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30 Irresistibly Freaky Things to Do to Your Boyfriend

30 Irresistibly Freaky Things to Do to Your Boyfriend

Have you been pondering on ways to get freaky with your boyfriend? Do you feel like your sex life has become boring of late? Do you just want to get freaky with your lover? Well, this article aims to teach you freaky things to do to your boyfriend.

Some of the freaky things you can do to your boyfriend are: Striptease, showering with him, whispering in his ears, touching him, lip teasing him, making sensual jokes, touching yourself in front of him.

30 freaky things to do to your boyfriend:

1. Striptease:

Most men, if not all, find strip teasing sexy. Make sure you do strip-tease slowly, ensure you take your time, and make sure you don’t allow him to touch you while you strip-tease. Strip-tease is an effective and sexy way to get freaky with your man.

2. Footsie:

It can be extremely freaky when you play footsie with your man, especially in public. You guys can be hanging with friends or having dinner, and you can play footsie under the table, ensure you do it in a sexy and playful way. Most men enjoy it when their women play footsie with them.

3. Shower with him:

Taking a shower with your man is very sexy and can be arousing, but you can also make it freaky when going to have a bath invite him to come with you, use the soap to give him pleasure, or you can just randomly join him when he is taking a bath and make the bath freaky.

4. Whisper in his ears:

Yes, whispering sweet nothing inside your boyfriend’s ears can be freaky. You can whisper about what you plan to do to him when you have him alone, or you can whisper to him about how wet you are. This whispering game can be more effective and freaky when you guys are among friends and can’t leave immediately.

5. Touch him:

A simple touch can be freaky, especially when he is not expecting it. You can stylishly touch him in those sensitive places; I mean he is your man and you know where to touch him which will drive him crazy. While touching him, you can pretend to be innocent, pretend it was a mistake and you don’t even know what is going on.

6. Take a sit on his lap:

You know what is located between his legs right; so tell me what can be freakier than you sitting on top of his laps, especially in public. You can sit in his lap and stylishly grind him while smiling or sipping your drink. Ensure your private part is rubbing against his. He will get instantly turn on and immediately, he may ask you guys to go home.

7. Tease him while eating:

Eating can be freaky and also a form of foreplay too. You can eat your ice cream sexily while looking at him sexually. Also, you can eat your banana sexily and pretend to be sucking the banana. You can tell him that you imagine that the banana, is his dick. Men easily get turned on when a woman is eating sexually or using food as a form of foreplay.

8. Roleplay:

Role-playing can be extremely freaky and it can also help revive your sex life. You can dress up as your man, celebrity crush or you can dress up as a student and him the teacher. Most men find role-playing sexy and dirty and they can’t resist it.

9. Take control:

Don’t always leave all the control with your man, sometimes take charge. Men find it sexy and freakish when their women take charge. It can be boring when he is always the one taking charge. You can sometimes take charge when your man is least expecting. Do all the work and let him get all the pleasure.

10. Sex toys:

Using sex toys can make sex fun and freaky. You can get sex toys for you and your man to enjoy something new. Sex toys help to heighten pleasure. You can buy a handcuff and cuff yourself naked while waiting for him, or you can cuff him too. If you guys are okay with wipes, you can also introduce them into the sex too. Using a sex toy can make your man look forward to having sex with you.

11. Quickie:

Having a quickie can be extremely freaky, especially when you are in a hurry to go to work or some other important place. Also, you guys can have a quickie in public places like the hotel bathroom or anywhere. You guys know that it is extremely easy to get seen, the risk of being caught can increase the freakiness.

12. Spontaneity:

Try to be spontaneous with your man. Doing the same kind of things every day can quickly get boring. You can plan dates and dress sexily, and in the restaurant, you can sit opposite him with your legs wide open. Ensure that he sees that you are not wearing any undies. You can tell him how much you want him and what you plan to do to him when you guys are alone. Or you guys can be hanging out with friends and you can just sneak him into the restroom and have your way with him.

13. Blindfold him:

Trying new things is another way to spice up your sex life, so if you never tried it before you can blindfold your man, blindfold him before sex. This can help increase anticipation because he does not know what is coming next or what you plan on doing to him, so blindfolding can be extremely freaky at the same time it spices up your sex life.

14. Make things spicy:

If your sex life is just plain bland, you can try new ways to bring back the spiciness. You rub the cream all over him and lick it off slowly and when it gets to his private part, you can suck it off like the ice cream is on top of a cone.

15. Massage:

You can turn massage into something freaky. You can set up a massage table, or even get your man to lie on top of the bed or couch. Get you a massage oil, and make things freaky for both of you. Apply the oil on your hands and rub it slowly on your man. Use your finger to trace down the muscles, play with his chest then slowly carry your hands down to his dick. Ensure you get his ass too, make sure you do this slowly don’t massage him too fast so as not to lose anticipation.

16. Sex text him:

Sending your boyfriend sexual messages can be freaky also, especially when he is not at home. You can tell him he looked good enough to be eaten this morning before leaving the house. Tell him how you can’t wait for him to get back from work. You can tell him that you are already wet thinking of him, or better still you can just send him a sexy photo of yourself that is sure to make him come back home quickly.

17. Try new places:

Sex in one place or spot can be boring and tiring, the new spot in the house, on top of the coach, on the floor, on top of the kitchen table, on the dinner table, and any flat surface in the house. You don’t have to have sex only in the bedroom if you have lots of corners in your home try all the various corners. You can even visit his office or place of work and have sex with him on his office desk.

18. Try rough sex:

Having rough sex can also be freaky. Not all the time should you go slow and tender during sex. You can have rough and fast sex against the wall, scratch his back his nipples, let him know you are unbreakable and that fast sex is okay too.

19. Use ice block:

Ice block can be used as a form of freaky foreplay. Put the ice block on top of his chest and as it melts, use your hand to trace it, rub the ice gently down his body. You can start from the neck and rub down to his genitals.

20. Dirty talk:

Most time, learn to use dirty talks with your man. You can tell him explicitly what you want him to do to you. Use the words men find freaky when their women talk to them in an X-rated manner.

21. Send a sexy picture:

Sending sexy pictures of yourself to your man is very freaky. You don’t have to be completely nude for your picture to be sexy. You can wear sexy lingerie or just your bra and panties. Send him the picture with a naughty caption like ‘breakfast is served.’

22. Wear sexy lingerie:

Wearing sexy lingerie can be very freaky. You can wear the lingerie while you cook for him or you can wear it and lay on the bed looking for him. Or just wear the lingerie and wear killer heels and model around the house for him to feed his eyes.

23. Touch his nipples:

Playing with your man’s nipples can be freaky and can help to turn him on quickly. You can suck on his nipple, lick them or even rub them in a circular motion.

24. Go commando:

When going out with your man, you can just decide to go out without panties, then just casually mention to him you are pantless, This will drive him to the edge.

25. Seduce your partner:

Seducing your partner can be freaky when your sex life is diminishing. You can plan to seduce your partner, I mean who doesn’t like to be seduced.

26. Touch yourself:

Touching yourself in front of your boyfriend can be freaky. When he is not expecting it, you can just sit across from him and touch your genitals while he watches.

27. Lip tease:

Kissing does not have to be boring. You can make it freaky by doing a lip tease. You can slowly lick your lips or bite them slowly and sexily just before you kiss him. Or you can kiss him slowly then stop, then continue. This will drive him insane.

28. Sensual jokes:

You can send your boyfriend random sex jokes, or you can tell him in person. Exchanging sex jokes with your man can be freaky, most especially when you whisper it in his ears while hanging out with friends.

29. Flirt with him sexually in public places: 

You can get freaky by flirting with your boyfriend. You can wink at him sexily or you can blow him kisses, you can just stylishly touch him in random places when you are both out in public.

30. Spanking:

You can introduce spanking into your sex life to make it freaky. If your man is spanking you and he is doing it too softly, you can ask him to spank you faster and harder.

What are freaky things?

Freaky things are things you do to spice up your sex life or to make your sex life more pleasurable, things like striptease, role play spanking, and so on are all freaky things.

How do I freak my boyfriend over text or phone?

It’s pretty easy to freak a man true text or phone call, but not all ladies are bold enough to try it. You can easily freak him out by sending him naughty pictures of yourself, or you can text him all the ways you want him and can’t wait to have him. While on the phone with him, you can touch yourself while he listens and whispers sweet nothing to your ears, or you can just call him and tell him X-rated things you can’t wait to do to him.

Freaky question to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh?

You can ask your boyfriend various sex questions that can make him laugh, questions such as ‘have you cum on yourself before when your gut extremely turned on?’ ‘Do you like being massaged in your butt hole?’ ‘Would you allow me to penetrate your butt hole with a dildo?’ ‘What is your favorite porn movie?’ ‘Your sex fantasy?’ ‘What turns you on quickly?’


Getting freaky with your man should not just be on special occasions, you should try to always spice up your sex life after all you both enjoy it, so do not leave it to just your man alone to do all the work.

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