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I Don’t Deserve You Meaning and Response

I Don’t Deserve You Meaning and Response

During a breakup, we say some words so as not to sound vile and heartless to our splitting partners, “I don’t deserve you” is one of those words used when we are telling people we can’t have or continue a relationship with. When someone says this to you, it makes you wonder what they mean.

Sometimes we have things in our lives we feel are too good for us. We usually handle such kinds of stuff with so much care. It is the same for relationships and echos more when we are with someone we feel is too good for us. People can also let go of stuff they own when they feel they are not good enough for them or when they are too good for them.

In this revealing piece, we will make known the meaning of the phrase “I don’t deserve you”, and answer all the questions that might be going through your mind. One of these questions could be “why would someone that you are already dating suddenly come to you and say they don’t deserve you?” 

What is the meaning of I don’t deserve you?

When someone says they don’t deserve you, it means they don’t consider themselves worthy of you. This might mean that in the person’s eye, you are superior to them and also too good for them. Some people can say this to you when they think you are too nice and deserve someone that can match that niceness, not a jerk like them. When someone says this to you, it might also mean a breakup is not far away.

How do you respond to someone who says they don’t deserve you? 

Your response to “I don’t deserve you” depends on the situation you both are in. If they are saying it and appear to still want to be with you, you can say “yes you deserve me”, And this is because, when someone who loves you tells you that they don’t deserve you, it might be their way of saying that he can’t believe he has someone like you. So you can return the compliments by telling them they are special and you feel like having them in your life.

If someone says this while trying to break up with you, the best response would be “okay”. Because even if you start to wail, they won’t change their mind about breaking up with you. They are just telling you they don’t deserve you so as not to sound too heartless while breaking up with you.

How do you know if he doesn’t deserve you?

There are several signs that show you are with a guy who doesn’t deserve you and they are below: 

1. He is a chronic liar:

When someone is always lying, it means everything they might have told you is a complete lie and such a guy does not deserve you.

2. He puts other people before you:

There is absolutely nothing you should be doing with a guy that puts other people before you. A guy who truly deserves and loves you would make you his priority.

3. He wants things to be done only his way:

When a guy always wants things to go his way, it is a sign he does not value you or your opinion. For you to stay in this kind of relationship, you will find yourself changing who you care for him.

4. He doesn’t respect your dreams and goals:

If someone does not respect your dreams and aspirations, then he doesn’t respect you. A man who respects you will align with your dreams and aspirations to help bring them to fruition.

5. He belittles you both in private and public:

If a guy does this, then he does not respect you. He always tries to make a fool out of you. When you want to make a suggestion, make it seem that your opinion does not count.

What does it mean for someone to deserve you?

When someone deserves you, it means they feel they are treating you as you should be treated. They listen to you, care for your values, and respect your feelings.

When someone deserves you, it can be used interchangeably for when someone truly loves and cares for you.

Why would someone say I don’t deserve you? 

When people say this, it can mean they feel worthy of your love and that you are too good for them. It could be a way for them to compliment you, or manipulate you to make you feel pity for them when they are about to break up with you.

People might say they don’t deserve you because they truly feel like they don’t. They think too highly of you or they can also say it as a milder way to split things up with you. So you can feel special and bad at the same time.

What does it mean when a guy says I don’t deserve you?

You might like a guy and you want to have a relationship with him. He might turn you down by saying he doesn’t deserve you. You should respect that because he might be a player and sees that you are a good person, and if he dates you, he is going to hurt you. So he is going to reject you with the “I don’t deserve you, you are good for me and this might be true.

A guy can also use this as a way to tell you how special he feels to have you in his life. And also when you are already in a relationship, a guy can use the I don’t deserve you to break up with you which is mostly true or also a lie. Sometimes, he can just say this to help you feel better when he breaks up.

Why do guys say you deserve someone better than me?

When a guy says you deserve someone better than him, he might be trying to warn you ahead of time. He might be trying to let you know he is probably going to break up with you soon, and he is willing to let you go. Anyone who truly cares about you wouldn’t tell you anything that would make you feel they are letting you go. So if a guy keeps saying this, he is trying to tell you ahead of time that is going to break up with you soon or you can break up with him if you wish. 


“I don’t deserve you”, could be used as a compliment or a softer way when he wants to break up. Never belittle yourself by trying to convince him that he is good enough for you. He has already made up his mind and anything you do it’s a complete waste of time. If he says this and you see the sincerity in his eyes and that he still wants you, you can compliment him and let him know he is good enough for you.

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