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35 Hints on How to Get A Player to Fall for You

35 Hints on How to Get A Player to Fall for You

Did you just meet a guy you know is a player and want to know how to get a player to fall for you since you want him badly? If you are in this situation, and you are looking for ways to get him to fall in love with you, then you are in the right place.

Before tips on how to get a player to fall for you are made known, you’ve to fully understand the risk involved. This guy might still end up playing you by acting like has fallen for you. Trying to outsmart him will put your heart at risk. If you feel he is worth the risk, then read on.

To make a player fall for you, you should try as much as you can to beat him to his game and make him chase you, this way, you’ll hold the wheel and see through the drive.

Below are more tips that will make him fall for you:


35 Pointers on how to get a player to fall for you

1. Be friends with him first:

Focus on friendship. Get to know him, set boundaries, and treat him like you treat all of your other male friends.

2.  Be what he can’t have:

If there are other guys you know that are better looking than him, show them to him and say things like: “hey this guy is asking me out for dinner, I don’t feel safe, what do you think?” Even if you have to fake it, do it. This guy must be better looking than him, use a picture that’s original, not someone that looks fake.

When he sees the kind of guy that wants you, it will hurt his ego. Players feel they are so good-looking. If you can hurt his confidence, you can break him, and make him want to chase you.

3. Don’t fall for his charm: 

This guy you want must be very attractive no doubt. While you are trying to just be his friend, and playing hard to get, it might be really hard for you to resist his look, his eyes, and the way he talks. Please don’t fall for them. 

4. Act like you are not interested: 

If you want to learn how to get a player to fall for you, acting uninterested is one of the big steps you can take to achieve that. He is used to everyone falling for his charm, when you are acting like you don’t even care, or like he does not move you, he will be you as a challenge.

5. Be patient: 

If you want to know how to get a player to fall for you, you need to first learn patience. It’s not going to be easy for this guy to fall for you. That’s the first thing you have to put at the back of your mind.

6. Show him you are confident:

Players are used to women running after them and falling for their charm. You have to show this man that you are not like that. Show him there are a lot of guys queuing up to date you. Even when he compliments you, put up an “I know I am cute attitude.” Post photos of you having fun with a lot of guys. Make him see you have other life goals you are chasing and you are comfortable in your skin. He will respect you, and start to fall for you.

7. Make eye contact: 

This is another way to display your confidence. Make eye contact with him, when he is talking to you don’t act shy, be bold and look at his face. If you are acting like you can resist his charm, you are making him confident. 

The first way you can win a player’s heart is to act like he does not move you. He will want to chase you and he might begin to catch feelings for you.

8. Get his attention but brace up:

Eye contact is the flirty way you can get his attention, and make him know you want him. You don’t have to say it out, give him confusing signals like eye contact, and flirty touches. Then when he is coming toward you, act like you are not interested, then to the next step.

9. Make him chase you:

Now he must have started chasing you, even if you don’t know his true intentions, make him chase you for a long time.

10. Play hard to get:  

While he is chasing, play hard to get. Players are used to people always falling for them and wanting to be around them. If he sees that you are not like that, you always act busy when he wants to see you, you rarely text or call first, he is going to see you as a challenge and become more interested in you.

11. Be mysterious: 

Let him see you as a challenge, as someone that has something new to reveal every day. Let him keep trying to find you out. That way, he will begin to fall for you.

12. Don’t let him rush you:

You know you like this man, so you have to always remind yourself that you are on a mission to steal his heart. When he is trying to rush you, slow him down.

13. Rock his world: 

Be someone very important to him. Make plans with him, go on dates with him but don’t sleep with him just yet. You can act like you are starting to like him now. So he feels he needs to do more.

14. Be his companion:

Players do not have a perfect life as you think. These men also crave connection and companionship. They might be playing with women, because of something that happened to them in the past. Make this man vulnerable around you, if he needs someone to talk to, be there. He will gradually let his guard down and fall for you. Even if he does not want to.

15. Don’t be too available: 

This is how you can make him miss you and want you. When he is getting used to talking to you, act like you are busy. 

16. Dress sexily:

Dress to be in his head. This is how you can make him fantasize about being with you. Wear something sexy and comfortable. Even if you are not a popular person, act popular when you are with him. Don’t dress half-naked. That will make him see you as a sex material.

17. Be independent: 

Don’t act as if you need him for your happiness. Make him see that you have your own life going on. 

18. Be unique:

He is used to women that can’t do without him. Show him you are different, and you rather focus on your goals, than spend time with him. This will make him see you as girlfriend material.

19. Limit the compliments:

This is one way you act unique: even when you think he is looking so good, don’t always compliment him. If you do it too much, you will be pushing his shoulders higher.

20. Try to make him jealous:

If this guy is your colleague, for instance, you have to make him see you have other guys chasing you. You are already friends. 

21. Let him know he is not your priority:

You two must be getting close by now. Don’t make him feel like a priority yet, go out and have fun with other people. If he asks to see you, tell him you already have someone you want to go out with.

22. Meet his friends: 

Players most times just want a girl that will be in the background. Meeting his friends puts you more into his life. Make him take you out with them and hang out. Get to know them, you are becoming someone he will always remember this way. And if his friends are not like him, he would not want to play you, so they won’t find out who he is.

23. Talk about other boys you like:

This will make him feel jealous and unimportant. Tell him you like other people, this will make him chase you and fall for you.

24. Go hot and cold on him: 

Treat him like a king today, and treat him like you don’t want him the next. This will make him confused and ask himself, what kind of girl you are. He knows he is charming, but why are you not in love with him? Men tend to fall in love with women which they see as a challenge.

25. Copy his movement:

This is one way you can get a guy obsessed with you. Help him bring out his childish side. If you are together, copy the way he talks, walks, sings for him, these things get him addicted to you.

26. Engage him in meaningful conversations: 

Always make sure your conversations with him are meaningful and deep.  Don’t let it be all about sex. Talk to him about his future, yours, and talk about life.

27. Gift him something unique:

Remember your goal is to get into his heart to soften it. This is a way you can do it. Give him something important to you or something unique. Trust me it works like magic.

28. Accepting his proposal: 

By now he must have asked you out. When he does, don’t accept once, play a little hard to get. Watch out for signs that show he is falling for you. If you want to know the signs of a player falling for you, as you continue reading, you’ll discover them in this article. If he is falling for you, date him, but watch out for red flags.

29. Support him: 

If he has a vision you key in and feel interested in, you can support him and he’ll greatly appreciate it and you’ll also have his heart locked with the keys in your hands.

30. Give him the time of his life: 

Make him believe he has a reason to be faithful to one woman. Show him how lovely, being in a committed relationship can be through conversations.

31. Listen to him: 

If he has anything to say, always give him a listening ear.

32. Seek his advice: 

This will make him know that you value him, seek his advice and make plans together. Make sure he does the same with you.

33. Give him sex to remember: 

When you finally have sex, make it something that he will always want. Give him sex with a lot of romance, playfulness, fire, creativity, and connection. 

34. Don’t rush him into a commitment: 

Let this happen gradually. He is a player he is used to living a free life. You have to take the commitment gradually. As he begins to trust and fall in love with you, he begins to get committed. 

35. Know when to quit: 

Always know when you should quit. If you feel things are not going the way you want and he is not willing to quit his old ways, leave him and move on.

How do you tell if a player is falling for you?

1. He protects you:

He will always be there for you, support you and be generous. 

2. He is patient with you: 

Even when you delay his proposal or sex, he is willing to wait, and even when you let him have sex with you, he does ask for it every time; he prefers to just spend time with you.

3. He wants you to meet his friends and family:

Also, he will introduce you to his family, friends, and everyone in his life. He will tell them you are his girl if you are dating.

4. He is vulnerable around you:

This man tells you everything, let his guard down around you. He lets you see his weak side.

5. He wants to meet your friends:

He wants to meet your social circle and he wants to be friends with them too.

6. You have deep and meaningful conversations:

Instead of just talking about sex, this guy talks about the future with you. Your conversations are usually deep. He reveals so many things about himself to you.

7. He treats you like a princess: 

He buys you a gift, takes you on a real date, and does romantic things for you. The man always wants to be around you, text, and call you even after having sex with you.

How do you keep a player interested?

1. Be mysterious: 

This can keep any guy interested in you. The player would want to know more about you. When he finds out something new, he thinks he knows you already, the next day you unveil another side of you. That will keep him hooked on you.

2. Be different:

Don’t act like the other girls. The player is used to girls falling for his charm. Act like you are not into him.

3. Make him chase you: 

Even if he is already dating you or trying to date you, play hard to get. If he keeps chasing you, he will be interested in you.

4. Don’t act jealous: 

Even if he is with some other girls, acting like you don’t even care, he is going to make him wonder what kind of girl you are.

5. Be independent: 

Don’t be clingy, hang out with other people, focus on yourself, make him see, he has other competitors.

How do you outsmart a player?

1. Connect emotionally: 

Try to be his friend first, play around him, have deep conversations with him and he will gradually start to have feelings for you.

2. Act busy: 

Always act unavailable. Make him chase you, and make him miss you.

3. Hang out with other people:

Hang out with other people and let him see it. Post it on your social media. While trying to win you over, instead of making you fall for him, he will fall for you.

4. Continue using dating apps:

Keep using dating apps in his presence. He will feel you don’t even have him in mind. This will also make you a mystery to him. 

5. Make friends with his friends: 

If he had bad intentions, he would not want to be friends with his friends, except they are like me. If they are not, he would not want to act badly, because he does not want his friends to know the true him.

6. Don’t fall for his charm:

He is handsome and has a nice voice. It’s hard for you to resist him, don’t fall for his charm. Show him your confidence and your uniqueness. He will be the one falling for you.

How do you make a player jealous?

1. Use dating apps:

If he sees that you are using dating apps, or texting some other guy smiling, he is going to feel jealous. This guy wants to feel like the most important person in your life.

2. Go out with other guys:

Go out with other guys and let him be aware of it. Post it on all your social media.

3. Tell him about other guys: 

If you are not dating him yet, tell him about guys you like, even if you don’t like them.

4. Don’t make him a priority: 

Let him know he is not your priority. If he asks to see you, act like you are busy.

5. Date other people: 

If this guy is asking you out, date another guy. Or act as if you left him to date someone else. It’s going to crush his ego and make him jealous.

How to make a player fall in love with you over text

1. Delay your replies: 

This is one way you can make him feel like you are not into him. If he texts you, take your time to reply. 

2. Don’t start the conversation: 

Don’t text him, let him be the one to always do the texting.

3. Act busy: 

Even when he is texting you, act like you got something to do. He will miss you and want to always talk to you.

4. Flirt with him:

Send him a flirty text and when he thinks you are already falling, go cold. 

5. Play hot and cold: 

When you play the hot and cold game, he is going to get confused and start to think about you. And also miss you, and fall for you.

6. Keep the conversation fun:

Anytime you feel like texting him, make it worth it. Make it fun and deep. Cut it off like you got something to do at the most interesting part. This guy will then long for you.

What type of woman does a player fall in love with?

1. An independent woman: 

Players tend to fall for women who are successful, focused on themselves, and who don’t need anyone for any kind of support. They like to go for women who are emotionally broken or unstable. If you are someone that’s not like that, he will fall for you, while trying to play you.

2. Amazing personality: 

A woman who is unique and different from others. Someone who can have fun with him, and someone he can have deep conversations with. 

3. Confident woman:

A woman that is confident in her skin, not the one that needs to hear his compliments before she knows she is beautiful. A woman bold enough to look into his eyes and talk to him can make a player fall in love.

4. Who does not fall for his charm:

They usually fall for women who don’t make them a priority. Even with all his impressive physical attributes, if you don’t look move, he will find you interesting.

5. Mysterious: 

A woman who does not reveal herself fully, a woman who is hard to get, and a woman who is not clingy and who will be a challenge to him.

How to get a player to chase you?

1. Play hard to get: 

Don’t fall for his charm, test his patience, be a challenge and make him chase you.

2. Don’t make him a priority: 

Do other things, let him know you have other guys chasing you, and hang out more with other people.

3. Don’t be clingy: 

Act busy, don’t always text him first, and even when you feel like texting him, don’t.

4. Be mysterious: 

These men like to read women and then look for the best way to crack them. Be mysterious as he tries to know you, he will keep chasing you.


Now that you know how to get a player to fall for you, remember, it is quite risky to set out with a player. Just as in a game, you either win or lose. He can fall for you but still ends up playing you because he is a player. And he can also fall for you for real. 

A player will only change when he wants to. If you are currently trying to get one to fall for you, use the pointers in this article, take things slow, watch out for red flags and leave when your guts tell you to. Good luck!

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