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10 Easy &  Best Ways to get Eyelash Glue off

10 Easy &  Best Ways to get Eyelash Glue off

Our eyes are very delicate and sensitive to our beings which is why it is important to know the best ways to get eyelash glue off our lashes, safely. Eyelash extensions are beauty products that give length, curl, and thickness to the natural eyelash.

They help to give a more dramatic or stylish look to the eyes.

Since the inception of eyelash extensions, they have been made with different materials like silk, human hair, horse hairs, and different synthetic materials.

Removing those lashes in a single attempt is very difficult; most people go through pains just to remove the lashes. How to get eyelash glue off becomes the main priority before fixing eyelashes. 

There are various ways to get eyelash glue off our lashes. These may include: bathing in hot water, using oil, eye cream, lash glue dissolved and so on. Below are 10 easy and best ways to get eyelash glue off, thereby limiting the pain. Enjoy!


In as much as the removal of the eyelash extensions seems to be a problem, most ladies still put on these eyelashes to look more beautiful, dramatic, and more stylish for whatever occasion or event she’s going to.

These benefits can later be harmful if you remove them carelessly, especially to the natural eyelashes. 

Here are 10 easy ways to get your eyelash glue off.

1. Bath in a hot shower

Taking a hot shower works like magic, as it helps in loosening eyelashes extensions. 

Do not attempt to pull, push or rub the lash extensions even though it can be tempting. The hot water dissolves the glue, after the hot shower use tweezers to remove the eyelashes.

2. Use oil-based cleansers 

Oil-based cleansers are naturally damaging to eyelashes and shorten the lifespan of extensions. 

Apply the oil cleanser on your face and rotate it on your lashes to dissolve the glue. If you plan to use eyelashes again, clean your face thoroughly. The lashes won’t stick with glue if they are remnants of the oil cleanser.

3. Use eye cream 

An eye cream that contains jojoba, argon, or other oils can do the job. They can remove the glue and eye extension smoothly and will have no side effects on the eyes 

4. A lash glue dissolver 

This is a very good product as it can have the same effects as hot water on the glue. Use a cotton pad to soak the dissolver and apply it on the lashes, but it shouldn’t get close to your eyes.

5. Steam your face 

This is like a short way of using the hot shower. In this process you wipe out all your makeup, leaving only the eyelashes then get hot water in a large bowl and lean your face towards the bowl so that the steam evaporates to your eyes. It softens the glue and also eliminates dirt’s particles. Keep your eyes closed during the process.

6. Use oil 

If you don’t have access to an oil-based cleanser, you can use ordinary oil. Use 2-3 drops of oil on a cotton bud and gently rub the cotton on your eyelids. They detach the glue and the eyelashes from your skin easily.

7. Do not pluck or pull the eyelashes when trying to remove them.

Pulling at your eyelash carelessly will give you careless results. what you sow is what you reap. To avoid any story form of ‘stories that touch’, it is important to carefully detach.

8. Use good and quality products 

Be it an oil cleanser, eye cream or a lash dissolver make sure you use good products because using bad products can damage the natural eyelashes.

9. Meet an Expert 

If you cannot remove the eyelashes by yourself, it is better to meet a make-up artist or a technician who specializes in eyelashes for help.

10. Do not be in a hurry when trying to remove eyelashes. 

Great things take time. Also being patient while removing your false eyelash and eyelash glue, will yield good results


Here are a few tips on how to take care of your eyelash extensions.

1. They should be dry for the first two days 

For the first two days after putting the eyelashes on to avoid wetness around the eyelashes. Don’t wash your face, don’t use water on them. Water can affect the glue causing breakage and shortening the lifespan of the eyelashes.

2. After two days wash them 

During that period of not letting water touch them, dirt and other residue will start to gather at that spot so it is best to wash them before it leads to eye infection or other eye-related issues.

3. Do not use oil-based products 

Avoid oil-based products near eyelash extensions because if you put oil-based products close to the false eyelashes it tends to dissolve the glue and loosen the eyelashes. 

If you’re wondering how to get eyelashes to glue off this is when you can apply such a product

4. Do not pick or pull them as this could be harmful to your natural lashes.

5. Do not sleep on your stomach or your side 

 Sleeping on your stomach or side might crush your lashes, it is advisable to sleep on your back to avoid damaging the eyelashes.


i. After cleaning the eye area, you or the technician fixing the false eyelashes will put eye patches to lower lashes to avoid them from getting in the way when working on the upper lid.

ii. Then the technician brushes through your natural lashes and chooses the appropriate length of extensions and applies them using eyelash glue.

iii. After adding glue to the eyelash extensions, the technician will gently separate the extensions from the natural lashes.

iv. Once the eyelashes extensions have bonded with the natural lashes allow drying.

v.The patches are then removed from the lower lashes and then give you tips on how to take care of the extensions.


There are various reasons why ladies wear lashes. Some of the reasons why they wear lashes are:

i.They add beauty to the eye adding drama and style to the eyes laying more emphasis on the eyes.

ii. They also serve as alternatives for mascara if you don’t like mascara or have an allergy.

iii. Using false lashes such as paper or feather lashes is a great way to boost confidence.


Glue is an essential part of fixing eyelashes because it holds the false eyelashes firmly on the natural lashes and it is less harmful to the eye if it is applied and removed well. So yes it is ok to wear eyelash extensions with glue.


There are different types of eyelash extensions, so it is important to know the type of eyelash extensions that suits your personality. Below are the types of extensions we have.

1. Mink eyelashes

 These types of lashes give a natural look because they are made of real hair, they are light and luscious. They last longer because they won’t weigh down on your natural lashes.

2. Sable lashes 

These lashes are made from the hairs of sables. They are the thinnest lashes of all types. They won’t weigh down on your natural eyelashes.

3. Synthetic Eyelashes 

This gives the eyes a bold and glamorous look. No real fur is used for this kind of extension. If applied there won’t be any need for mascara any longer.

4. Silk Eyelashes 

This is a combination between mink and synthetic eyelashes. They are thicker at the bottom and become thinner towards the end. The eyelashes look darker, fuller, and glossier.


The pros of fixing eyelashes

Here are some pros for fixing eyelashes:

1. They speed up your makeup routine 

When fixed already they just need a few minutes of your time thereby saving your time to carry out other makeup routines.

2. They can replace other eye makeup 

Eyelash extensions can save you from other eye makeup because they already add beauty to the eyes and give you that confidence you need.

3. They can be customized 

Eye extensions can be made into your desired length, volume, or curl to fit your taste and personality.

4. They can replace mascara which is harder to maintain than eyelash extensions.

Having an alternative makes life better as is in this case.

Here are some cons of fixing Eyelashes Extension:

1. They can be expensive 

 Good and quality eyelash extensions can be pretty expensive based on their aesthetic value and you still need to carry out weekly checkups and maintenance.

2. Cause harm to your natural lashes 

When fixed and not maintained it can cause damage to your natural lashes. For example, if you’re wondering how to get eyelash glue off and you don’t do it properly or meet a fake technician who doesn’t remove the glue well it can cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

3. They can cause Eye infection 

When we mistreat the eyelashes or don’t take out some basic steps in caring for or maintaining our eyes and eyelashes it will affect our eyes thereby causing an eye infection.

4. They can be uncomfortable 

This is very particular to beginners because they wear them to bed, wear them in the shower and everywhere they go. This can be very tiring and can cause discomfort for the lady.

Eyelashes are a very important aspect of women’s makeup and therefore must be given attention, care, and maintenance. 

For eye extensions to be fixed, it is held by glue. After using the eyelashes and it is time to remove them, the question of how to get eyelash glue off becomes a priority and it must be done carefully to avoid any damage that can affect the natural eyelashes or the eyes.

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