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Answers to: Can You Use Hair Gel As Eyelash Glue?

Answers to: Can You Use Hair Gel As Eyelash Glue?

Can you use hair gel as eyelash glue? This question may be complicated and could also be formed because some people use hair gel as eyelash glue and the reason might vary from individual.

Hair gel shouldn’t be used as eyelash glue so as not to put your eye in danger of harmful chemicals.

Eyelashes are the most remarkable facial features anyone can have and for a lady that takes her facial attributes seriously, fixing and taking care of her eyelashes is one of her topmost priorities. Sometimes, some can use hair gel as eyelashes glue while substituting other alternatives.

One of the limitations to fixing eyelashes is that eyelash glue can be very expensive and most people who use it can sometimes face unwanted allergic issues which are usually caused by applying eyelash glue with toxic chemicals used in its preparation.

Can you use hair gel as eyelash glue?

The above question is very sensitive because the eyes are a sensitive part of the body and you ought not to use anything harmful close to your eyes, be it hair gel for eyelash glue, or super glue.

It is important to note that apart from using hair gel as eyelash glue, there is no natural safe alternative that one can use as eyelash glue and one of the reasons for this is because many people have latex allergic reactions. 

And these allergic reactions may result in red, irritated eyes because of unwanted substances that reached into your eyes, and these unwanted substances can cause chemical burns that may damage your eyesight to a great extent if care isn’t taken immediately.

So having said this, asking if one can use hair gel as eyelash glue, the answer to that is no.

So get a new glue, or use a few mascara coats on your natural cloves, don’t forget about eyeliner. Trying anything else might lead to an unwanted outcome.

The final thing you want is a red, pounded, irritated eye, because, in retrospect, you really shouldn’t have had anything to do with it. In the absence of a hair gel, you might want to know the best alternatives. Read on to find out. 

What can I use instead of hair gel for eyelash glue?

Since eyelashes are the most sensitive part of your face, there are various alternatives to the use of eyelash glue.

Some of its alternatives that can be used instead of Hair gel for eyelash glue are:

Mascara mixed with eyeliner:

It is important to note that mixing mascara with eyeliner is a great alternative to sticking eyelashes. 

Although some liquid creams are also available, one of the disadvantages is that they can cause unwanted allergic reactions in your eyes.

And to avoid these, one must always take time to read the information on the product before application, as this might give rise to infection and inflammation in your eyes.

DIY Glues for taking out lashes:

The second alternative is DIY glues. This is the easiest method and the ingredients are available in your home kitchen. 

These are the natural eyelash glue made with water, granulated sugar, and honey which when taken time to read on, one will understand so perfectly how it works.

Sugar and honey:

This is the third alternative. Both sugar and honey are of many beneficial values to mankind and in using it as an eyelash glue, you can use sugar, a few drops of honey, and water.

Apply the eyeliner and eye makeup before starting your lash application—mix glue, water, and honey with any spoon to make a mixture. Once the DIY is prepared, take out the lashes. Dab along the lash line of your lashes.

Sugar syrup:

In this case, you will need both sugar and water for the purpose and to understand this better, take your time to follow the steps mentioned below:

The first step is to take sugar into a container and heat it on medium heat. Stir it well until the sugar dissolves so well.

Then once a syrup consistency is made, the mixture is prepared.

The good thing is unlike other eyelid gels; homemade glues do not have any chances of harming your eyes by leaking out, so this is a great bonus for those who are awful with applying makeup to their faces.

Hair gels are sticky, and they will eventually dry and harden your lashes, giving them a similar appearance to glue. 

Lastly, if you want to use hair gel as an alternative for eyelash glue, you can certainly do it when you don’t have eyelash gel or time to go out and get them.

Magnetic eyelashes:

You can only make one safe natural lash glue. You can always go with magnetic glue if you don’t like them or have no time to prepare glues from home.

Magnetic eyelashes are one of the market’s best fake eyelids. To apply those fake eyelashes, you don’t need commercial glue or any related ones.

The chances are you can also use magnetic eyelashes if you are good at applying liquid eyeliner. They come with an iron oxide brush to keep the magnets in the eyelashes.

This facilitates the application process, I strongly recommend that your line be as thick as the clog strip, so wear multiple coats. Then give it a little time to fully dry.

Applying the lashes is the next and last step. It’s full and fleeting. In 5 minutes, you can finish this process. The best thing? They can be reused up to 15 times and are affordable. 

Why do some people consider hair gel as a substitute for eyelash glue?

Well, the reasons for this might vary depending on the individual involved. One of the reasons is because of latex allergic reactions and secondly, hair gel as eyelash glue has been proven safer to use.

Is it harmful to use eyelashes with hair glue?

First of all, it is very important to note that everything in life that has its advantages and disadvantages. And based on this topic and from the numerous research conducted, we can conclude that it is harmful to use eyelashes with hair glue. This is because of the risk involved when compared to other alternatives. And this risk is usually the allergic reaction using eyelashes with hair glue can cause the face. Hence, you ought not. 

Elmer and super glue are both craftsmanship products and should not be on your eyes no matter what.

They are too strong to pinch, and will probably cause your eyes and your skin to lose a lot of natural eyelashes.

Is there hypoallergenic eyelash glue?

Dark – Latex and Formaldehyde Free DUO Brush-on LASH adhesive. It is formulated with Vitamins A, C, and E and latex and formaldehyde-free.

This hypoallergenic adhesive is durable and long-lasting in use. Lashes remain with this waterproof formula for up to a week or two. Wait for the lash glue to be set for 30 seconds.

Can I put hair gel on my eyebrow?

Putting hair gel on your eyebrows isn’t much of an advice to give because of the presence of toxic chemicals used in its production.

What can I use if I don’t have eyelash glue?

There are many things to use if you are short of eyelash glue. And some of them are Volumizing mascara, Liquid eyeliner, Mascara adhesive, Magnetic eyeliner, Eyelash extensions, Magnetic eyelashes, Lash glue eyeliner, and lastly Self-adhesive eyelashes. They are all recommended if not using hair gel as eyelash glue.


You will never risk your eyesight when applying false eyelashes. Therefore, safe, latex-free, and hypoallergenic eyelid adhesive must always be used.

Conventional adhesives and other substitutes, such as hair gel, are not strictly produced for eyelashes. No latex adhesive, no super adhesive, no wig adhesive. 

These products contain a wide range of chemicals and fumes that are not supposed to be present on the body or near sensitive areas.

Your natural characteristics are your best. Keep them healthy. Try these various options for eyelash glue and avoid asking can you use hair gel as eyelash glue?

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