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My Ex is Dating Someone Else Right After Our Breakup (Why?)

My Ex is Dating Someone Else Right After Our Breakup (Why?)

We can’t deny the fact that it hurts sometimes to see our ex dating someone else right after a breakup. When this happens, you begin to ask yourself questions that can tear you apart, affect your mental health, prey on your self-esteem, and even hinder you from moving on. One thing that would be stuck in your head is how and why did they move on so fast.

Here are some major reasons that can make your ex start seeing someone else immediately:

Reasons your ex is dating someone else right after breakup:

1. He/She is a serial monogamist:

If your ex is dating someone right after a breakup, you should not beat yourself over it. They are the problem, not you. Some people just enjoy jumping from one relationship to another. They leave just as fast as they get into new relationships.

2. Could be a Rebound Relationship:

Some people just move on to other relationships as a reaction to their previous one. Sometimes to get over their exes, and keep themselves from hurting too much about the breakup. They use the new relationship to help them get through the healing process while they might still be wanting their old partner back.

3. Might have fallen out of love long before breaking up:

Your ex could have fallen out of love for a long time and had another relationship going on all the time you guys were dating and thereby making it seem easy to move on right after the breakup happened. Therefore, he/she just moved to their other spouse right after the breakup when things did not work out with you both.

4. Found love Right after Breakup:

One sad truth is: The fact that you are dating someone does not mean you are the right one for them. Your ex could have found true love right after breaking up. 

If he/she finds someone that they find more compatible with and falls in love, they are certainly going to get into another relationship. This would look too sudden to you but sadly it happens.

5. Marriage:

There is a popular saying that “women date who they love and marry who is ready”. 

If you are a guy and you are not ready for marriage, your spouse can along the line find someone who is and decide to leave you someday for the person. 

It might be heartbreaking for you to see her with someone else right after breaking up with you.  But that is just her trying to secure her future because women naturally do not have much time to stay unmarried like their male counterparts.

6. Financial status:

Women like comfort. Some women can barely stay with a man that can not cater to their needs. Some women also see relationships as a medium to cater to most of their needs and need to be in one right after a breakup. If you breakup with her, she needs a man to cater to her needs, she has to get into another relationship immediately. 

7. Sexual and Emotional Desires:

Some people cannot stay too long without a romantic relationship. They need someone to satisfy their sexual and emotional needs so, even if they still miss you, it does not stop them from quickly trying to get into another relationship to satisfy their desires. This type of ex wants to move to someone else right after the breakup

8. Revenge:

Some people see moving on fast as a form of revenge; a way to punish their exes. They believe it makes him/her see that they can do without them and find someone even better. 

They do this just to inflict pain on their exes and most times it works and even starts making you want them back into your life. 

What do you do if your ex is in a rebound relationship?

A Rebound relationship might just be your ex’s way of getting through the breakup, but it is still something to worry about.

If your ex is dating someone else right after a breakup or is in a rebound relationship, the right thing to do is to try to move on too. If you decide to wait for them, you might just be doing yourself more harm than good. 

You should not beat yourself over the fact that your ex moved on so quickly because it could be more about them and not you. Instead of killing yourself over it, just try to move on as well and also try to look out for signs to see if the break-up is final, or if your ex will ever get back to you.

What does it mean if your ex moves on quickly?

This can mean that they had someone else already as a backup plan to date, or they just found love very fast. Either way, they didn’t take time to work on themselves before jumping into another relationship and that should not be your concern.

It’s advisable not to let the fact your ex moved on quickly get to you. It would make you reluctant to try someone else because the pain might make you believe your ex never loved you. When you meet someone new, you think he or she is a replica of your ex.

Will your ex ever come back to you after dating someone else?    

It is very much possible to get back to an ex after dating someone else. Time heals any wound, and you can not just fall out of love with someone you once loved unless the person hurt you or did some unspeakable things to you. Some feelings never die. 

People positively change over time and maybe the next time you see them they are a better version of themselves. So yes, exes can get back together, after dating someone else. It is very rare to see such cases. 

How do I know if my breakup is final?

To know if a breakup is final or not you need to ask yourself these questions: Do you still miss your spouse? Can you forgive them for the offenses committed? Do you think they can ever forgive you? Are they making genuine efforts to get back to you?  With all these questions answered, you should be able to tell if you should go back to your partner or not.

How long should you wait for your ex to come back? 

Well, there is no specific period to wait. Most times, it takes months and some even years to get back to your broken relationship. It is not advisable to wait for an ex after a split up.

You should try to move on as well. If it was meant for the two of you to get back together, it would happen, but you should never force it.

Do Soulmates ever breakup and come back together? 

Soulmates do breakup and come back together. One thing worthy of note is: The fact that you feel deeply connected to someone does not mean they feel deeply connected to you or see you as their soulmate too. If this is the case they might not come back to you but if both of you feel deeply connected, there are high possibilities that you might end up together even after splitting up.

Can a couple get back together after months apart? 

Sometimes couples say things and do things that they don’t mean to each other because of anger or other factors. But with time they can resolve their differences even after getting into another relationship. We have seen cases when couples get back together after a breakup even after trying another relationship.

Coming back together depends on the magnitude of offense that caused the separation at first.

Getting back with an ex after they date someone else:

Getting back to an ex after a breakup especially after they dated someone else can be risky and comes with a lot of challenges. When getting back to your ex, always watch out for red flags, and check if they still possess the same attitude that caused your breakup. Do not just jump into it right away. 

You can agree to come back to them, but this time, try to take note of different signs without making them obvious to them.  And that is because you are making your involvement process this time gradual. You take all the time you can to watch out for signs because being heartbroken twice or more by the same person hurts terribly.

Is it bad to date someone right after a breakup? 

We can’t say if it is bad or not. Some people never see a breakup coming. A breakup that hits out of the blue should warrant that one take some time off to know what went wrong before going into another relationship. 

Knowing the breakup was going to happen and already preparing yourself for it, could lead to you dating right after a breakup. There is nothing wrong with it, but you have to make sure you have worked on yourself before moving on to another relationship. 

Can a rebound relationship work?

A rebound relationship might not be the answer but can help ease the feeling of hurt after a breakup. The downside of this type of relationship is that it can cause more harm to you and your new partner. Your new partner would be more at the receiving end. 

So if a rebound relationship is going to work, it depends on both parties. The rebounder has more of the ball in his court; it depends on his willingness to move on for a rebound relationship to work.

Are rebound relationships healthy?

It might be healthy for you but very unhealthy for your new spouse. You might find yourself always talking about your ex and even when your ex starts wanting you back, you can as well go back to them leaving your new spouse to go through hurt. 

So sometimes it is better to work on getting over your ex first through other ways like waiting for a particular period. Although there is no specific amount of time to wait before trying a rebound relationship because it varies from person to person. You should know when you are ready to try before trying another relationship to avoid inflicting pain on someone else. 

Stages of a rebound relationship

They are different stages in a Rebound relationship: Things you are likely to experience when you get into a rebound relationship.

1. The ugly truth about rebound relationships is the rebounder will not allow themselves to open up to the new partner.  As a rebounder, you tend to think about an ex a lot right after the breakup. Everything your new partner does for you is not real and they might end up leaving you like your ex.

2. Attachment to your ex: You tend to be interested in what your ex is up to of late. You might talk about it out loud or secretly stalk your ex. You might even sometimes try to compare your ex with your recent spouse, even if you don’t say it out loud.

3. In a rebound relationship, you may seem less invested in taking this new relationship to the next phase. You are like someone in a period of grief. Due to all the energy you put into your previous relationship that still did not turn out well, you feel reluctant to put any energy into your new one. 

4. You try to keep your new partner a secret: A rebounder might tell people they are single even when they are dating someone. You have no plans to integrate your new partner into your life. 

5. Emotions are one-directional: In a rebound relationship, there are few shared, common emotions. The person rebounding is, in essence, on a path to self-healing and using the relationship to put to rest the previous relationship. 

Can a rebound relationship be true love?

A rebound relationship mostly does not begin as true love but very few times, it can develop into something you have always wanted. The developing process could be hell for your new partner because they have to be the one to help you forget your ex. 

Does the “no contact” rule work if your ex is seeing someone else? 

When trying to get over a breakup especially when your ex has already moved on, the ‘no contact rule’ is mostly our first resort.  We try to cut all forms of communication with our exes and also get rid of everything that reminds us of them. Is this enough to get over an ex? 

Sometimes even after a long period without communication or seeing each other, we find ourselves still having that feeling for them as soon as we bump into each other, or see anything that reminds us of them. We could even go as far as wanting them back or feeling anger and disgust when we see them. 

The best thing to do is just to free yourself from everything and try to move on with your life. It’s hard but it’s the best.


Well, there’s no getting around it. Breakups are terrible and are even more terrible when an ex starts dating someone else right after the breakup. Even if they’re handled with compassion, they can shake you to your very foundations, causing you to question your confidence and your faith in love itself. If you’ve been broken up with, you’re grappling with the very real pain of rejection on top of mourning a lost love. When you’re the one who chose to end things, there’s often guilt combined with sadness. 

Even in the most amicable, mutual situations, a split is an ending. But don’t feel sad if you tried your best to save the relationship. If the ex starts dating immediately, it means they could not have loved you or could be as a result of other reasons we listed before now. 

Anyway, it is not for you to worry about, just let go and accept that it is over. Give yourself time to heal, work on yourself in all ramifications and you’ll find your soul mate who will love you forever. There is someone for everyone, don’t ever give up on love. 

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