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Best Answers For: Does braiding hair make it grow longer?

Best Answers For: Does braiding hair make it grow longer?

To answer “does braiding hair make it grow longer?” we must begin with what braids are. Braids which are also known as Plaits are complex hairstyles formed by interlacing three or more strands of hair. Braiding has been used since time immemorial in various cultures around the world. The simplest and most common version is a flat, solid, and three-stranded structure.

Braids are significant to hair just as salt is important in food. This is because aside from making hair grow faster, braids also make the natural hair grow longer and protect new growth from breakage. People often ask “Does braiding hair makes it grow faster?” This is the crux of the matter of this article and the answer is yes.

The elegance of having your hair braided is that it allows your real hair to rest. The oldest known reproduction of hair braiding may be dated to 30,000 years ago. The Venus of Willendorf, is a female figurine estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BCE. It has been disputed whether or not she wears braided hair or some sort of a woven basket on her head.

In Africa braids have been part of a black generation, pictures going as far back as the year 1884 show a Senegalese woman with braided hair in a similar fashion to how they’re worn today.

Does Braiding Hair Make Hair Grow Longer?

A woman with braids

For a lot of ladies, braids are a great way to give both you and your hair a break. If treated in the right way, it can help hair reduce hair loss and can get you to grow your hair.

If you have been struggling with retaining your hair growth, then having braids is a great way to help you out as they help protect your natural hair.

Braids also reduce the contact of your strands with fabrics, skin, and other causes of hair loss which usually leads to short lengths of natural hair.

Moreover, braided should remain tangle-free, reducing brushing hair breakage. So if you fight hair loss because of over-styling and breakage, it might help you grow your hair longer.

Does Braiding Make Natural Hair Grow?

Since the conception of braids, there has been a controversial question as to whether braids can help hair grow faster. As a result, various research have been carried out to determine if it truly helps hair grow faster. 

With constant brushing and combing of your hair, you will tend to experience much wear and tear, and also when you go to sleep at night, you experience hair breakage from tossing and turning. Hence, braiding hair eliminates the need for harsh chemical exposure to your hair.

If your hair loses much friction, braids can be a good measure of protection. However, you need to be careful, because tightly twisted hair can cause hair damage and breakdown.

What To Do To Make Braided Hair Grow Longer:

A lady with full hair that is being plaited

Step 1: Moisturize your hair

It is always advised that you take hair growth supplements and Vitamins and moisturize your hair regularly with water alongside gentle shampoo and hair conditioner, Coconut oil, Aloe vera, Apple cider vinegar, and other hair moisturizing kits at your disposal.

Step 2: Unwrap your hair

Unwrap your hair well before you go to a designer because she’ll be less patient to unwrap your hair. If it is tangled, it will break more than you can think of.

Step 3: Damp your hair more often

Keep on splashing your hair one to two times a day with water. You might also want to continue to wash, condition, ion, and moisturize, just as without tissues. This can be done every 7 to 10 days. Don’t carry your braided hair for more than 2 months.

How Long Do Braids Take To Grow Your Hair?

Generally, it takes approximately 6-8 weeks for braids to grow your natural hair. However, the nature and texture of the natural hair also play a significant round the its growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Growing Your Hair?

1.  Saves time and money

When you have shorter hair, you’ll need to make regular appointments at the salon to maintain the look.

2.  Offers a wider range of styles

It’s normal for women to switch up their looks once in a while, and styling your long hair differently is the best way to achieve an instant makeover.

3.    Always Fashionable

Long hair never goes out of style, and history is filled with many beautiful women that had long hair.

4. It’s beautiful And luxurious

We have all seen those hair product commercials that advertise women with beautiful, bouncy, and shiny locks, and most agree that those silky tresses are gorgeous.

5.  Balances your silhouette

It may come as a surprise but having hair of the right length can improve the way others view your body.

How To Braid Your Hair To Make Them Grow Faster?

A black woman with braids

Step 1: Clean the Scalp and rinse it

Start with a clean scalp to find out what is causing the hair loss. A scalp that is chronically inflamed can lead to a loss or diminution of hair due to scalp stress, increased stress, and scalp conditions such as dermatitis.

Step 2: See that your hair is clean

Make sure that your hair is clean, deep, and humid before you braid it, and make sure that it is not too tight because it can break up.

Step 3: Mind a few things before your box braids are set up

Talk to your stylist to understand and express your expectations clearly in advance with him or her. If you want to keep your hair and scalp healthy, you must let them know that your braids must be loosely installed, loose enough to make you feel never stressed. 

Step 4: Toss your hair

Toss your hair without extensions, for example, by making corn lines or single hair twists with your hair.

Step 5: Give your hair a break

Give your hair a break when you take out the braids. Two weeks is a decent time to assess your hair status before you put on a new set.

Final note:

There are so many advantages of braiding natural hair as it not only makes the natural hair grow faster but also allows your natural hair to rest. 

When left alone, hair grows best and reduces both hair and scalp breakage and tension. Being wrapped with the extensions of your hair can make you feel the same as treating your hair right before you install the tissues.

We brush, pull, tug our analysis, stretch and do so much more for our hair, all this can break your hair, depending on the severity of your hair so, braids are the best option to make our natural hair grow faster and keep it free from breakage.

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