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30 Subtle Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

30 Subtle Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Children are beautiful gifts from God and most of us most certainly want kids. But having kids should not be done sneakily, nor should anyone be forced into it. Most times, after having a conversation with your partner and letting them understand that you are not yet ready for a child, you might be on the lookout for the “signs he secretly wants you pregnant”. This can be heightened by his yearning for a baby.

There are a few signs you should look out for if you feel like your partner may want to impregnate you secretly. Some of the signs he secretly wants to get you pregnant include: constantly talking about children, having love for kids, and not wanting to use protection.


30 direct signs that he secretly wants you pregnant:

1. He is constantly talking about children: 

Men usually don’t care or even bother to talk about babies, so you should find it strange or weird when your man constantly starts talking about babies, without stopping. He is always asking questions about what babies eat, what they wear, and their general welfare. 

2. He loves kids: 

Some men naturally love kids and it is perfectly normal for them to want kids of their own. Some men love to hang around kids. They are always happy when they are around kids. You should know that such a man may secretly want to have a child with you. So, if you are not ready for children, you need to inform him quickly.

3.  He no longer wants to use protection:  

If your man is constantly asking you for unprotected sex, this might mean he is trying to get you pregnant. Also, if he is constantly refusing to pull out, you have to be quick and have a conversation with him unless you are ready to have a baby too.

4. He wants you to go off birth control: 

If your man asks you to get off birth control, you need to ask him the reason for it. And if the reason he is giving you is not good enough, then he might secretly want to get you pregnant.

5. He is always bringing kids around you: 

If your man is always volunteering to babysit kids of your friends or family, then he may want to get you pregnant. He is bringing kids around you so you can get used to the idea of kids.

6. He is always looking at pictures of himself as a kid: 

If your man can’t get enough of his childhood pictures, he might be secretly yearning for kids of his own. When he is always looking at his childhood pictures and imagining what his kids will look like, you should ask him if he is ready to have a child of his own.

7. He is upfront with you: 

Sometimes, your man may be upfront with you and he may just let you know that he is ready for kids. And if you tell him you are not ready, you have to be careful because he might just decide to impregnate you secretly.

8. He is always talking about baby names: 

If your boyfriend is always trying to get you to pick baby names, he might just be planning on getting you pregnant.

9. He is always trying to imagine what your kids would look like: 

If your partner can’t stop trying to get you to imagine what your future kids might look like, or he keeps trying to get you to think about which of you guys your future kids may take after, then he may just be seriously considering getting you pregnant secretly.

10. He keeps trying to pick out baby names:  

When your boyfriend keeps bringing up suggestions for baby names, or he is always looking for the meaning of any cute names he sees, then he might just be secretly planning on having a baby.

11. He always wants to have sex when you ovulate: 

Have you noticed that your partner is always asking for sex during your ovulation period? For your man to keep up with your ovulation period, it simply means that he may be trying to impregnate you secretly.

12. He keeps using faulty condoms: 

When your man keeps telling you that the condom tore, it may be time for you to get a little observant. He may just be the one punching holes on this condom all in the bid to get you pregnant without your knowledge. 

13. He now wants to have sex all the time: 

A man who wants to impregnate a woman will be into sex way more than usual. If he is constantly asking for sex, he may just want to get you pregnant.

14. Always telling you what a great mom you would make: 

When your man starts to always compliment you with the line: “You will make a great mom”, then you should be suspicious about his motives. He could just be buttering you up before he impregnates you.

15. He gets closer to your family:   

When a man starts to get closer to your family, or he is trying to know your family history, and so on, he might be planning on having a baby with you.

16. He is talking about getting a bigger house: 

If your man keeps making plans to buy a bigger apartment and one of the requirements for getting the apartment is that it must be kids friendly, then he may just have plans to get you pregnant.

17. He is always excited when you miss your period: 

Have you noticed that your man is always happy whenever you miss your period, or that his mood changes when your period comes back? Well, you don’t need any more signs to know that your man may just want you to get pregnant already.

18. Wants to get married:

If your man constantly talks about having kids first before marriage, and then all of a sudden, he wants to get married to you, then you should know that he may have the intention of getting you pregnant secretly.

19. His social media pages are filled with babies:

Check your man’s social media pages and if you notice that the majority of the pages he is following are children’s pages or pages that deal with the care of children then he may just be ready to get you pregnant.

20. He keeps talking about children: 

Have you told your man severally that you are not ready for kids, but yet he doesn’t get the memo? He is still always disturbing you about kids and pregnancy. You should be careful of such a man because he may just go ahead and impregnate you secretly.

21. He is more financially conscious: 

Have you noticed changes in the way he manhandles his finances? He may be more money cautious now. So, when your man suddenly starts caring about his finances, he may be secretly planning on having kids.

22. He is always talking about fatherhood: 

If your man is so passionate about fatherhood, and he is always talking about how he can’t wait to be a father, then he may secretly be making plans to impregnate you.

23. Always watching kids shows: 

If your man suddenly develops an interest in kids’ shows, you should be wary because he might have caught the baby blues, and he may just want to impregnate you.

24. He loves you: 

If your man loves you very much and he is always talking about having kids with you, it is natural for your man to want to get you pregnant.

25. He wants to be the type of father he never had: 

Most men with daddy issues usually want kids, just to prove to themselves that they can be better dads than theirs was to them. So, if your man has daddy issues, he may just have plans to impregnate you secretly.

26. He believes having kids would improve his life: 

Sometimes, your man may feel that having children will make him happier. He may get you pregnant on purpose just to achieve his selfish aims.

27. He is a control freak:

If a man likes to control every aspect of your life, or he is very possessive, such a man can see getting you pregnant has a way to tie you down to him forever. He may secretly decide to impregnate you.

28. He ignores you when you tell him you are not ready for children: 

If your man constantly ignores you when you keep telling him you don’t want kids, you need to be extra careful because such a man may just go ahead and impregnate you without your knowledge.

29. He knows more about your menstrual cycle than you: 

If your man keeps track of your cycle and he even knows more about it than you do, such a man might have an ulterior motive. So you need to be careful so you don’t end up pregnant.

30. He is always sending you baby pictures: 

If your man is always sending you cute baby pictures, he is constantly sending you baby pictures might just want to get you pregnant.

What makes a man want to have a baby with you?

A man may have various reasons why he feels like having a baby with you is the right thing to do. Men are very complex and sometimes, we can’t understand the way they think. A man may want to have a baby with you because he loves you and he sees a future with you. He may feel like having a baby is the next step in moving forward in your relationship.

A man may also want to have a baby with you because he wants to have another person around his traits. Sometimes, your man may want a baby with you because of his selfish desires. He may stand to gain something when he has a baby with you, so he may try to get you pregnant. If your man is controlling, he may see having a baby as the only way in which he can have total control over you, his need to dominate you and control every aspect of your life may influence his decision to have a baby with you.

Why do men want kids?

Women are not the only ones who crave kids, sometimes men also have baby blues, especially if your man is an only child, he may want to create that bond with his kids too. A man may see himself as a good father, so he may want kids so he could love and spill them. There are also cases of men who never had fatherly love and care, so they may want to have kids so that they can shower the affection they lacked as kids on their offspring.

Do guys like the idea of getting girls pregnant?

Yes, men like the idea of getting their girls pregnant, especially when they truly love their pregnant. The idea of impregnating them does not scare them rather, it fills them with happiness because they can’t wait to start a family with you.

Signs he wants to get serious with you:

Sometimes, a woman may be confused about her man’s feelings. You don’t know if he wants to get serious with you or he is just in for sex. If you are having mixed feelings about what your man feels for you, there are some simple signs you can look out for:

1. He always wants to be around you:

A man who is ready to have a serious relationship with you will always want to be around you, he makes time for you and always makes an effort to hang out with you.

2. He is considerate towards you: 

A man who is willing to be in a serious relationship with you will always consider your feelings and try to have your interest at heart at all times.

3. He wants to meet your friends and family: 

If your man is always asking to meet your friends and family and is putting in the effort to get to know them better then he may want to get more serious with you.

4. He makes plans with you in mind: 

When a man starts to make plans about stuff and always tries to include you while making those plans, then he is seriously into you.

5. He makes a compromise: 

A man does not compromise for just a fling, or if he knows that it is a short-term relationship he will not compromise, so if your man is willing to compromise, it simply means he is committed for the long run.

Why does he want to rush pregnancy into you?

Your man may simply just love you so much and he is scared of losing you and he sees pregnancy as the only way to keep you with him forever. But most times, men can be in a hurry to impregnate you because they see pregnancy as a way to control you, so they use pregnancy to force you into commitment.

Should I be worried if he secretly tries to impregnate me? 

If you are ready to have babies, then I don’t see any reason why you should be worried if your man tries to impregnate you without your permission. But the only reason why you should have a course for concern is if after you tell him you don’t want babies, he still continues to show signs he secretly wants to get you pregnant.

Should I get pregnant just because he wants a baby?

As a woman, you need to be sure you are ready to have a baby before you have one. Let’s face it, it is your body, and no one should force you into having a baby when you are not ready. So the answer is no, you should not get pregnant just because he wants you, both of you need to agree. You need to consent to have a baby. Let’s face it, raising children when planned for is not an easy task, so imagine the added stress when you have to raise kids you were not ready to have.

What to do when he tried to impregnate you secretly:

The best thing you can do if you catch your man trying to impregnate you secretly is to have a conversation with him.  Make him understand why you are not ready to have kids yet. Let him know that having kids is a decision you both have to make together.


Having kids is always a blessing but at the same time, it might not be. It isn’t something you should rush into or be forced into. If you feel like your man is trying to get you pregnant without your knowledge, you should check out these signs and if you notice them, you need to have a conversation with him, or better still, be extra careful and do not joke with your birth control.

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