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Does He know I Like Him (The signs to look out for)

Does He know I Like Him (The signs to look out for)

Do you keep asking yourself this question – Does he know I like him? Are you worried about your crush’s reaction when you learn that he likes you? In this piece, answers to all of your questions will be made known. And yes, he probably likes you. The signs he does like you back include: looking into your eyes often, acting nervously around you, remembering everything you tell him, he tries to compliment you, respects you, and making sure he pays for your stuff. When a man shows these signs, it means he likes you back and has noticed your moves.

Here are 25 obvious signs to know he likes you:

1. He looks into your eyes often: 

Firstly, when your crush likes you back, he tends to look into your eyes when having a conversation with you. He wants to understand what you are feeling. If you are in the same room or you walk past each other, he always changes his gaze just so they can look at you.

2. He is always nervous around you: 

When a guy likes you, he tends to be nervous around you so that he doesn’t slip up and make mistakes, especially when he is unsure of your feelings for him. When around the person you like, you can look for signs to know if the person is nervous around you too.

3. They are always checking on you: 

Communication is one sure way to know if the person you like likes you back. If he is always checking up on you and trying to communicate with you frequently, then he just may like you back.

4. He remembers every little detail about you:  

He is always interested in everything about you. Whenever you guys are having a conversation, he is always focused on you so that he doesn’t forget all the details you tell him. If he is always remembering even the smallest details about you, he might just like you back.

5. He compliments you a lot: 

When a guy likes you, he will pay you a lot of compliments. He wants to make you feel special, and if he is always complimenting you, there is a probability that he likes you.

6. He acts jealous: 

Have you ever noticed that his mood changes when you talk to other guys? Well, he won’t get jealous of you hanging with other guys except if he likes you; so try and notice his reaction to you when you talk to other guys.

7. He is interested in your dating life: 

Your crush may have a sudden interest in your dating life both past and present. He suddenly wants to be aware of every single detail of your relationship. He may have developed feelings for you too.

8. He invites you out: 

He wants to hang out with you but to avoid being so obvious, he may ask you to hang out with him and his friends so you don’t get suspicious about his motives.

9. He is telling you more about him: 

When a man likes you, he feels at ease with you and tells you more about himself. He is comfortable enough around you to let you know personal things about him because he likes you. He wants to share everything with you so you can get to know him better.

10. He steps out of his comfort zone for you: 

If a man doesn’t like you, he won’t go out of his comfort zone for you. When you notice a man leaving his comfort zone for you, it can only mean one thing, and that is: He has feelings for you.

11. He is always teasing you: 

Most times, men see teasing the person they like as the only way they can stylishly express their feelings to that person. If he is always teasing you, this might just be his way of letting you know he likes you.          

12. He flirts with you: 

Did your crush suddenly develop the habit of flirting shamelessly with you, well he may just be doing this to gauge your reaction to him. He is trying to know whether you have feelings for him too.

13. He respects you: 

If a man likes you, he tends to respect you and your feelings. He tries not to talk about other women around you. If a man doesn’t like you, he won’t care about how you feel, he might just keep throwing other women to your face.

14. He easily gets embarrassed around you: 

If a guy likes you, he can easily get embarrassed around you. A guy who is just your friend won’t get embarrassed when you guys are talking about all topics should be open for discussion. But if he likes you, he gets embarrassed when you guys discuss a certain topic.

15. He is acting strange around you: 

When your guy friend suddenly starts to act or behave strangely around you, this could be a sign that he likes you and he is trying to act better around you.

16. He always helps you:  

Your friends usually help you out once in a while. But when all of a sudden, your male friend is going out of his way to do favors for you, then it may just mean he is into you.

17. He is asking you what you like in a man: 

Well, this may just be a clear-cut sign that his feelings for you have changed. He suddenly wants to know what you like in a man so that he would be able to impress you.

18. He is always touching you: 

If a man is trying to get all touchy-feely with you without you having a problem with it, it means that he likes you. And that is why he is always trying to touch you.

19. He asks personal questions about you: 

When your friend starts trying to find out all the personal stuff about your life, there is a chance that he wants to move the relationship to the next level.

20. His dress sense around you changes:  

Has your friend gone from moving about shabbily around you to suddenly dressing finer and paying more attention to his dressing detail when he is around you? Well, that may mean that he likes you and wants you to see how good he looks.

21. He is making long-term plans with you: 

When you guys are together, he is always talking about plans that may take a long time to materialize. He may just be planning the future around you because he likes you.

22. He wants you to meet his friends: 

If he is making plans to introduce you to the important people in his life, it is a clear sign he likes you because not everyone makes plans to introduce their platonic friends to their other friends or family.

23. He calls you by a nickname: 

If your male friend has that special nickname for just you, it’s probably because he likes you and wants you guys to have something special in common.

24. He is overprotective of you: 

Have you noticed that your guy friend is seemingly overprotective of you? He never lets anyone disrespect you. He is always looking out for you. The reason may simply just be because he likes you.

25. He is always paying for stuff: 

When you guys hang out, maybe in the cinema restaurant, or when he is around, he never lets you pick up a check. Well, this may be because he likes you and wants your casual hangouts to feel like dates.

How to react to the signs he shows when you like him?

The way you react around a guy who likes you depends on how you feel about him. If your crush is showing signs that he likes you, you can try to get closer to him. Get to know him better so that he can get the signal that you feel the same way too. Try to spend as much alone time with him as possible. If you think your crush likes you back, spending as much time as possible with him is always a good idea. If you are around your crush and you think he likes you, you can return his flirtatious gestures.

Why does a guy act like he doesn’t know you like him? 

The main reason a guy can act like he isn’t aware of your feelings is if he doesn’t like you back and he wants to help preserve your respect. He may want to avoid embarrassing you, so he acts like he is unaware of your feelings. Another reason a guy can pretend not to know you like him is if he values your friendship. He is trying to not make things weird by pointing out your feelings for him. Sometimes, he may just act clueless about your feelings if he is not sure about his feelings for you and doesn’t want to make things complicated between you too.

Should you still show signs that you like him when he acts blind?

Men are not always easy to understand. They can be very complicated, and sometimes, they can’t even see things even if it is right in front of them. So, it is okay to let him know how you feel even when he acts blind to your feelings. It may be that he doesn’t know you feel that way about him and let’s face it, we have grown past the stage where men have to make the first move. Nothing is stopping you as a woman from making the first move.

Should I hide my feelings? 

Hiding how you feel about your crush is not something to take lightly. You have to put into consideration some things first. One of which is how deep are your feelings for him. You have to think about the fact that your feelings might not be reciprocated. And also you have to think about the kind of relationship you share with your crush and if you are willing to lose that relationship if your feelings are not reciprocated. But after putting all of the above into consideration and you think putting yourself out there is the best way to go, then there is no reason why you have to hide your crush.

How to move on from an unresponsive crush:

Getting over your crush can sometimes be difficult, but be rest assured you are not the first to suffer from an unresponsive crush, you will move on and meet new and more interesting crushes. There are a few ways you can get over an unresponsive crush.

1. Talk about it: 

Talking about your crush can help you get over them, try not to bottle those feelings inside, talk to your friends about how you feel.

2. Don’t stalk their social media: 

When trying to get over your crush, you should ignore their social media accounts and don’t try to find out how they are doing via their social media accounts.

3. Try to have fun: 

The best way to get over an unresponsive crush is by having the time of your life remind yourself all the time that it is his loss, not yours.

4. Try to meet new people: 

When trying to get over your crush you can try to meet new people, meet new people who can help you get over your crush.


Trying to find out if a guy likes you can be stressful. So sometimes, it is just best to go with the flow and see where it all leads. You can just go straight ahead and tell them how you feel. There is no harm in taking the initiative and straight-out ask them how they feel about you sneakily.

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