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How often should you get your eyebrows waxed?

How often should you get your eyebrows waxed?

Waxing is the removal of hair from its root by covering it with a sticky substance like wax to glue with the body hair and then removing this covering thereby pulling out the hair from its follicle  How often you get your eyebrows waxed, greatly depends on how often your hair grows and the sensitivity of your skin

Getting your eyebrows waxed makes the regrowing hair soft, thinner, and less dense and this should be done every three-four weeks.

How often should you get your eyebrows waxed?

Some people have rapid hair growth which means hair grows back on their body very fast. But it is advisable to wax your hair within 3-4 weeks because within that period it is believed that your eyebrows should be bushy and dense and may not be in alignment with your face.

This can also be done by fixing waxing appointments with the esthetician who helps in removing your eyebrows.

If You Wax Your Eyebrows Too Often What Happens

Since waxing is affordable and makes an individual stand out, it is good to wax, but waxing frequently maybe before your eyebrow grows has side effects like burning of the skin, ripping of tender skin.

If after waxing the eyebrow and you feel uncomfortable within the eyebrow region, it is advisable you avoid waxing for a while and let the eyebrows grow as much as possible because hair might not grow, especially if the hair has been removed excessively for years.

How To Wax Your Eyebrows

The various steps involved in waxing the eyebrows include:

1) Remove any traces of makeup from your face and clean the skin very well. This will help your esthetician (a person who waxes eyebrows) to see the hairs of the eyebrow.

2) The wax should be warmed properly, mixed with honey, if the wax is oily let it cool down and thicken.

3) After the wax is thickened use a wooden spatula to apply a thin layer of wax to the area you want to treat, apply it in the direction of the hair growth.

4) Apply a strip, pressing it in the direction of hair growth; leave some of the leftover strips at the end so that it can pull back.

5) Pull the surrounding skin tightly with one hand to reduce pain and keep your fingers on the skin. Pull the strip in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

6) Once the strip has been pulled remove the wax from the area using a dab of facial oil on a cotton pad.

7) If there are any rogue hairs left, pluck them out with tweezers.

Does It Hurt To Wax Your Eyebrows?

Before you start removing your eyebrows you should ask yourself “how often should I get my eyebrows waxed?”. This is because the first few times may hurt a little but it will get better each time.

Although when multiple hairs are extracted at the same time the pain is more hurtful.

What Is The Waiting Period Between Eyebrow Waxing?

It is advisable to wait for 4-6 weeks between waxing appointments. This is because within this period the hair has enough time to grow sufficient length before the next appointment.

Tip: The more hair you grow the more liberty to style and shape the brow.

Procedure To Take Before You Wax Your Eyebrows

If you’ve answered the question of “how often should you get your eyebrows waxed”? These are some of the pre-waxing steps to take before going to wax your eyebrows.

1) Know before you go 

 There are different eyebrows shapes and styles before going, this will help you not to get confused about what you want to do and it saves time.

2) Hair length 

Let the hair grow properly, for at least 4 weeks before waxing. This is important because it helps the wax grip the hair firmly, so as not to cause remnants of hair when the strip is pulled off.

3) Avoid cosmetics as much as possible 

 Attend waxing appointments make-up free, it gives the esthetician a clear view of eyebrows to avoid mistakes and it saves time.

4) Avoid sunburns 

Avoid sunburns as much as possible because you’ll be harming the skin if you decide to go on with the waxing. So it is advisable to avoid waxing if you have sunburns and wait for the skin to be properly healed before you go for your waxing appointment.

Procedures To Take After Waxing The Eyebrows

1) Do not touch your brows area constantly, you might be bringing bacteria to the area and increasing the risk of infection. Allow it to heal.

2) Do not tweeze in between appointments. This is not good cause you might end up ruining the eyebrow, thereby making your artist work harder.

3) If you notice strange reactions like redness, itching, and infection. Call your esthetician as soon as possible and they will recommend a solution.

Benefits Of Getting Your Eyebrows Waxed

Here are some benefits of getting your eyebrows waxed.

1) Gives your eyebrows excellent shape 

When an expert waxes your eyebrow, they can determine what style suits your face, understand your preference and bring out the real beauty of your eyebrows.

2) It will take longer for the hair to grow back 

Since waxing pulls out the eyebrow from their roots and not just partially, helping you to maintain those excellent eyebrows for a longer period and there won’t be a need for many waxing meetings.

3) The hair grows back softer 

 Waxing promotes softer brow regrowth. It grows thinner and less dense than the previous hairs.

4) More Controlled Regrowth

After a good waxing, the next time hair sprouts, it takes the shape of the recently waxed eyebrows

5) Faster and More Comfortable Treatment 

If carried out properly, you will experience no pain and side effects

Does Eyebrow Wax Stop Hair Growth?

No, wax does not stop hair growth. The hair will grow after a few weeks but frequent and excessive waxing of the eyebrows may have long-term effects on the eyebrows.

Excessive and frequent hair removal may cause the hairs might not to grow again, redness or infection as the case may be.

Waxing, Tweezing, Eyebrow Threading, & Microblading; Which is best? 

Well, these are all suitable methods for eyebrow removal. We shall look at each point one after the other.

1) Waxing 

Waxing is the removal of hair from its root by covering it with a sticky substance like wax to glue with the body hair and then removing this covering thereby pulling out the hair from its follicle

2) Tweezing 

This is simply the process of removing the hair with tweezers. Using tweezers involves locating an individual’s hair and plucking each out by the root. 

This can be tedious and time-consuming but allow very precise brow shaping; Tweezers quality is a thing though, so ensuring you use only a high-quality toolset and good lighting to achieve the best look and results.

3) Threading 

 This requires the use of a cotton thread that loops around individual hairs and pulls them up quickly, this helps shape the brow and remove unwanted hair from most areas of the face.

 If supervised by a professional they can easily remove lines of hair, therefore, helping speed up the process. Though most people complain of redness after undergoing threading.

4) Microblading 

This is a method that involves tattooing in the thin area of the eyebrows to make them fuller.

It can last for a very long period let’s say 18 – 25 months depending on the skin type and your lifestyle. It is very expensive.

There is no best amongst them as all are good, it depends on the individual, the shape of the eyebrow you want and the cost.

Unknown Eyebrow Mistake You Make

Here are five unknown eyebrows mistakes you make when you try to remove your eyebrows

1. Trying to make both eyelashes look identical

When you desperately want to make eyebrows look the same, you can end up removing more than required, you can also make too-thin brows.

The best thing is to meet a professional to shape your brows

2. Over Plucking The eyebrows Excessive

Over plucking of your brows creates a thin little line of hairs which prevents the brows from framing your face properly. The best solution is to try out brow extensions

3. Using the wrong brush 

Using a brush that is not in sync with your eyebrows may be a wide brush or a toat brush, which will give you a scattered look. The solution is to get a brush that fits the eyebrows

4. Starting your arch in the wrong spot 

A very strong brow arch is ideal for many women but putting it close to your face makes you look frustrated and angry. Let a professional help you do it.

5.Making the brow very dark with your brow filler 

 It is very difficult to fill brows with the natural colours of the brow. Use a filler that blends with the colours of the eyebrows

6. Laying the eyebrow makeup to stick 

When the makeup on the eyebrows is too much and it makes it seems it is drowning out of the rest of the face. Use light, short strokes instead of pressing it too much.

7. Doing your brows before doing most of the makeup 

After makeup, your face looks a bit different. Doing your brows before makeup will most likely cause the brows and makeup not to be in alignment.

Make sure you do your brows after you do the makeup and the colour or filler matches with the makeup.

8. Tweezing before having a bath 

 The hot water or warm water loosens up the hair follicle and a few eyebrow hairs are likely to fall off, especially if you recently just removed the eyebrows.

The simple trick is to avoid a hot shower immediately after removing the eyebrows.

From the above article, we have seen how to wax your eyebrows, the procedures involved and the time frame in which we should wax our eye eyebrows.

Also, we looked at other methods of eyebrows removal which includes eye threading which uses thread to shape the eyebrows, tweezing which includes the use of tweezers to pluck out the eyebrow hairs and microblading which uses tiny needles tattoo on the eyebrows. 

All these are effective methods of removing eyebrow hair. We also tackled some common mistakes involved in eyebrow removal.

We hope we were able t help

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