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20 Solutions for When Couples Don’t Have Anything to Talk About

20 Solutions for When Couples Don’t Have Anything to Talk About

When couples don’t have anything to talk about, it could mean that they have reached the communication peak and are now nose-diving. In this article, we’ll look at ways of creating a healthy balance. When you newly begin to date, you never run out of conversations, even your silence seems romantic. But now, it seems like the tap of communication has been closed and the receiving board is now dry and boring. Well, you don’t need to be bored or think that your spark is dimming, it is just a phase and you can get past it.

When couples don’t have anything to talk about, communication can also help resurrect the lack of bite in communication. It is now left for both partners to talk about how to deftly pass this phase and return back to that sweet place they once were.

Here are a few things you can do when you and your man no longer have anything to talk about.

20 Solutions for when couples don’t have anything to talk about

1. Ask a proper question:

If the normal question you are asking your man no longer cuts it, you can change them, instead of asking him ‘how was your day?’, you can ask him ‘what was the most memorable part of your day?’, or ask him to tell you about his highlight.

2. Try a new adventure:

When you and your man no longer have things to talk about, then maybe you don’t need words, you can try a new adventure, and create memories that are worth talking about. You can go skiing, hiking, or even try creating new recipes. You guys can try any fun thing together so you can create a new conversation.

3. Hang out in groups:

When you see each other every day, it might be a little bit difficult for you both to have new things to discuss every day, so you guys can hang out with friends or hang out with other couples. This way, you both can have something new to talk about.

4. Talk about random stuff:

You don’t have to overthink things or think of important things before you talk to your partner, you can talk to your partner about random thoughts like Instagram skits, new memes, or even random stuff you saw on your way to work. You can come up with fun stuff to talk to your partner about.

5. Ask silly questions:

You can play a game of questions and answer with your partner, you can ask him silly questions or you can ask him about things you’ve always wanted to know about him. With this, you can create new topics of conversation.

6. Imagine your future:

You can imagine the kind of future you want and discuss it with your partner. Also, you might see kids playing and you and your partner could talk about the kind of life you want to give your kids. You can talk about your dream cars or houses you can talk about the life you both imagine for yourself.

7. Communicate using your love language:

When you and your partner no longer have words to tell each other, you may as well use your love language, your love language may be physical touch, it may be gifts, anything. Most times, we don’t even need words to communicate with each other.

8. Watch new movies:

When you run out of things to talk about with your partner, you both can talk about the movies you want to watch or the movies you finished watching, watching movies together can help you have a new topic of conversation to talk about.

9. Play trivia:

When you and your partner no longer have new topics of conversation, you guys can play online trivia games or play couple games or answer silly romantic questions online for couples.

10. Take a trip together:

When you and your partner no longer have things to talk about, you guys can decide to take a trip together even if it is for a day. A change of environment can help you guys clear your head and have new things to talk about. 

11. Pick up a new hobby:

If it seems like you and your partner no longer have anything to discuss, then it might be time for you guys to try doing new things apart from each other, you both can pick up new hobbies, even if it is reading a book, or going for cooking lessons. When you guys try different hobbies, you guys can have something new to talk about.

12. Talk about your childhood memories:

When you and your boyfriend no longer have new things to talk about, you guys can talk about your childhood. You can discuss what it was like growing up and how much you enjoyed your childhood.

13. Talk about your feelings:

Discussing your feelings with your partner never gets old so, when you and your man run out of things to talk about, you guys can talk about your relationship and about how you feel about each other.

14. Talk about your inspiration:

Talking about the people or things that inspire you are ways in which you can create conversation for yourself and your man, ask each other about your role model and how they inspire you.

15. Talk about past embarrassing experiences:

Another way you and your partner can create new things to talk about is by talking about the past experiences that caused you embarrassment. Turn your embarrassing moments into a funny story and share it with your man.

16. Talk about what happens in the world:

We are in a world where new events take place every day, so if you and your partner run out of things to say to each other, you guys can try debating about world politics or about other stuff happening in the world.

17. Share your ambitions:

Talking or sharing your ambitions with your man can never get old. Telling him about your plans for yourself that do not involve the relationship and try listening to his plans too. Building your whole life around the relationship might be unhealthy.

18. Talk about your shortcomings:

When you are in a relationship, everything cannot be perfect. So when you run out of things to discuss, you can discuss where you both lack and how you both can improve on them.

19. Talk about your past:

When you run out of things to talk about with your man, you both can always talk about your past, you can talk about past struggles, past victories, or anything worth sharing that happened before you guys got involved with each other.

20. What happened during your day:

When you and your man find it difficult to talk about new stuff, you guys can always dissect your day what happened in the office, what’s up with your co-workers, or what’s new on the Internet, they are so many things to discuss you guys just have to try and create conversations for yourself.

Is it strange for couples to have nothing to talk about?

I won’t necessarily say it is strange for you guys not to have something to talk about. This is because it is pretty normal for people who have been together for a long while to have nothing to talk about. You both can spend this time enjoying the silence and working on each other. Most times, you don’t need words to communicate especially if you share a deep bond, you can communicate with each other without saying a word.

Should couples always have something to talk about?

No couple must not always have something to talk about. Most times, couples can choose to enjoy silence or they can choose to relax and enjoy a movie together. The fact that you guys have nothing to talk about does not mean something is wrong with your relationship, rather it means that you guys are comfortable enough with each other and you know that you don’t always have to say something to keep your relationship moving.

Should I communicate with him every day?

Communication is the key to every relationship. Without communication, your relationship cannot work. Communication is how you keep a healthy and well-flourished relationship. But at the same time, you should understand that it is okay not to talk to your man every day, in a healthy relationship you don’t have to feel the need to talk to your man every day, you should be confident in your relationship to know that it can survive even if you guys don’t communicate every day.

No one can answer the question of whether or not you should communicate with your man every day, it depends on you and the man and on what you might agree on if the relationship is new you guys might want to communicate every day to get a rhythm you understand, but if it an old relationship and you guys are secure in your feelings for each other then it okay not to talk to him every day, you guys can just chat or text each other if you have to.

6 Reasons why couples have nothing to talk about:

1. Always on the phone:

One reason why couples may not have anything to talk about is the fact that they may be spending too much time on their phone and not enough time with each other.

2. Harsh words:

When you and your man are always shouting at each other or exchanging insults, the two of you may find ways to avoid talking to each other, and it might lead to communication problems.

3. Unrealistic expectations:

If you and your partner both have unrealistic expectations before you enter into the relationship, communication may be difficult because you both were not honest with each other from the onset.

4. Not understanding each other’s love language:

When you don’t understand each other’s love language, communication can be a bit straining, you need to be able to understand each other to be able to have things to talk about.

5. Lack of listening skills:

If your partner does not feel like you hear them or you are listening to them, they may decide to stop communicating with you. Because when it feels like you are not being heard it can be a little bit frustrating.

6. Absence of bond:

When you and your man no longer have things in common or you guys no longer hang out together, it might be a little difficult to have something to say to each other all the time.

Is it a communication problem?

When couples have nothing to talk about, it is not necessarily a communication problem, especially if it is not something that started at the onset of the relationship. It might just be a phase, let’s face it, when two people have spent a lot of time together or have been together for a long time, they may struggle to find what to talk about. So it does not mean that they have a problem communicating, it just means things have slowed down a bit. But on the other hand, if from the beginning of the relationship, they never have anything to talk about, then it might be a communication problem for one or both of them.

Can over-communication affect my relationship?

There is no such thing as over-communication when it comes to relationships. Tell your partner everything, communication is the key that can help you have a healthy and satisfying relationship. When you communicate with your partner. Your needs are meant, and at the same time, it helps create a stronger bond between you two. 

Should I break up with my boyfriend since we don’t have anything to talk about?

Communication is a two-way thing, so breaking up with your boyfriend may not be the answer to your lack of communication. It may be that the problem is coming from you and not him. As I said, it is a phase that tends to happen in all relationships, it is normal for people not to have anything to talk about. Sometimes siblings do not have anything to talk about, and that does not mean they suddenly stop being siblings. But if you guys never had anything to talk about from the beginning of the relationship and you tried your best to keep the relationship or you have talked to him about it and still no improvement, then you should think long and hard about it and break up with him if it is the right thing for you to do.

How to bridge the communication gap

Most times, you have communication issues and you don’t even notice because you are focused on the future instead of the now; forgetting that if you don’t face the issues you have now you may not even get to see the future. When you have a communication gap in your relationship there are a few ways you can bridge the gap. 

You can take a step back and reflect when you have communication issues with your partner. You can take time out and reflect on the issues on the ground. It is okay to want space to be able to understand what went wrong and why you guys don’t talk anymore.

Talk to your partner about your frustration. Don’t just keep quiet and allow your partner to do all the communication and expect everything to magically fix itself.

Spend time with him. When you and your partner have a communication gap, you can spend more time with him and try to create new memories that can help you guys bond.

If there is a communication gap you can try complimenting your partner, telling him how much you appreciate him, and try using positive words to reinforce your relationship.

Importance of communication in your relationship:

Without communication, your relationship cannot work. You need communication to strengthen your relationship.

With communication, you can avoid misunderstanding, it helps solve unnecessary tension and confusion.

Communicating with your partner can help strengthen the respect you have for each other, communicating with your partner can help you strengthen the bond you share, and being able to discuss anything with your partner can help you guys grow stronger.

Communication with your partner helps reduce the guesswork, you don’t have to start guessing what your partner needs and what he doesn’t need since you both can talk and discuss your needs.

Communication builds trust in relationships, when you can communicate everything to your partner, you both would be able to work on your trust and be able to build on it.

Communicating with your partner helps to ensure you guys can support each other. When you are constantly communicating with your partner, you would be able to know when they need support and encouragement and you would be there for them.


Not having anything to talk about as couples shouldn’t really be something to worry about if there’s enough love and respect in the relationship. You should just see it as a phase and enjoy the silence. And also, you can use the time to enjoy watching a movie together, or you can each work on yourself. You have to be secure enough in your relationship to understand that you don’t always have to voice out your thoughts and to know that your relationship can strive even if you guys don’t always have things to talk about.

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