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Breaking Up With An Aquarius Man – All You Should Know

Breaking Up With An Aquarius Man – All You Should Know

Aquarius men are known to be independent. But when in love, they can become clingy and high demanding. Before breaking up with an Aquarius man, you may wonder what kind of behavior you should expect from someone who has become clingy and devoted to you and might be vengeful when hurt. Or what if he was the one who broke up, what might have made him?

Aquarius men are the type that can quickly break up when you are dishonest or try to rein in their independence. Breaking up with an Aquarius man may and may not hurt him that much. Depending on how important you are to this man. They are highly logical, so before you break up with him, he might have even seen the signs. But if you break his heart when he was already attached to you, this man might seek revenge. 

If you are wondering what to expect from breaking up with men born under this sign, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know.

6 things to know about the break up with an Aquarius man

1. Might take his revenge

When you hurt or anger an Aquarius man, he won’t rush to take his revenge. They are very logical and take the time to analyze issues. When he wants to take his revenge, it would be in the form of a tongue lashing. 

They are known for saying words that can pierce like a knife. He will say all the things that you have done in a way that will hurt you. Although, this man sometimes will regret what he has said if he still feels something for you.

I had a 6 months relationship with an Aquarius man. He was the one who wanted a breakup. He thought I was cheating on him, after reading my chats with a friend. I was tired of all the drama and high demand that came with dating this man, and he knew about it. Then he broke up with me. He was angry that the next day I had a birthday party and this guy he saw me texting with was at the party. This got him pissed. 

He went to my friend and told her so many bad things about me. After a few weeks, this man came back to apologize for all he has done and wanted me back. I knew if I went back it was still going to be the same drama so I did not. 

The thing is Aquarius men take time to find love, so they might come back to their ex trying to be friends. 

2. He may or may not be devastated by the break-up 

The breakup might not hurt an Aquarius man if you are not that important to him. He may not be upset. Most people think Aquarius men are not devastated by breakups, because they are used to being on their own. That’s not entirely true.

When an Aquarius man is dating someone he can become attached and clingy. He may be mad at himself when this happens. He does not like to be ruled by emotions. 

If someone he is attached to breaks up with him, it’s going to hurt him and make him feel like now that he has let emotion rule him, it has led to him being hurt.

3. Reconnect as friends 

Even after the breakup, it takes these men years to find someone else, they can reconnect on an emotional level. So they might try to stay friends with their exes. 

4. Protect his heart from damage 

They can be very quick to break up when they notice that you are showing signs of wanting out of the relationship, or you are being dishonest or not loyal. After the breakup, it’s going to take him time to trust his heart with someone again.

5. He will accept the reality 

They appear to be quick to move on because they accept reality fast. If it happens he will tell himself that it is because it was not meant to be. So he is rarely the type that comes back begging for a relationship. But if he truly loves you he will. 

Or he will prefer to stay friends because he has analyzed the chances of a relationship working out with you two and this is slim. This is why they look just fine after a breakup; the progressive sign is always looking to the future.

6. Seeks the company of his close friends 

This is one way they get over a breakup and act when they are about to end things with their partner. This man is known for gossip. If he feels you hurt him or get him angry, he is likely to go to his friends and discuss it with them. He might even say most of the bad things you did to them.

Reasons an Aquarius man will break up with you

1. Senses you are not loyal 

Aquarius men are very devoted, loyal, and deep thinkers. If they are in a relationship with you, they are always analyzed and watch out for signs. So if he senses you are not loyal. or you are dishonest, this man will break up with you. 

2. You are possessive 

Ruled by Uranus the planet of the free, This man hates when you try to own him. So if you are the type of woman that likes to always be around you, he might make him break up with you. He likes his freedom, and can’t be with a clingy partner.

3. Disrespectful

If you take him for granted. You don’t call him unless he asks you to, don’t listen to him, he will break up with you.

4. Intolerant 

These men are highly demanding. They are always suggesting what you should do and what you shouldn’t. If you are the type that never accepts other people’s views or opinions, he will break up with you.

How to break up with an Aquarius man

If you are dating an Aquarius man and things are not going the way you want, you can break up. In breaking up with an Aquarius man, you have to talk to him about it. If he is not ready to break up, he might try to act in a way that would make you change your mind. You have to stay on course.

He may become detached. Don’t let his attitude change your mind. Break up in a way that can still make you two have a cordial relationship as friends. But set boundaries.

How do they deal with breakups

Aquarius men are not the type of men that would want to jump into another relationship, after a breakup. After breaking up with an Aquarius man, they would immediately become social, hang out with friends a lot and use social media to interact and make new friends. 

This is his way of dealing with a breakup

The next time you see him, he might not look as if he misses you, which may be true. They are very logical and they deal with break-ups by analyzing, and seeing the reasons why ending the relationship is best for both of you. 

They are pessimistic. This is why it is easier for them to act detached from you, even when they still feel connected to you. 

How does an Aquarius man act after a breakup

After a breakup with an Aquarius man, they look detached and very unemotional, it might make you even feel like he never loved you. He might be missing you, but these men choose not to let their emotions rule them. Instead of dwelling on the break-up, he becomes so sociable and spends time with close friends and making new ones.

How to make an Aquarius man regret letting you go

1. Set boundaries

This is one way you can get Aquarius men to regret losing you. After breaking up, they usually expect access to your time like they used to. When you turn them down and realize they don’t have that kind of access to you, it can make them feel bad.

2. Work on your looks 

This works on all men and also for Aquarius. They might spend time with you and think you are not as beautiful as he thinks, when you work on your looks, and show them off, it will make you regret letting go.

3. Be confident 

They find confident women attractive. If he sees that you are confident with your looks, and with everything you do, he will start to wish he didn’t let go.

4. Don’t get too emotional

Crying and acting sad will only make this man happy he left you, and boost his ego. But, when he sees that you look like you have moved on so easily, and are not the type that will cry after a breakup, he starts to see you like his kind of woman and wants you back.

5. Keep your distance

This man might be independent but still, he wants to feel important. After breaking up with an Aquarius man, give him space to focus on himself. Even when tries to start up a friendship with you, acting uninterested, he will start to miss you.

Personality traits of an Aquarius man

1. Free-spirited and rebellious 

They don’t like to follow rules and they especially enjoy their freedom.

2. Independent 

Most times they like to do things on their own, they don’t depend on anyone. 

3. Unemotional 

Aquarius men are not the kind of men that would be romantic. They always hide emotions, and they want to be ruled by them.

4. Unique 

They are different, unique, and don’t like to follow the crowd.

5. Extreme mood swings

He can be very happy this minute, and the other minute he is boiling with anger. They are known for going hot and cold on people. 

How to get an Aquarius man back after a break-up

1. Give him space 

This is one thing that makes an Aquarius man go back to a woman. When he sees that she has moved on from him.

2. Create a new version of yourself 

They like to do things differently. When he sees you become even prettier, and better, he will want you back.

3. Don’t pressure him 

Don’t try to rush him back to you. Even when he is looking like he wants you back, act like you are not interested.

4. Deep conversation 

Aquarius men like deep conversations. Talk to him about different topics. He likes intelligent women, so show him your intelligence.  

Someone he can express himself around interests him. When he sees it’s you, and it’s very hard for him to get someone like that again, he will want you back.

How to make an Aquarius man happy

Aquarius men are happy around people they can have a deep conversation with. They are overthinkers, and sometimes just want someone they can always talk to. If you are conversational and always there for him, he will be happy around. Also, be fun with a lot of sense of humor. These men like it. Respect him, stay loyal and he will be happy.

How to know an Aquarius man is over you

1. Does not want to spend time with you 

When an Aquarius man is in love with you, he becomes very clingy. He might not call you all the time but trust me that man misses you. If he no longer wants to spend time with you, then he is over you.

2. Not telling you about himself 

This man likes to talk about his life if they are close to you. They like deep conversations. If he is not talking like this with you, then is no longer interested in you.

3. Shows you his negative side

They are known to be pessimistic, but when they are in love they become optimistic. If he starts seeing the negative side of things, then he might not be interested in you anymore.

4. He is harsh 

They can be very blunt and insensitive. But when they are in love, they control this part of them. They don’t want to hurt you. When they are over you, they can say words that can make you cry.

What to do if an Aquarius man wants to be friends after the breakup

If he wants to be friends with you, after the breakup, and you are cool with it, then you can go ahead. But you have to set boundaries. Aquarius men like to have full access to their ex like when they are still dating. If you don’t set boundaries, he will act like he is still your boyfriend, while you are just friends.

Aquarius men might seem insensitive or unemotional, but when you can access their emotional part, they are the most caring, clingy, and emotional partners. I hope this article has helped answer your question about breaking up with an Aquarius man. Thanks for reading.

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