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13 Subtle Ways on How to Find Out if Someone Is Single

13 Subtle Ways on How to Find Out if Someone Is Single

There is that certain someone that you seem to be interested in but first you need ways to find out if someone is single.

You recently met a cute guy/girl or just a colleague, classmate, or someone who just recently moved into the neighbourhood. You might not allow yourself to fully crush on them, until you are sure they are single.

But that is something that can be very hard to know. Especially when you are not even friends with them yet or don’t want to go directly to ask them. You do not want to look nosy or too eager; like “hey are you single” that would be so weird right? So now you must be wondering how to find out if someone is single without going direct right? 

There are several tricky and smart ways you can know if a person is single. You can try to be their friend so you can know their names, then look them up on social media. They may have indicated their relationship status, or are posting their partner. Another way is to try to asking people around about them.

Still wondering how to ask if someone is single? Here are some sneaky ways you can do that.


15 subtle ways on how to find out if someone is single 

1. Be the first to admit you are single

After you have successfully started a conversation with them, you can try to use this way to see if they are single. Maybe during the conversation, you can just say something like ‘do you believe I have never had a partner on any valentines?’  

They are going to wonder and ask if you are single. Then you can say yes and ask them too. Or they might tell directly if they are single or dating someone.

They might even tell you about their valentine’s experience once you say that. You just have to look for a stylish way to reveal that you are single. They will reveal their relationship status.

2. Ask about their partner 

Another way you can know if they are single or not is to ask them about their partner. Not the direct ‘do you have a partner?’ No. You can say something like ‘hope your Bf/Gf is fine?’ Or when she/he comes around I would like to meet her/him.

This way they are going to certainly tell you if they are single or not.

3. Look them up

Now you have to do detective work here. You can add them up on social networks and try to look for their relationship status. if there is nothing there, Well, that’s not all. Not everyone displays their relationship status. 

You will look into his comment section on his pictures, look for the person who is always commenting, see how often and if they are always tagging each other on a post.

I promise you, if they are occupied you will find something. But if you don’t find anything it means they are single or maybe don’t have an updated social media life.

4. Ask them how the search is going

This has to come up in a conversation but this can. You have to look for the right time to say it. Maybe you can start a conversation about relationships and ask them to share their views. 

Then you can slip this in ‘how is the search going’ they are going to ask for what? You can say ‘don’t worry’ or say ‘a partner’. Then they can tell you themselves if they’re single or not. Or you can simply know by their reaction because at that point they might decide to lie.

5. Ask them on a special date

You can choose a special day to ask for a date with them. Just make it sound like a friendly date and you have to choose a day you know they are supposed to be with a partner if they have one. Maybe on weekends, you can ask for a date on weekend evenings. If they are always showing up, they are single.

6. Ask them for relationship advice

Ask them for relationship advice; they are going to ask you if you are single and you can ask them too. If you ask them for relationship advice it will start a conversation that will make them spill their relationship status. 

If they are dating, they are going to use it as an example for the relationship advice they are giving you.

7. Bring up something romantic 

Bring up something romantic; as you can just say “wow! this is perfect weather for two.” If they are dating they are going to react or ask you if you are dating. Then you guys can start a conversation that will make them reveal their status. 

8. Ask friends about them

You also can go on a secret mission and ask around about them. You can ask your colleagues if they are your coworker or you can ask their friends. This way you can know their relationship status.

9. Mention a dating app

You can ask them what they think of any dating app. Like “what do you think of Tinder?”  This is a very smart way to ask if you are single? If they are single their reactions and what they think about tinder would tell.

10. See if they flirt

If they are flirting it means they are either single or unfaithful. Though this can not give you a clear answer, it can mean they are available for a fling or a relationship.

11. Check for a couple of items

You can ask to see their phones to see if they have pictures of their partner. Maybe on their screen saver or in the gallery. You can also check if they are wearing an engagement ring or anything on them that looks like something couples wear.

12. Talk to them about travel

Tell them what they think about travelling. You can just say you were thinking of travelling for a vacation if they care to join? If they say yes then they are single. Because if they had someone, they would not agree to travel with you.

13. How often they are with their phones 

Someone who is dating would always want to hear from their partner. So if you are with them and you have never seen them smiling on their phones or making a romantic call, they might be single.

14. Ask them about the future

Ask them what they think about the future, marriage, and kids. Once you ask them questions like this, they are going to say if they are dating or it will give you a better way to ask them. Like how many kids have you and your partner agreed to have?

15. Be direct

Well, the last way here is the last resort. You can be direct and ask if they are single? That way you can find out.

How to ask someone about their relationship status

To ask someone about their relationship status, you can either decide to go direct or employ other ways that won’t make you look nosey or make you hear a reply that would hurt. You can try to ask them questions like;

“Hows is your relationship going”

 “The search, how is it going?”

 “What is his/her name”

“Does your partner like that you stay out late”

Questions like these are a way to ask about their relationship status.

10 signs someone is single

1. They are always free on weekends

One way that shows someone is single is when they are always free on weekends. Someone who is dating and working Mon-Fri will want to see their partner on weekends. If they are always free to be with you on weekends, then they are single.

2. No ring

If there is no ring on their ring finger then they are not engaged. Might be dating someone, but it’s nothing serious yet.

3. Free on valentine’s day

You met them around valentine’s day and they didn’t go out or even show signs of doing anything not even a single social media post, then they are possibly single

4. They flirt with you

They are flirting with you then they are either single or an unfaithful partner. Either way, it shows they are available for something.

5. They make a lot of eye contact

If they are always locking eyes with you, it means they are telling you they are available. Someone who has a committed relationship will want to take their eyes off you. Even when they do look at you, they will take their eyes off instantly.

6. Make plans with you and keep them

Making plans with you, especially future plans and they are keeping them, it’s a sign that they are single.

7. They never talk of their partner

One way or the other, someone who is in a relationship will talk about their partner even without you asking. So if they have never spoken anything like that it means they are single.

8. No sign of a partner on their profile

A person doesn’t have any trace of a partner on their social platform or even on their comment sections, then they might be single. This only applies to someone with an active social media profile.

9. They are always out with the same sex

Are they always hanging out with people or friends of the same sex then they might be single. If they had a partner they won’t have the time to always be with friends. 

10. They are touchy around you/especially in public

Trying to touch you when you are together or in public then they are single. If they had a serious partner they wouldn’t be touchy with you in public.

11. You see them with different girls/boys

Always with different girls/guys then it means they have no committed partner.

Why a guy will ask you if you are single

A guy will ask if you are single because he likes you and might either want a relationship with you or want to sleep with you. Guys are also fond of asking their friends if you are single so he might be asking if you are single for himself or his friend.

Is it okay to ask if someone is single

It’s okay to ask someone if they are single. You can’t get to know them if you don’t ask questions about them. But you have to make sure not to ask someone who you barely know. You can do it playfully if you have the vibe. If not you are going to look desperate and nosey to them. You should at least be friends with someone before you can ask if they are single.

Why does she like to stay single?

Well, a girl can decide to be single for reasons best known to her. Most times, women like to stay single because they are tired of having bad experiences in relationships. 

Some women don’t think they need a man to be happy. They like being free to do or hang out with anyone they like. Some women are too busy pursuing other things in life and don’t have the time to be in a committed relationship. So a girl can decide to stay single for any of the above reasons.

How to know he is ready to commit

A man who is ready to commit will;

1. Will bring you into his world

He will let you meet all his friends and hide nothing that happens in his life.

2. He is reliable

Will always be there for you and be there when you are calling that’s a sign he is ready for a committed relationship 

3. Make plans for you

Make plans with you and always use ‘We’ when saying something about the future.

10 signs he is genuinely interested in you

1. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

If you are talking with some other guy or texting on social media you are going to see the jealousy in his face.

2. He asks if you have a boyfriend 

He is going to ask you if you are single if he is interested 

3. He remembers small details about you

If you only met him a few times and he remembers every little thing you told him, then that’s a sign he is interested in you. 

4. He asks you out

If he is asking you out then he is interested.

5. He finds ways to compliment you

He is going to look for ways to tell you that you are looking beautiful and he notices everything on you and compliments it.

6. He is staring at you

If you catch him looking at you like he is lost, then that shows he got eyes for you.

7. He plans a date with you 

He is planning future dates with you and keeping them.

8. He is happy around you

When a guy has a crush on a girl he is going to be happy around her and nervous too

9. He quickly responds to your text

He is texting you so fast on social media that’s a sign he likes you.

10. He finds smalls ways to touch you

He is looking for ways to touch you or hug you.

Asking if someone you like is single, can be nerve-racking. You might be scared or be trying to avoid the person thinking you are prying into their affairs. You can try out any of the subtle ways listed above, to know your crush’s relationship status.

Then you can show them you like them too, if at the end of the day, they are single. If you can’t still find out if they are single try to ask them directly since you are already friends with them.

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