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10 Reasons You Had A Dream About A Guy You Have Never Met

10 Reasons You Had A Dream About A Guy You Have Never Met

During conversations with several women, some have opened up to me about their dreams and they say to me too: I had a dream about a guy I never met. Dreams are images our mind creates when we are asleep. It’s a way for your subconscious mind to communicate with your conscious mind. Sometimes in dreams, we can find ourselves in places we have never been and also see ourselves doing things with people we don’t even know in real life. 

We have seen many girls talk about having a dream about guys they never met like: “I had a dream with a guy I never met.” And a lot of girls are curious about this. What does this mean?

If you are dreaming of a guy you have never met, it could mean different things. Your mind is painting a picture of the kind of guy you want, or maybe as many believe, dreams can be a revelation, so this guy might just be your ‘soulmate.’ But how true is this? Keep reading to find out.

10 Reasons why you had a dream about a guy you’ve never met

1. They might be someone from your past: 

It’s not uncommon to dream about people from our past. But this time, you might not remember this guy, but you have meant him before. 

According to myths, we all have lived a life before now. So this might also explain why you can dream of a guy you have never met. It could just be that this guy is from your past life.

2.  You might be dating the wrong person: 

When you dream about a guy you never met, it may be your subconscious telling you that you are with the wrong person. 

Maybe you might not have noticed these signs in real life, but when we dream our brain is active, this can make it possible for us to find out what we might not notice in real life.

Maybe your mind is just trying to tell you that you are with the wrong person.

3. You are not happy in your relationship: 

If you are wondering because of a thought: “I had a dream about a guy I never met.” Have you looked at your current relationship? Do you think you are happy? Sometimes when we are sad, our minds call for help and it might start to show in our dreams. For instance, just as it is when you lose someone, even if they are not alive anymore, when you think so much about them, you can see them in your dreams. 

So when you see a guy you don’t know in your dreams, it might just be that you have been thinking so much about your dream guy, and a happy relationship, then he starts to appear in your dream. 

This image you see might be a guy you saw someone but you don’t remember.

4. Is he your soulmate?

Well, myth believes we can see our soulmates in our dreams, even before we meet them. Though we don’t know how true this claim might be, we have seen cases where people say they saw their current partner in their dreams before meeting them in real life. So this might just be what’s happening to you.

5. He might be your fear:

Anxiety can also make us have dreams of people we have never met. So if you have something you fear so much, maybe the kind of guy you fear, he might also appear in your dreams. So if you have a scary dream about a guy you have never met, it could be just fear. Maybe from the trauma of the past, our dreams can pick any image to tell a story to us. Maybe your dream is picking that random guy you met at the store and you can’t even remember again to show you what you fear the most.

6. He is the kind of guy you wish for: 

Well, it’s normal for girls to paint a picture of Mr. Right in their heads. This might be influenced by the cute guy you saw in a movie or your celebrity crush. So there is the possibility that these thoughts of yours have grown deep into your subconscious mind, which then creates an image in your dreams. It could be that this guy you are dreaming about is somebody from one of the movies you saw while growing up, and can’t even remember again. So now you see yourself doing so many things with him in your dreams.

7. Nothing: 

Well, once in our lives, we are all going to have meaningless dreams. This dream about this guy you have never met could just be one of those dreams without meaning. Your dreams might be influenced by all the love or scary movies you see or books you read.  And they actually do not mean anything.

8. To help you heal:

If you are going through challenges or going through hurt, and you always see a guy telling you everything is going to be fine, then it means your mind is sending a to help you heal. This guy might just be a random person but since you are looking for a shoulder to lean on, your subconscious might send this guy’s image to you, because that’s what you wish for.

9. They want to help you remember things: 

The reason for dreaming about a guy you have never met can be explained better, according to what the guy does in your dream. We have heard cases of the mystery being revealed in the dreams. 

According to religious folks, dreams are a form of spiritual revelation. Maybe this guy you are seeing in your dreams is trying to reveal some hidden truth to you. Who knows? 

10. Is he your spirit husband? 

Have you ever heard about this? Though there is no actual basis of fact to prove this, they have been widely believed among some people in Africans, Asians, North America, and almost every part of the world.

To them, it is believed that a spirit husband communicates and can make love with their earthly wife, who has a spiritual connection with them. So if you dream of a guy you have never met could he be your spirit spouse? 

Does this type of dream have a positive meaning?

Dreams generally, could have positive and negative meanings. So if you are dreaming of a guy you have never met, the first question is, what exactly happens in your dream with this guy? It could just be your subconscious trying to tell you a couple of things, maybe your brother you don’t know about or someone you meant for you, who knows? 

So it could mean that this dream about this guy is the universe trying to share with you some positives or reveal hidden truth to you.

Does this type of dream have a negative meaning?

Yes, this kind of dream can have a negative meaning. It depends on what the dream is all about. If the dreams are becoming frequent, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your life or go for medical checkups. Sometimes some medical conditions can make us have weird dreams. And if the dreams are revealing some scary things about the unknown guy that might be time to seek help.

Will I meet this random person in real life?

Although I have heard cases of people meeting someone they first met in their dreams in real life, I can’t be sure if you will meet this guy you have been having dreams about in real life. 

Claims of meeting people you once met in dreams have not been scientifically proven. However, since a lot of people have said it happened to them, it could also happen to you, who knows?

Is it the random person I met in my dream?

If you met someone in real life, and they look like someone you have always seen in your dreams, it could be them, and it could also not be them. They are times things happen and feel like we have seen them before. This experience is called (déjá Vu). It could be that this guy you thought you have never met before, you have seen somewhere but don’t just remember or you may not have met him before, you are just having the feeling that you have.


I am sure you might have learned a thing or two about dreams like this: “I had a dream about a guy I have never met.”  If you still feel confused and need more answers, you can visit a legit psychic, or if you are religious you can visit your religious head, they might be able to answer your question. Thanks for reading.

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