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Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You: 18 Reasons Why It Works

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You: 18 Reasons Why It Works

Yes, it works to cut him off, he will miss you. There is a popular saying that we only value what we have when we lose it. Though sometimes you think when you cut him off, it will make you lose him permanently. If that happens it means he never really loves you so you should not feel like you were the reason he made that decision; they were never in love with you.

After a breakup, it’s natural to want to make your ex miss you. You can’t just continue your life as though nothing happened and never look back after you’ve spent so much time with that person. If anything, you’re going to miss him.

Several reasons will make him miss you if he loves you but acts like he does not need you anymore which can help you return the favor and gain some sort of advantage.

Want to make him miss you like a baby misses a mother so that he can’t move on from you? You should continue reading and let’s unravel this together. 

Reasons cutting him off will make him miss you:

The urge to communicate with an ex is somewhat great after a breakup since their socials are all in your face. But making that move might lead to some form of regret and even though at the moment, it feels like the best thing you should do. Want to make effectively learn how to make him miss you badly so that he cannot move on from you? Then continue reading and let’s figure this out together. 

1. He’s still used to you being around:

With the way you guys were, he would never for once think you could stop talking to him with the kind of love you showed. When you cut him off, he will be without you and miss your presence, and this will make him long for you day and night without end, and will only find some peace when he reaches you again. 

2. Your Goodness toward him:

There are good things you do to him that would make him miss you if you cut him off. Maybe it’s the way you supported him, maybe it’s your laugh or your looks. When you stop talking to him, he is going to miss all this and will come back to look for you.

3. You are taking away his importance:

While you both dated, he probably felt so important and never thought you’ll be able to break away from him since he saw himself as the VIP in the relationship. He would think you would be snooping around his socials but cutting him off would take away that opportunity and he’ll desperately want to find out why you made that move or what changed.

4. He’ll miss the things you do for him:

He’ll miss the assistance you render while you both were together, he would try to reach out sometimes after cutting him off so you can help him do some of these things.

5. He will also miss the things he takes for granted: 

He may not have shown it, but little gestures like your company and support during his time of need can’t be ignored when they’re gone. He’ll miss the times you guys bantered and talked about random kinds of stuff.

6. You won’t come out as jealous:

Cutting him off after a breakup will save you the stress of becoming a jealous girl. Why? You might be tempted to see the new girls in his life by visiting his socials and when this happens, your state of mind might get really messed up. You might also be tempted to reach out to the new girl in his life, and this is one bad move you’d regret since he’ll find out and the new couple will only see you as jealous.

7. He’ll miss your support:

When he’s down, you’re the first person by his side to help him up again. You’ve been there for him in some of his darkest moments. You were able to lift his spirits and make him feel like everything was going to be okay – even if it wasn’t!

8. To Diminish his Ego:

If you still reach out to him after a breakup, he’ll not miss you. He’ll believe that you are incapable of finding someone like him and has you wrapped in his hands like a little baby. But once you cut him off, he’ll miss you and start wondering how you slipped away from his hands.

9. Gold Status:

He’ll realize the value of the things he had with you when they’re taken away. Your value will continue to increase with every second you cut him off.

10. Hangout Buddy Gone:

He’ll miss your company – he won’t have anyone to hang out with. He might find someone else to hang out with but I bet he’ll miss you especially if you’re fun to be with and know a lot of fun spots he is yet to unravel.

10. He’ll miss not having you to talk about:

You might be the one he discusses his problems with. You also provide an ear when needed, even if it’s just a shoulder to lean on or cry on!

This is especially true in relationships where there are no other people available for this role.

11. He’ll miss being your priority:

In a relationship, it’s very easy to take the other person for granted. He’ll miss you being his priority and him being your priority.

He will probably be depressed, lonely, and unable to find this same support elsewhere without you and wish he can go about that period trying not to lose you.

The relationship was not always easy – but it had its moments where he felt connected with you in ways that are irreplaceable at the moment.

But when those issues resolve and things get better – it’s great because now you’re seeing this person for the first time again.

You realize how great they are and wonder why you ever let them go, to begin with. This is especially true if there were other issues in your life that made it difficult for this relationship to flourish as much as it could have.

12. You’ll come out as confident:

Cutting him off will give you some control, it’ll put you above him. It’ll make you more confident. It’ll show him that you love yourself and can get a life outside of him.

13. Loner Troubles:

You can pile up his troubles which will make him miss you more especially if he’s a loner and you are the opposite, the sun that brightens his mood every time. He will feel alone even when there are people around him. He will feel like no one is there for him in the way that you once were – especially during his most trying times.

14. He’ll miss your affection:

It’s not like you were doing anything really bad. You were just giving him the attention he needed when it seemed like none of that was around. It might not always be in words – but actions speak louder than anything else and this is especially true during a relationship. 

He won’t feel loved without you there to give him physical affection in the way he needs it. Though everyone can give someone love and affection there is nothing like it coming from the right source from someone that knows what to do and what to say. If you are the only one that can do this he is surely going to miss you when you stop talking to him.

15. Lock him out:

He honestly would want closure, even though he wants to move on, he’ll try to answer all the questions that have been bothering him about the relationship. Locking him out will afford you the opportunity to deny him the opportunity and he might come knocking, begging for closure.

16. Avoid Humiliation:

Cutting him off will help you save face. Your ex probably tried to embarrass you and destroy your ego and esteem by breaking up with you. Your silence at this point is a valuable treasure that can make him come back to his senses and then begin to miss you.

17. You’re once his treasure:

While you both were dating, he would have invested his emotions, finances, his time, and other material things into the relationship. Let him know how valuable you’re to him by cutting him off. He’ll look back to all he has invested in that relationship and might even try to make sure that he corrects his mistakes and become a better person just to have you back.

18.  Play it like a girl:

Cutting him off will help your girly ego intact and he’ll have to work hard to get your attention again just like he did before you guys began dating.

How do you cut him off so he will miss you after a breakup?

Even though you might miss him when you break him off, you have to resist the urge to hear from him. Remember, be persistent in doing this if you want to achieve your goal. When he sees that you are not calling as you used to he is going to miss you.

Another thing you can do is to pretend like you are not so into him anymore. Let him do whatever he wants.

He will probably even do things on purpose to see how far you are willing to go. Don’t fold under pressure and instead endure what you have started

This will make him think. He will start freaking out because he will think you’ve cooled off and you no longer have the hots for him and he will most definitely do anything that is in his power to bring you back.

When is it okay to cut him off?

Cutting him off is a great option especially when he did the following:

1. He abused you:

If he abused you in any way during the relationship, cut him off without remorse. He is manipulative and wants to try to continue to abuse you. And as a girl that loves herself and wants the best for herself, you should not allow him to do that. Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated.

2. If he left without putting your feelings into consideration:

If he walked out on you without considering you, cut him off. We know men make irrational decisions maybe as a result of pressure and other life happenings, he should be bold enough to talk to you about this and see what you have to say about the challenges. But he decided to throw you under the bus which is totally unacceptable. His love for you should always make you a part of him and an important part that deserves to know the problems causing a ruckus in his life.

3. If he cheated on you:

I don’t need to preach to you that cheating is a deal-breaker and there’s no coming back from that. Cut him off totally and also do not give him closure. Make sure you allow him to miss you in purgatory.  

4. He Gaslighted you:

If he gaslighted you, made you think you’re the crazy one, my dear, run. That’s a real opportunity to cut him off. Gaslighters are very manipulative and will make you feel crazy even when you are telling nothing but the truth.

How Long will you have to cut him to realize he misses you after a breakup?

This solely depends on how and what caused the breakup. If he broke up with you because the relationship was miserable, it can take longer and might never happen. If you guys ended it amicably, then he might begin to miss you soon enough. And just because he misses you doesn’t mean that he’ll automatically want to become the perfect boyfriend who treats you the way you deserved. If he does promise you something like that, it only means that he’s lying to you to get you back in his life.

Will he miss you and contact you?

A man will truly realize that he has lost you when he notices that you have moved on with your life. Once he sees you happy, either by yourself or with someone else, he will come to the realization that you’re not his anymore, and that he has truly lost you.

I’ve heard of people in long-distance relationships getting back together because the girl cut the guy off and he missed her so much that he booked a flight just to see her. 

I guess that should set the bar high. Don’t lower your standards just so you’re not alone. If anything, he’ll miss you and he’ll try to contact you.

When he sees that he can’t reach you, he’ll try to find another way. At the end of the day, you may even open the door one day to see him standing right there and begging you to get back together with him. 

This will happen if he cares about you, of course. He won’t do this if he left you because he feels like your entire relationship was a huge mistake. There’s no need for him to go back to the girl he doesn’t love.

Even though this might sound extremely harsh, heed what I’m telling you. You can’t just make someone love you – you’re not the deciding factor in those situations. 

He’s the one who has to be able to see all of your qualities and love them, as well as see all of your flaws and decide to help you work through them. You can’t make someone love you just by doing everything for them.  Unfortunately, that’s not how love works.

Will he ever realize what he lost?

Yes, he will, no matter how long. Though it might take him a while to realize if he truly loves you he’s going to miss you and realize what he lost especially when he tries to move on to someone else and the person does not give him that same feeling you gave him he is going to come running back. 

How do you know he won’t come back?

There’s no way to know for sure. Ultimately it depends on the person. He might be the guy who acted nice that you just had to cut off because of a minor issue so you can say if he will come back or not. 

Yes, certain things will indicate what he’s like and whether he’s gone for good. But on odd occasions, people may surprise you. This is because we do not mind readers.

But if he still checks up on you even after you cut him off there is a high chance that he might come back.


When you cut him off, coming back together depends on whether he has any feelings of attraction and attachment for you. Put differently, if he is invested in you and cares about you, then he will miss you because cutting him off will leave a void in his life.

What’s important to note is that this should be something that you do as a last resort. I know of some people who are very manipulative and use this as a means of controlling or punishing their partner. Cutting him off should be something that is preceded by a serious breach of your trust and boundaries without remorse and hurt you.

Also, when you feel like you lost a guy’s attention and interest because of how you desperately chased him, then the silent treatment will work on making him miss you.

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