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He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants to Sleep With Me – What to Expect

He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants to Sleep With Me – What to Expect

“He has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me.” We have seen many girls ask this question a lot of times because guys who are in a relationship are still approaching them. Most times, men can be in a relationship and still want to sleep with other women. According to research and as a man, I can categorically tell that men are more likely to cheat than women. So your male friend in a relationship can be trying to have sex with you. But why is he doing this?

A guy who has a girlfriend might still want to sleep with you because he is a chronic cheat. He just wants to use you for sex, his girlfriend might not be satisfying his sexual desires so he is turning to you. When a man who has a girlfriend wants sex with you, one thing you should expect is that the guy might not ask you for a serious relationship. He is unfaithful and just wants you as his cheating partner.

As a girl, if a guy is approaching you for sex but has a girlfriend, reading this article would help you know the reasons for his actions. This piece will show you what you should expect and to handle such situations.

Since he has a girlfriend, why does he want to sleep with me?

Men in a serious relationship might still want to sleep with you for the following reasons:

1.  He is sexually attracted to you:

It is very difficult for men to resist hot girls even when they are in a committed relationship. A guy might be trying to sleep with you because he considers you hot and he is sexually attracted to you. It only takes a faithful guy to be able to resist the urge to cheat on his girlfriend with a girl he considers very attractive. Sometimes, even the faithful ones fall. It takes a lot of discipline for a guy to resist a very hot girl. It does not mean they don’t love their girlfriend or want to have a relationship with you. They see you as someone that appeals to their sexual fantasies so they start approaching you for sex hoping their spouse does not find out. 

2. Is girlfriend does not satisfy his sexual needs:

Sometimes, we can get into relationships with people that don’t really match our sexual desires. It might be that he is yet to feel that sexual connection with his girlfriend or his girlfriend does not see sex the way he does. If he is someone that has high sexual desires and his girlfriend does not, he is going to try to get sex elsewhere, either from you or other women. 

3. He is an incurable cheat:

A chronic cheat will want to sleep with you even when he has a girlfriend because that is what he does. He is unfaithful and sees cheating as being cool so he is not just asking you for sex he is asking other women. A chronic cheat might even have a fiance and still wants to play around with other women. If he has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with you that might be because he is a flirt and a chronic cheater.

4. He does not respect his girlfriend: 

A man who respects his girlfriend would not want to cheat on her no matter what. He would try to safeguard the relationship and try his possible best to avoid anything that will jeopardize his chances. A man moving to another girl while in a relationship shows that he doesn’t have any respect for his so-called girlfriend and even for you.

5. He is immature and irresponsible: 

A responsible and mature guy would know that it is wrong to have sex with another girl when you are in a relationship. So if he is asking you for sex means that he is irresponsible. 

6. He sees you as a soft catch:

A guy might want to have sex with you even when in a known relationship because they see you as a soft catch for them. It might be because you like him. He knows you are also sexually attracted to him and also have romantic feelings for him. This might make him try to just sleep with you. And this is because he knows it will be hard for you to resist since you have feelings for him.

7. Using you as a payback:

When a partner cheats on each other, the one cheated on can decide to cheat back to keep it even without their partner knowing. When a guy has issues with his girlfriend, he might start to look for a girl to sleep with. This is to take their mind away from the current issues with their girlfriend as payback for cheating on them. 

8. Things are not going well in his relationship:

A relationship going through hurdles can make a guy or a girl turn to other people for solace. A guy can be having issues with his girlfriend or about to break up with her but he has not made it official yet. The fact that they are not together can make him turn to you for things he cannot get from his girlfriend at that time. So he might ask for sex just to fill the void.

What are the dangers of sleeping with a man who has a girlfriend?

When you sleep with a guy who has a girlfriend you are doing yourself more harm than good. You are officially his cheating accomplice. It shows you don’t respect yourself or other women. Some of the risks involved in sleeping with a man that has a girlfriend are:

1. He can end up using you:

He might tell you he loves you, he wishes he met you before his girlfriend. That can be true and that can also be a lie, but will you be okay with putting your heart at so much risk and uncertainty for a man who is already seeing someone? 

For you to keep your heart safe, it’s better to avoid such situations if he already has a girlfriend. It’s better you don’t sleep with him because there is a high probability that all he just wants from you is sex. And he won’t leave his girlfriend for you. He clearly is just using you. 

2. You can end up with STDs: 

A man who has a girlfriend and still wants to sleep with you is an unfaithful, immoral man. You might not be the only girl he is cheating on his girlfriend with. He might be doing this with so many other girls. This increases your exposure to Sexually Transmitted Diseases and infections.

3. You can’t have your own relationship:

The fact that you are sleeping with him will make you think you are in a relationship, and this will stop you from getting your own relationship. While you are sleeping with him, he is building something with his girlfriend and might even end up getting married why you are there with no man to call yours. 

4. It will kill your trust for men:

The fact that a man is in a relationship and is sleeping with you will make you start to see all men that way. When the time comes for you to have your relationship, you might find it difficult to trust your man because you feel he might be a cheat too. This can ruin any relationship you try to get into.

5. You can end up being disgraced by his girlfriend: 

To his girlfriend and other people, you are going to be seen as a boyfriend snatcher. This can lead to public disgrace. A situation where his girlfriend will confront you in public and disgrace you. It can lead to you guys fighting and give you a bad reputation as a boyfriend snatcher around the neighborhood. 

Why doesn’t he want to let you go now he has a girlfriend?

A guy might have a girlfriend but still wants to be close to you because he enjoys your company. He likes the attention you give him and simply wants to be your friend. We see guys tagging you as his “bestie” because of this. You are like someone he likes but can’t have a romantic relationship with. 

If a guy has a girlfriend but won’t let you go, it can also be because the guy is confused and doesn’t know what he wants. He thinks he likes his girlfriend but he also wants you in his life and might be having feelings for you too.

A guy might be unwilling to let you go even when they have a girlfriend because he is trying to keep you as his second choice or side chic. When a guy has a girlfriend and asks for sex and won’t leave you, it means he is trying to make you his side chic.

Is it wrong for a guy who has a girlfriend to move to you and wants to sleep with you?

It is very wrong for a guy who has a girlfriend to want to sleep with you. This shows that a guy is a bad person. He is immature and irresponsible and does not respect his girlfriend or himself. A good guy should be able to resist the urge to cheat on his girlfriend. And if you think you are trying to use sleeping with him to steal him from his girlfriend, you are going to end up using yourself. 

He is running to you only for sex and when he leaves his girlfriend for you should not be surprised when he starts cheating on you too. When you are sleeping with a man who is in a relationship, you should put it at the back of your mind that you are hurting someone right now as a cheating accomplice. So I say it again, sleeping with a man who has a relationship is totally wrong.

Should I feel guilty for sleeping with a man who has a girlfriend?

If you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you would you feel bad? I am sure your answer would be a yes. Then if you sleep with a man that has a girlfriend you should feel guilty because you have done something totally wrong. That shows you don’t respect yourself enough to say no to cheating with a man. You accepted the ‘side-chic’ position and hurt someone for sleeping with their boyfriend, so you should be angry at yourself because what you did is immoral and uncultured. 

How to avoid a guy who has a girlfriend and wants to sleep with me:

The best way to avoid a guy who is already in a relationship is for you to set boundaries. A guy who is already in a relationship can simply just want to be your friend but because you guys became close, he started growing feelings for you. You might be the one that gave him all the signals without you even knowing. 

Some girls can go extremely close with guys that are in a relationship. You are always texting and calling each other, always hanging out, and always meeting in alone places like your room. Sometimes, you guys can even have really deep conversations which start to make him create fantasies in his head.

So to avoid this, if you are friends with a guy who is already in a relationship, you should be able to set boundaries. This will stop him from developing sexual feelings towards you.

If a guy approached you for sex and you are fully aware that he has a girlfriend, you should shut him out immediately. You can even go as far as threatening him that you will tell his girlfriend this will scare him away. When you give him a listening ear, you might start to get tempted and won’t know when you will fall.


A guy wanting to have sex with you even when he has a girlfriend should signal to you that he’s unfaithful and irresponsible. So you should avoid and reject such advances very quickly because nothing good usually comes out of such a relationship. You can end up being used or dumped and if maybe you succeed in starting a relationship with him, he is going to cheat on you too because he is an unfaithful man.

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