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Here’s What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible To Men

Here’s What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible To Men

The way she speaks, walks, mannerisms, smartness, fashion, the way she treats others, her laughter, beauty, even her charming smiles and lots more are what makes a woman magnetic and irresistible to men.

Every man to his kettle, like they say. No doubt some people can be more attractive than others, some get all the attention while others can be stuck with no one to talk to. What can attract us to people varies.

Do you think you are not getting enough attention and wonder what makes a woman magnetic and irresistible? They are certain things and attributes a woman possesses that make her attractive and irresistible to men.

But what exactly are those things?

What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible 

Most times as a woman several things can make you attractive and irresistible to your spouse and strangers. From the way you look, talk, treat other people, and lots more.

Here are 17 things that can make a woman magnetic and irresistible:

 1.  Sense of humour

Most men find women with a great sense of humour attractive and easier to approach. Someone with an excellent sense of humour is always happy and smiles a lot and is highly conversational because they can detect witty jokes and laugh at them.

As a woman, if you want men to be attracted to you, you have to work on your sense of humour. This works a lot.

2. Good looking and well endowed 

Well, this is something that everyone knows, I guess, lol. When you have a pretty face you are going to get a lot of attention from the boys and even from women too.

Good-looking people always have an advantage and when they are physically well endowed they become irresistible and everybody wants to talk to them.

Though not all their attention might be good, you are surely going to get a lot of male attention if you have a pretty face and body.

3. High fashion sense 

In addition to having a pretty face, another thing that can make you attract a  lot of attention is when you have a high dress sense.

People tend to notice you and can’t stop looking at you. Dressing well makes you stand out even in large crowds and adds to your beauty. 

So guys would always be around you if you dress well.

4. When you are Hot and Sexy 

This might sound inappropriate but it is affirmative hot and sexy girls also get lots of attention.

But when you always make yourself appear too slutty, you are going to magnet guys who have negative intentions towards you.

5. She is passionate

Someone who is naturally passionate attracts a lot of attention. The way she talks about everything about her with so much passion will make people like her even without talking to her.

When you are passionate it shows to people that you take anything you like seriously. So even when you are in a relationship with someone and you like them you would be passionate about them.

Because she is passionate, she is clear about what she wants, She knows her way around the world and how to get things done the right way.

If her passion extends from her job and humans to the environment and cares for animals, she can be everyone’s dream.

A passionate woman is not shy to talk about everything she cares about and when Men see and hear everything she is passionate about, they become extremely attracted to her.

6. She is independent 

Independence can be an irresistible trait. No guy would want a woman that would become a burden for them.

They are mostly attracted to women who can do a lot of things by themselves and only call on them when it’s beyond their capabilities. 

An independent woman is mostly seen as a responsible woman because she gets her own job to foot her one bills. She does not wait for others to take care of her needs or wait for a man to always be the provider.

She is not the type to become too needy and is always seeking attention and emotional support; she can carry herself along and only seek support when it’s beyond her.

Independency can be very attractive. But when a woman becomes too independent it can push men away from her.

Men like to be reminded that they are the man sometimes to boost their egos. So when you are too independent it looks like you don’t need a man.

7. Empathy 

Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s position and feeling what they must be feeling.

When a woman poses the ability to feel others’ pain it can make men easily attracted to her. Most men always try to avoid self-centred women and go for the ones that can also put themselves in their shoes, if the need arises.

If a man notices how you show care to people you know and even strangers, he is going to get extremely attracted to you because that shows you have a good and big heart. 

8. Loyalty 

This literarily can not be over-emphasized enough. This is another attribute that can attract men to you and be unable to resist you.

For men, loyalty means that you love them so much. So if you are loyal in a relationship or even to your job and platonic friends, men are likely to find you magnetic and irresistible.

One major fear any man gets when he is choosing a woman is that they don’t want to choose someone that would leave them when things go bad. So they always go for loyal women.

9. Intelligence 

A high level of intelligence can be attractive to men, but scare some away when they think that they might not be good enough for you because of your incredible level of intelligence.

A woman who can hold an intelligent conversation is considered smart and very attractive. When she is well-read, tops her class, performs so well at work, she can hold a conversation even on almost every topic, not just a woman that knows just women’s things.

She knows something about everything because she is a wide reader and she is going to be irresistible and magnetic to men

Intelligence is another factor that can attract and also scare men away; so men can admire you from afar but can summon the courage to talk to you.

10. Calm Nature 

When you are calm but conversational and lively, you are going to be magnetic because someone with a calm demeanour even in a tough situation, looks like a place of peace to men.

When you are calm, you stand out even in a crowd. Because of the way you carry yourself. Due to her calm nature, she is always good at handling situations in a relationship.

11. She gives all her attention 

Even when you have a lot of male friends, you are still able to give each of them adequate attention, like wow!

Even if you are with a friend or your boyfriend, you give him your full presence, without trying to text someone else while you talk to them.

A woman who remembers even the littlest of things her man says, would be irresistible to him. It shows how much attention you pay to him.

Generally, people only pay attention to you when they like you.

12. Appreciation and contentment 

A man might not do things for you for thanks, but when you show appreciation for everything he does for you, even when they are not that incredible it makes him find you so loving and he can’t help but stay magnetized to you.

Is one thing to appreciate and another thing to be contented. When you possess this attribute as a woman, it means men are going to find you irresistible.

When a woman appreciates everything a man does for her it gives him the fuel to want to do more and also makes him happy. Your appreciation makes him know he is doing his job as a man to make you happy.

13. Value 

Just like appreciation, a man needs to know how much you value him. If you type that takes anything you owe with so much value men are going to be attracted to you.

A woman that values a man’s effort helps to boost his ego and makes him want to love and care for her even more. 

14. She is outspoken 

A woman who is not afraid to voice her opinions or how she feels is always attractive to men. She is bold, knows what is good for her, and doesn’t allow anyone to take her for granted. She is not afraid to stand by what she believes and also defend it. 

When in a relationship an outspoken girl will do anything to keep her relationship because she believes in it. She will defend it even when people try to show her reasons it’s not going to work out.

When she has an issue with her spouse she is not afraid to voice it out. This will help them always be able to talk and fix things instead of staying silent and letting the relationship crash.

This is why men find outspoken women magnetic and irresistible.

15. She knows to want she wants

Confusion is one thing that can scare men away from you. You seem to be ambiguous in stating what you want in a man or a relationship because you don’t even know.

You are going to find men not wanting to have a relationship with you because they might be afraid you would leave them hanging along the line. After all, you don’t even know what you want. 

You don’t send confusing body signs, when you like somebody is easier to know and when you don’t is also easier to know. It’s going to be easier to ask her out because if she wants you, she is going to let you know whether verbally or through signals. 

So men are going to prefer to start something with you if you know what you want.

16. She knows how to receive 

Another thing that can make a man find you so attractive, is when a woman loves to be treated like a woman. A woman who likes to be pampered, protected tends to get all the men.

If you enjoy romantic gestures, men are going to find it easier to talk to you than someone who would say they don’t like romantic gestures.

When a man is with you they like to know you enjoy when they rest under your arms as the fact they know you like it makes them even like it more.

17.  She is fun to be with 

When you are fun to be with, you are going to attract a lot of guys. It is difficult for men to approach boring girls because they fear you might make them feel stupid not because you want to but because you don’t know how to make a conversation fun.

In a relationship, a man wants a woman to be his playmate’s gossip partner and lots more, and if you are fun to be with it’s easier for you to be all of these and she’s always going to want to be around you. 

How to get a magnetic personality

If you want to build a magnetic personality you have to work on yourself in so many areas. For you to attract people you have to do things you don’t force.

There have to be things that are naturally part of you. They are different steps you can take to build a magnetic personality.

1.  Always keep a smiling face

Smiling is easy, but very effective way to build a magnetic personality.

When you smile, it is easy for people to notice you and want to be with you because you are always happy and everyone needs a happy person around them.

2.  Try to always look your best

As the saying goes, “looking good is good business”. People who have a  unique dress sense and style will always stand out.

So if you want to be magnetic you have to work on your dress sense and style. Don’t copy others. Always wear something that best fits your body.

3.  Be naturally kind to others 

Kindness is a very attractive trait that when you possess it lots of people are going to be drawn to you.

Although, when you are too kind people might just come into your life and want to take your kindness for granted. But if we worry about this, we might end up being cruel, which never pays.

Be kind and attract goodness!

4.  Be confident and strong

When you are confident you think better of yourself. A confident woman can also help build confidence in others when they are in a relationship.

The fact that you are strong means that when the guy is weak or down you can lend him a shoulder.

5.  Be outspoken 

As a woman, it can be very difficult for guys to know what you want. So when you aren’t afraid to say when you are angry or sad or that things like to be done a particular way you make things easy for the man.

This is why men find outspoken women very attractive and irresistible.

6. Be nice, caring, and calm (don’t act bitchy)

Bitchy women are very irritating to people. There are no two ways about it so if you want to be magnetic to men you have to try to always be nice, caring and calm.

Although, some men like these kinds of women. So choose your poison wisely

7. Be appreciative 

Always be thankful even when he does little things. It makes him know that you appreciate what he does.

Men like to know they are doing well so appreciation will encourage them to do more. Ungrateful women scare men away so if you are appreciative you would be magnetic and irresistible.

How to leave your mark in his heart

There are ways you treat people that even if you guys no longer talk, they can never forget how you made them feel.

They can be with a new partner now but they will always have thoughts of you in their hearts. To leave you to mark in his heart you can do the following: 

1. Be supportive:

Men sometimes find it difficult to forget people who helped them through dark times, especially when no one was there you always showed up to help and support them.

If he is a good man he is never going to forget you. 

2. Create special moments with him:

Memories are another way to leave your mark in his heart. If you guys made so many many special memories he is going to always remember them even when it’s a long time.

When he is around your favourite spots, he is going to flashback and start to remember and miss you.

3. Love him sincerely: 

When you love people with all your heart you can do anything for them. You can go the extra mile to make them happy.

When you always try to put a smile on his face, he is going to miss that feeling when you are gone.

Must a woman be magnetic & irresistible?

Yes, a woman should be magnetic and irresistible. This helps you keep your partner and make them always want to be with you.

But what you should not do is dwell too much on how to magnet a man then that would be you forcing it. 

There is a man for every woman no matter the attributes you possess. The right man for you would find and appreciate you the way you.  He will even find you irresistible when you think you are not.

Don’t do things because of him you might end up losing yourself. Do it for yourself because you feel like you have to work on your looks, your confidence, and everything that would help boost your self-esteem.

Is the beauty within more important than outward beauty?

Well, the beauty within is as important as outward beauty. So we can’t say which is more important, both are equally important. Outward beauty helps to attract then inward beauty helps to keep so you have to try to work on both. 

People with outward beauty get all the attractions but after coming close to you they notice you are not as beautiful inside they are going to run away from you.

If maybe you don’t have that much outward beauty but are so beautiful inside, you are going to enjoy a lasting relationship

So you should work on your inner beauty as much as you work on your outer one. 

Different men have different things that make a woman magnetic to them; what one man finds irresistible, the other man finds unattractive.

That is why the best way to magnet a man is to work on yourself for yourself. If you believe you are magnetic then you are.

When a man starts to notice you are making extra efforts to be attractive because of them, they don’t find you that attractive anymore. That’s why it’s better to create a magnetic personality without having any man in mind.

It should be natural in you. It will help you attract the right man that suits your vibes.

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