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10 Signs to Know If My Boyfriend Talks to Other Females Online

10 Signs to Know If My Boyfriend Talks to Other Females Online

A lot of women get very worried about what their partners do with their phones either when they are alone or when they are together. It is alright to feel insecure if you have had a terrible experience in the past. It might push one to the point where you’ll start telling yourself: My boyfriend talks to other females online and I wonder and sometimes get jealous.

Have you seen him texting other girls or checking some other girls’ photos or pages on social media, or has he sought privacy whenever he wants to have a video call with a lady? And this has made you reach the conclusion that your boyfriend talks to other females online.

Now, feeling insecure is good or a bit of jealousy is good as it shows that you have a partner and are not ready to lose them. Learn to control that jealousy especially if you are not sure of your assertions because jealousy can be obsessive at times.

10 signs to know if your boyfriend is talking to other girls online:

Have you observed a strange behavior in your partner of late? Has he been spending more time on social media that he now suddenly doesn’t have time for you? 

Well, he might be chatting with another woman, but here are signs that help you figure out if he is talking to other women.

1. He spends more time on the phone:

He spends enough time on the phone texting someone else and when you text him, he doesn’t reply. 

This is a very annoying behavior you won’t like to always see, but this is a strong sign he is talking to other girls.

2. He hides his phone when he is about to sleep:

He knows he might sleep off and you will have access to his phone, so he hides it before sleeping to avoid you searching through his phone about and finding out his secret affairs with other girls.

3. He deletes his text:

When you have access to his phone, you would discover that he deletes his message as soon as he is done chatting. He can also delete his call logs or text messages.

4. He locks his phone:

Maybe he used to be free with his phone, he doesn’t lock his phone and it is very accessible. But recently, he started using a security code on his phone and he refused to tell you the code. He might be texting a new girl secretly.

5. He carries his phone everywhere:

His phone becomes his shadow because he carries it everywhere he goes even inside the bathroom. He is surely hiding something.

6. He leaves the room when texting:

You guys could be together and each time he gets a beep or notification on his phone, he leaves the room to go reply outside.

7. He doesn’t give a straightforward answer:

When you notice how he is engrossed in the chat and decide to ask him who he is chatting with, he tries to dodge the question or he lies that he is talking to a friend and goes right back to it after he must have replied to you.

8. He won’t let you post pictures of you both online:

Anytime you post pictures of both of you, he gets furious and tells you to delete it. 

He doesn’t like the idea of the online display of affection because he feels you would spoil his affairs with his other female friends online. This is a big red flag.

9. He blocked you on social media:

He doesn’t want you to see his activity on social media or what he has been posting and he chose to block you. This could mean he is seeing someone else.

10. He doesn’t reply to your messages:

He might be online and not reply to your messages or his reply will come in later. He is so interested in keeping other girls company and wouldn’t mind keeping his woman hanging. It is clear he is talking to other girls.

Is it okay for my boyfriend to talk to other females online?

In this scenario, it depends on the nature of their discussion or conversation. If it is a professional type of discussion and business-related topics are discussed, then it is very okay.

But if the conversation is flirty, then it is a dangerous sign and must be tackled almost immediately, if not, it might turn around and damage your relationship. 

From those ‘little’ flirtings, they might start a relationship and he then breaks up with you. 

From those little flirty attitudes, they start meeting secretly, they might even go on vacations together. Basically, he starts cheating on you. So asides from family, friends, and colleagues you are familiar with, any other female he is talking to online might be a potential threat to the relationship.

Is having conversations with other girls while dating, cheating?

If he is hiding his phone from you or keeping it away from your reach, it could mean that he is hiding something from you. Now the question is if it was a good thing, would he hide it. The secrecy implies a pang of guilt.

Cheating is bad because it betrays trust and loyalty. So when your boyfriend starts spending more time chatting and he keeps hiding the phone from you, it could be that he is cheating.

What to do when you find out your boyfriend is talking to other girls online

If you think your boyfriend is talking to other girls online, here is what you can do:

1. If he is actually innocent or guilty:

If he is chatting with other females, it doesn’t mean he is cheating, it could be that he is chatting with his colleague or a family member. Talk to him about it and how that part of him makes you feel. His response will either give you assurance he is innocent or guilty.

2. Do not accuse him if you are not sure:

If you haven’t caught him chatting flirty or exchanging nude pictures with a girl online, do not conclude that he is cheating, this could end your relationship if he is truly not cheating.

3. Ask mutual friends for advice:

You could subtly ask friends if they have been seeing him with other females. This might give you a clue if he is meeting people you don’t know.

4. Trust him:

If you keep getting the thoughts and asking yourself why my friend talks to other females online, you could be hurting yourself and hurting the relationship. If you have not noticed any change, don’t ruin things with your assumptions, trust him and give him the benefit of doubt.

Should I be worried because my boyfriend talks to other girls online?

As earlier written, it all depends on the kind of conversation they are having and the relationship between them.

If it is a colleague or a female family member, then it is all good and you shouldn’t be worried. But if it is an unknown babe who always texts him, he is always in a hurry to reply to her or he starts avoiding you and keeps his phone away from you. My dear, it is high time you should be worried and find a solution.

Why does my boyfriend talk to other females online?

Your boyfriend might be texting other females and flirting with them because of the following reasons

1. He wants attention:

You have been busy and you have no time to be with your boyfriend, this could make him look for other means to get attention, and social media has created a platform where he can easily see someone who can give him the attention he has always wanted.

2. He might have lost interest in you:

This is one of the reasons your boyfriend is talking to other females online.

He has in one way or the other lost interest in you, he doesn’t see you as his girlfriend anymore. He has seen a girl online who he thinks is prettier and more endowed than you are.

3. He is not happy with the level of intimacy between you both:

He talks to other girls online because he is not happy with the level of intimacy between you both. 

He doesn’t see you as someone who is sexually compatible with him. He dislikes the back and forth when he wants to be with you.

4. He is a playboy and just wants to date every woman:

Playboys do not give regard when it comes to being with one lady. They would rather have an affair with multiple ladies than to have you as their girl alone. 

If you notice your boyfriend derives joy and comfort talking to other girls online, just know he is a playboy and he is not someone who plans to be in a long-term relationship with you.

Why do guys talk to other girls online while in a relationship?

Boys talk to other girls online while in a relationship because of the following reasons:

1. They can do whatever they want online without you knowing:

The fact that their phones are theirs and do not in any way share them with you, makes them become free in doing whatever they think they like. 

They can text multiple ladies online and have you in close doors making you not know what they are up to with other ladies online.

2. They can date another lady online with both ladies not knowing each other:

Once guys feel they are not getting what they want in their recent relationship, they extend to getting another lady online and they make sure both ladies do not know themselves.

3. They can flirt online:

Most guys are flirtatious and for this reason, they tend to talk to other ladies online just to have a sexual conversation and sometimes see offline.

My boyfriend likes to talk with females online, does that mean he likes female attention?

The fact that he likes to talk with females online does not mean he likes female attention, it just means he is seeking something with them. It could be a new relationship, a lady with big hips, a sex mate, a friend, etc.

So if he is online because he likes female attention, you might want to still ask yourself which other attention he is looking for when he has you.

Final notes:

If you have noticed some sort of change in attitude in your boyfriend especially if he has been hiding his phone or keeping it away from you, it might be he is hiding something from you. Maybe he is cheating on you with another female. If you notice this, do not keep asking yourself why your boyfriend is talking to other females online; rather, approach and talk to him about it before it is too late.

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