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10 Things to Do When He Tells You to Date Other Guys

10 Things to Do When He Tells You to Date Other Guys

When he tells you to date other guys, it’s going to feel like he never wanted you and he just stayed in your life till the time where you wanted things to be official. Now he wants you to go to some other guy.

Like if he didn’t want to date you why did he lead you on? And how does he expect you to start with someone new?  So it was all a game to him all this while? All these  questions mess  up your head and make you think what you are going to do now that he wants you to date other guys. 

When a guy tells you to date  other guys even  when it looks like you guys were about to start a relationship is either because he is already seeing someone else, thinks you are not the one for him or is not ready for a relationship. What you do in such a situation is to try to show him you don’t want anyone else but when it starts to look like it’s all a waste of time then it’s time to walk away and go get someone else.

I am going to share 10 things you should do when a guy tells you to go date someone else, what to look for, how to know if he loves you and when to move on. 


10 things to do when he tells you to date other guys 

1.  Show him you don’t want anyone else

Sometimes, a guy can tell you he is not sure if they want to be in a relationship. He might be feeling insecure and I might not be ready for a relationship, for reasons best known to him.

If you are sure he loves you but not sure about the relationship thing you have to show him that you want no one but him. This will help him fight his insecurities.

2. Carefully think about it

When a guy tells you to go see someone else even when it looks like he loves you he might just be trying to see if you are going to fight for his love. So if he tells you that you have to carefully study the situation so you won’t rush and jump to a conclusion.

3. Talk to someone about it

When it is difficult it’s useful to talk to someone. Maybe they might have experienced something like that and given you a solution. It is worse when you try to solve everything yourself. Sharing can help you find a solution on what to do.

4. Have a heart to heart talk with him

Sometimes when you have issues with your spouse, a talk can do the magic. If he tells you to date someone else you can try to split for a little while.

After you will both realise that you start missing each other. That you wanted each other more than you thought. You can decide to meet up and sit down and talk about everything in that process. He might decide to tell you what made him ask you to date someone then if it is something you guys can fix you will then fix it.

5. Realise that it’s his decision 

When he tells you to date others and it does not look like he is going to change his mind, you have to respect his decision even if it hurts you. It will be better for you than wasting your time trying to force yourself on him.

6. Apply the no contact rule

Well, when you are trying to get over someone, the no contact rule is one of the most effective things to do. When he tells you to go date someone else this might hurt you and make you sad. To get over it, you cut every means of communication with him.

When you cut him off, you might even understand that you don’t even need him that much again or realise that you needed him more than you thought he could also realise the same too.

7. Understand that your time is valuable 

The time they say wait for no one. You have to carefully think about the whole scenario so you don’t waste your time. He might just be trying to put you in the friend zone and you will be thinking that you should be patient. At the end of the day, it might just end up as a complete waste of time. 

8. Understand that you have the choice to make

No matter what he or she tells you, you have to realise that it’s your choice to make. If you want to try and test his patience or if you have to move on. Are you a patience tester?

9. Work on yourself 

Well if he cannot date you, you have to see if it’s something that you did or something about your attitude that you need to change. So you can work on that part of yourself. When he sees that there is a positive change maybe he might have a rethink.

10. Date someone else

Well, when he tells you and you see it’s been serious the best thing for you to do is to date someone else like he said. You can’t waste your time hoping for him to have a rethink just go out there and get someone that wants to date you.

What does it mean when he tells you to date other guys 

When a guy tells you to date someone else, it means that:

1. That he is seeing someone else

When a guy is someone else, if he sees that you guys are getting close or already having something that looks like a relationship, he is going to tell you to date other guys. That’s why of telling you that he is already in a relationship.

2. He wants to friend zone you

He is telling you that to let you know he only wants you as a friend. When you bring up a relationship he asks you to go to someone else which means he might not have romantic feelings for you.

3. He is not ready for a relationship 

When people are not ready for a relationship, they might tell you to go date someone else. They won’t like it if they are holding you back. Sometimes they might love you but not be ready to be in a relationship just yet.

What kind of love is that though?

4. He thinks you guys are not meant together

When you are close to a guy but he does not see you as someone that he can spend the rest of his life with, he might not want to date you.

5. He never loved you

Someone who doesn’t love you will not want to date you. Even when they do, they will not take you seriously. So if he is telling you to date other guys it means he doesn’t love you.

6. He might be testing you

A guy might be telling you to date other guys, because he may just be putting you to test. He may do this to test your loyalty and see if you will try to chase him or if you will just move on immediately. In this case, you have to carefully study the situation to know how to react.

7. He is not interested in you

If he is not interested in you, he would not want to date you and would want you to date other guys so you won’t feel bad when he starts dating another person.

How to know if you are the only one he is dating 

When a guy is dating someone else they are some signs that he will show some of the signs are:

1. He avoids hanging out in certain places 

If a guy is avoiding hanging out with you in certain places it might mean he does not want to jump into his partner there. He’s always saying that means he is hiding from someone.

2. It’s always boring when you are with him

Do you guys always have fun times then suddenly, it’s all getting cold? When you are together it looks like he is not that into you again and is always in a hurry to leave. This is a sign that he might be seeing someone else.

3. All he now wants is sex

He only calls you when he is horny after that it’s like you don’t exist again. That means you are just a side chick to him. He is keeping you there because of the sex.

4. He is not interested in seeing you

If he is no longer interested in seeing you then, he has someone he is spending all of his time with. When a guy loves someone he would want to be with her all the time but if the reverse  is the case it means he doesn’t love you anymore. I’m sorry Miss.

5. He is always busy

Do you try reaching him and he says he is busy and will call you back but never calls? Then he might be trying to push you away so he can spend more time with his real partner.

6. He is not introducing you to his friends 

A guy that wants you to be his life forever and would show you off to all his friends. If he is not showing you to his friends, then it means he might be showing another girl to them.

So if he is not doing anything listed it means that he loves you and you are the only one he is dating even if he is saying someone else they are not the serious one it’s you.

How to know if your boyfriend is in love with you

A man in love

When your boyfriend is In love with he is going to show some of the following signs

1. He keeps no secret 

A guy who is in love with you would see no reason to hide anything from you. He wants you to know about every part of his life and also seek your advice.

2. He always talk about a future with you

When he talks about the things he is going to do in the future he always adds you to it. He uses “we” instead of “l”. That means he wants you to be part of his life forever.

3.  He always want to spend time with you

He is never tired of seeing you. When you guys are together there is never a dull moment between you too.

4. He respects your decision

A guy who loves you will want to respect your decision. For instance, you told him you don’t want sex, a guy that don’t love you would get really angry. But a guy that loves you would not mind he will choose to respect your decision.

5. He goes extra miles to make you happy

He does everything to put a smile on your face. Even goes beyond his comfort to make sure you are happy. He does things for you without you asking.

6. He is always there 

He is your biggest supporter and fan. When you are down he is always there to cheer you up. 

7. He compliments you 

He appreciates you. Always tell you are looking good and lucky he has to have you. He always reminds you that he loves you.

Is my boyfriend happy in our relationship

If your boyfriend is happy in your relationship, then he is going to be really excited to see you, spend time with you. He will plan his future with you, talk to you for hours without getting tired. Get you gifts. 

A guy who is happy in a relationship, does not do anything without seeking your advice. Your happiness is his priority, he introduces you to his friends and everyone knows you guys are dating. He is talking about your wedding day. When he is doing all of this it means he is very happy in your relationship.

Is it okay for your boyfriend to tell you to date other guys

When your boyfriend tells you to date other guys it means he doesn’t even care to lose you. That coming from a guy that says he loves you means he does not really love you and that’s not okay.

He is putting you out there to go look for other guys without even considering if he is going to lose you. So if he tells you that, then you should get yourself another boyfriend. Okay, sis?

Is my relationship over?

When your relationship is over or about to get to an end you are going to notice some of these signs;

1. Lack of physical intimacy 

If suddenly you guys are no longer  interested in being together both sexually and not sexually, you don’t even get comfort when you touch each other. It means your love is already dying and your relationship will die soon.

2. Don’t spend together again

You are no longer interested in spending time together. Even when you are together it’s always boring and you want to leave as soon as you get there.

3. Communication breakdown 

You no longer call each other, you don’t tell each other what happens in your life. That’d be a sign that your relationship is ending soon.

4. Now spend more time with other people

If you prefer spending time with other people than with your spouse, then your relationship is over. What’s a relationship when you don’t want to spend time together.

How to know if your relationship is worth fighting for

If your relationship is the only thing that gives you joy then it is worth fighting for. Relationships like that are not easy to come by these days. When you guys are together there is never a dull moment. And even when you are angry at each other you don’t want to spend time with anyone else.

If you always feel that butterfly you felt at the beginning, even after a long time spent together, then you have a relationship worth fighting for. If you help each other grow and you both care and love each other, then you have to do everything to keep that relationship.

What makes a good relationship

Some of things that make a good relationship are: 

1. Honestly

When telling each other everything it helps trust. A relationship that’s built on lies will never work. 

2. Love and care for each other

If you don’t love and care for each other there is no need for you guys to be in a relationship. 

3. Trust

No relationship can stand without trust. Even when you hear stuff about your partner you should be able to trust them and give them a little benefit of doubt.

4. Respect

You have to value each other. And respect each other’s opinions.

If a guy you love tells you to date other guys, you have to carefully look at the situation to see if he is doing it because he already has someone. If he doesn’t love you or if he is not ready to date at the moment or what exactly is the problem. This will help you know the best way to react. 

Whatever way though, a guy who truly loves you and does not want to lose you will not put you in a position to lose you. So the fact that he is telling you that means he is not even scared to lose you and that’s a major red flag

A guy that loves you will respect you. He listen to you, let you express yourself and he respect .

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