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25 Reasons to Suspect For Why Guys Don’t Approach You

25 Reasons to Suspect For Why Guys Don’t Approach You

Are you going through times in which guys don’t even say hi to you? Even when you are looking your best, they don’t seem to be noticing you. You may be friendly and even think you are attractive but still, no one is coming your way. Then you ask yourself if I am doing all these, why don’t guys approach me?

Well, guys might not be approaching you because you are doing some things that make them reluctant to talk to you. As a guy, there are certain things that can make me not approach a girl. If you are the type of girl that is never alone, always with your friends, it will also be difficult for guys to approach you. When a girl always wears a “resting bitch face” guys might find it difficult to approach her.

If you are going through this at the moment, you are not alone. You don’t need to feel worried or sad about it, a lot of girls are currently facing such a situation. This article will help you with things that might be causing that and will also help you with tips to make guys start rushing after you like when a bee sees honey.

25 obvious reasons why guys don’t approach you: 

1. They never have the opportunity to meet you alone:

Having fun with the girls is good, but it might be the reason for guys not approaching you. If you are always with your friends, some guys won’t be able to summon the courage to meet you. They will be waiting for you to be alone. But that might never happen because you are always with your female friends.

So try to be alone sometimes. If there is a guy that you like and you want him to be able to approach you, you have to be the one to create that suitable atmosphere. You can go to his favorite spot and just sit alone when he notices that you are alone and he is going to come talk to you.

2. Resting bitch face: 

Though sometimes, people naturally carry faces that make them look like they are angry or sad or don’t even want to talk to anyone. So if you have this kind of face, it will make guys scared to talk to you. They will think you might be rude to them or you are not even ready to listen to anyone at the moment.

If you have this kind of face, you should try to work on it. When you are out, take your tongue to the front of your teeth like you are “mewing”. This will help your face appear bright with that slight smile. You can also try to use makeup to reshape your face and try to replace your neutral frown with a smile.

3. You don’t make eye contact:

Eye contact can help to give guys signals that you notice them too. When you try to maintain eye contact with a guy, it gives him the hint that you are interested in him too. You can look at them and give a little bit of a smile and then put your head back down. This will send him a signal that you want him to talk to you. 

When you are not always looking at guys, they won’t think you are interested. So you need to keep eye contact to make them approach you with ease.

4. You are always approaching them first:

When you are always talking to guys first, it can kill their interest in talking to you. Sometimes, guys like to be the ones chasing the girl and not the other way round. When you talk to them first, they might start seeing you as cheap and lose interest in talking to you. 

5. You behave rudely: 

When you are rude, it is going to chase a lot of guys from you. When a guy wants to approach and sees that you treat people around you badly; maybe at your workplace or even at a restaurant. If you treat the workers there rudely, no guy would want to approach you. They would see you as mean.  

If men are not approaching you and you think you might be the rude type, you have to try to change that behavior. Try to be nice to people, even to strangers. Nice people always get everyone’s attention.

6. You’re always hanging out with other guys:

Men don’t like a lot of competition. They shy away because they don’t want to step on anyone’s turf. Having male friends is good but it can also scare men away from you. If there is a guy that you like and you think he is not approaching you because you are always around a lot of guys, you should limit the way you hang around boys. And when the guy approaches you, try to make him understand that the guys he sees with you are just your friends and nothing more.

7. You’re always on your phone: 

If you are always on your phone even in public places, guys are not going to think you are not approachable. When you are always on your phone, it makes you look like the girl who doesn’t want to be bothered and who is not noticing anyone around her.

So try to put that phone away. It might be that it’s hindering you from the attention you desire. You sitting without looking at your phone gives you time to look around the room and catch eye contact with people around who are then pushed to start a conversation with you.

8. You don’t dress well:

The way you dress is very important. Everyone wants to be friends with the coolest girl in the room. If you work on your dressing, guys are going to want to talk to you because they are going to always notice that girl with an impressive dress sense.

9. You are not attractive: 

Guys might not be talking to you because they don’t even notice you. You have to try to make yourself attractive, try to dress hot but not slutty. This will make guys notice you and want to be your friend. Try to put on bright clothes that can make anyone notice you. The color red will always make anyone look at you even when they don’t want to. Wear a smile and bright lipstick.

10. You act like you are taken:

Some guys won’t approach girls when they think you are with someone else. They don’t want to go with you, knowing fully well that they might not be able to get you from your boyfriend. 

This can make a guy think you are taken and not want to have any conversation with you.

11. You are too sensitive: 

When you are too sensitive, guys will be scared of you because you feel you might be easily hurt. They are scared that when they become close to you, they are going to be too cautious of themselves for fear of hurting you. 

So you should not be the type that always cries when it is not worth it. Try to work on growing a thicker skin and working on having that inner peace that allows you to think things through before you react.

12. You are not at the right places:

If you are hanging out in places where you don’t fit, the guys there might not be seeking to approach you because you won’t be looking like their type.

You have to go to places where you can be free to be yourself. Places that make you happy and that you have a lot of interest in will help you meet guys that are your type and they would be interested in you because they have similar characteristics like you to be hanging out in places that interest you.

13. You never put yourself out there:

If you are the indoor type, you have to start coming out for guys to approach you. How can a guy you like talk to you when he barely sees you?  So you have to put yourself out there to give him the chance to say hi to you.

14. You are still hanging out with your ex:

Were you in a very public relationship that everyone knows and you are still seen with your ex now and then? Guys who like you will be thinking you still have feelings for them and won’t bother to approach you.

So if you are doing this, you have to cut ties with your ex so new guys would be motivated to start something with you.

15. Everyone knows your business: 

Are you a loud person? Someone who is not reserved? You can’t keep secrets? When a guy talks, asks you out and you turn him down, are you always telling everyone about it and guys know? 

Then that might be the reason no guy is approaching you.

You have to learn to keep things to yourself even when a guy has embarrassed himself to you, you should not start telling everyone about it because when the news spreads, no guy would want to talk to you again for fear of getting mocked by everyone.

16. The ring:

A ring can be just a fashion accessory to you, but it can also be a hindrance to you meeting new guys. Wearing a ring can scare a guy away from you especially when you wear them on fingers that make it seem that you are committed. 

17. Type of guys:

Sometimes, you might be meeting guys who are shy or who are not bold enough to approach women. They might not have the courage to start a conversation with you even if they like you.

Some guys might not talk to you because they think you are above their class. So, guys not saying hi to you might be a problem for them and not you.

18. The men fear rejection:

If you’re the type of girl that has built a fairy tale guy in her head, guys might be scared to talk to you. Because when you speak about the kind of guy you like, they don’t even fit in that description.

So you have to stop focusing on the superficial. This will allow the right guy to approach you.

19. You are not friendly:

Unfriendliness scares people away. Because you will appear hostile and hard to talk to. So you have to work on your friendliness and how you relate with people. When guys see that you look easily approachable they are scared of talking to you.

20. You look like you are happy to be single:

Sometimes, when you appear like someone who doesn’t want a relationship and isn’t even ready to mingle, guys won’t be motivated to talk to you.

Guys can sense this from the way you talk, act, and even things you post on social media. So, if you have this kind of attitude, it might be the reason guys are not saying hi to you.

21. You are too friendly:

Being friendly is actually a good thing but when you are too friendly and too playful, you are going to start appearing unserious to guys. 

The fact that you play too much with others can make the guy who might be interested in you from afar lose interest in you. This is because he feels that you might not take him seriously because of playfulness.

22. You look too good to be single: 

Have you been told that you are too beautiful to be single? When a girl is always looking her best, people tend to think that she is doing it for the man in her life but you might just be doing this for you.

If guys are not talking to you because everybody is always telling you “a beautiful girl like you can’t be single”, then that’s on them. It’s nothing to worry about, the right man is going to find you soon.

23. You act too busy:

Are you always occupied with someone? Well, this might be the reason guys are not coming to you. No one would want to disturb a busy person. So they are always reluctant to talk to you.

When you are around the guy you like, instead of acting all occupied, you can act bored. This will give him the motivation to come talk to you because you are already sending a signal that you need someone to talk to.

24. You look too slutty:

When you are always dressing like a slut, guys might start to see you as one. They won’t have the interest to talk to you even if they do, it would be just to sleep with you and not do anything serious with you. 

You should be able to tell the difference between dressing hot and slutty. This will help you get the right guys to come into your life.

25. You look like you are too shy: 

Shy girls are always difficult for guys to talk to. A guy won’t want to talk to you because you are the shy type and do not even know how to hold a conversation even when you want to. So they won’t approach you for fear of getting embarrassed because you won’t even know what to say to them when they try to start a conversation with you.

Should a man approach me?

Well, it depends on the situation. If a guy you like and you think likes you too but has not been able to talk to you because he is shy, you can approach him first, you can go directly to tell him hi or you can use another stylish method to get him to talk to you.

Naturally, it’s not ideal for a woman to approach men first. That can make a man lose value for you because he did not have to chase you, you came to him yourself. So you should always wait for a guy to approach first. You can only go to him first in rare cases after you are noticed. But it’s not advisable to go directly. You can think of any suitable method to get you to start a conversation.

How do I get a man to approach me?

To get approached, you have to try to carry a vibrant vibe. This makes a guy see you as someone that is easily approachable. You have to be friendly but don’t be too friendly. Wearing a smile and also looking your best can make men always want to talk to you. 

Staying away from your phone can also help. When you are always on your phone it looks like you are too busy or either texting your boyfriend so no guy would bother talking to you. The best way you can have a man motivated to talk to you it’s to make yourself approachable and attractive the best way you can.

How do you know a guy wants to approach you?

When a man wants to talk to you but has not gotten the chance, he is going to drop hints so you know that he is going to speak to you soon. 

He is going to do things like always looking at you and maintaining eye contact, when he looks at you he smiles, raises his eyebrows, or even winks. Then he is coming to speak to you soon. 

What to do when a man approaches you?

When a man approaches you, the best thing to do is to be nice. Even when he is someone who you don’t like or have not noticed before, you have to be nice and hear what he has to say. If he says things that seem inappropriate to you, you can tell him gently that you don’t like that. 

When a guy you like finally speaks to you, the best way to react is to keep the flow alive but don’t act like that’s all you have been waiting for. Be nice to him, and make the conversation flow. This gives him the chance to say everything he has to say. Don’t try to be in charge, let him do the talk but always answer in a way that will kick start your friendship. 

Do guys like to be approached?

Just like women, men like to be approached by women they are already interested in, especially when they have done things to get your intention. 

Time has shown that most men don’t like when a woman is chasing them. But you can approach them after they have sent a lot of signals to you. 

You should only approach guys when you are sure they like you too and have been looking for a way to talk to you. If you go and speak to guys that have not even noticed you, you are going to seem desperate and like a disturbance to him.

Would getting a man to approach me be a tough job?

Getting a man to speak to you is a very easy job. You just have to work with all the signs that were listed above and try to imbibe them into your everyday life. This will not make it look like you are doing it for any guy or forcing yourself to do it because it’s already a way of life for you.


When you are having a guy drought in your life, you should check yourself very well and see that you are doing anything that might be chasing guys away. This will help you fix the issue. If the problem is not from you but from the guys, you can speak to them directly or look for a way to start a conversation with them. That would help if they have been looking for a way to get to speak to you.

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