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What He Thinks After You Sleep with Him (Unraveling the deep) 

What He Thinks After You Sleep with Him (Unraveling the deep) 

As guys, certain things go through our minds when we finally sleep with that girl we have been dying to sleep with. So if you have a guy that you just slept with and you are wondering what he thinks after you sleep with him? You should read and digest this article.

After having sex with a girl, the first set of thoughts and questions that comes to a guy’s mind are: Did I satisfy her? I am the best she ever had? Did I last long? I hope she won’t get pregnant. Does she want another round? If she is a girl that I never wanted to have sex with, but did it out of temptation, am I headed for instant regret after the sex? Those are some of the first set of thoughts that go through every guy’s mind before others come in, after having sex with a girl.

In this work, there are 30 deep thoughts that can go through a guy’s mind immediately after sex. And this will help you untangle everything that goes through a guy’s head during and after sex. So, if you have been seeking to know a guy’s thoughts after sex, you are in the right place.


30 Things Guys Think About After You Sleep with Them

1. He is feeling fulfilled and happy:

The thoughts of a lot of guys after sex can easily be occupied with breaths of happiness, especially when you are the girl that took a long time to chase. Now that he has finally had intercourse with you, he is going to feel fulfilled.

2. If he is the best you ever had:

After sex, a lot of men think about the impression the activity left. They ponder about the intensity of the coitus sessions, and if you think they are the best you’ve had in a while or ever. That is why you see them going the extra mile to satisfy you. As men, knowing that a girl has never reached the level of ecstasy we gave her boosts our ego. 

He might just be thinking about the sex and how he performed. And if you have had something close before, and nothing more.

3. He is thinking about how you got there:

Sometimes, men get drunk and get a one-night stand and don’t even know till they finish having sex only to see you with them. So if you have a one-night stand, he is going to be thinking about how you got in his bed but won’t be able to ask you those questions. He might not even know your name. He will just call you baby to play along.

4. He is trying to know if you enjoyed it too:

Did she enjoy it? This is another thought that can come straight to a guy’s head immediately after sex. He is going to be looking at you and try to figure out if you enjoyed every bit of the sex you guys had.

5. If you want more:

Does she want more? Does she want another round? A guy might not be able to ask you this especially if you guys aren’t that close. But it would go through his head. If you show you want him to go again, he is going to try to start touching you. If you respond, then he is going to go again.

6. If you hate him now:

A guy might be thinking you hate him after sleeping with you. Especially when before the sex, you didn’t want it and he made you do it. He is going to start acting guilty if this is going through his head.

7. If he should kiss and tell:

It’s no news that guys like to tell their friends when they sleep with a girl. This might be an immature move but most guys do it. Some men are at that point battling with the temptation of telling. Some want to keep the deal secret and while others might be loud about the romp. These sorts of thoughts would go through his head too.

8. He is wondering whether he was selfish: 

After sex, a guy can start to wonder if during the sex he cared about just himself. This still centers on him satisfying you. He is going to try to replay every part of the sex you had to see if he was selfish and didn’t even care about satisfying you.

9. He is thinking of doing it some other time:

If the sex was a very good one, he is going to be thinking about when to get you over for another time. If he feels this way, he is going to try to sweet-talk you to meeting again.

10.  He regrets his actions:

If a guy has a serious partner, he is going to immediately regret his actions when he finishes having sex with you. He might just have wanted to do it for fun or maybe you were so tempting and he could not resist you. The fact that he has a girlfriend or wife would make him start to think about what he has done immediately he is done sleeping with you.

11.  He hopes he is not getting you pregnant: 

All he might be thinking about is if he is going to get you pregnant. He is going to start thinking about the condom and hope it didn’t break. “Hope you are on your pills?” He’d ask. Did I cum inside of her? All these thoughts would fill inside of his head and he might not be able to ask you.

12. He is thinking about showering:

All he might just be thinking about is how to get up and go and shower. After sex, a guy might be thinking he smells; so he is thinking of going to shower but might be wondering how it will seem to you. He is trying to decide if he should shower and if he should with you or not.

13. Did she climax?

Did she climax? Is a question that could be going through a guy’s mind after sex. He might be bothered about this too, especially when you look dissatisfied.

14. If he gave you something to remember:

Guys like to know that they gave you sex that will make you never forget them. So, all he might be thinking at that moment is if he gave you an unforgettable experience.

15. He is thinking about how bad or good you were in bed:

He might be thinking about how amazing you are in bed or are poor your bed skill is after the sex. This might be what is going through his mind. If he thinks you are bad in bed you should be able to tell from his eyes that he didn’t enjoy the sex. But if he thinks you are amazing you should be able to tell because he will drop hints.

16. He hopes you don’t see it as a big deal:

A guy can start to think about your views on sex. Maybe you think having sex with you means you guys have to become a committed partner or start a relationship. Some guys just want sex and when they succeed they are worried if that is what you want and hope you won’t start to ask for something serious.

17. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out:

A guy who has a serious partner would be thinking of what may happen when his girlfriend finds out that he has cheated on her. So if he is wearing a guilty face, this might be what is going through his mind.

18. What if she thinks I am small?

Men always see their penis size as something that has to be big enough for them. A lot of guys feel girls like it big, so they are thinking if they might be big enough for you.

19. He is thinking about whether to stay or go:

Should I continue this with her? Or should I just disappear from her life after this? This can start to go through a guy’s mind after sex. He is thinking about if he should stay in your life or just look for ways to cut ties with you.

20. He is thinking about the duration of the ball:

He might be thinking he finished too fast, maybe because you don’t look satisfied or something. Guys are always worried about finishing too fast. So, this might be what is going through his mind

21. Worried he stayed too long:

Did I stay too long? Did she get bored? A guy might also start to think about this too because we think girls don’t like sex that lasts for too long as they are going to lose interest. So, if you carried a tired face all through, he is going to be thinking about this right after sleeping with you.

23. He is thinking about your impressive moves and where you learned them from:

This might seem funny. But sometimes, when you are too good in bed and have that porn star-like moves, a guy would start to wonder where you learned them from. “Is she a slut? She has to be one to be this good.”

24. He wants to sleep: 

After sex, all he might be thinking about is sleep. If he looks drowsy, then that’s what is going through in his mind. Guys tend to use more energy during sex than women so they are prone to get tired. 

25. He is thinking about the right moment to call back:

After sex, especially if it is the first time you guys are getting down. He is going to start to wonder if it would be right for him to call you when you get home or for him to give it some time. He might be thinking the conversation would be awkward if he starts it right after you leave his place. He might also be thinking that you would think he used you if he didn’t call right after. So he might be trying to solve this possible in his head right after having sex with you.

26. He wants to eat:

Yes, sex can get you exhausted and make you feel like you have not eaten for the whole day. So when you guys just finish having sex, he probably is pondering on what to eat to gather himself again.

27. He’s mediating and praying to God:

After good sex, a guy might be thinking about not losing you. After the sex, he prays to God to make you his partner for life and wants to live the rest of his life with you because he feels you’re too good for him. He feels the genuine connection and hopes a supernatural power can help him seal the bond.

28. He is thinking about starting a relationship with you:

After having sex with you, a guy can automatically start feeling a strong connection that he didn’t feel before, especially if that sex is also your first. He most likely is thinking about making you his girlfriend since he deflowered you or is wowed by your all-round personality. Sex can trigger strong feelings between people.

29. He is thinking about how to never see you again:

Some guys can just want only sex with you, or maybe the sex was a mistake in the first place. It could even be that you gave him bad sex. He will be thinking of ways he cut you off and never see you again right after sex.

30. He is thinking about your name:

If there was no emotional connection before the sex or if he barely knows you, what he might be thinking at that moment is what’s her name and if he does not remember,  he gives you a sweet name to avoid making the mistake of calling you the wrong name which will ruin everything.

Do guys change after you sleep with them?

Guys do change after sleeping with you if that was their motive from the onset of your friendship. If they finally sleep with you, they might start to act in ways that look like they don’t care anymore because everything was to sleep with you now that they need to show love again?

Sex for some guy can also increase the love they have for you. It can make these types of guys love you more and even become more loyal.

Why do guys change after you sleep with them?

Guys can change after sleeping because of any of the following reasons;

1. All he wanted was sex:

If all he wanted was to get into your pants, he is going to change from that caring dude you know to someone that doesn’t even care about you. He is going to start acting caring again only when he is horny and wants to have another moment of sex with you.

2. He is confused: 

Sometimes when guys are horny, we tend to get excited and don’t even think of what we are doing. We just want to get laid. So after sleeping with you he is going to immediately run into a confused state. What am I doing? I am doing the right thing. I don’t think I want to do this again. So this confusion will change his attitude towards you.

3. He does not have emotional feelings for you:

If the only thing that connects you two is just sex, the chemistry between the both of you is going to get awkward after sex. Sometimes it will light up again when you both are horny then gets awkward again after sex. So it’s not like he is changing, he does not have feelings for you he is just sexually attracted to you.

Will a guy lose interest in you after sleeping in with you?

A guy will lose interest after sleeping with you if that’s is all he wanted or if you did not turn out to be the perfect girl that will solve all his sexual desires the way he thought. When a guy meets a hot girl he is going to fantasize about having sex with her even before doing so. When the sex turns out bad he is going to lose interest in her.

How do I keep him interested after sleeping with him?

The best way to keep a man interested after sex is to make the relationship more than sex, from the beginning. If you guys are always talking about sex, you have to change that and show him another side of you that might interest him. This will make him stick around even after sleeping with you? 

To do this, don’t let him sleep with you all the time when you visit him. You guys should do other things and find another way to keep each other company. This will grow a bond between you two and even give you a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Why does a guy stop talking to you after sleeping with you?

A guy will stop talking to you after sex if his sexual experience with you was bad, if it was all a mistake, and if it was all he wanted from you. 

A guy who has a serious partner will always stop talking to you after sex for fear of you destroying his relationship.

How to get a guy to respect you after sleeping with you:

After sex, the best way to make a man respect you is to try to keep things casual. Start a conversation and talk to him like nothing happened; like you guys are friends. This will make him not feel awkward. You can start a conversation and talk about other topics of similar interests. This will make him know your depth and see that sex isn’t only what you have to offer.

After sex, giving a man space will make him respect you. Don’t start calling him or trying to get him to be yours or telling him you want him again this will make him lose interest in you. You have to let him keep doing the chasing. Act like you don’t need him and when he asks for sex with you again make it difficult for him to get.

Does he regret sleeping with me?

Regret is one emotion that we can’t hide. When a guy regrets sleeping with you, you should be able to tell from his countenance after the sex. If he is acting disconnected or uncomfortable, then he might just be having an instant regret after sleeping with you.

If he is suddenly too busy, acting up, distancing himself from you, ignores you, and does not flirt with you anymore then he regrets sleeping with you.


Guys can think a lot of random things after having sex with you. Most of the things are usually about them and not you. To avoid a guy thinking bad of you or disrespecting you after sex you have to take things slow. When you meet a guy, play hard to get a little. These are things that make him value you. Though some guys can go the extra mile just to get between your legs, that’s on them. If you get played, then you met an irresponsible guy. You don’t have to beat yourself about it. In everything you do, never play the cheap one.

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