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Can’t Believe My Ex Won’t Text Me Back Anymore

Can’t Believe My Ex Won’t Text Me Back Anymore

When you discover your ex won’t text you back anymore, there are reasons he made that decision. Your ex may no longer want to remain friends with you or he is busy. Let’s face it, your ex is not obligated to contact you regularly, after all, you guys are exes for a reason. Also, you might have over-pushed your boundaries when it comes to your ex; he also might have lost interest in remaining friends with you. Well, here are some common reasons why your ex won’t text you back anymore:

10 Reasons your ex won’t text you back anymore:

1. Poor timing: 

The timing may not be right. Maybe you guys just broke up and he needs his space and this might make him not reply to your text because he needs time to come to terms with his emotions. Trying to text your ex immediately after the breakup is not a good idea, because your text might just bring back negative memories that he wants to forget.

2. Negative energy:

If your relationship with your ex was filled with negative emotion and toxic vibes, or you guys were always fighting, he may not want to associate with you. He may decide not to text you back to avoid the negative vibes that he associates with you.

3. He finds you boring:

Your text may be boring or bland, or you keep texting him about the same old things, he may get tired of replying to the same old things. You need to engage him in creative and imaginative text. If you keep texting him hey, ‘hi, what’s up’ he may not feel motivated to reply to that kind of text.

4. Your ex is busy:

Your ex may have other things going on in his life, he may be busy with school work, hobbies, or hanging out with friends. He may not be intentionally ignoring you, he may just have something else that is pulling his attention away from you. 

5. Your approach:

The way you approach your ex may be the reason your ex is not replying to your text. You may be sounding desperate or rude with your approach and your ex may also be getting the wrong vibe from your approach, so he may decide not to reply to your text.

6. You made him angry:

Your ex may have ignored your message because he is mad at you. You may have gotten him angry without realizing it. He may be mad at you so he decided to give you space until he can calm down a little.

7. He knows you want something:

Your ex may not be replying to your text because he knows you need something from him and that is why he chooses to ignore you. He may not be as dumb as you think he is. He may know you are trying to suck him in and he wants no part of it, or he may know you just want him to do a favor for you and he is not interested in granting your requests.

8. He wants to move:

Another reason why your ex may stop replying to your text may be that he wants the chance to be able to move on and forget about you. And talking to you frequently may not help him get the closure and healing he needs. 

9. He found someone else:

Your ex may not be replying to your text because he has found someone else and he no longer wants to stay in contact with you. You need to move on and let him be. But most times, this new person might just be a rebound because he is still into you and he is trying too hard to get over you.

10. He is scared of getting hurt: 

Your ex may be ignoring your text because you hurt him badly and he is scared you may suck him back in and thereby hurt him again. You may have cheated on him and things didn’t need well with the two of you so he is avoiding you to avoid making the same mistake twice.

How to react when my ex won’t text me:

How you react when your ex won’t text you back depends on how you guys ended the relationship. If your relationship ended on a bad note and he is refusing to reply to your text, it may mean that he is over you already and wants to move on. So in your situation, you should re-evaluate the situation and try to come to terms with the fact that your relationship is over. This way, you can move on.

But if your relationship ended on a good note and your ex is not replying to your text, you can try and give him space. He may be busy or he is trying to get a grip on his emotions, or he could also be trying to decide if he still wants you in his life or not. So if that is the case, you can give him time before you text him again and if he is not replying, then it is best you respect his wishes and stop texting him.

But if you still have feelings for him and you think he does too and you believe there is a chance you two can get back together, you can try calling him or go see him one on one if you think you guys have something worth fighting for, then you should fight. After all, there is no harm in trying.

How do you tell if your ex is truly over you?

1. He is no longer talking to you:

If your ex is well and truly over you, he would cut all contact with you because he is trying to move on. And talking to you might make it difficult for him to do so. If your ex no longer picks up your calls, replies to your text, or ignores you in public, then he no longer wants anything to do with you or he is seriously trying to get over you.

2. He talks to you indifferently: 

When you notice that the way your ex talks to you has changed, or you notice he is more direct to the point, or even borderline rude, then he is over you. He may not hate you but he is trying not to cross his boundaries, after all, you guys are no longer together, and so he has no reason to talk to you. If you notice a level of coldness when your ex is talking to you it means he is over you.

3. He wants his things back:

If your ex starts asking you for his stuff back, it means he is ready to move on so, he wants all his stuff with you because he no longer wants to have a reason to reach out to you. Wanting his stuff back is not a way to see you, in fact, it is the opposite, he wants all his stuff back so he no longer has to see you again.

4. He moved on:

Another way to realize your ex is over you is when you see him moving on. He is trying new things, having fun, and hanging out with new people, you may even notice that he is going out on dates again. If he seems to be happier than usual, he may just be trying to get on with his life, and as much as it may hurt you should try and do the same thing too.

5. He is in a committed relationship:

If your ex has a new girl it might be just rebound stuff, but if you notice that they are serious and that he is very committed to her, it might mean that he is over you and he wants to try with somebody else.

6. He is straight with you:

If your ex comes out and tells you there is not a chance in hell that you both will even get together again, then it means he is over you. And let’s face it, if he comes out and tells you the truth, it is better than leaving you hoping that the two of you may have a chance at getting back together.

7. He no longer cares:

When your ex stops caring there is no chance in hell that he is coming back to you. If he sees you hanging with other guys or even going on a date and he is not saying anything, it means that he is over you and no longer cares about what you do with your time.

8. He is no longer focused on you:

He no longer cares about what you think of him or his ways, he is just genuinely focused on himself and his happiness. The man no longer tries to make you jealous or even try to impress you anymore. He is just leaving his best life and not trying to flaunt it for you to see, then he has truly moved on from you.

How do I get my ex to text me back?

1. Ask him for advice: 

The easiest way to get your ex to text you back is by asking him for advice. You can start the conversation with can you recommend a good movie for me, or I want to buy a new phone can you help me choose the best one. Starting the conversation with ‘can you help me with something?’ can make your ex answer you faster than you think.

2. Try to get your ex’s attention:

You can start the conversation with omg you won’t believe what I am doing now, he may get tempted and reply because he is curious about what you are doing.

3. Tell him what you’re up to:

You may start the conversation by telling him about what you are doing currently and how it made you think about him or the memories you both shared.

4. My friends asked about you:

This is another way to get his attention. You may text him and tell him how your family or friends were asking about him today, and he would have no choice but to reply.

5. Ask him about memorable places you both visited:

You can also get him to reply to you by asking him a question about your shared memories. Do you remember that one time we went to that new restaurant? Share your happy memories with him through a text and he would be very tempted to reply to you.

Pros of texting your ex: 

One of the pros of texting your ex is that you may finally be able to get closure. You guys may finally have that long-overdue conversation that would help you lay down your ghost.

Another pro to texting your ex is that you may realize that you deserve way better than how he treated you, and you may finally be able to move on.

If you end up texting your ex you guys may be able to work out your grievances and get back together, especially if time has passed and you both have learned from your previous mistakes.

Cons of texting your ex:

One of the cons of texting your ex is that you guys may end up getting back together and you may end up getting hurt again. He may not have changed all that much and history will end up repeating itself all over again.

Another con of texting your ex is that you both may end up fighting again, especially if the breakup is still new and there is still bad blood between you two.

If you text your ex you might get negative vibes from him, and instead of getting the closure, you are seeking you may end up missing him more, thereby causing you more pain.

Why is my ex ignoring me? 

Your ex may be trying to move on and keeping in contact with you would make it difficult for him to do so. He knows that if he keeps talking to you or might reopen old wounds, so to avoid getting hurt all over again he may see ignoring you as the perfect solution. 

Your ex may still have feelings for you and this may be the reason he is ignoring you especially if you were the one that dumped him. Keeping in contact with you at night causes him more harm than good.

Another reason your ex might be ignoring you may be because he is trying to play mind games with you, or he has genuinely moved on and he is over you already.

How to text my ex to make him come back:

To get your ex back by text, you need to send him a message that shows that you are in a happy and positive place. Try to get his interest by sending him intriguing messages or texts that may make him curious about what is going on in your life and how you were able to move on from him.

Does he hate me? Why hasn’t he texted back? 

If your ex doesn’t text you back it does not mean they hate you, rather it might mean that he is busy or that he has moved on from you. The fact that he moved on or he is trying to move on does not mean he hates you.

Should I stop worrying about my ex and move on.

Moving on from your ex can be a bit difficult and painful, but you need to move on and stop worrying about him, if it is meant to be it will be. Your ex has moved on from you already. If he has not moved on he would not be ignoring you.


Your ex won’t text you because he is over you, and wants to move on to more adventurous stuff. After all, they are called exes for a reason he is not obligated to answer to your every whimper anymore.

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