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How To Live While Craving Intimacy As A Single

How To Live While Craving Intimacy As A Single

Craving intimacy single feels like torture, but there is hope. You might suddenly be craving intimacy single because you have stayed too long without an intimate relationship. Too many lonely nights and a heavy heart that needs someone to talk to can make you constantly seek intimacy.

At some point, every human would want that closeness with the opposite sex. It could be just for the closeness of someone you could talk to or just someone you want to have a romantic relationship with. So if you are single and have been craving intimacy, you are not alone or longing for the unusual. It is usual for humans to seek closeness, be it sexual or otherwise. 

Why Am I Craving Intimacy?

1. You are single 

Being single is one reason your body will long for that closeness. You crave someone to be with and be able to share everything with. This feeling can keep coming, especially if you have been in a romantic relationship in the past.

2. You are not receiving it from your partner 

It is no news that most people are in a relationship but feels like they are not in one. It could be that they are in a relationship with someone they don’t love or don’t even love them back. This will make them feel this kind of void in their heart. So if you are in this show, it could be why you are craving intimacy so severely. 

3. You are spending so much time alone

Loneliness could be why you are craving intimacy single. Many lonely nights and days can make you start to long for affection. Even if you are single or dating, if you stay alone for too long, you might start to want to be with people who will make you feel loved and wanted. People who you can tell everything.

4. You don’t have access to it 

It might be because you have strict parents or in a place where you can’t find anyone to be close with, whether in or romantic or platonic relationship. If you don’t have access to an intimate relationship with anyone at that 

5. You have never experienced it 

As earlier stated, we all as humans get to a point where we start to crave a lot of things and intimacy, especially the physical ones, and as you should, darling, it is part of those things. So if you have never experienced being attached to anyone, you will start to get the perfectly normal feeling.

6. You feel abandoned and lonely 

Boredom, loneliness, and feeling of abandonment can make you suddenly start to desire company. A company that can make you feel accepted. If you have spent a lot of lonely nights together, your body and every part of you generally crave intimacy.

7. You admire intimate couples 

You have seen other people who share this special attachment within them. It is not like you are jealous of them, but you find yourself wanting something like that. Who does not like something good?

8. Too many romantic movies 

With the human brain’s wiring, it is customary to get triggered whenever we see something that reminds us how good intimacy feels. So the reason you feel like you want affection so much could be because you have digested so many books and films. 

9. You just need someone to confide in 

Yes, as humans, it is normal for us to want always to tell someone we can trust something and most times, we do this with someone we are intimate with because we feel they have our best interest at heart. 

How Do Singles Deal With Lack Of Intimacy

1. Self-pleasuring 

This might sound awkward, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you are single and need physical intimacy, you can touch yourself. Most single people do this, although they might not say it out because of the social stigma associated with masturbation.

2. Look for a trusted circle

People who are not in a relationship usually turn to their close friends for confinement. When they need to share something with someone, they look for a close friend they can trust to talk to. You don’t need to be in a relationship to find someone that can be there for them.

3. Enjoy your own company 

People who are not in a relationship will find solace in themselves. Some might even result in soliloquising, but it’s just their way of looking in the mirror and making themselves our own best friends.

4. Get closer to your family 

Family is another way we can feel affection. Single people are most times closer to their family than people in a relationship because some have no romantic partner. They spend more time with their family.

5. Therapy 

People with no romantic partners or anyone they are close with enough to have deep conversations with usually go to a therapist for closure because they are seen as professionals who can listen, provide solutions, and keep information private.

6. Getting a pet

Pets are great companions. Whenever they feel like cuddling someone, they could turn to their pets. Some might even decide to talk to their part and act as if they were a human companion.

7. Go on a trip or a tour 

This is another way unattached people get their minds off the feeling of craving intimacy. If they keep their mind busy discovering new stuff, they probably would not think of getting attached to anyone.

I Crave Intimacy With A Significant Other So Much

It’s normal for you to want to be with someone on an intense and emotional level. You are human, and as earlier said, there is always this point when our mind starts to call out for something intimate. So if you want this and it’s always crossing your mind, I think that means you need it and should try and get someone you can feel connected to at that level. 

How Do You Handle Being Single And Craving Physical Touch

1. Touch yourself 

If you crave sexual desire touching yourself is one way to ease that feeling. You might think of it as strange, but it’s perfectly normal and healthy to do things like masturbating. It helps you feel sexual pleasure while you are single.

2. Get someone who can do it for you 

If it’s sex you need, they are paid sex workers that can do it for you, and if you are a girl, you could get night stand or be one just to erase your sexual pleasure, but you have to be very careful out there. Always ensure to use protection during such encounters.

3. Hug a family member or friend

Well, if it’s just someone you can hug and cuddle with if you need, you can ask if your friends can be your cuddle partner, or you can just choose to hug any of your family members, 

4. Try pets

Pets are always happy to be your cuddle buddy. If you are craving physical touch, you can touch your pets. If you are a pet person, get one right away.

5. Hug your pillow

Pillow hugging can give you this feeling of warmth and calm, so if you feel like being cuddled, you can cuddle your pillow. 

6. Is it normal to want intimacy?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for you to want intimacy; it’s part of how the human body works; everyone needs affection. We need someone or something that gives us that feeling of safety, love and comfort, so if you are craving intimacy, then you are not alone. Even the most introverted of us usually crave affection.

What Does Lack Of Intimacy Do To A Person?

As unreal as it sounds, a lack of intimacy can lead to many things like depression or loneliness. Suppose you lack feelings like physical and emotional affection. In that case, you will gradually see that you are becoming unhappy and detached, especially if you don’t have other ways to feel like you are being loved or cared for and if you don’t love yourself or find happiness by yourself.

The Four Types Of Intimacy

1. Emotional intimacy

This is that feeling of safety and closeness you feel or share with another person where you don’t have to say too much before you are understood.

2. Intellectual intimacy

This describes when you can share all your ideas with someone they encourage you as you encourage them. You are not afraid to share your fears and your imperfect thoughts with each other. 

3. Physical intimacy 

This entails all cuddling and sexual touch we are familiar with. 

4. Spiritual intimacy 

This is learning how to connect to God on the same level as your partner. It is also connecting spiritually with your partner. If you are religious, this kind of intimacy is essential for your relationship.

What Does Lack Of Intimacy Do To A Man?

Lack of intimacy can lead to different issues in a man. Lack of physical intimacy, like sex, can affect a man’s sexual skills, which can pose a serious problem when he decides to get into a relationship. Although men are seen as the hard type, we sometimes crave someone we can have a heart-to-heart conversation with, someone we can be vulnerable around without being judged. Not getting this can lead to different kinds of mental health issues

What Does Lack Of Intimacy Do To A Woman?

Women are known to be more open about their needs for affection and attachment. This makes it very obvious that when a woman lacks one, it can affect her mental health and make her fall into the wrong relationship because she was to solve her taste for intimacy.

Four Ways You Can Be Single And sexual

1. Satisfy yourself

Using your hands to pleasure yourself is one way you can feel sexual pleasure without having to date anyone.

2. Pay for it 

If you are up to 18 and it’s legal in your country, they are sex workers that you can pay to help you satisfy your sexual if you have no sexual partner.

3. Get a friend with benefits 

It is widespread these days to get a friend with benefits, but please, it’s not advisable to fake feelings for people just because you want sex to be plain with what your attentions are.

4. Toys 

They are all over the place, and if you are a single last, you can visit a sex store to get something that perfectly suits you.

Signs You Want Intimacy

1. You feel lonely 

You have this feeling of being alone inside of you, even when you sleep and wake, it’s like you are depressed or unhappy.

2. You are horny 

You can no longer hold yourself anymore. You can tell you need deep sex.

3. You feel like no one understands you. 

You feel like everyone around you is not getting you. You don’t feel connected with anyone, and you want to.

I want Intimacy But Not A Relationship

If you are not spiritual, there is nothing wrong with wanting intimacy when you are single. It depends on the type of intimacy one craves that would be seen as wrong according to religion. It is normal for you to want intimacy. Being single does not mean you don’t have these desires, and affection of any kind is not made for couples alone. And also, you can find physical intimacy without a relationship.  

Craving Intimacy As A Single Christian

A church

If we discuss sexual desire here, then as a Christian, that’s not the right thing to do. It’s normal for you to crave it, but it’s against the religion to practice sexual activity as an unmarried Christian. But you are craving, and it does not mean you are a bad Christian. It is normal to crave it. You just have to learn to control yourself. If you are craving another form of intimacy, I think you can get that with even your close friends or beliefs. If you increase your intimacy with Jesus, you will not crave sexual desires.

Sex Vs Intimacy

Sex is one of the most common forms of being intimate. When you have deep sex with someone, it means that you are connected to such a person. However, intimacy does not always have to be about sex. It is more than that, and if you like to learn more, read about the four types of intimacy in this article.

What Does God Say About Being Single And Craving Intimacy? 

If we are talking about physical touch, then it is not in our power not to crave it, but according to the Bible, if you think it in your heart, then you must have sinned. It’s also a sin against God to have sex when you are single, but if it’s another intimacy like spiritual or intellectual, that is okay; in fact, the more you seek spiritual intimacy with God, the less you care about sexual intimacy.


As you are craving intimacy single, you should draw strength from your singlehood by loving yourself and everyone around you better. We all go through a lot, and at some point, we need someone who would feel like another half of us. One that we can share everything and anything with this is why if you are single, you will crave any form of intimacy that you lack because that is how we have been wired. 

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