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Seven Sure Ways to Get Overtone Out of Hair

Seven Sure Ways to Get Overtone Out of Hair

Removing overtone from your hair can be a little difficult, but it is not impossible to do. Overtone is hard to remove because it is made of pigments that are hard to get rid of and this makes it last longer than hair dyes. Here are a few ways you can get rid of overtones from your hair.

You can remove overtone from your hair by washing your hair regularly. A hot water shower can also help here because of the heat on the hair which will make the hair lose some color.

Seven ways to get an overtone out of your hair:

1. Hair mask:

A hair mask can help you get rid of overtones. To remove the overtone, you can use the hair mask for two to three days for effective results. It may take two to three weeks to get your hair color back using this procedure but however, but you have to understand the time it takes to get rid of the overtone may vary depending on how dark the overtone was in the first place. A hair mask can provide moisture for your hair and it is also very healthy for your hair.

You can also use an olive oil mask once a week and this is because olive oil enters hidden hair fibers and permeate the breaks due to the permanent color of the hair.

2. White vinegar:

White vinegar is another tested and trusted method to remove overtone from your hair. To use white vinegar, you need to apply a few drops to your hair and let it sit for 7- 10mins. But remember to miss the vinegar with your shampoo, do not apply it directly to your hair. After the stipulated time, you can rinse it out with water, but be careful not to add too much vinegar to your hair as you may cause untold damage to your hair.

3. Liquid soap:

Using liquid laundry soap can help you remove overtones from your hair, you can use it to wash your hair twice or once a week and if your overtone is not very dark you can get your result in two weeks or less. But you have to be careful while using this remedy because an excessive amount of laundry soap can cause damage to your hair.

4. Moisturizing shampoo:

Applying moisturizing shampoo can help you get rid of overtone, but you have to be careful because moisturizing shampoo can cause your hair to dry out. So you should use moisturizing shampoo as your last-ditch attempt.

5. Colorless deep conditioners:

When trying to get rid of overtones you need to drop anything that has to do with color, this is because you are trying to get rid of color, not add more to it. So go for colorless conditioners and use them for your washing routine at least, until you can get rid of the overtones.

6. Wash regularly:

When you wash your hair less, you are preserving the color, so to get rid of overtones, you need to wash your hair regularly. Anytime you get your hair wet, you are removing a little bit of color. Use hot water to wash your hair. It will help the color fade faster because it contains minerals that contribute to color loss.

7. Swimming:

Swimming can help you get rid of overtones, I know you are wondering how, well let me tell you. Your secret weapon here is chlorine, yes chlorine usually removes color from hair, but it can also cause your hair to dry out so you have to be careful and not overdo it.

8. Take a walk:

When you take a walk under the sunlight, you’ll increase the chances of getting rid of overtone. Allow sunray to sink into your hair. When sunlight in addition to swimming, a hot shower, and fader is used, your chances of getting the overtone off increases.

Does overtone wash out completely?

Overtone is not permanent, so with time, it will gradually wash out as you wash your hair, but you have to note that overtone does not come out after just one wash. So it might take time for an overtone to completely come out. And it also depends on the type of hair you have and how your hair absorbs things.

How long will it take to get an overtone out of your hair?

Overtone can last 21-22 washes depending on how it was manufactured, the product type and your routine for using it, and how frequently you wash it.

Is overtone temporary or permanent?

Over-tone is usually semi-permanent, they deposit colors into your hair, which can fade when you stop using it, but most times, the color will not wash out with shampoo only. So it is not temporary nor permanent but it has long-lasting pigments that can be difficult to get rid of.

Does overtone ruin the hair?

Overtone does not necessarily cause damage to your hair, but it depends on how you applied it, how long you left it, and the product you used. So you need to be careful during application, do not leave it too long before you wash it when applying it newly to avoid damage to your hair.

Will overtone wash out from virgin hair?

Yes, overtone washes out of virgin hair, this is because virgin hair has lower porosity. Virgin hair has a closed cuticle layer and this makes it difficult for the pigment to deposit into the hair strands, because of that, the color will sit on the hair strands and it washes away quickly after you wash a few times.

Does overtone stain the hair? 

No, Overtone does not stain the hair if you are careful, and to ensure it does not stain your hair, you need to use warm mid-water when rinsing.


When applying overtone, there are so many things to consider, things such as your hair’s natural color, if your hair is virgin hair or relaxed texture, and the pigmentation of your hair. This is because your type of hair will determine how easy it will be to get rid of the overtones. Getting rid of overtones is not an easy process, so you have to follow it step by step as we have listed above.

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