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25 Things To Note Before Disappearing From Social Media After Break Up

25 Things To Note Before Disappearing From Social Media After Break Up

A break up generates different reactions due to the gloominess that it brings. And with the prevalence of social media, our exes can still be in our faces even after a break up. So, this is why it is imperative to know if disappearing from social media after a break up is helpful. There are pros and cons of disappearing from social media after a breakup, including having a better view of your problems and solutions and achieving new goals. A downside to this is making friends and family worried about your absence.

Should I Stay Away From Social Media After A Split?

Disappearing from social media after a breakup could make it seem like your previous lover still has a lot of control over you. You might reduce your social media usage drastically, but staying off could be a wrong move, especially if your family and friends communicate with you majorly through social media.

You can mute your ex and avoid stalking him while using social media after the breakup. In a short time, you should heal and move into a better place mentally.

Benefits Of Disappearing From Social Media After A Break up

A lady who is contemplating a disappearance from social media after a bad break up

Disappearing from social media after a break up will help your mind heal from all lingering memories and help you heal faster. It can also help you work on your self-worth and unlock your a new level of feminine energy that will elevate you.

You don’t have to see how your one-time lover is doing. You can better concentrate on working on yourself with the split. Also, taking time off social media can help you be more productive. It gives you enough time to try something new away from social media.

Disappearing from social media after a breakup can help you sleep better. The many hours spent scrolling through many pages can be partially invested into sleep, improving your health condition.

You have more time for yourself and start plotting the right ways to solve your problems. Social media usage is addictive. The euphoria can blind you, take your mind off the real issues, or even add to them. After a breakup, you can stay away from social media for a while to see where you are lagging and find ways to become a better person than you were the last time.

Staying away from social media after a breakup can help you connect more off social media and give you a rest from the fast-paced social media life.

Will I Lose Anything By Staying Off Social Media After A Break up?

If your source of income is tied to social media, you will lose a lot if you decide to deactivate your account after a bad break up. But if you have nothing to gain or are not getting paid, you will lose nothing prioritizing your mental health and well-being by staying off social media after a bad break up.

15 Reasons Your Ex Disappeared After A Break Up

1. Moving on:

Prioritize yourself and your well-being at this point. So if your previous relationship mate suddenly goes MIA after a split, it simply means he is trying to move on; being around you or communicating with you can hinder that.

2. They need space:

If your break up was nasty, your previous partner might need space from you or anything that will remind him of you, so they might disappear to enable them to heal faster.

3. They are trying to make you jealous:

Disappearing might be another means your former lover is using to make you jealous. Your one-time lover might want to give you the idea that they have successfully moved on, so they might ghost you.

4. He can’t bear to see you happy:

Social media is a platform where most people showcase how happy they are. So most times, your former partner can go off social media because he doesn’t want to see how comfortable you are without him, or he doesn’t want to know when you eventually post your new relationship.

5. Still feel guilty:

Another reason your one-time lover would ghost you totally and disappear from your life would be that he feels guilty about the way things ended or for the fact that he hurt you.

6. Embarrassment:

Embarrassment can be a huge motivation to disappear from someone’s life. So when your former partner is embarrassed about your break up and does not want people to know, they might just disappear from everything, including social media.

7. They want you to communicate first:

Pride can sometimes motivate us to make rash decisions. So most times, your previous lover might disappear from your life if they get their ego bruised and expect you to reach out to them first.

8. He can’t face you yet:

People deal with the end of their relationships in different ways. So if your past lover can’t stand to face you or your friends and family, he may choose to deactivate his socials and disappear for a little while.

9. Privacy:

One common reason for disappearing from social media after break up is to seek privacy. Most people value their privacy a lot, and after a break up, there really isn’t any reason for you to still be involved in each other’s life. So that may be the reason why he chose to disappear.

10. They know you are stalking them:

Your previous hubby may be aware that you are stalking him through social media, so he may choose to just disappear from social media to put an end to it.

11. They want to put the memories to rest:

Most times, after a painful break up, the sweet memories can still hurt us and make us reminisce on the past. So to let go of these memories, you attempt to make everything that would remind you of your previous love escape.

12. Social media pressure is too much:

When your one-time lover keeps seeing your post on social media and sees that you are moving on, the pressure might be too much for him to handle, so he may choose to disappear from social media.

13. He is in a new relationship:

Your previous love can decide to move on, and hiding his new girlfriend might be the reason why he disappeared totally and chose to cut all ties with you.

14. He is setting boundaries:

If your past lover suddenly disappears from social media, it means that he wants to set boundaries. He no longer wants anything to do with you, whether in real life or on social media.

15. Dealing with the break Up:

Everyone has their way of dealing with life-changing situations, so your one-time lover might choose to disappear from social media for some time as a way to deal with your break up.

Ten Things To Avoid On Social Media After A Break Up

A woman using her phone

1. Mute instead of blocking:

After a break up, you contemplate whether to block your previous lover or mute them. Well, your reaction should depend on how your relationship ended, but it is best not to block them; instead, mute their posts and stories. This is because you may want to talk to them later, and it won’t make sense to block and unblock him.

2. Avoid competition:

Don’t try to compare yourself with your past lover or try to compete with them while trying to post on social media after a break up.

3. No stalking:

Stalking your previous babe on social media after a break up is what you should avoid. Don’t go about liking and unliking their posts; instead, avoid all their posts by all means necessary.

4. Don’t let him see you break:

Constantly updating your stories and putting depressing quotes is a no-no, especially when you just came out of the relationship. We know you are hurting, but you can’t let the person who broke you see you breaking.

5. No shades:

Shading your one-time lover on your sorties or throwing sub at them without mentioning their name is one habit that you should avoid after a break up.

6. Don’t check old likes:

Checking your previous likes on Instagram and Facebook is another harmful habit you should avoid after a break up.

7. Don’t untag him yet:

Immediately after you break up, don’t be in a rush to untag him from the picture you both share; you might end up regretting your actions.

8. Don’t be needy:

Don’t leave flirty messages on random people’s posts so that your one-time lover can see them. The only reason you can do such is if it’s not to get your previous lover’s attention.

9. Don’t post random guys:

After a break up, don’t start flaunting random guys on your page to show your one-time lover you are moving on. You may end up doing what you don’t want to to get back at your previous lover.

10. Don’t post “I am fine” quotes:

Don’t try to pretend you are fine when you are not. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself, so don’t try posting I am fine quotes or pictures to show your previous lover you are doing okay.

How To Enjoy Social Media After A Breakup

To enjoy social media after a break up, you need to take a detox for a week or more. It would be best if you took a break; after you come back, cleanse your social media of any and everything that would remind you of the past relationship or the person.

Also, you can follow many comic and motivational posts that can help you take your mind off the break up.

Another way to enjoy social media after a break up is by using it to improve yourself and help yourself become a more improved version of yourself.

Social media is vast, and you can enjoy it better when you rid yourself of all toxicity and negativity.


Disappearing from social media after a break up can sometimes feel like you are cowering in shame or that you have something to be ashamed of, but that is not true. Most times, you have to be able to pick your battles and understand that your well-being and mental health should always be your primary priority. So if going away from social media will help you heal, then please, by all means, take all the time off you need.

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