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30 Best Ghosting Responses They Will Remember Forever

30 Best Ghosting Responses They Will Remember Forever

The most difficult thing about being ghosted is not knowing what to believe, and how to give the best ghosting responses. If you have just been ghosted, either by your partner or someone close to you, I understand the kind of confusion and pain you must be going through right now. As someone who has been ghosted before, I am going to share with you some best ghosting responses that helped me feel better and stuck in my ghosters’ head forever.

When someone ghosts you, the first thing that might come to your mind is to send them a bitter text. But, that won’t do you any good. It would only show them how you can’t do without them, and that would make them even feel better, that they ghosted you.

The best way to respond is, by letting them know how disappointed you are, and how cowardly and immature they are. Not having the decency, to be honest about their feelings, makes them look.

Below are some cool best responses you can text someone that has been ghosting you.


30 Best ghosting responses 

1. “It looks like your battery has been dead for over a week? Do you need a charger?”

When someone is ghosting you, this will be one of their lame excuses, when you come across them or try to reach them with a different number. By sending them that, you are letting them know you know the game they are playing, and you presumed, they might want to come up with such an excuse. 

2. “It’s been three weeks since I heard from you. So I want to help you say goodbye.”

This tells them that you are aware, they ghosted you. But you’re cool with it and thought you should formally end things, by saying goodbye.

3. “HEY! I haven’t heard from you in a while. Just wanted to check and see if you are okay.”

Maybe you are not certain it was deliberate. So you try to check on them if you are not sure they are ghosting you. Something might have happened to them.

4. “Well, I am not surprised I always knew you were a player.”

You can send them that, if you always had the feeling they were going to play you.

5. “Have a nice life!!!”

They know you can never wish them a nice life. So, this is an ironic way to vent your anger. Even if you sincerely mean it, it is a way to let them know you are good, and that you wish them all the best.

6. “So I was talking to a ghost, all this while?”

You can use this to ask if they are ghosting you, or if you want to quench your curiosity.

7. “I thought I was talking with a grown-up all the while, guess I was wrong.”

With this response, you tell him how immature his behavior is without sounding plaintive.

8. “If I did something wrong, I would have appreciated it if you told me. Well, that is all in the past.” Goodbye!!

This will let them know that, even if you are not aware of why they ghosted you, it doesn’t matter anymore.

9. “Since you could not be mature enough to let me know you were no longer interested, I am helping you, by blocking you.”

You are letting them know that you are not the type of person that would be crying over the fact that they won’t talk to you, instead, you are ending things by blocking them off. Goodbye to bad rubbish!

10. “This is unlike you, if you wanted to end things you could have just said so.”

This is you are letting them know, if they want to end things, they could have just said so, that you have been cool with it

11. “I thought we were going somewhere with all we had, didn’t know it would end like this. You hurt me but this too shall pass.”

This is self-explanatory. You are telling them you are hurt but you are not the type that we dwell on it.

12. “Hmm, I know you have a lot of talent, but you didn’t tell me you could disappear too.”

With this, you are telling them that you know that they are cutting you off, and you are also asking them if they are still there.

13. “Don’t worry I won’t bother you anymore. But I would have appreciated it if you could have just been honest.”

Whenever people ghost someone, they expect you to start stalking them. That’s why you let them know that they should not worry about you stalking them. But it would have been better if they had the decency to tell you they were going to end things.

14. “I guess this means it’s over right?”

Your partner might be looking for a way to end things with you so they might just decide to ghost you so this is one of the best ghosting responses you can give them. It will give them the chance to say their mind because you already stated the hard part for them.

15. “Based on your silence, I guess you are no longer interested in our relationship. I wish you good luck in finding a new partner.”

This is straight to the point you let them know you know they are ending things with you and also let them know you wish them well too.

16. I can’t believe I thought you were different. I guess I was just being a fool. 

This is you letting them know, you thought the relationship was leading somewhere. But it hurt to realize, they just came to get what they wanted.

17. “This is a cowardly act but you would only know that if you were a real man.”

If your ghost is a guy, this is one of the best ghosting responses for him. He would hurt his ego.

18. “It’s okay for you to get tired of someone. But you could have just been an adult about it. Do me a favour to block my number thank you!!!”

You are being the mature one, letting them know that it’s okay to want to end things. But why didn’t they just say it as an adult would? Telling them to block you, makes it clear to them that you are not willing to get back with someone that has childish behavior.

19. “I don’t know the best ghosting response but I hope you never do this to someone else.”

You are letting them know you don’t have anything to say, but hope they don’t put someone else through this kind of treatment again.

20. “Thank you for saving me the trouble of having to do it myself.”

If you have been having it in mind to do things but you didn’t want to hurt him or don’t know how to tell him about it this is the best ghosting response you can send them. Even if you didn’t want to end things before, sending them this will hurt them without sounding harsh.

21.“Thanks for ghosting me, you saved me a lot of trouble.” 

Well, this is you letting them know, you are happy they saved you the stress of dating someone as childish as them.

22. “I am just texting you, to let you know I am going out with someone tonight. Is that okay with you? You are still my boyfriend/girlfriend, right?”

This is a funny way of letting them know, that if they wanted to end things, they would have done it the right way. now you don’t even know if you have a partner, or not lol!

23. “I am warning you if you don’t text back right now, I will walk away.”

You don’t want to end things right away, so you are using this to let them know that if they don’t text back, they give you no option.

24. “I didn’t know you miss me this much, you have been texting me a lot lately.”

Ironic text like this will get them confused and will make them want to text you back.

25. “Just checking to see if everything is okay.”

Maybe something happens to them. So you might want to send this to be sure.

26. “Do you think doing this makes you cool?  Well, You are wrong.” 

This is going to ruin their self-esteem. They might be feeling like the coolest person because they played you, so you are letting them know they are not. 

27. “Don’t you think this is old school?”

You are making fun of him, but you are not giving him a direct insult. You are letting them know ghosting is old school so they must be so outdated to be doing it.

28. “I get it, texting is boring to me too, maybe we should hang out more often.”

If they are a player, they would think that this is the right time to get back and play games one more time. if they reply to this, the right thing to do is block them.

29. Say nothing

One of the best ghosting responses is when you don’t even reply at all. This is going to make your ghost feel so confused, and might even want to get in touch with you again.

30. “Should I block you right away or wait for your silly excuses?

This is going to let them know, you know they are going to come up with a silly excuse when they see your text. And should not bother. Before you do this, you have to be sure they have ghosted you for a while. Because if you do it too soon, they might turn on you.

What is soft ghosting?

Soft ghosting is a subtle way of ghosting. Some people feel bad for totally cutting someone off, so they look for a mild way to do it. Unlike total ghosters, a soft ghost would let you know they are still there but would not say anything. For instance, if you send him a text, they might just decide to send you an emoji as a reply. This might look polite to the ghost, but it might even cause more pain than being ghosted.

Positive ways to respond when you have been ghosted

1. Be thankful that they left

Being ghosted is very painful, but would you have loved that they stayed in your life, and wasted your time dating someone as immature as them? So you should take the time to be happy. They showed their true self and gave you the chance to look for someone better.

2. Work on yourself

Maybe you did something that made them ghost you? You have to take the time to reevaluate yourself, improve and learn to love yourself. 

3. Dealing with people

You have to use this as a lesson, and don’t dwell so much on the grief. When you are meeting people next time, you have to watch out for red flags. So you will be able to know when to end things before they ghost you.

What to do when you have been ghosted

1. Accept that it hurts

Being ghosted hurts, that’s the Truth. You have to accept it, to be able to move on from it.

2. Don’t chase the ghost

You have to resist the urge of trying to stalk them. If they cut contact without notice even if something is wrong with them, it means they don’t even hold you in high priority, to let you know about it. 

3. Ghost them too

When you tried reaching them and they ignored you, then you should ghost them too. Even when you bump into them, act like you don’t even see them.

4. Work on finding someone better

Yes, they left. It might hurt your self-esteem, but you have to know, it’s all about them and not you. So get over it, go out and have fun, and make new friends.

Why do people ghost others? 

1. Could not see it working out

Maybe you just met them and have gone on a few dates, they can decide to just cut you off, because they don’t see you, as you see them. You might want a relationship with them, but they don’t. So they think ghosting you are a less hurtful way to tell you, they don’t want to keep talking to you, anymore.

2. They are not that into you

It’s normal for us to meet someone, and not like them. And still keep talking to them. When the person starts to show a lot of interest, instead of saying it, some people just decide to ghost them.

3. Lost interest

Most times, in a relationship, you can just suddenly lose interest in your partner. Some people can rightly end things, while some might just prefer to just cut communication, without saying anything to you.

4. That’s their game

They might be players, and just decide to do what they want with you, then suddenly disappear from your life.

5. Insecurity

A person can ghost you because they feel they are not good enough for you. So they decide to leave before you leave them. They can also leave because they have been ghosted before. Due to the fear of being ghosted again, they just leave.

What ghosting says about the ghoster

1. They are cowards

This is straightforward. Only a coward would prefer to run away from conflict, instead of talking about it. So if you are someone, who prefers to run from people than to talk to them, or be honest with them, then you are a coward.

2. Have no respect for human feelings

Ghosting someone can hurt them so much. If you are someone with morals and respect for human feelings you should never do it.

3. They are immature

An adult is supposed to behave like one. So ghosting someone, shows how immature the ghost is.

4. Insecure

Do you feel everyone is going to ghost you? then you just prefer to ghost them instead? You feel they don’t like you or you are not good enough for them. If you are ghosting because of thoughts like this, then you have insecurity or abandonment issues. 

How to get someone to stop ghosting you

There is no one way you can stop someone from ghosting you. If you try to chase them, that would even boost their ego, and make them keep doing it. So the best thing to do is to ghost them too. If they see that you don’t show any interest, they might start looking for you.

How long should ghosting be for

If you have tried to reach someone for about (3  days), then they might be ghosting you. But you have to be sure you have tried to contact them through different means, by calling people that are close to them to see if they are fine. If you have seen that nothing is wrong with them, and they have not still  reached you for  up to 3 days, without notice, then that’s ghosting 

How to get back at someone who ghosted

1. Block him

This is the best revenge you can give a ghost. Block them and don’t reach out,  it’s going to make them start looking for you

2. Build yourself up

Ghosting is rejecting him, rejecting you is on him. So if they did ghost you. It’s going to hurt, but you have to learn to get over it and work on yourself and your looks. Do it for you and not for them.

3. Make new friends and have fun

Go out, make friends, and have fun don’t let them see your grief. They left and they should realise what they have lost.

4. Find someone better

Look for a genuine connection, don’t do it because you want to get back at them and find someone who you truly love and who loves you too. 

When they see that you moved on without looking back, they are going to start to regret losing you

7 psychological truths about ghosting 

1. Ghosting can hurt

Most times ghosting can be even more painful than a broken relationship. You don’t even know what you did or why the person is ghosting you; they just cut you off without notice. This is the life you are in pain and confusion

2. Can affect your self-worth.

It can start to make you think less of yourself. Maybe you were not good enough, that’s why they abandoned you. This can make you depressed and affect the way you see yourself.

3. Increases the desire for someone 

When you are being ghosted, it can make you start to miss the person more. You will start to make excuses for them, and might even try to get them to stop ghosting you.

4. Ghosting does not mean that they don’t like you

When someone ghosts you, it can be for different reasons. It is not always because they used you, or stopped liking you, it might be because they are depressed and use ghosting to remove themself from people. It might also be because they know they don’t have good intentions for you. So instead of hurting you, they would just ghost you.

5. Shows the ghost’s true self

Ghosting it’s usually not about you, it’s about the ghost. It shows that they either are immature, cowardly or have low self-esteem.

6. Ghosting can make you feel rejected 

When you are ghosted you will feel rejected. Ghosting is rejection.  

7. People react differently to being ghosted 

There is no specific way to react to ghosting; it varies from person to person. 

Is ghosting manipulative or is it okay to the ghost?

It is not okay to ghost people. A person should be able to summon the courage and the decency to be honest with someone, instead of ghosting them. Ghosting is indirect manipulation; the person being ghosted would be having a conflict of thoughts in their head. If they see that the person being ghosted is starting to ask what they did wrong, they are going to use that as an opportunity to blame everything on them.

Do guys come back after ghosting?

Yes. It’s common for ghosts to come back. When a guy ghosts you and sees that you are now better than they remember, they might try to come back, and see if they can get back into your life.


Ghosting is a cruel act. But you have to learn to resist the urge, to vent your anger directly on your ghoster. If you do that, it would only make you appear pained and even make them feel proud that they ghosted you.

Using the best ghosting responses that were listed in this article, you will be able to tell the ghoster how you feel, without sounding harsh or pained. 

When you send them the text, don’t make it seem like you want them back. If a ghost senses that you want them back, they are going to come into your life again to use you and then ghost you again.

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