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25 Ruthless Signs He Never Loved You

25 Ruthless Signs He Never Loved You

After a breakup, you could be feeling lost, and sad. This grieving can be aggravated when you start to remember how he treated you like he never loved you. And you might begin to ask yourself: Is it true he never loved me? Some guys pretend to love you just to make you fall for them. If you are already in love, it will be difficult to see their true intentions toward you. So now, how do you know he never loved you?

Some of the signs that he never loved you include: He never took you on a proper date or even introduce you to his friends. The man was always calling you over just when he wants sex. He made you overwork. He never said he loved you. Never reciprocated the love you showed him. He never showed you care when you were down with a sickness.

If you have doubts about his supposed love for you, here are 25 signs that show he never loved you.

25 Signs that show he never loved you

1. He flirted with other women:

If while you guys were dating, he flirted with other girls in your presence, it means he does not even respect you or love you. When a man loves you, he is not going to flirt with other women or persons because he respects you. He is not going to put himself in a position to lose you.

2. He abused you verbally: 

If a guy keeps saying words that hurt you without thinking about how you feel, it means he doesn’t love you. Abusive words can crush your self-esteem and a guy that loves you would not want to do that.

3. He told you to leave whenever you want: 

If he was always telling you that he wasn’t holding you back when you guys had issues, insinuating that you can leave, it means he didn’t love you.

4.  He hardly initiates contact: 

Were you always the one who had to remind him to call? Even when you did remind him, he never called you. If you were the one who always did the calling, then he was never in love with you. 

5. He was never jealous:

He was never jealous even when he saw you with other men. Even when you posted pictures of these men, he didn’t ask you why. When a man is in love, jealousy is one way you can know. If he sees you with other men, he is going to start acting jealous. He might not ask you to stop talking to them but he is going to want you to always be with him.

6. He made you overwork:

While you dated him, you did all the house chores. You washed for him, cleaned his space, ironed his clothes, and he never reciprocated. Instead, he always watched as you did all of these like a slave driver and gives negative comments after doing these chores. Sometimes, you tried to erupt but you couldn’t due to the love and respect you had for him and this obviously he didn’t have for you.

7. He never agreed to be your plus one:

Since he never agreed to be my plus one does it mean he never loved me? If you are asking yourself this, you are right. He never did love you. A guy who loves you will always want to go out with you. Even when he can’t, he will come up with a meaningful excuse.

8.  All you both have is a sex life:

If the only thing that connects both of you is sex, then there is no love there. You both never had conversations outside sexual-related topics and for any relationship that aims to grow, that’s a major red flag.

9. He did not return your call or answer it:

While you were with him, he never returned your call even when you called him he’d say he is always busy and never called back. Someone who loved you will never do that.

10. He was not concerned about the fine details of your life:

If a guy loves you, he will be interested in knowing everything about you. He will ask you how your day went and try to find out every detail about you. And when you tell him, he never forgets.

11. He was never there when you need him:

When you needed support whether financially or emotionally, he was never there for you. Even when you were sick, he did not mind and never showed you any care.

12. He never took any pictures of you:

When a guy is in love, he always takes pictures of his partner. If he never took pictures of you or even kept pictures of you on his phone, then he never loved you.

13. He does not want to see you in public: 

You never went to any public event with him. Even when you guys were together in public, he was uncomfortable like he never wanted you around.

14. He assaults you physically: 

If he hit you, a couple of times or even once, it means he doesn’t respect or love you. Even after apologizing, he still continued to hit you. No one should ever be in an abusive relationship for any reason. 

15. He only introduced you as just a friend: 

When you were around his friends and family, he introduced you as just a friend even during the peak of the relationship. If he kept your relationship secret, then he was never in love with you.

16. He never wanted to see you when you were in your period:

Whenever you told him you were on your period, he asked you not to bother coming over. A guy who really cares about you will never do that.

17. He did not spend quality time with you: 

Whenever he was with you, he was always in a hurry to leave. He acted as if you were a form of disturbance to him, as though you are hindering him from being where he wants to be.

18. He never asked to be your plus one:

He never asked you to prom? Or maybe at a friend’s birthday or dinner party he would rather take someone else than take you, then he was never interested in you.

19. He did not make sacrifices for you: 

One way true love is measured is by how much sacrifice we can make for each other. If he never made a compromise for you, he never went out of his way to help you or be there for you, then where is the love?

20. He puts everyone above you:

Someone who loves you is supposed to put you above everyone, maybe not all the time. But at least, you will know that you are one of the most important people in his life. He was quick to respond to others but when you called he was never there.

21. He did not honor appointments:

When he asked you two to go out he did not honor it. Even when you fixed one, he is not there, and when you get angry, he is not apologetic about it.

22. He has never taken you on a proper date:

When a guy does not take you on dates, it means he does not want to create memories with you or have adventures with you. When a man is in love with you, he will want to create memories with you and go on adventures with you.

23. He married quickly after breaking up with you:

Did you just break up and now he is dating someone else? Or married immediately? Then he never loved you.

24. He never celebrated special days with you:

Even on Christmas, valentine’s, and thanksgiving, he is never there. He always seems to come up with one excuse or the other. 

25. He was seeing someone else:

When you were dating, he was cheating and always prefers to be with the other person than you. Maybe you were not even his main chick. He just kept you there for sex. 

How to get over an ex that never loved you:

  • Take away everything that reminds you of them:

You have to cut contact and make sure you burn the bridge. Delete photos and everything that reminds you of them.

  • Focus on yourself:

You need to wholeheartedly focus on yourself. Try to engage in sporting activities, and get fit. Get sexy, chase that dream and do everything that will help you grow. That way, you even have the time to miss him.

  • Go out and make new friends:

You have to try to go out and make new friends. That way, you will be able to meet someone that would know your worth and treat you right.

What to do when you realize he never loved you:

When you realize he never loved you, you have to allow yourself to go through a period of grief. It wasn’t your fault you had strong feelings for someone who never loved you. And when you realize it, it’s going to hurt and make you feel sad, but it is what it is. You have to put yourself together and try to get over the feeling of being used. Go out there, cut all ties from him, move on and try to get someone that will love you.

If he never loved me, can he still love me?

If he never loved you, there is a slim chance he is going to love you later. Though sometimes, we have seen cases where you later start developing feelings for someone you never loved. But that kind of love can sometimes be conditional. Based on something he can gain from you. For your own sake, it’s better not to worry yourself with the thought.

Should I break free from someone that never loved me?

The best thing you can do for yourself is to break free from anyone who does not love you. You have to realize that you can make anyone love you. Let go of such a person or you will end up losing yourself trying and investing in someone who does not feel the same way about you.


The fact that you can’t choose who you fall for can make you fall for someone who doesn’t love you in return. When this happens you get stuck wishing they can change for the best but if they show any of the signs that were listed in this article, then it is time for you to break free from such a relationship. 

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