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18 Reasons Why Dating Is Boring To You

18 Reasons Why Dating Is Boring To You

Dating is boring to a lot of people. Some have reached this conclusion due to a lot of reasons. One of the reasons people consider dating as boring is the philosophical reason. Other reasons why people see dating as boring could be based on religious reasons, unrealistic expectations, and bad experiences. In this article, we will see the reasons why dating is boring to people and how they can turn that around if they truly want to.

21 Reasons why dating is boring to you

1. Your previous relationships were dramatic: 

If your previous relationship was a roller coaster ride, being in a more stable relationship might seem boring to you. Being in this type of relationship might make you feel trapped and you might feel yourself needing an escape. Being used to a turbulent and chaotic relationship might make a stable relationship feel off to you.

2. You are not allowing yourself to be vulnerable:

Relationships can only grow and be interesting when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you open up and allow yourself to be free and vulnerable with your partner, then your bond will evolve and your connection can grow more. But when you close yourself off and you are not vulnerable with your partner, then your relationship might be boring.

3. You lack communication skills:

Another reason why your relationship might be boring to you might be that you lack proper communication skills. For any relationship to work, you need good communication skills, and learning this can take time. During this learning process, your relationship might seem boring to you, and to be a good communicator you need to be a good listener.

4. You have unrealistic expectations:

Another reason why your relationship might seem boring to you might be the fact that you have unrealistic expectations about what relationships are supposed to be like. If you expect a fairytale life filled with fun and when you do not get this your expectations fulfilled, you might feel like jumping out again.

5. You are not interested in your partner:

If you are not really into your partner, he might be boring and suffocating to you. A partner you are not into might never do the right things that will make a relationship fun for you. This is why you should make sure you date someone you connect with, in a lot of ways.

6. You feel like you know everything about your partner:

Another reason why you might feel like your relationship is boring is the fact that you feel like you know everything about your partner and you do not expect any new surprises from him. You need to understand that people change and you should expect new things from your partner.

7. You are not ready for a serious relationship:

You might find your relationship boring because you are not ready for a serious relationship. Not being ready to be committed to someone might make you feel bored and make you check out of the relationship.

8. You are not putting in the effort:

A long-lasting relationship requires effort. When you are not putting in the effort, the relationship might get boring and suffocating. You need to check what your partner needs and prioritize their comfort too. So when it feels boring, it most likely means that you need to pick up the pace.

9. You lost yourself along the way:

Another reason why your relationship might seem boring to you might be that you have lost yourself along the way. You used to have fun and hang out with friends but now that you are in a relationship, you put all of your fun and happiness in the hands of your partner and your relationship might seem boring to him.

10. You need something to do:

Another reason your relationship seems boring to you might be because you are bored and you need something to do to keep yourself occupied, so get yourself a new hobby or get occupied with a project.

11. You are always around your partner:

When you are always with your partner, the relationship might get boring, so you need to find ways to spend time with other people for your relationship not to seem boring. You need to spend time apart to appreciate each other.

12. You have been ignoring romance:

When you let the romance die in your relationship, you might find the relationship boring. You are pushing the romance aside, and you need to flirt to keep the romance alive.

13. You keep ignoring your feelings:

When you ignore how you feel and when you don’t talk to your partner about how you feel, your feelings might grow bigger and the boredom might increase, so, you need to be able to tell your partner how you feel about him.

14. You have the same routine:

As a couple, you have to have different routines, you do not need to stick to one routine, and when you stick to one routine, your relationship might be boring and stale.

15. You have nothing to discuss: 

If you talk about the same things over and over again, or you keep making conversation about the same people every day, the relationship might be boring to you.

16. You have nothing new to do:

As a couple, you need to try new things and go on new adventures. When you keep doing the same things every day, your relationship might get boring.

17. You don’t have your hobbies:

When in a relationship, you have to have your own set of things you do alone. You need to have hobbies and your own goals. Your relationship might get boring if you do not have your things going on for you.

18. You don’t communicate often:

When in a relationship, you need to communicate with your partner daily and you guys need to hang out regularly. When you don’t talk every day, your relationship might seem boring.

19. You have been burnt:

Due to bad experiences you had with dating in the past, you have concluded that there is nothing good or exciting about dating.

20. No breaks:

You have always been in relationships and hardly ever take breaks. You have dated several people and have internalized so many perceptions from dating all of these people. Maybe you should take a break from dating and find something interesting out dating.

21. Your faith:

Your faith could have goaded you to believe that dating is boring and there is nothing truly exciting about it and whenever you try to date, you are unconsciously drawn back or can’t fully give yourself due to your faith.

What to do when your relationship gets boring?

When your relationship gets boring, you might have to pick up the pace to make it more interesting or you can tell your partner about it and you both can have a discussion on how to move forward. You can also try and spice up your daily routine, change your routine daily and try and do new adventures. Start going on dates again, and plan new and more exciting dates to help spice up your relationship.

Pros of dating

Relationship pros are numerous depending on how you view it. A relationship can make you happier and you can live a healthy and long life while in a relationship. A relationship can help you age gracefully especially if you feel at peace in the relationship. A relationship helps reduce pain, and loneliness, and also helps you to feel less stressed. When in a relationship, there is always someone there for you who you can count on always, being in a relationship helps you learn more about yourself.

Con of relationships.

Some of the cons of a relationship include heartbreak, compulsory loyalty to an unfaithful partner, and changing dreams and aspirations to suit the relationship. The cons of being in a relationship might have devastating effects on victims and might make these victims detest relationships and see them as a waste of time or as boring.

Am I right to think dating is boring?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and so, the fact that you think dating is boring does not mean you are wrong, it simply means you are not interested in dating or that you don’t find it fun.

Am I losing out when I don’t date? 

No, you are not losing out if you choose not to date for reasons best known to you, because when you choose to go into the dating game, you can experience all there is to experience.

Am I the boring one?

If your relationship is boring then you might be the boring one in the relationship. So you need to search for yourself and clarify if the problem is coming from you.

Only true connection excites me

The only kind of relationship you won’t find boring is one where you are truly connected to the person. He loves you so much and he is proud of you and does not mind showing you off. He is scared to lose you, so he does everything within his powers to ensure he doesn’t lose you. This is the type of connection that should be exciting to you.


Dating is never boring it depends on you and the type of partner you have, when you and your partner are boring, your relationship will be boring, but if you both love fun and enjoy going out your relationship won’t be boring. You have to be willing to put in the work to enable you to enjoy your relationship.

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