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15 creative ways to give a guy your number

15 creative ways to give a guy your number

There are usually cute looking guys in the neighbourhood, college, church, work, etc that have caught our fancy. ‘Shoot your shot’, they say but it is so damn hard! right? Don’t worry anymore, we have got you covered. Below are 15 creative ways to give a guy your number. The guy you can’t stop thinking about, the guy that makes your heart skip a beat when you sight him, like in the movies.

There are several imaginative and fun ways you could give a guy your number including pretending to lose your phone and have him call you, inviting him to an event, and also asking him to recommend a service for you.

Here are 15 proven and successful ways to give him your number.


15 creative ways to give a guy your number

1. Start a conversation and end it abruptly

Everyone has an interest in one topic or the other. Be sure to know two or more topics he would be interested in, choose one of his interests and get the conversation going.

You would be very surprised to see how glued he would be to you. When the conversation gets close to its climax, tell him you need to be somewhere urgently and also that you enjoyed every conversation.

Since he is still interested in the discussion, give him your phone number so you both can continue over the phone. Trust me he would have given you a series of calls before you got home.

2.  Ask to join his group

If there is a virtual group he belongs to, you can show your interest in that group and that you have heard a lot about it.

Tell him to add you to the group, give him your digits after this.

3. Notify me when…

Depending on the situation or environment where you meet him, you can tell him to holla you when the event starts as the case may be.

If it is in college, you can walk up to him with a warm smile telling him you need to go pick up something and you want him to call you when lectures begin (and what’s the easiest way to communicate? Your number of course, lol).

4. Shoot your shot (be direct)

Break the myth that girls can’t woo a guy or that you have to wait for a guy to make the first move. No dear, there are ways to make that move without looking pushy.

Walk up to him, be as sweet as possible, hand him a sweet note with your number in it, tell him to give you a call if he doesn’t mind.

Who knows if he also has a crush on you.

5. Be attractive and happy

Who wouldn’t want to be with a cute happy girl? Be happy and charming, have a warm and gentle impact on people, be the girl everyone wants to be with. I call it living your best life.

When you are happy, happiness radiates all over you and it is contagious. And as the happy person that you are and one of the hottest girls, getting the guy you like will be an easy task.

Already he has eyes on you so just extend a hand of friendship towards him by giving him your number. You will leave him in awe that a sweet girl shared her number with him thinking you are desperate.

6. Business Patronage

It could be a skill or little business of yours, you can tell him to patronize. It’s no news that business owners want growth and that’s by asking for patronage.

You can introduce your small business to him, give him your number to call you when he needs your services or wants to purchase something you sell.

And don’t forget the killer smile of yours plus a sharp wink when you are about to leave.

7. Ask to be recommended

Sometimes you may like a guy and it seems like that is the only thing you can focus on. When it gets to this point you wouldn’t mind talking to a mutual friend to be an intermediary. You can get a used friend. I put in sweet words for you. After a jolly hang out or conversation between the three of you, your friend can suggest that he takes your digits.

8. Fix yourself in his routine

Find ways to put yourself in two or more of his activities. If he loves to play basketball, you can be one of the cheerleaders. And always wait around after every match to be around him.

When he notices you around all the time, there will surely be a good time to give him your number. Who knows, he might make the move before you.

9. I can’t find my phone!

This is very simple and doesn’t require much. Pretend to have lost your phone, in panic request for his phone, dial your number and watch your phone ring in your pocket.

Thank him and check your phone in a few minutes – he has already dropped you a message. LOL! Smart, isn’t it?

10. Play novice or confused 

If a topic or subject is taught, act like you do not understand and you need his help to understand better. Share your number so both of you can schedule a meeting time.

He will end up feeling like a hero who just solved the world’s greatest puzzle and he would be happy to help you again and again.

11. Invite him to an event.

You can invite him to any event you know he would be willing to attend. Give him your number suggesting you both go together or should in case he needs direction. He will call you even before the event approaches.

12. Messaging Error.

This is a slightly dynamic scenario. If you are already friends with him on Facebook, Instagram, etc you can slide into his DM with a message directed to another person. Apologise and say it was an error.

Continue with the conversation that will ensue, drop your mobile number stating that you prefer direct calls to chats.

13. Share numbers with everyone

It’s just a number of girlfriends. On a good day probably after classes or after an activity, you can initiate an exchange of contacts with everyone.

He would not see this as flirting with him because you didn’t meet him directly. But be sure to have some frogs (unwanted guys) in your DM. At least he has your contact, that is your consolation.

14. Ask him to recommend a service

If you need to get something done or require a service, you can meet him for a recommendation. Let it seem like it’s urgent and you have no idea where to get such services.

As always, men like to feel responsible, he will gladly oblige. How else will he give you feedback? – dial your number on his phone ASAP.

15. Not Sure If My Phone Works

This one is clever and sneaky. Just look for the right time and pretend you’re not sure if your phone is working. You think it has a mouthpiece issue or something and you get him to call you to check it.

That way he already got your number and if he likes you he is going to call you to ask if your phone is still working that way you guys are already talking.

Signs that the guy is totally into you

However, there are clear signs to know if he is indeed into you. See if the man you’re dating with or starting to date does these things for you: 

1. He Compliments You A Lot.

If he’s quick to give you a lot of compliments, he’s most likely into you. Guys mostly like to compliment a girl they are into. That is their way of letting her know that they are into her.

But sometimes if the compliment is mostly sexual related it means he just wants to sleep with you.

2. He’s not glued to his phone.

These days we see a lot of people always glued to their phones in public places even when they are hanging out with friends.

If he actively puts his phone away, he doesn’t deserve a medal or anything, but it shows that he likes your company and he is into you.

3. He lingers in the hug.

When you guys hug, he does not want to let go of you. That shows that he feels comfortable holding you and you give him a kind of warmth he is surely interested in you.

4. He takes a deep breath when he sees you.

That might sound strange but it’s true; when a guy sees a girl they like they get tense too and quickly take a deep breath to make themselves ready for you lol. Funny but it’s true.

5. The moment he sees you, he wants to touch you or look at you.

Even when he does not want to, he can’t help staring at you. 

6. His voice changes into a slower, sweeter tone.

He tries to turn to that catchy sexy voice when is talking to you. 

7. He smiles above the mouth.

He can’t stop smiling when you are around. This sure is really like you.

What do guys want 

Unlike girls you often don’t see men talking about what they need in a relationship or from a girl. This makes most women think that all men want is sex but that’s not true.

Knowing what a guys want or what makes them attracted to you will give you definite insight on creative ways to give a guy your number. let’s go!

1. Respect 

Men are to be valued, respected, and adored. This is one thing that every man needs a woman that would treat them 

with so much importance.

2. Emotional Intimacy

A man’s partner is his shoulder to cry on. He can expose the cracks in his armour and allow his partner to help him heal.

Just as women need to slowly open up sexually within a relationship, men open up over time emotionally.

Girl, this is one band wagon you should definitely hop on, don’t miss your shot you know. Definitely a creative way give him your number and make him keep texting you.

3. Security 

In a relationship, a man needs to feel Safe with his partner. He has to be sure that you won’t just wake up and break things up with him so while you are dating you should try to reassure him verbally and non verbally 

5. Support 

Even when men don’t ask, they need support financially or with the big moving in the house. A woman who supports her man is what every man prays for 

6. Praise and approval

Although females need and demand more verbal praise than men, men still need it too. They need to know that they did well in everything maybe when they cook, after sex you should let him know how good he performed.

Is it okay to give a guy your number?

It’s okay to give a guy your number if you think you like him there is no written law that a guy should be the one to ask for your number first.

If you are interested you have to make the move but in a way that does not make you seems desperate, you can use the 15 creative ways to give a guy your number above as your guide.

After using these creative ways to give a guy your number, what is the success rate?

Are you at a party and there is a guy that keeps looking at you but when you look back he turns his eyes away? he might not be able to approach you for your number because he might be shy.

If you like him too you can do you both a favour and just give him your number he is surely going to call or text you.

If he is a random guy you just met that you like if you give him your number he might not call back, or when he calls back he might not want anything serious with you because he thinks you are the one chasing him. 

So the success rate of giving a guy your number depends on if the guy is interested in you or might be looking for a way to get to talk to you for a long time.

How do I get a guy to notice me?

Unlike women, men are moved by what they see rather than what they hear. 

So if you have your eye on a guy and want to try to turn attention your way, you have to do things to attract him to you while you don’t appear too obvious. To start, use the following ways to get him to notice you:

1. Be fun and alive when he’s around

Guys can’t resist a fun, flirty girl with a sweet laugh. Spend time with your friends, be seen in the right places, and indulge in fun activities.

Guys love a girl’s laughter. It always gets their attention. Have fun with your friends, and he’ll spend all the time looking at you

2. Show off your kind side

Guys are drawn to a girl’s kindness. They may not know it themselves but evolution has crafted men to fall for kind traits in women.

Don’t act bitchy or aloof just to show him that you’re the coolest girl in the office or school. Instead, be warm and pleasant when you speak with anyone who walks up to you.

You’ll be liked by everyone, and definitely by the guy whose attention you want to!

3. Smile!

We just talked about being sweet, but smiling deserves a point all of its own! Smiling is disarming, it makes people feel like you’re a warm and nice person to speak to. That’s what you need to show him.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go around beaming and grinning constantly. Just make sure that you smile a lot more than you frown.

4. Dress sexily, but do it for you

You know what looks best on you and how it makes you feel. Dress well and wear your cutest attire when you’re around him. Don’t wear overly revealing clothes unless you’ve got only sex on your mind. Look cute and wear something that grabs attention.

And don’t worry, he’ll notice a girl who knows to dress well. However, it’s important to do this for you first of all.

He’ll notice if you’re trying too hard and when you dress for yourself, you’ll ooze confidence.

5. Catch his eye

Now and then, exchange eye contact with him very discreetly. Look at him once and lock eyes for a second, and avoid looking towards him for a while. He’ll try to look at you often and see if you’re looking at him

But as irresistible as it may be, avoid looking at him too often because he’ll realize you like him. And once he knows he doesn’t have to win you over because you’re already smitten by him, he’ll lose his interest in impressing you or approaching you.

Instead, look once at him and make him look at you often and fall for you.

6. Appear occupied

Guys like staring at a girl when she’s occupied. It’s the only time a guy can get an eyeful and appreciate a girl. By looking at a girl when she’s busy, they won’t get caught staring.

After you’ve exchanged glances now and then, get busy with your friends or by looking at something intently. Give him enough time to get a good look at you and appreciate you when you’re looking away.

He’s going to look you up and down for a while and that’s all dandy as long as he likes what he sees!

7. Always smell awesome

Guys are suckers for feminine fragrances. Pick up a few fragrances that smell good on your skin and make sure he gets a good whiff of it when you closely walk past him.

He’ll have no choice but to float in your fragrance and hope to smell more of you!

Should I give him my number or wait for him to ask?

If you have talked to this guy and you are interested then you should just go for it and give him your number. Guys can be just as shy as us girls when they are interested in someone. 

So if you think he won’t try getting your number anytime soon, go for it and give him your number.

That way if he texts you then you know he wants to talk to you, and if he doesn’t I guess it’s time to move on.

Giving a guy your number is not a big deal, but you have to follow the ways listed above so as not to appear desperate and it’s advisable to only give a guy your number if you think he is liking you too but is shy to approach you.

If it is a new guy you like that you will try to get his attention but if he does not seems interested it is not a good idea to approach him and give him your number 

That sometimes end up badly. 

If there is a new guy that you like and you think like you but he is wasting time in approaching you I think it is time you use the creative step to get his number and get you talking.

All the best!

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