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What You Should Do When A Guy Compliments Your Dress

What You Should Do When A Guy Compliments Your Dress

When a guy compliments you on your clothes, you could feel good about it. But at that moment, a thousand thoughts could also be going through your mind. You could say to yourself ‘wow, my dress must be so fine.’ You could also be trying to look for signs that he is just flirting or being insincere.

The truth is, you can never be sure. However, there are ways you decipher what it means when a guy compliments your outfit.

A guy could compliment you to make you feel great. He might also compliment you because he is trying to mock you. Compliments can also be a cheeky way to insult someone.

In this article, you’ll find out what to do when a guy compliments you on your clothes. And why he compliments your dress

Should just any man compliment my outfit?

Well, it depends on the kind of comment. If a guy says good things about something you are wearing, then that’s fine. You can accept remarks from anyone as long as they are not offensive.

Some ladies go berserk when they receive these compliments from a random man. Some don’t hold anything back and say ‘I didn’t dress for you.’ Some reply to these compliments with “Mind your business man.”

These replies come off as rude. It is normal for any guy to compliment you. You can’t control what others say to you.

But if this guy isn’t random, you can tell them how you feel in a respectful way.

If someone of the opposite sex says negative things about your dress, you can confront them. Do this to make them never attempt to rain on your parade again.

But what if it’s an honest negative comment? Well, this is why you should allow remarks. But tell the guy to stop when you spot mockery in the compliment and the tone of delivery.

Also, ask him to stop when he seems to have an opinion on what you should wear. But the bottom line is, it is okay to let any guy give you a remark on what you wear. Because you can’t stop it, you can only choose to acknowledge it or not.

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Reasons why a guy compliments you on your clothes

Most times, men are not that hard to read. When they say something about your outfit, you could tell the motive from a mile away. For instance, if he is giving you a seductive gaze and then says nice dress, it is obvious he is flirting with you.

A man could say this and simply walk away. Some men use this to start a conversation. They know saying this to you would likely put a smile on your face. They know a good response from you could kick-start a conversation.

But some men only want to give you honest compliments because they like your clothes for real. It could be that he is the type of man that likes seeing women look good. It could be that your dress is inspiring him to get the same for his spouse.

The truth about a guy complimenting your outfit is that it’s mostly about your body. He might not say it directly, but it is how your body looks in the dress that caught his eye.

It could be that he admires the way you put your outfit together. So whenever he sees you, he’ll say something about it. When it is like this, he won’t make any extra moves.

Also, he is aware women like these words. So maybe if you greet him, his response could only be to make you feel good, and that is all. He could also have dropped the compliment because he has nothing else to say to you at that moment.

This could also be an indication that he likes you. That is a sign he is attracted to you. So he’s always going to commend your dress sense.

Why do guys like women that dress well

Everyone likes a well-dressed person. Going out with a good outfit is a nonverbal way of telling people how they should address you. So when you put the effort into your outfit, it makes you stand out and be attractive.

When a man compliments you on your dress, it means he is acknowledging that you have great charisma and aura. It is not only about the clothes, but it is also about how you carry yourself too.

Most men are moved by sight. So if you wear nice clothes, they would be drawn to you and probably like you too. Especially if you have a great gait and way of carrying yourself.

Fashion enhances your overall look and it shows more about you. The type of dress you wear goes a long way to attracting the kind of man you want.

Every man wants a presentable lady. Someone who they can boldly show off. So this is why they always show interest in well-dressed women.

Some men also believe that women who dress well are very confident and would be amazing partners. Some of these men might even tell you that compliment your dress and also let you know you are amazing.

Should a man compliment a female colleague’s style of dressing

At work, it is okay to commend a woman on her outfit. But it greatly depends on the relationship you’ve with the woman. Your compliment could be regarded as harassment if she’s not your friend.

Saying nice things to a coworker could sound like harassment. It can make her begin to feel uncomfortable especially if she is not the type you are cool with.

And even if you want to compliment a colleague, it should be once in a while. Because saying it often already suggests that you have an ulterior motive.

Also, be careful with the tone of delivering the compliment. Keep it as simple as possible. Even if she is someone you know, doing that every time might make her and the people around her uncomfortable.

How to react when a guy compliments your dress sense

The best thing to do in this situation is to glow with a smile and say thank you. You could return the gesture even if you don’t mean it. You could say thank you.

You could say ‘Your shirt is nice.’ Men like to receive compliments too. That might leave in his head forever and also make the conversation flow nicely.

Also, learn to maintain eye contact while you react to his remark. Showing confidence also in a way adds to your overall outfits.

However, if what he said didn’t go down well with you, be bold enough to point it out immediately. You don’t have to be rude. You can drop your point in a calm and polite manner.

Is it a red flag if he compliments my outfit a lot?

If he is talking about your dress too often, it could mean he is giving you mere remarks with nothing attached to it. It could also mean he is obsessed or is only after your body.

It is a red flag. Such guys can also be creepy. They can stalk you on socials just to get into your mind.

You would notice that he only compliments when you’re wearing something he feels is ‘hot’. That’s an indication that he only wants to get between your legs and that’s something to take seriously.

Men who are players try to compliment you just to get into your legs. So if he saying it too much he is probably just flirting with you.

This is a red flag. Especially if it is coming from a colleague or neighbor. It makes the man look desperate for your attention.

I feel irritated when some guys compliment my outfit

To be sincere not everyone is comfortable when people say a thing or two about their appearance. This is even worse when it is coming from the opposite sex or someone you don’t like.

It could even come off to you as more of a mockery even when they are being sincere. You cannot help the way you feel. But you shouldn’t be rude when addressing people who irritate you with their fake compliments.

They might say nice words but you can sense in their attitude that they are being silly. If the compliments sound more flattering, you could ask them to do you a favor and not say it again.

Also, when a guy compliments you on your clothes and you feel irritated, learn to buttress your point in a calm way. It makes you look more confident.

Should I stop people from complimenting my outfit?

Except you want to start telling everyone to shut up, which is even impossible. No need to try.

Most times, these comments could sound exaggerated, and unbelievable and often make you uncomfortable. But it is what it is. You can control what people say.

But if they are someone you meet frequently, telling them politely could be a good option. But what I would advise you to smile at them and say thank you.

And if they commend your dress, you could say something like where you got it from. And if they would like you to get it for their spouse. This could in some way stop them from asking again.

Is complimenting a woman’s dress flirting?

Well, this depends on the intention behind it and how the woman receives it. If a lady is wearing something very short and shows all her figures, it is. When you compliment her while her dress shows more skin, it is flirting.

But remarks are not always flirting as we’ve discussed in this article. There are different reasons a man can compliment a woman’s dress.

Although in there is a common notion that when a man commends a woman’s dress he either likes her or is trying to woo her.


Women like getting remarks about how stunning they look. The fact is that when a man compliments a woman’s outfit, he could her confidence surge and could also dampen it.

When a guy compliments you on your clothes, you might find it offensive. Some might see nothing wrong with it because it gives them so much pleasure. But as a lady, don’t give a rude reply to a compliment.

As a man, your comment should be simple and respectful. And if she is someone you see a lot, resist the urge to always say something about her dress.

You can only do this if you’re a close friend. The truth is, it could come off as flirty and annoying. This could make her begin to feel she is dressing up because of you.

She might resent you because of this and tell people that you make her feel unsafe.

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