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Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You? (8 signs they do)

Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You? (8 signs they do)

In relationships, it is common for girls to come back to a guy after rejecting him. As a girl, being rejected by a guy makes you start to wonder and ask yourself one persisting question: Do guys ever come back after rejecting you? 

Rejection can go as far as affecting your mental health and even preying on your self-esteem, especially if it’s from a guy you want. In this article, we are going to help you answer that question that pesters the mind and also explain everything that has to do with rejection in a relationship. 

Will a guy ever come back after rejecting you?

There is no straight answer to this. A guy coming back to you depends on the reason he rejected you in the first place. The following can determine if he will come back or not: 

1. Finance:

Some guys don’t like going into a relationship without any means of income. Even when you are making them feel it is not about money, they are going to turn you down. If he likes you and his finances were the reason he rejected you at first, he might come back to you when he fixes his finances. 

2. Does not like you back:

The fact that you like someone does not mean that they will like you back. So a guy might turn you down if he doesn’t like you back. There are possibilities that he might start to like you back but that is not certain. Along the line, people can start to develop feelings for people they didn’t like at first. So he might come back if he rejects you at first but later starts catching feelings for you.

3. You are not his type:

You met a guy and he has everything you want but sweetheart, he might not see you that way. For instance, he likes chubby girls and you are skinny. Maybe when you start adding weight, he can start liking and wanting to start something with you.

4. You did something that pushed him away:

Sometimes, a guy can reject a girl because of something that she does. This might be an attitudinal spec that he doesn’t like or support. If he ever mentions this attitude to you and you see the need to change this attitude, he might come back to rolling with you again.

5.  He already has someone:

A guy might turn you down if he is already seeing someone. And that shows he is a good guy and not the type that would double date even if there are many signs that he has feelings for you. If along the line, the present relationship ends, he might come back to you even after turning you down. 

6. He is not ready for a relationship:

If he is not ready for a relationship, he is surely going to reject you. He not being ready for a relationship might be based on different factors best known by him. If he likes you, he can decide to come back when he is ready for a relationship.

7. He is a flirt:

A guy who is a flirt might reject your advances when you ask for something serious. This is because he only wants to use you and keep you as a friend with benefits. So when you start to ask for something serious, he might start to back out. In this case, he might not come back to you. 

8.  You guys are not meant to be together:

If you are not meant to be together, he is never going to come back to you, no matter how much you want him to. No matter how hard the rejection pill might be for you to swallow, my dear, if he turns you down, you should not beat yourself over it. This clearly shows they are things beyond your control. 

Why do guys change their minds after rejecting a female?

A guy can be indecisive or many of the factors stated above can be a reason for him turning you down. If along the line things start to fall the way he wants he can start to have a change of mind and realize he wants you in his life more than he thought. 

How to tell if a guy is rejecting you:

There are some things to look out for that will help you know he is rejecting you, they are listed below:

1. He is always too busy:

If a guy always says he is up to something when you try to call him or send him a text or a mail, it means he is rejecting you. This could be worse when he says he is busy and does not even bother to get back to you and when you call and crowns it up with: I forgot. He forgets to call someone he cares about? This is one major sign that he is rejecting you. 

2. He always acts like he is not ready for a relationship:

A guy can act like he is not ready for a relationship but that might not be true. You are not just the one for him. If every time you try to talk about a relationship he says he is not ready, that means he is rejecting you.

3. He always reminds you that he has a girlfriend: 

A guy who is rejecting you will always remind you that he has a girlfriend and that you guys are just friends.

4. He admires other girls in your presence:

If he always admires other girls in your presence then, he clearly is trying to push you away. He might see a girl that is more endowed than you and start to tell you that is his kind of girl. He is indirectly telling you that you are not his type.

5. They always cancel plans of going out with you:

A guy is usually not interested in spending time with a girl he does not want, so if he always finds a way to cancel plans of meeting or going out with you he is pushing you away.

Should you still talk to someone that rejected you?

Yes! You can still be friends with someone that rejected you. Everyone must not accept you and the fact that you want someone does not mean they will want you back. For the sake of your mental health, if you truly love someone and they pushed you away, it is better to stay away from them. This will help you get your self-worth and stop having feelings for them. You can still talk to them but it should not be frequently.

How do you keep your dignity when a guy rejects you?

1. Stop contacting him:

You will show him you don’t respect yourself if you keep contacting him. You have to teach yourself not to talk to him, look for other things to do that will help you get your mind off him.

2. Don’t beg for his love:

This is one thing that can make you appear undignified after a guy pushes you away. Don’t beg for his love and attention. No one should ever beg to be loved, not even when someone has rejected you. If you do this you are going to appear worthless to the guy.

3. Work on your self-esteem:

We can’t deny the fact that rejection can affect our self-esteem greatly. When a guy rejects you, it makes you think you fall short of the standard. This can affect your everyday life or even your next relationship, so you have to do things that would improve your self-esteem. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are and he is the one that is missing for rejecting you.

Signs He Regrets Rejecting You:

A guy can push you away and immediately or after some time starts to regret what he did. When a guy starts doing any of the following you know he regrets rejecting you: 

1. He is always contacting you: 

Coming from a guy who was always busy as at the time you wanted him and now he is calling you every time, this means he might have realized his mistake and he is trying to get you back.

2. He wants to know if you seeing someone else:

He will always want to know what’s going on in your life just to see if you have moved on or still have that soft spot for him. He will always want to know if you are in a relationship now and how your relationship is going if you are in one.

3. He lets you know he regrets his actions: 

A guy who has finally realized he did badly for pushing you away will start telling you stuff about how he made a very wrong choice and that you should forgive him. He might go direct or drop hints.

4. He tries to flirt with you:

He will try to come back and flirt with you to see if you still have that soft spot for him and say things that might turn you or make you feel loved just to try to get you back.

6. He asks you out:

A guy who truly regrets his actions will one day ask you out even if you are with someone he will keep trying his chances. He will apologize and ask you to come back to him.

How do you win back a guy who rejects you?

Rejection can happen due to many factors. If the reason for rejection is something about you that you can change, what you have to do is simply just work on yourself then try to get back in touch with him if he sees that you are changed he might start coming back to you. 

The fact that you moved on like it never happened and worked on yourself to become prettier makes a guy want you more. That is why you see many cases of guys running back to girls they once rejected.

How do you make a guy regret rejecting you?

To make him regret rejecting you, there are different smart things to do:

1. Move on fast with your life:

When a guy sees how fast you moved on with your life, he is going to start to regret pushing you away. Find new activities you love that can help you grow and keep your mind away from all of the troubles. When he notices that you’re busy with life and not down, he’ll miss you since he knows he’s replaceable. If you keep trying to get in touch with him, that move will make him even reject you more.

2. Work on your appearance:

Guys are quick to regret when the girl they once rejected suddenly becomes all cute. Instead of crying over him pushing you away, you should work on glowing up. This would make him feel bad for letting you go. 

3. Be friendly with him:

You guys are not enemies; if he pushes you away, you don’t have to contact him anymore. But if you guys meet somewhere, don’t start acting like you guys are enemies, greet him in a friendly way, and go away. This would make him miss you.

Final notes:

Rejection can make you feel sad, confused, and down but it is not something to beat yourself about. It’s better for a guy to turn you down than lead you on and also take advantage of your feelings for him. We have to get used to the fact that not everyone is going to like us even if we want them. Whenever people turn us down we should learn to move on as fast as we can.

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