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Early Stages of Dating A Cancer Man: 15 Tips to Note

Early Stages of Dating A Cancer Man: 15 Tips to Note

Women who are in the early stages of dating a cancer man always want to know what to expect. Cancer men are sweet, nurturing, soft caring, and chivalrous. Dating a cancer man is pretty easy. When dating a cancer man, he can be loyal and stick with you for the long run if you are the right woman for him. But there are a few things you need to know during the early stages of dating a cancer man.

When dating a cancer man, expect to be loved right, because, cancer men care for those they love immensely and never miss an opportunity to show it.

15 Things to know during the early stages of dating a cancer man:

1. They care for those they love:

Cancer men are compelled to take care of those they love. They always want the people they feel close to happy and comfortable with to be happy. So they go all the way out to ensure those they love are happy, but you have to know that if they feel unappreciated or taken for granted they may get fussy.

2. They would stick around if there is an emotional connection:

Cancer men can be flirty and sometimes play women. The only way they can stick to you is if they get emotionally connected to you. And also, the sex has to be filled with emotions and romances to keep a cancer man immersed.

3. They are not wishy-washy: 

Cancer men are very focused, they go for anything they want with determination. Once a cancer man wants something, be it a career woman or anything at all, they go for it with vigor.

4. They like to catch you off guard:

Cancer men like surprises, they like to take you by surprise, but they mostly do it in a sexy way. You may be like it simple in bed, but a cancer man may make your sex more fun and sexy by adding sex toys.

5. They are sentimental:

Cancer men are very sentimental. Little things can make them feel emotional. Anything you do can inspire a good emotion and it can also quickly turn into a bad emotion. And if he feels like his partner is not understanding of his emotions, he can be a little bit cold or distant.

6. They take their home life very seriously: 

The place where cancer men feel the most comfortable is always their home, so they like spending time at home most of the time. You can see them at home during the weekend. They prefer to stay at home if they can help it.

7. They like to save money:

Cancer men are very careful with their money, they are money-conscious, so they always try their best to save money, and spend wisely. This attribute makes them expect their women to spend wisely too.

8. They are hilarious:

Cancer men are very hilarious, they can make you laugh. They are naturally funny and intelligent. They know how to insert humor into the conversation and make you feel at ease. Sometimes, they tend to be goofy and it makes them endearing.

9. You can’t hide your feelings:

Cancer men are intuitive when it comes to the feelings of others. This is one reason you won’t be able to hide your feelings and emotions from them. When you are hurting, they feel sympathetic towards you.

10. He fears rejection:

A cancer man fears rejection, so he tends to do something because he fears that he will be rejected. So most times, he is scared of commitment for fear that he would be rejected or hurt.

11. He thinks deeply:

Cancer men tend to think a lot, they analyze things before they make a move, so do not rush him into making any decision rather give him space and time to come to a decision himself.

12. He cares a lot:

A cancer man is nurturing in nature, he has this deep-rooted need to nurture both himself and others. He needs to be able to provide for his loved ones. Most times, this nurturing nature makes them share a deep-rooted bond with their mothers.

13. They are passionate:

Passion is very important to a cancer man, they are hard workers and very-ambitions, so when dating a cancer man you must not try to come between him and the things he finds passionate.

14. He is family-oriented:

When dating a cancer man, you have to strive to know his family as well as his friends, this is because, a cancer man places a high value on family. Try not to criticize them, and try as much as possible to be friendly and behave well around them.

15. He does not express himself verbally: 

A cancer man is not verbally expressive and that is why you see him quiet most times, but he has a lot going on inside his head. Most times, a cancer man expresses himself through art, photography, stories, and any creative outlet he can find.

What is it like dating a cancer man?

Dating a cancer man is the same as dating any other man but most times, with a cancer man, you have to prepare to stay at home because cancer men are home buddies. Relationships with a cancer man would move slowly, gently, and steadily. You can be rest assured that a cancer man would be loyal and honest to you always. So dating a cancer man will make you have peace of mind, loyalty forever, and an abundance of joy.

What a cancer man wants in a relationship

A cancer man values privacy, so when you are dating one, he expects you to keep your relationship private. A cancer man wants peace and love in his relationship, he wants to be able to count on you. He is very ambitious and he wants his woman to also have ambition too. A cancer man would look for a person who fits his image and his idea, they like traditional women who are down to earth and homely.

Final notes:

The early stages of any relationship are usually like the honey phase and it is the same with dating a cancer man. Cancer men are emotionally tender and very caring they would make you feel like the only woman in the world, so if you find yourself dating a cancer man, count yourself lucky.

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