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10 Reasons Why Virgo Men Are Controlling

10 Reasons Why Virgo Men Are Controlling

Are Virgo men controlling? Every zodiac sign has its unique and different personality traits. Most times, we find some of these traits very annoying, like the controlling tendencies of Virgo men.

One of the reasons Virgo men are controlling is that they want to protect you and make sure you are on the right track and also keep you from derailing.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why Virgo men are controlling:

10 Reasons why Virgo men are controlling.

1. They want perfection:

Virgo men are perfectionists, they always want things and people around them to be in order, for this reason, they like to be in control. They believe that when they are in control, things can’t go wrong. Virgo likes organization and likes to have a hand in all the planning because everything has to go in a certain way, and they think their way is a perfect way, this makes them always want to be in control.

2. They feel insecure:

No matter how confident a Virgo man may seem, they always have a little bit of insecurity in them. This always makes them want to control everything and everyone around them, they don’t like to be in the dark, and they always have to be in the know about everything.

3. They always have to be right:

Another reason why Virgo men are controlling is the fact that they always have to be right about everything. They tend to make others look stupid for not knowing something. They like to be in control because they feel that they are always right, for this reason, they always have to be in charge.

4. They have anxiety:

Virgo men always deal with anxiety issues. If they leave things in the hands of others they always look at the worst-case scenario, and for this reason, they always want to have control of everything so that things will go according to their plan.

5. They don’t like spontaneity:

Virgo men do not like spontaneity, they don’t want to wing things. This is why they like to be in control of everything and everyone around them. Virgos are kings of organizations and so, they do not wing things, and they have to be ahead of everything.

6. They want to protect you:

Another reason why Virgo men choose to control you is the fact that they feel that they have to be in control to be able to protect you. Sometimes, if they feel like what you are doing is wrong or for example, he sees that you can’t manage your finances, a Virgo man may take control of your finances to protect you.

7. He has trouble trusting his instinct:

Most times, when a Virgo man can’t trust his instinct, he likes to be controlling, especially when he is hurt, he would dismiss his emotions and try to take control of the situation.

8. His upbringing:

If a Virgo man has been brought up in a religious home with a strong religious background, he may try to control you because his religion mandates him to.

9. Resistance to change:

A Virgo man who is resistant to change might not want to yield his abilities to control you. He sees you as a controlling thing and refuses to listen to any contrary advice.

10. You allowed it:

Some women like Virgo men because they are controlling, and a lot of women want men that would control them and lead them on.

How to deal with controlling Virgo men

To deal with a controlling Virgo man, you need to be patient because there is only little you can do to change their ways. You need to understand that their anxiety is one of the major causes of their controlling tendency. Most times, you can wait for him to make a mistake, this way, you can make him see the error of his way and let him know that his way is not the only way. Let him know it is okay to relinquish control sometimes.

Are Virgo men hard to live with?

Virgo men can be hard to live with, but to be able to live with them, you need to understand them. To be able to live with a Virgo man, you need to be patient and tolerate his controlling tendencies, outside of his controlling tendencies that make them difficult to live with, Virgo men tend to be very straightforward people.

Should I submit myself to a controlling Virgo man?

To be able to date a Virgo man, you need to be able to submit to him and accept his controlling nature, you need to be able to love him emotionally and intellectually. He needs to feel your support and know you would be able to help him fulfill his ambitions and dreams.

How to move on from a controlling Virgo man

To be able to move on from a controlling Virgo man, especially one whose controlling tendencies run into abuse, you have to cut him off totally. Ensure you are among friends that can cheer you up and stop you from going back to him. Avoid him at all costs, ensure that you cut off all communication processes, and block him from your social media. Also, you can get help from a professional if you think you need it.

Will a Virgo man let me go? 

Virgo men are very possessive and jealous, so if he sees that you are over him and he still loves you, he won’t let go. He may try to hold you for as long as he can. But when he no longer cares about you, he would let you go without thinking twice.

Final Note:

Virgo men may be very controlling but they are straightforward to love, so if a Virgo man loves you, he would be loyal and honest to a fault. Most men all have controlling tendencies, so you can’t say because a Virgo man is controlling you want to leave him, how sure are you that the next man you want to meet is not also controlling. Virgo men are helpful, they are dependable, and also practical, but they are not easy to love. They can also be the best thing to happen to you if you are patient enough to let them love you properly.

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