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10 Crafty Signs He Wants You to Say I Love You

10 Crafty Signs He Wants You to Say I Love You

Though there is no specific time to say I love you in a relationship. But when said at the right time, it can spark a kind of romantic sensation between you two. Your boyfriend might have wanted to hear it at a particular time but because you could not spot it, he feels incomplete and unready to give his all. It probably doesn’t mean you don’t love him. But the fact that that’s what he needed to hear at that time, would have been lovely and magical to him if you said it. So now, how can you spot the signs he wants you to say I love you?

A guy might want you to say ‘I love you’ when he gets you something sweet; when he does something for you; he tells you ‘I love you’; when he kisses you; when he asks for mercy. If you say it, this will give him that sweet feeling that you like what he gave you or what he has done for you.

Still wondering how to know when he wants you to say ‘I love you here are some obvious ways to know.

Ten crafty signs he wants you to say I love you

1. When he helps you with something: 

A guy will want you to say I love you to him when he does something for you. Maybe helped you get something from the top shelf. He is going to look at you after doing that because after saying thank you he expects you to say you love him. So, if he is looking at you after doing something for you, maybe a chore or something, then he wants you to say ‘I love you.’

2. When he does something romantic to you: 

A guy can do something romantic for you and expects you to say you love him in return. For example, he gets you flowers and your response is supposed to be ‘thank you, I love you.’ So when gets you flowers or does something romantic for you, it’s not just a sign that he loves you, it’s also a sign he wants you to tell him you love him.

3. When he is acting sad:

Maybe after a bad day, a guy can come to you for comfort and during the conversation, it seems like your words aren’t lifting him. It could mean that all he wants to hear at that time is that you love him. Your love for him gives him the courage to push on. So when you say it, he is motivated.

4. When he does something extreme for you:

Sometimes a guy can go the extra mile for you just to show you how much he loves you. He can go as far as risking his life for you. When he does this, he is trying to tell you he loves you and all he needs to hear is I love you. But since his action is already exhibiting that he loves you, he expects you to say the three magical words.

5. When he tells you he loves you:

This is one of the clearest signs. Whenever a guy tells you he loves you, maybe after a romantic date, text, or call he is trying to tell me you love me too.

6.  When he hugs you:

A very warm hug is another sign that he wants you to say you love him and that will be a very romantic moment. It might be a hug from the back that is a sign he wants to hear the world.

7.  When he kisses you: 

When just out of nowhere he gives you a kiss on your lips or your cheeks, it shows he wants you to tell him you love him.

8. Gets you gifts: 

Gifts are another way a guy would tell you how much you mean to him. So whenever he gives you the right, the thing to do is tell him you love him because that’s what he wants to hear.

9. When he is jealous: 

He might be jealous because he just saw you with a guy and you might think is angry, but he is not. He might just want to reaffirm your love for him and that when you tell him you love him.

10. When he asks for your forgiveness: 

If a guy offends you and you say you have forgiven him, he is going to keep pleading and hoping you to say I love you to him to show you’ve forgiven him.

What does saying ‘I love you’ do to a guy?

I Love you are magical words that perform magic when said to a guy. Saying I love you to a guy, makes him feel special. Yes, he knows you love him but if you love someone, you can never get tired of hearing that word. When you tell a guy you love him, it reaffirms to him that you do love him. It gives him a kind of warmth and deep acknowledgment in his soul regardless of how many times you say it. Guys can be softer than you think ‘I love you’ means more to them than you can imagine.

When to say ‘I love you’ in a relationship

There is no specific time to say ‘I love you’ in a relationship. It depends on you and the situation in your relationship. Most times it is quicker for a man to say ‘I love you’.  A woman usually has to wait for the guy before she can say it. 

Sometimes we confuse infatuation and attachment for love. So before you can know when to say I love you, you have to be sure that you are really in love. Here are some signs that you are in love and ready to say I love you

  • You want to spend time together and you miss them even when they just left. Even if they are alone, you respect their interest that they have other things to do. Then that’s love and not an obsession.
  • You already see them as part of your future. When you make long-term plans with them it’s because you already see them as part of your life and want them to remain part of your life then you are in love.
  • You trust them when they are not around. And you feel safe when they are worth you.
  • To do things for them without looking back.
  • You want them to be part of your life:

This makes you introduce them to your friends and family and want them to be friends with them too.

  • You want to be part of their life:

If you also want to meet their friends and family and be friends with them, that’s a sign that you are in love.

When you show any of the signs, then it is time for you to say ‘I love you’ in your relationship. Another thing you should consider before saying I love you is if your partner is showing the same signs too.

What do guys think when a girl says ‘I love you’ first

For most men, when a woman says ‘I love you’ first they think she is too needy or desperate. This is why most women don’t say the word first. For some other men, they might feel flattered or even relieved that you help them with the worries of how to say it to you. It’s not encouraged for a woman to tell a man I love you first because it’s going to make the man feel like she chased him and made the move. But if he has shown signs that he wants to but doesn’t know how to, you can say it to him.

Is saying ‘I love you’ too soon a red flag?

SayingI love you’ too soon might be a sign that they don’t love you in the first place. Love it’s a process, it’s something you have to be sure about. It’s not something that happens overnight. That is why when a guy who you just met and barely know tells you he loves you, that’s a red flag. Maybe he just wants to toy with you. But if he is backing this with actions, it might mean that he is really into you. You have to ask him to give it time, don’t rush so both of you can be sure.

Should I say I love you frequently?

There is no specific rule on how often you should say I love you. If you are really in love, you can say it as much as you wish to lighten up the relationship. It might not give that unexplainable feeling like when you say it at the right moments, but it does not change anything when you say it frequently. Say it when you feel like you should say it.


Women might think men do not need to be told ‘I love you’ frequently, but you might be wrong about that. Men are softer than you think. When you are dating, a guy needs to hear that you love him. This does not only make him know that you are not going to leave him, it also helps him pass through his daily hurdles. 

You can tell him you love him as much as you can but when you can spot when he really wants to hear it then say it, it makes it more magical, and it could be extra magical when it comes at the right time. That’s why you have to learn when he wants you to say ‘l love you’ to give your relationship that spark that you desire.

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