 

When he sees you living your best and fun life he may regret rejecting you and may want you back.

9. Have a conversation with him. 

When you have an honest to God conversation with him, he may just get where you are coming from. 

Let him know it is not just a crush, or you did not just wake up and decide to like him. Tell him how long you have felt that way and the reason why you feel that way. 

Who knows, being honest with him may enable him to change his mind.

How to make a guy regret rejecting you

When a guy rejects you there is so much you can do to make him regret his actions 

1. Act indifferent 

Yes, it’s an act. You are to become an actress by whatever means necessary. Act like your feelings for him were no big deal and it is just one of those things. 

2. Look your best

Always look your best around him. Mess with his senses baby girl. Wear that perfume like you embody it and walk that walk

3. Be confident 

They say confidence is it’s own beauty element. Being confident has never gone wrong. Be confident and focused minded around him. Let him see what he is missing.

4. Mutual friends

Keep spending time with your mutual friends and have fun with them. The news will get to him somehow about how you are living your best life. 

LMFAO! Petty right? 

5. Maintain the friendship

Remain friends with him. Be around him so he can witness your delightful self 

6. Focus all your time and emotions on someone else.

Well, you can try to make him jealous. He can only be jealous if he likes you and then rejected you. Try and let’s see all the emotions play out 

When your crush sees you acting like these , he may regret what could have been.

Is it possible to still end up together after rejection?

Yes absolutely, you guys can still end up together after rejection. That’s why it is important to mind the way you act after he rejects you.

If you handle the rejection calmly and maturely he may rethink his actions towards you and come running back to you.

What rejection does to a woman?

A woman may feel unlocked and unwanted after being rejected. She may lose herself, her steel, and even her self-worth. 

Let’s face it, it took a lot of courage for her to go to a man and confess her feelings in the first place, so rejection may not do her eagle and self-esteem any good. 

Rejection may lead a woman into questioning herself and thinking of all the reasons why she was not good enough for him.

How do guys feel when they get rejected?

Guys tend to handle rejection a little bit better than ladies. After rejection a guy may feel satisfied, with the fact that he tried, or he may wonder what he lacks that led to the rejection, or he may even begin to doubt himself and his abilities to attract a woman. 

But, despite those doubts, they still are able to approach the next woman. Don’t they just love the chase? 

Rejection is a normal way of life. It doesn’t define you. How well you handle rejection is what matters. Rejection hurts and no one wants to experience such a feeling.

So you need to learn the right way to handle rejection. 

I hope you had an interesting read, don’t forget to share it with your friends if the article helped you.

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