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What Happens When A Cancer Man Is Angry With You

What Happens When A Cancer Man Is Angry With You

You want to know how when a Cancer man is angry with you, their reaction and signs. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Those who are born under the sign of cancer, are known to feel their emotions very intensely. 

They can have an outburst of anger when they are not being paid attention to, when you are rude to them and when you are taking them for granted. This outburst is due to the fact that they try to hide their anger but cannot. When a cancer man is angry with you, he can become so violent and vindictive. They usually use their anger to hide their soft side.

They can easily forgive when you show them you are sorry for pissing them off but it might take him a little while to forget.

If you are in or thinking of having a relationship with a cancer man, it will be very beneficial to your relationship, when you are able to spot when they are angry. So you know when to apologize, to avoid falling victim to their aggressive behaviours. 

Here are some of the things that happen when a cancer man is angry with you

Signs a cancer man is angry with you

1. He Lashes out

The Cancer man will act like the animal that represents his symbol; the crab. A crab uses its pincers to defend itself when it is upset or threatened.

When the Cancer man gets mad, he might yell or even act like he is going to hit you. This happens when he tries to keep it in, then it will result in a very scary outburst.  

2. Silent treatment

A Cancer man expects others to be able to spot emotions as he does. So when he is angry he can decide to give you a silent treatment, so you can spot that you have done something wrong to him.

So if your man has suddenly gone silent, it means he is upset or something is bothering him. You can try to talk to him and ask what’s going on.

3. Revenge

When you hurt a cancer man, he is going to come for you in the worst possible way. For example, if you cheat on him he is going to try to cheat on you.

Cancer is one of the most vengeful signs in the zodiac. If you hurt them enough, they are going to come for you in a way that makes them feel better. It might not be deadly but it will be a payback.

4. He is ignoring you

Cancer men can result in ignoring you when they are mad at you. He does this to protect himself from more harm.

If he ignores you, you are going to know you did something wrong and you never do it to him again. Just like what the crab does with shells to protect their soft side.

5. He is passive-aggressive 

This cardinal water sign can result in passive aggression when they are angry. He might not lay a hand on you but he is going to act like he is going to. He might not tell you is angry but little things are going to piss him off. 

6. He is holding grudges

When a Cancer man is angry with you, he might decide to forgive you after you apologize but it is very difficult for them to forget what you did. 

7. He makes you know you have to apologize

If he starts showing signs like not doing anything sweet for you, not cuddling you, then he is trying to let you know you have to ask him what is wrong and you have to apologize. 

8. He takes it out on you

A Cancer man might not result in going physical on you, but he is going to look for other ways to take his anger out on you. For instance, if he suddenly becomes aggressive in bed then he might be trying to tell you he is angry at you. 

9. He cries

They can also result in crying when they are angry. So when your Cancer man is crying you have to check yourself and see if you might have done anything to offend him. They cry when they try to hold the anger in and don’t want to do anything they would regret.

What to do when a cancer man is angry with you

When Cancer is angry, you have to try to spot what you most have done to him then;

1. Apologies to him

A sincere apology can make a cancer man forgive you instantly.

2. Tell him how Important 

When you apologize you have to let him know how important he is to you. This will reassure him that you are not taking him for granted

3. Do something nice for him 

They get angry to cover their soft sides. When you get him gifts or do something sweet for him his anger is going to gradually fade away.

4. Give him hugs

Hugs can make him feel soft and can make his anger subside.

5. Tell him you will never do it again

When you tell him this it assures him that you are aware what you did was wrong and will not allow it to repeat itself. This will make him see reasons to forgive you.

6. Remember the good times you had

Remind people of good times that can make them soft when they are angry at you. It’s also the same for a cancer man who can help you access his soft side.

What makes a cancer man angry

Cancer men like to be respected, appreciated, and loved. If you are very ungrateful it’s going to piss him off. If you are the type that doesn’t respect him or his loved ones he is going to get him angry too.

Cancer men can also get angry when you test their patience. Like when you keep them waiting for too long or they have been calling you for too long and you are not answering. They can try to hold it in, which is why it usually leads to an angry outburst. 

More than that, they hate to be pressured and annoyed. If you are the type that is always good at doing things that annoys people, you are going to keep having issues with your Cancer man.

You have to learn to give him his space and don’t pressure him to do stuff. When a Cancer man feels too much pressure they can get angry or simply start crying.

Known for being loyal, another thing that can piss a Cancer man off is his betrayal.

How a Cancer man reacts toward you, the cause of his anger

A Cancer man is not the kind of man that will tell you that he is angry. You are going to spot it by his actions towards you.

He will start to do things that would look like he is trying to hurt you too. But he might not. He is just trying to let you understand what he is going through so you can have an idea of the pain he is going through.

He might become violent, mean, or react in negative manners towards you when he is angry. 

How does he react toward other people when angry?

If a Cancer man can react negatively when he is angry with his romantic partner, he is going to also do the same thing when he is angry at others. If it is in a work setting and you make a Cancer man angry he might not tell you or even let you know he is angry he is going to look for the right moment to get revenge. 

For instance, if you refused to cover up for him while he was late to work he is going to wait for the right time when you will need him to cover up for you then he is going to pay you back. 

How a Cancer man reacts when isolated

When a Cancer man feels upset it can result in isolation. He will start to act depressed when isolated. If he is suddenly quiet indoors or unhappy, and not even interested to talk to anyone it means he might be feeling uncertain about something or feeling upset. 

Even if you try to talk to him he is going to start acting rude. If you try to talk to him when he is isolated you have to be careful because it can lead to negative reactions from him.

But talking to him is the best way to get him out of that mood when you notice he is withdrawing himself from everything. You only have to do it carefully.

How to get a Cancer man to know you are sorry

You have to make him understand that you are aware of what you did and reassure him that it won’t happen again. This will make him know that you are sorry and want to forgive you.

You can have a discussion with him about your thoughts and feelings. That way, you both can talk about the issue, and explain to him why it happened and why it can never happen again. This will assure him that you understand what he is saying and that you are sorry for offending him.

Are Cancer men passive aggressors

Cancer men are passive aggressors. They might be really upset and start to act as if they are going to hurt you physically but they will not. It is rare for a Cancer man to hit you or go directly to express his anger.

He will prefer to use other indirect ways to show you that he is angry. He can either go silent or tell you he is fine when he is angry or ignores you. This is why is a passive aggressor.

How to know when a Cancer man is done with you

When a cancer man is done with you, he is going to show the following signs; 

1. He is rude and aggressive 

A cancer man might start to get rude or passive-aggressive when he is tired of the relationship 

2. He is stressed and moody 

Cancer is usually moody when they are angry but has it become an everyday thing, even after you apologize? Then he is trying to tell you he is tired.

3. The romance is dead 

Cancer men are very romantic. If suddenly the romance is dead it is a sign that he is going to end things soon.

4. He is not concerned about your well-being

If he is not showing you enough concern, it is another sign that he is going to end things. Cancer men are known to always take a relationship seriously and can even go the extra mile for their partners. If he is not doing any of that then he is tired.

5. Emotionally distant 

Cancer men are very emotional. If he is becoming so cold it means something is wrong or he wants to end things with you.

6. Leaves you out 

When they are in love they let their partner be involved in every part of their lives. Is he suddenly leaving you out of his plans? and has been doing this for a very long time? then he is tired of the relationship. 

Cancer men might not go directly to tell you that he is tired of your relationship. He is going to use indirect ways like the one mentioned above to push you away.

How long does a Cancer man stay mad at you?

It usually takes a cancer man a short while to get over his anger. He might distance himself from you, so as not to react in ways he might regret later.

He usually stays away from you to think for a while, but when he has finally had the time to think he will come back to you and accept your apology. 

Most compatible zodiac signs with Cancer

1. Scorpio

This is one of the most compatible signs of cancer. They tend to show that they are ready to be with you to the end and this is what cancer wants in a relationship.

2. Pisces

They are emotional and this is why Cancer loves them. Cancer wants someone they can take care of and someone ready to have a committed relationship.

3. Virgo

Virgo loves to serve and cancer loves to mother this makes them a perfect match. They are very similar; they both love to be prepared. If properly handled they can have the best relationship

4. Taurus 

Emotional and financial security goes hand in hand for a successful relationship. Cancer is serious about the future and Taurus is very good at management which makes them a wonderful match

5. Cancer

Cancer is a good match for themselves because they will be able to understand each other easily.

6. Capricorn 

They are very very serious-minded and know how to take relationships seriously. This is the same with Cancer so the relationship works out very well.

7. Libra 

Libra mostly believes in cool-headed and intellectual romance while cancer prefers the high emotional level of Romance but if libra can adjust a relationship can work.

8. Leo

Leo is bossy and this is one reason why they will always have issues with cancer in a relationship 

9. Gemini 

They are very playful and might not be loyal. Cancer needs loyalty to have a relationship.

10. Sagittarius 

They might not work well for Cancers because they are too hot for them and might not even notice when a Cancer is angry or not because they are playful and loud and might not be paying enough attention.

11. Aries 

Aries are good at leaving things halfway and Cancer likes to get things done this can cause issues between them.

12. Aquarius

Cancer prefers to connect by heart but Aquarius prefers to connect by intellectual level, which involves a gradual process of knowing each other for a long time.

Cancer men are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. When a cancer man is angry they suffer a lot because they allow the hurt to eat them up inside. It is when they can no longer hold in that results in an outburst. 

When they start showing signs of anger it might feel that they can never forgive you, but that’s not true. With the right apology, a Cancer man is all smiling again and ready to forgive you.

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