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20 Helpful Ways To Get Over A One-night-stand Crush

20 Helpful Ways To Get Over A One-night-stand Crush

On how to get over a one-night stand crush, first, see it as a fling, give it some days, do some introspection on what exactly you want with the crush, and you could also block them off. 

Maybe you were at a party, high and feeling the moments, but found yourself involved with a stranger who you later had intercourse with. 

This development is one many would seek to mop up. However, as you arrived your home, you found out that you still failed to get this person out of your mind, and now you are here to find out how to get over a one-night-stand crush. Well, you are in the right place. 

20 Helpful Ways How To Get Over A One-night-stand Crush

1. Realize it’s just a one-night stand 

Are you contemplating ways to overcome that fling? Begin with seeing it as one. A casual night fling is nothing you should take seriously. Yes, you could think you have feelings for this person, but that might be something we get away with in a short stretch. 

2. Get yourself your partner 

You seem to meditate too much about it, and loneliness could be a ladder. This makes you start to see the one-night stand as your option for a relationship. Try focusing the energy on the individual who is real for you.

3. Block them off 

This is one of the quickest ways to dim memories of the fling. If you discontinue seeing their updates or block access from reaching you, you will learn to forget about them deliberately.

4. Things might change after a few days:

Maybe you should just give yourself a little more time, and you will see you don’t have to think about this person anymore.

5. Believe it will end 

Forget about it. Make new friends or tell yourself, “hey, I am going to forget about this.”

6. Look at it from the real point of view 

What transpired was that you met this person and started having a crush on them. Maybe after that, you kept contacting them. But have you thought of it like this? How can someone who had sex with me for the first time give me a successful relationship? Just look at all the negative reasons why this cannot work. It will support you overcome the worry.

7. Look for a distraction 

Getting preoccupied can get your mind off anything, maybe not permanently. Occupying your inside with something else might make you see why you should overcome it.

8. Avoid letting your emotions rule you

Falling for a road gig you barely know is wrong even and having a sexual affair with them is not okay, but that has happened. Maybe you feel because you had intercourse, you need to have a relationship or become closer to them. However, that’s just your emotions. If you think about it, you will know it’s not an intelligent decision, and that will assist you in getting over it.

9. Don’t try to look for them 

Don’t look on social media and try to be the FBI and search and find this person or attempt to decipher how to reach them again. That way, you would be victorious, trying to think less about them.

10. Maybe talk to someone about it 

If you have a friend you believe you can entrust with this information, then talking to them about it can assist too. They can support you see reasons why you should move on and forget about it.

11. Know your worth 

Chasing over somebody who was supposed to be a one-nighter means you might not value yourself enough, making yourself look so low. If you value yourself, you won’t desire to chase over them.

12. See a therapist 

Therapists are always there to support you with all these types of things. So look for one to discuss with them.  

13. Write it out 

Writing things out can assist you in freeing your mind and aid you get a clearer view of your situation and doing something right about it. So if you desire to get over a one-night-stand crush, you should attempt writing.

14. Talk to them about it 

Maybe you will think they might feel the same way. So talking to them about it can make you know where you stand and what you should do. 

15. Think about it again and again

You are in this condition, wondering how to get over a one-night stand. I think you need careful introspection. Getting over a road gig is a thing of the mind. Maybe you just need to look at everything from another perspective. It can give reasons to improve your recovery.

16. Give yourself time 

Maybe you should not be in haste to forget about this person. Allow your mind to phase this out itself.

17. Discontinue ruminating about it too much 

I know we just talked about you hovering about it. However, that means you should think about the negative part of trying to get back to a casual fling, which can assist you in moving on. 

But if you contemplate ghosting them so much, it puts even more strain on your mind, and you cannot move on. Just live and let the process move by itself.

18. Find a way to get closure 

Tell yourself that what has happened has happened. You can’t go back to change it, you have made a mistake, and it’s nothing to hurt yourself about. Don’t reflect much on it. Once you finally accept this reality, you will move on from it.

19. Keep your distance 

One of the best ways to move on from anyone or anything is to stay far away from them. The reason might be because you keep seeing them or seeing things that remind you of them, so it would be best if you keep your distance.

20. Do something special 

Doing something that you would hold so valuable, like something you have always wanted to learn, can take your mind off them and help you move on. 

Why Can’t I Get My Mind Off A One-night Stand From Two Years Ago?

This can happen when a fellow is still holding on to just the one-night stand, maybe the experience felt so good like you have never had before, and it’s why it’s becoming so hard to get over it. 

You might desire another one or seek to continue. The process of you desiring and hoping for this to happen will make you always think about them; that way, you will not get over them. 

Another reason you can’t move on might be that you are still holding on to stuff that belongs to them and still in contact.

How To Get Over My Girlfriend Having A One-night Stand While We Were On Break

Well, I won’t try to deny that this is challenging to overcome, and it’s something that can make one worry. However, that’s not why you are here; you seek to find possible ways to get over the fact that she slept with someone else. 

If you are dating someone and put them on hold, it might just be a break for you, but to them, it’s an opportunity to try someone new, and it could be that their affair with someone else just happened. We all make mistakes. Looking at it from that angle will guide you to move on quickly without stress.

Can One Fall In Love With A One-night-stand Crush?

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do, it’s possible to plunge into love at first sight. That does not mean love per se. 

You can’t just develop love the first time. It’s an attraction that you feel for the person. Love is a process that develops over time as you get to know a person even more and more.

A One-night Stand Means What Exactly To A Guy?

It could mean nothing, and it could also mean a lot. It depends on the guy. But some guys can just meet a girl, and the first thing that comes to mind is how to sleep with her. 

So this is why most times, that is all it means to guys. But for some, it could be more than that. They could desire something more than that, before or after. 

What Does A One-night Stand Mean To A Lady?

Well, we can’t say this depends on the girl. You could either be it was an attempt to ease her sexual desire, or maybe the intercourse was just a distraction, or it could even mean something more. What that moment means depends on the girl and what she desires at that time.

Why Is It Difficult For Me To Get Over A One-night Stand?

It might be because of so many reasons. The major one could be that you are too lonely and need to feel that void, so that’s why you feel for them and can’t get over them. It could also be that they gave you an experience you have never had before, and now you can’t get over them.

How To Get Over My Boyfriend Having A One-night Stand While We Were On A Break?

If your boyfriend had a fling while you were on a break, you should see it like that. But bear in mind that there is a possibility he is cheating. To get over it, think of it like the break was like a breakup, and the one-nighter scene happened like a mistake, and if you were with him, it would not have happened.

Should I Avoid One-night Stands?

Yes, you should. Except you are a flirt. These things happen. We see intercourse with people we barely know as activities we can sweep under the carpet, but it can come back to haunt us in the future. So it’s better to avoid it. It does not tell well of you. 

How Long Will It Take To Detach From A One-night Stand?

This depends on you. Some people can hold on to a one-night stand for years. But if you desire to get over this person, it can take a couple of weeks, and you will not think about it again. Except you are in a relationship and did it, the guilt could live with you for years.

Does A One-night Stand Mean I’m A Flirt?

It does not mean that you are a flirt if it happens once. However, if these things keep happening, you are a flirt, and you are there seeking casual sex.


On how to get over a one-night-stand crush, careful introspection is crucial to returning back to your old self. If you meditate about the fling greatly, you will see it is inadvisable to hold too much of something that just happened casually.

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