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20 Plain Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend for You

20 Plain Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend for You

Are you in love with a guy who is in a serious relationship? And this makes you wish he would leave his present girlfriend and be yours someday? A lot of people go through this. Sometimes we wish to spend the rest of our life with someone else, but the fact that you guys look compatible makes you start to look for signs that he will leave his girlfriend for you? Well, he might. This article will help you beam light into that part of you and guide you through. Below are 20 signs that show he is going to leave his girlfriend for you. 

Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend for You:

Though you may misread signals sometimes and waste your time waiting for him to be yours while believing you are only being patient. The following are clear signs that show he is going to leave his girlfriend for you: 

1. You spend a lot of nights together:

Someone who is in a committed relationship would not let you spend most of his night with him. But if you are always together most of the nights especially when his girlfriend is in town, it means he is going to leave his girlfriend for you soon.

2. He is talking about the future with you:

He might start to throw hints of a future with you. Maybe of you leaving together, getting married, or even having kids. Someone who has a serious girlfriend would avoid making plans with another girl. If he makes plans with you, it means he wants you in his future and might come for you soon.

3. You can reach him every time:

If you can reach him even in odd hours, then that’s a hopeful sign. The fact that you can reach him anytime means that he holds you dearly. Even when he is with his girlfriend, he is going to make up an excuse to pick up your calls.

4. He introduces you to his friends and family:

If a guy starts introducing you to his family and friends, it means he doesn’t want you in the background and shows he wants you to be completely part of his life. 

5. He is direct with his feelings:

When a man starts to tell you how he feels about you or he tells you how he would like to leave his girlfriend for you then, he is getting serious with you.

6. He always has time for you:

If he is always there anytime you need him, it means he values you so much. If he was that serious with his girlfriend, he wouldn’t have so much time for you.

7. He tells you everything:

When a man is sincerely in love with you, he tells you everything that happens in his life. This is because he wants you to be part of his life. He does not hide anything from you and keeps you updated as things are happening in his life. 

8. He spends special days with you not her:

This is a sure way to know he is surely going to leave you for her. On special days like Valentine’s or public holidays, it is expected for a man to spend it with his girlfriend. If he prefers to spend it with you, it means you are more important to him than his girlfriend.

9. He asks you a lot of personal questions: 

When a man starts asking a lot of personal questions, it means they want to know you more. He wants to know everything, things that you won’t tell anyone. He wants you to tell him and this means he is very interested in you and has plans to start something serious with you.

10. He ignores his girlfriend’s call:

Have you noticed him always ignoring his girlfriend’s call and putting his phone away without showing any remorse? Well, that means that he is so into you and that he does not care if his girlfriend is calling or not.

11. He cares about your opinion: 

If he is always seeking your opinion or advice before doing anything, it means you are not just any girl to him. He has deep feelings for you and sees you as someone that he needs to impress. This makes him try to seek your approval before doing anything. If his girlfriend was above you in his life, he would seek her opinion, not yours.

12. He is always excited to see you:

When a guy is with someone they love, you can easily tell by how excited they are. They become so comfortable and relax around the person without caring if anyone’s watching. They enjoy every moment. If he enjoys your company so much, he is going to want to spend a lot of time with you and want to keep you as his girl too.

13. He gives you a romantic nickname:

Guys are fond of giving romantic nicknames to girls they care about. If he has given you one, that is a hopeful sign he has deep feelings for you and might want to date you soon.

14. He never gets tired of talking to you:

If he never gets tired of talking to you, then he is deeply interested in you. You guys are always texting, can stay on long calls, can talk all through the night. It means you are the one he wants to spend all his time with.

15. He goes the extra mile to make you happy:

A guy won’t bother to make extra efforts for you if you are just his side chick. If you don’t have to force him to do things for you, then he is in love with you and might ask you out soon. 

16. Your relationship is beyond physical:

If he spends time with you, trying to see that you grow in areas where you need growth, then he truly loves you. He believes in you and isn’t after your physical appearance alone.

17. He is not afraid to publicly display his affections for you:

Another good way to know he truly wants to date you is his knack of displaying his love for you publicly. He is not afraid of holding your hands, hugging you, or even kissing you in public. It means he is going to leave his girlfriend for you soon. If he was that serious with his girlfriend, he will be afraid to do PDA with you so she won’t catch him cheating.

18. He gives you a special gift:

He gives you something very dear to him as a gift. It might be a family heirloom or a necklace. If he gives something very dear to him to you, then you are getting the man soon.

19. He has pictures of you in his car, phone, home, and office:

Well, if your pictures are all over his space, it means he doesn’t care if his girlfriend knows he is seeing you or not. He might make things official with you both soon.

20. You have a key to his place: 

If you can come into his place anytime you like even without calling him sometimes, then he is going to leave his girlfriend for you. When a man gives you his key and lets you come anytime, he is trying to let you know you are his world and the most important person in his life. If he was hiding you, he won’t give you his key or let you come into his apartment anytime you like. 

How do you win over a guy who has a girlfriend?

Getting a guy from his girlfriend can be a difficult task especially when he is not that interested in you so you have to do things that would make him attracted to you before you can think of snatching him from his girlfriend.

Here are several steps you can follow to win a guy over from his girlfriend:

1. Always look your best:

Try to always dress well and you can also try to add a little touch of slutty dress a few times this will help him notice you.

2. Become close friends with him:

Approach him, get to know him, and become close friends with him.

3. Give him attention:

Always be there when he needs someone to talk to but don’t choke him with attention so you don’t appear too desperate. One day he might have an issue with his girlfriend and because you are always there he would come to you. This can gradually make him start developing feelings for you.

4. Ignore him sometimes:

When you are already close friends with him you can act like you don’t need him to make him look for you and that would make him start developing something for you.

5. Try to have a deep conversation with him:

When you do this, it helps him know you better and be more comfortable to tell you things that are going to run to you when he needs a deep conversation.

 6. Try to be the best version of his girlfriend:

To do this, you have to know his girlfriend and try to notice things she lacks. And since you guys are always talking, he might be telling you stuff that his girlfriend does that pisses him off. Then you start to do stuff that helps draw him to you because you will start to look like the woman of his dream. Whatever you do, never talk badly of his girlfriend to him. 

How long should I wait for him to leave his girlfriend?

You don’t have to waste your time because you are waiting for a guy to leave his girlfriend. If he shows all the signs that he wants to be with you, then you can wait for a couple of weeks or a month for him to leave his girlfriend for you. If he is not doing that, you should try to move on and get your boyfriend. If he sees this and truly cares about you, he is going to leave his girlfriend and come kick start things with you so you won’t leave him for someone else.

Should I date a guy who just broke up with his girlfriend for me?

Yes, if you want to be with them you can date him. He broke up with his girlfriend because he loves you and wants to date you so if you love him too, it’s okay to date him. 


Waiting for a guy who has a girlfriend to leave her for you can put you in very risky situations. It might be that the guy truly loves you or he is just confused. So you have to take things slow so he does not end up leading you on then leave you hanging.

For you to date this type of guy, make sure you have it at the back of your mind that he is unfaithful before you start a relationship with him even if he breaks up with his girlfriend for you.

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