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When A Guy Says He Thinks About You: 10 Different Meanings

When A Guy Says He Thinks About You: 10 Different Meanings

Does your male friend or boyfriend always say they are thinking about you? And you wonder why and what exactly he is thinking of? You may ask things like: Does he miss me or is he just saying it? What does it mean when a guy says he is thinking about you? 

A guy might tell you that he is thinking about you because he is thinking of the great time you both had together; he misses you and tells you or it could mean he wants or misses having sex with you.

In this article, we are going to take you through a guy’s mind and what guys mean when they say they are thinking about a girl.


He says he thinks about me: 10 meanings for things for this

1. He wants to sleep with you: 

When a man says he misses you, he could just be that he wants to have sex with you. And if he has not already had sex with you, he is trying to look for a way to start a conversation that will lead him to having sex with you.

2. He wants to get things back together: 

He could be your ex or a guy that is close to you, but no longer that close. So when a guy says he is thinking of you, he could just be a conversation starter to get back into your life.

3. He is just flattering you:

If you are asking: What does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you? You should think about how close you are to this guy and the type of relationship you have with this guy. If someone you barely know is telling you he is thinking about you, he might just be trying to make you feel good, or just saying it, because he wants to say it. 

4. He misses spending time with you: 

A guy might have a lot of things to say to you but because some men are not so expressive. He might put in a sentence like this one: I am thinking about you. This is because they miss the time they spent with you and trying to tell you that they want to see you again.

5. He is thinking about you: 

If you are asking: What does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you? Well, maybe he is truly thinking about you. If you have known someone for a while, it is normal for your thoughts to get hung in their minds. So he is just telling you what’s in his thoughts.

6. He wants you to look at him in a different way: 

When a guy is trying to tell you he likes you, he can say he is thinking of you. This can give him the impetus to tell you how he feels about you.

7. He is missing the memories he had with you: 

When you create memories with people, they can get stuck in their heads. This makes men miss those moments, so he might just be thinking about the times you had together.

8. He rather be with you than anyone else: 

This might have happened to you a few times even as a lady. You might be with someone then thoughts of your favorite person start going through your head. You might even end up texting that person to tell them that you miss them at that very moment. That is what this guy might be doing too.

9. He is worried about you:

Maybe you told him about something going on in your life. A guy who cares about you would be worried if you told him something was going on in your life and he could say he was thinking about you.

10. He is testing the waters: 

If this guy is asking you out, saying he was thinking about you could just be a way for him to test the waters. He is trying to see how would react to it. Guys do this a lot, just to know if you are feeling the same way before he says what’s on your mind?

What to reply when a guy says he’s thinking about you

1. “Thank you, that made me smile.”

If he is someone that is just a friend or someone you are not in a romantic relationship with, you can use this response

2. “Thank you, was not thinking of you.”

This is the kind of response for a guy you don’t like. If you want to be straightforward with him.

3. “How do you know how much I wanted to hear those words?”

This response is for someone you love. You can tell him that you have been waiting to hear that he was thinking about you, then you tell him you are thinking of him too.

4. “I am thinking of you too dear, you have been on my mind all day.”

If you are in love with this guy, you can send him this response. Let him know you have been thinking of him all day too. 

5. “I am so glad I have a friend like you.”

If you are just friends and maybe you are going through some challenges, and your friend says he has been thinking of you, you can use this to tell him that you appreciate their friendship.

6. “Back at you! Hope all is well.”

When you want to keep things private, you can use this response.

7. “Things have been hard, but your words give me some relief.”

If his words make you feel better, you have to let him know. And this response is a good way to do that.

 8. “Only good things right?”

If you need a funny response you can use this. 

9. “I am always thinking of you my love”

If he is your boyfriend, then this is the perfect response for him.

10. “You have been on my thoughts lately.”

If he is a guy you like, and he says he is thinking about you, you can tell him that you have been thinking of him too. This can start a very sweet conversation between you too.

15 Signs he thinks about you a lot

1. He likes all your social media posts: 

If he engages in all your social media posts and comments on your posts.

2. He listens to what you say:

When a guy is thinking of you a lot, it means that you are very important to him. So he is going to give you so much attention and listen to everything you say.

3. He asks you a lot of questions: 

He would be curious about everything happening in your life. When you are thinking about someone a lot, it means you care about them and you would want to know everything going on in their life.

4. He is quick to respond to your text: 

He would miss you a lot. If you send him a text he would quickly respond. Even if this guy has not told you he is thinking about you, this is an obvious sign he is.

5. He has amazing memories of you: 

He always talks about all the good times you have together. This man would tell you about moments you don’t even remember.

6. He remembers the little stuff: 

He has the thought of you in his head always. Even the things you thought were not worth remembering, this guy will remember them because you are in his everyday thoughts.

7. He is always there for you:

A guy who thinks a lot about you would care so much for you. If you need him, he will always be there for you. He will even go out of his way to please you.

8. He is vulnerable around you:

A guy would never show you his weak side except if he is comfortable around you or has a very close relationship with you. If this guy tells you everything, trusts you with his secret, and is not afraid to show his weak emotions around you, he cares so much about you and has you in his thoughts always.

9. When he sees you he hugs you:

When a guy has thoughts of you in his head. You can tell from the warm hug he will give you when he sees you. It means he is happy to finally see you because he has missed you a lot.

10. Always want to spend quality time with you: 

A guy would spend all of his time with you if you mean the world to him. He would even make excuses just to be with you. And if you are with him, he would not want you to go.

11. His body language and behavior changes: 

When a guy is always thinking about you, it means he likes you. And when a guy who likes you is around you, you should be able to notice from his body language. He might act nervous or try to always keep his composure.

12. He likes to tease you a bit: 

He might make playful jokes with you. One thing you should know is, that when a guy likes a girl, they like to tease her but not in insulting ways.

13. He is happy around you:

He has had you in his mind all day, seeing you means the world to him. If the guy is happy around you it means he thinks about you a lot.

14. He is protective of you:

He would not let any harm come to you. Also, he would not also want to do things or let anyone do things that would hurt you.

15. When he is with you, he puts his phone away:

If a guy does not remember a phone when he is with you, it means you mean a lot to him.

What does it mean when a guy thinks about you sexually?

If you had sex with this guy, it means he misses all the time you had sex and would want to do it with you again.

If you have not had sex with him, it means he is thinking about having sex with you. He may have already fantasized about how it is to have sex with you and can’t wait to do it for real.

Flirty responses to ‘thinking about you’ text

“Guess what? Me too, in fact, I had a dream about you last night.” 

“Tell me what has been in your naughty thoughts.”

“You can do whatever you wish with me in your head.”

“Same here, I have been thinking of all 7 inches of you.”

“Come over then!”

“Don’t worry, you are always in my dirty thoughts.”

“No wonder I felt someone has been staring at me.”


If you are wondering what it means when a guy says he thinks about you, I hope this article has been able to give you some ideas about the guy’s mind when they say this. Always consider the guy who is telling you this, his actions and closeness to you will help you know what he means.

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