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What to Expect When There Is No Contact After An Argument

What to Expect When There Is No Contact After An Argument

Nothing can frustrate or mess with your head more than the silent treatment. When there is no contact after an argument with your man, the possibility to become confused about the situation increases. A few hours with no contact from your man can make your mind start thinking of awful scenarios, not to talk of weeks.

Trying to find answers to why there is no contact after an argument with your man can be exhilarating. But in this work, answers will be divulged and through it, peace restored. Some of the reasons contact ceases after an argument are: He is not ready to talk yet; man is busy; he is looking for space; he doesn’t want to make matters worse.

Some of the reasons why there is no contact after argument are listed and discussed below.

15 Reasons There Is No Contact After An Argument.

1. He is not ready to talk yet:

Most times after a fight, your man may not be in the right frame to talk because he knows that if he talks to you at that particular time, he may say some hurtful words to you and cause more damage to the situation on the ground. At this point, he might choose not to establish contact with you until he gets his emotions in check.

2. He is really busy:

It may be that at the time of that fight, he may already have other commitments at hand, so he may not be deliberately ignoring you. He might be genuinely busy. He might have a tight deadline to meet at work or he may have other family or personal issues at hand that coincides with the fight. And this can make him not have the time to put a call or text you to resolve the issue at that particular time.

3. He needs space:

After an argument, it is normal most times for both parties to take time apart and access the situation. He does not contact you because you both need time apart to sort out your feelings. He might feel that he should take time away from you until he is in a better mood before he establishes contact to avoid all the nastiness that might follow.

4. You were the reason for the fight:

You may have hurt his feelings real bad by your actions and he is trying to get a grip of his emotions. It is okay for couples to have a difference of opinion, but couples should also learn when to draw the line. Perhaps your actions triggered insecurity and you may be overlooking it as a minor issue, and these actions hurt his feelings, he might choose not to contact you after your fight.

5. He is not aware of what is going on:

Your man may not even have an idea of what is going on, we as women tend to pick on these things faster, so he may not even have a clue that the argument is that huge. He might be feeling that you guys can sort it out anytime and that might also be why he is not contacting you. And most times, guys don’t know how to react after a fight occurs.

6. He doesn’t want to worsen the situation:

Your man may be feeling that if he contacts you he may worsen your already bad situation. He might be scared that once he reaches out to you, you might insist on breaking up, and so he takes the easy way out of not contacting you until he is sure of your feelings.

7. He may be trying to evaluate:

A man might take time to evaluate and assess the issue. He might be trying to figure out what went wrong and how he could have handled things better. It is normal for a man to take time alone to reflect on what happened. Unlike women that want to talk about it immediately, men tend to want to be alone and think things through on their own.

8. He doesn’t know how to apologize:

Another reason why a man might not contact you after a fight is that he doesn’t know how to apologize to you. He knows that he has hurt you badly and wants to look for a way to make it up to you but he might be scared of your reaction. Men hate it when they have to apologize for most of the time. And they tend to find it difficult to do so, your man might be trying to figure out a way to apologize to you. And that could be why there is no contact after an argument from him.

9. He wants a face to face approach:

You might be busy calling and texting him but he is waiting until you guys can see each other and have a sit-down conversation. He may feel that talking it out via phone would not resolve the issue, so he chooses to ignore you until you guys meet each other again. Sometimes, he may be feeling that a one-on-one approach is better because this way, you guys can know what you are feeling and see how you react physically unlike phone calls where one wrong tone can be misinterpreted.

10. He wants to end the relationship:

He might be thinking about ending the relationship or he even wants to end the relationship and so, he takes the no contact approach so you don’t have the chance to talk him into changing his stand. The best thing to do in this situation is to give him the space he needs, because pushing him to talk may have the opposite effect of pushing him away.

11. He is angry:

You guys just fought, so it is normal for him to still be angry. Perhaps he is just angry and that is why he is not establishing contact with you just yet. You can give him space to reflect especially if hurtful words were exchanged between you too.

12. He is confused about the situation:

Perhaps he is still confused about what happened and what he is feeling about the situation, and so the best form of approach is to stop contacting until he can figure it all out.

13. He is guilty:

Guilt is another reason why your man may not be contacting you. He might feel guilty about his part in the relationship and how badly he hurt you, and this might make him choose not to contact you until he can figure out a way to make it up to you.

14. He is taking a break:

Your man might have been feeling choked up in the relationship for a while now, and after your argument, he might just decide to take a break to get some breathing room and to access the situation.

15. He is freaking out:

Your man may not be contacting you because he is freaking out. The fight made him realize how much power you hold over him and now he is scared of his feelings for you. He might just feel it is best to stop all contact for a while until he can come to terms with his feelings for you.

Things you can do after your guy makes no contact after an argument

1. Reach out to him:

If your guy makes no contact after an argument, you can reach out to him first, after all, no rule book states that a man must make contact first. You can reach out to him and have an honest and open conversation with him. You guys can try and resolve the issue amicably.

2. Accept your fault:

After you and your man argue, you can take time out to reflect. And if you realize that you were at fault, you need to accept your fault and summon the courage to reach out to him and apologize to him.

3. You can try to do nice things for him:

If your man is not contacting you after a fight and you know you are in the wrong, you can try to do nice things for him. Make his favorite meal or plan dates to invite him out. Just try and reach out to him in any way you can.

4. Show him he is important to you:

When you guys fight you, don’t let your pride come first before him especially if you love him and you know you said hurtful words to him. Try to call him or text him. Just ensure you try to let him know his importance in your life.

5. Give him space:

If your man is not contacting you after an argument, you should give him space to sort out his feelings. At the same time, you can also take out time to sort out your feelings and determine if you still want the relationship to continue.

How do guys feel after an argument?

Trying to figure out how your guys feel after an argument can be a little bit more difficult than you think because men are not naturally inclined to show their emotions nor do they wear their feelings on their sleeve. But most times, you can try to guess how a man feels after a fight by how he behaves. After a fight, your man may feel guilty, hurt, and even confused. If a man loves you, after a fight he is most likely to feel drained and unhappy.

Why do guys ignore you after an argument?

Guys can choose to ignore you for various reasons after an argument 

1 He may just be busy.

2 He doesn’t see the fight as a big deal

3 He is clueless about what happened.

4 He is hurting 

5 He needs time to come to terms with his actions.

How do I give him space after an argument?

After a fight, you guys might need space to try and figure out what’s next. And that is okay, but most times we as women don’t even know how to give our men space when they need it. In your rush to make things right, you might just end up causing more problems. There are some ways you can easily give your man space.

1. Don’t call him or text him

2. Try and find yourself:

By taking out time to find yourself you are also giving your man the space he needs.

3. Be sympathetic if your man needs space:

You can give him space but at the same time just let him know you understand and that you will be there to talk when he is ready.

4. Take care of yourself:

Taking care of yourself is another easy way to give your man space because by focusing on your self-care and personal growth you are indirectly giving him the space he needs.

5. Let him hang out with friends:

You can give your man space by letting him have some me time, even if it just hanging out with his friends for a few hours, or even letting him go out for the weekend trip with his guys this way he can have all the space he needs.

How long should I give him a break after an argument?

How long you should give your man space after a fight depends on the kind of person he is and how he handles issues. For some men, a few hours is enough for them to calm down while with others, it may take days or weeks. After an argument, you should give your man as much space as he needs to get a hold of his emotions.

Will no contact make him miss me more? 

A man will most likely miss you more if you guys don’t contact each other, and his attraction to you may even grow stronger, after all, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. On the other hand, absence can also make him realize that he can live without you and that he doesn’t need you in his life. Therefore it is a two-way street.

Is it okay not to talk to him after an argument?

Not talking to your partner after an argument is probably not a good idea. And also, not talking to him might increase the hurt and prolong the issue more than necessary. Not talking to him may seem as if you are punishing him for an offense you both committed.

Should I allow him to gaslight me after an argument?

Never let your man gaslight you after an argument. Gaslighting is another form of manipulation that can wear down your self-esteem, so no matter how angry they are or how right he seems to think, he is never let him gaslight you before or even after an argument.

How to make him feel guilty for ignoring you.

If your man is ignoring you and you want to make him feel guilty, you can act like you don’t care about the fact that he is ignoring you. Pretending that you are happy and living your best life even without talking to him. Taking some space can also make him realize how much he needs you and he may just start to feel guilty about his actions too, also talking to him and letting him know how much he has hurt you or how much he is hurting you can make him feel guilty about his actions.

Should I reach out first after a fight?

Reaching out to him after a fight is your decision to make, nobody can help you make that decision because ultimately, no one knows how you feel about him. But before deciding to reach out to him, think long and hard and decide if he is worth the heartache, and also ensure you are doing it for the absolute right reasons.

Should I text him back after not reaching out for days?

It is never a good idea to reply to him back immediately he texts you after not reaching out for days. Replying immediately may imply that you were just sitting around and waiting for him to text you. Make him wait for a while before you text him back.

How to break the silence after a fight?

After a fight, don’t wait too long before you make contact especially when you know you are in the wrong. To get him to speak to you again, you can call him text him, or even plan a nice date. Also, you can just apologize immediately it happens don’t wait too long before you apologize.

 How do you know he still loves you after an argument?

If a man truly loves you, it’ll be evident in the way he behaves. If your man still loves you after a fight, you can tell he is hurting too cause he knows he has hurt you. He puts his ego aside and apologizes to you even if he is not at fault. He tries to talk to you, he does not try to invade the problem but instead, he listens to you and tries to look for ways to resolve the issue.

Does the three-day rule apply after a fight?

The three-day rule should not apply after a fight especially if you are in the wrong, this is usually because the more you wait to apologize, the more you may get cold feet and find more reasons not to contact him. And let’s face it, no rule should apply in matters of the heart.


Not contacting your man after a fight might be extremely difficult and not that easy to do. But ultimately giving each other space may just be the best thing you can do for yourself.

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