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12 Positive Ways To Handle A Cold Wife

12 Positive Ways To Handle A Cold Wife

Does your wife have the habit of acting cold and distant? Does she just check out and not talk to you, or does she always act unromantic and unresponsive? If the answer is yes, then your wife may just be cold because it is her nature, or something happened to her that made her that way. Here are some ways to handle a cold wife.

Twelve Ways To Handle A Cold Wife

1. Respect your wife’s differences:

Before you married your wife, you did not share the same ideas or opinions, and with time, you learned to tolerate each other. Don’t impose or over-impose your ideas and methods on your wife; see that you respect her ultimately.

2. Don’t act like it is personal:

You need to understand that it is not always about you when your wife craves space or privacy or refuses to let you in. She might just be going through some stuff that requires her to be alone. You must know that you must calmly and patiently wait her out. You can’t force or demand that she lets you in.

3. Don’t chase her:

Most times, when your wife is acting cold, the first thing you want to do is chase her and wear her down until she tells you what is wrong. Chasing your wife would not make it better; instead, it would make it worse, especially when she has made it clear she wants to be alone and does not want to talk about it. I know it might not be easy, especially if you are worried about what is going on, but you just have to let her be and give her time.

4. Lower your voice:

You have to be calm and patient with your wife, especially when you are a loud and fast-paced fellow who is also fond of giving her unwanted advice. Then it would be best if you slowed down. It doesn’t mean you are the cause of your wife’s problems. It’s just that your large personality is not what your wife needs at the moment.

5. Give them time:

When your wife is acting cold and distant, try to give her space, don’t crowd her; just give them the space she needs to get over what is wrong with her. When you give her space, she might open up to you more freely when you give her a chance to process her emotions.

6. Take her out:

Taking your wife is acting cold. You could plan a date and take her out rather than trying to guess what is wrong with her. Taking her out on a date might help her clear her head. If you try to diagnose her reason for being cold, you are not being helpful; instead, you are aggravating the issue.

7. Chase your goals:

It can cause problems in your relationship when your partner is acting cold, so it is always best to focus on yourself and allow them to focus on themselves, think of things you really want to do and try to do them, chasing your goals can help you get your mind off your distant partner.

8. Be kind:

When your partner is acting cold, don’t try to retaliate by acting cold, too; instead, you should treat them with kindness. You can show her a little act of kindness that would make her know you love her and will always support her.

9. Unconditional love:

You can’t control how your spouse behaves, but you can try to control your behavior. So no matter how cold your wife is acting, you can always choose to treat her with love. Loving her unconditionally will help her get through whatever is wrong with her faster.

10. Talk to her:

When your wife acts cold towards you, you might want to talk to her and get to the bottom of the problem. Talking to her gently and calmly will help her feel safe and not be scared to tell you what is wrong.

11. Create a safe space for her:

Creating a safe environment for your wife can help when she is acting cold. Ensure she knows you are a haven and will always be there for her when she is ready to talk. Let her know that the house would always be a safe space for her to return to.

12. Be yourself:

Don’t try to act like you are not or try to change your personality just to suit your cold wife. If you change your personality, you are just making an already bad situation worse.

Signs Of A Cold Marriage

Married couples always want to do things together; they want to hang out, have fun and just enjoy themselves together. But when the fun is missing in your marriage, it may mean the marriage has gone cold. One clear sign of a cold marriage is a lack of sex, or if you are having sex, you both are no longer finding pleasure in the sex.

Your house has gone silent; this is another clear sign that your marriage has gone cold. You no longer hear each other’s voices; rather, a deafening silence has filled your dinner table that used to be filled with your joyous voices.

Nothing new is happening in the house. The both of you are constantly having the same old conversations and repeating the same old routine. It means your marriage is cold.

When you can’t find common ground with your spouse and constantly fight over everything, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you. Your marriage is a cold one.

I Am A Cold Woman But My Husband Wants Me Warm

The first thing you need to do is to search deep down and check if you have always been cold. And if the answer is yes, then your husband cannot expect you to change because he knows you were a cold person before he married you.

But if your coldness is a new thing, you need to find out why you are acting cold and try and find a solution to it. You can also try therapy. Talking to a therapist can help you get over your lack of cohesion. Also, you need to check if you are unhappy with your marriage and if that is why you are acting cold.

Can I Change My Cold Wife?

If your wife is cold, it is up to you to try and make her change her ways, but you have to be patient with her and tread carefully so as not to worsen the situation.

Try to get to the bottom of her coldness, find out if it is something you have done to hurt her, and just let her know that you are not going to leave her, but rather you would be there, and you would be willing to walk her through her issues.

But changing your cold wife can also be impossible sometimes, especially if she has always been like that. You can’t expect her to change her nature. It might just be in her nature to be cold.

Why Is My Wife All Of A Sudden Cold?

One reason she suddenly becomes cold might be that you hurt her and are acting calm about it. She might be acting cold to get your attention.

She might also be acting cold suddenly because her interest level is dropping, and she is bored.

You might be acting too needy, and she doesn’t know how to handle such neediness. Processing her emotions is another reason why your wife has turned cold all of a sudden.

What Do I Do When My Wife Is Emotionally Detached?

Encouraging your wife to talk about her feelings and spending more time with her can help when you feel your wife is emotionally detached.

Then you need to understand why she is behaving the way she is before you can remedy the problem.

Also, you need to show her love and treat her like you did when you guys first started dating. This way, you can help your wife through her difficult period.

Should I Let My Wife Remain Cold To Me?

No, you do not let your wife remain cold to you. You can give her time and allow her the space to be by herself, but do not let that time be too long, especially when you are the reason why she is cold.

It would help if you got her to talk to you and try and understand where she is coming from. Letting her remain cold can, in the long run, put more strain on your relationship.

Should I Remain With My Wife Since She Is Cold And I Am Warm?

Staying with a cold wife when you are warm is a choice. If you decide to stay with your cold wife, you can use your warm personality to balance the equation.


When a woman acts cold, it might be due to what you did to her. She may not know how to tell you, so acting cold is her way of letting you know you hurt her feelings. Well, hope you learned a thing or two about dealing with a cold woman.

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