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How Does A Pisces Man Test You (Top 15 Accurate Clues)

How Does A Pisces Man Test You (Top 15 Accurate Clues)

Born under the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces men are known to be very sensitive, and observant. If they like or want a relationship with you, they would want to put you to the test first, to see how compatible you are with them. Most times, you might not even know he is testing you; or would think he is tired of you or angry. So how does a Pisces man test you?

A Pisces man will put you to the test in many ways, like testing how much attention you can give him; This man always likes companionship. So at some point, he might act unavailable to see how much you want to be with him, and how calmly you would handle the situation. He will play mind games with you, to see how well you can handle the situation. 

Keep reading to find out more ways a Pisces man will test you.


How does a Pisces man test you

1. Silent treatment 

This man likes his space. So before he gets in a relationship, he wants to see how much you can handle being on your own. He also wants you to use this to test how much you value him. When he does this, text him that you miss him, but don’t bug him with calls.

2. Playing hot and cold

As a zodiac sign represented by the fish, just as the fish swim both ways, a Pisces man would act to the right and the left, when he is testing you. He would shower you with so many gifts today, then tomorrow he is acting like he doesn’t even care about you. This is them trying to check how you can handle this confusion, and manage conflict. Being calm and patient is the best thing to do.

3. Ignores your calls and text 

This man would want to test how understanding and patient you can be. He will deliberately ignore your calls to see what your reactions would be, at the time he speaks to you.  Normally wants a very mature woman, that would be concerned, and ask why he has not picked or texted, not the one that would jump to conclusions, and start holding grudges.

4. Cancel plans 

This can be frustrating for everyone; setting plans and cancelling at the last moment. Most times, he would purposely apologize immediately after doing this. He just wants to test how would react to it, and with time he will stop. 

5. Spending more time with his friends

If he is dating you, you have to be his priority. A Pisces man would want to also keep his friends, even if he has a relationship with you. But at the early stage, he might spend more time with his friends, to see how you would react to it. Be calm, and try to talk to him about this, when it happens.

6. Not reaching out after a conflict 

If you are seeking answers to your question, “how does a Pisces man test you,” this is one you would certainly go through if you are with these men. He would act like he doesn’t care about the conflict; won’t call or text you. Even if he was the one at fault, he needs an emotionally stable woman, one that can be able to control her mood. He would not reach out, just to check if you are able, to keep your calm, and reach out maturely.

7. He checks how you fit into his life 

For these men, even when they are in love with you, they want to be able to balance your relationship with them, with their friends and relations. This Pisces man would want to evaluate how you will fit in every part of his life.

He will let you hang out with his social circle, and try to see how well you fit in. Ultimately trying to establish a relationship between you and his social circle. So in time, it won’t cause any problems in your relationship, when he is hanging out with them.

8. Pushes your button 

This man will annoy you. Like I said before, they like women who can control their emotions. So they would put her to the test by provoking her. If you react in anger, you have failed the test. He wants to see how calm you can be.

9. Evaluated your social circle 

Just as he wants to fit in his social circle, he would want to evaluate your social circle too. As the saying goes, “show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are.”. He will want to see your friends, to discern the real you.

10. Shuts you out 

If you are asking questions “how does a Pisces man test you,” This is another one they do a lot. At some point, this man will suddenly just cut you off like you mean nothing to him. If you just meet each other, and you have done nothing wrong, then he is probably testing you. Don’t push him to talk, try to be calm, and give him time.

11. He will question your loyalty 

Trust, they say, takes a gradual process to build. So it’s normal for everyone to question their partner’s loyalty, at the beginning of a relationship, before they can trust them. He would question you a lot, try to test you maybe with a friend, just to see how loyal you are to him.

12. Test your boundaries 

He will want to know what you like and dislike. Even if you have set some boundaries verbally, He would test you to see your reactions. This is done so that when you are together, he won’t step on your toes often. He will know what you can take and what you would not.

13. Evaluates your intentions 

He would want to test if you are there to play games with him or for a serious relationship. He is going to put you through different trials to know this.

14. He will withdraw 

This man can go as far as acting like he does not want you again,  just to see how you can react and how much you love him. He would act like he wants to end things, pick on something you did, and then end things to see if you would apologize.

15. Tests how much attention you give 

Though they like their space, they crave companionship and attention so much. If you want to be with these men, be ready to give them attention when they want and also give them space when they want. He will call on you at some odd time, to see if you would answer. He does this just to test your availability, and how much you can support him.

Reasons a Pisces man will test you

Before a Pisces man gets into a relationship, he would want to know if his woman has the same intentions he has for her. These men don’t like jumping into a relationship; they take time to build trust. He wants to test you if you truly love him and if you can always be there for him. They are very sensitive men; Pisces don’t handle emotional neglect very well. So he has to be sure, that you will always be there for him, through thick and thins

Ruled by the deepest water, they want to be able to bear their soul and they want a partner who can do the same. These men like their peace. They want a mature woman, who can handle all situations. They want to reduce their relationship crisis to a minimum. That is why they would want to test you in all these areas, to be sure, before starting anything with you.

How long does it take a Pisces man to fall in love 

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy and dreams, these men are very quick to fall in love. A Pisces man can fall for you, the first time he sets his eyes on you. What makes it look like they are slow, is that they would want to be sure, before starting a relationship with you.

They don’t want somebody that would neglect them along the line. So they like to test the waters. If a Pisces man is putting through these tests, then he is already in love with you. He just wants to be sure what he is getting into.

Signs a Pisces man is serious about you

1. Protective 

When these men are serious about a woman, they put it on themselves to protect her. He makes sure you do everything with caution for your safety. 

2. Doing a lot of physical affection 

When this man is in love and committed, he touches you a lot even in public. He is not afraid to hug you, touch you, and might even kiss you in public.

3. Tells you how much you mean to you 

If he is serious about you, he will always remind you how much he loves you, and how much you mean to him. When they are in love, they are sure they are in love. 

4. Stops putting you to test 

This is something they do at the beginning of a relationship; putting you through so many confusing and irritating tests. After doing this, and you have passed, this man would stop all of this, and never put himself in a position to lose you.

5. Accepts and adores your flaws

In the beginning, the Pisces man is very observant; he would want to know all your flaws.  Don’t hide any from him. If he can accept them, then you have got yourself a lovely man. He is not the type of man that would hurt you, with your flaws. If he already knows you are like that, he will adore you.

6. Vulnerable 

When this man is in love, he lets his guard down and lets you know everything about him. He wants someone that can always be there for him physically and emotionally. When he is hurt, he is quick to run to you for comfort.

What does a Pisces man look out for in a woman

1. Emotional intimacy 

This man is very sensitive; he seeks someone who can make him feel protected. He likes someone who would always be there for him. Someone he can learn about and be vulnerable around. He also wants someone that won’t be afraid to be vulnerable around him. 

2. Generosity 

This man is very generous; he wants his woman to be the same. The way you help him, and others are one thing that attracts this man to a woman.

3. Compassion 

This man seeks someone who values empathy and compassion. He can feel your mood from far away. And when you are sad, it affects him too. So if you want to get him attracted to you, you have to show how empathic and compassionate you are.

4. Calmness 

This man likes his space.  So he seeks an emotionally mature, and stable woman; he does not need someone that would overreact in situations. They are soft-hearted people and they enjoy their peace.

5. Affectionate 

For this man, affection is one of the ways he proves his love. The way you touch him and hold him in public, are some things that he likes in a woman.

6. Beauty

They are attracted to physical appearance. He can fall in love with a beautiful woman at first sight.

What to do when a Pisces man backs off

1. Give him space 

This man might value companionship but they also value their space. If something is going on or he has something in mind, he would need space to think about it. Giving him that space would be the best thing for you to do.

2. Figure out if he is busy 

Before you conclude that he is backing off, you have to check if maybe he is just busy, or  Something might be up with him. Do your findings, and see if he is busy or acting distant.

3. See if you have offended him

Maybe you have done something that is making this man pull off from you; this is why you have to examine your behaviour. Check if you have offended him then try to apologize to him.

4. Be loyal to him 

This man can act distant when they are going through difficulties. If you have checked that he is not busy, and you have not offended him, stay loyal to him. Be there for him through the times, if he does not let you, then something else is up.

5. Talk to him about it 

This is the best way to handle any situation. Telling how he is pulling off from you, makes you feel.  Ask him what he is going on, if he still ignores you, then give him his space. If he truly values your relationship, he would want to sort things out.

6. Do something sweet for him

They are very soft and emotional men. Even if they are angry, if you can do the right thing, it will make them happy. Surprise him, send him a gift, just to say you are sorry. He would love it.

How to make a Pisces man obsessed with you

1. Be romantic 

These men love romance. If you want him to be obsessed with you,  be romantic, surprise him, and do nice things for him.

2. Don’t hide your feelings 

This man likes to be vulnerable around the woman they love, and he wants his woman to be like him.  If you are too close off, he will draw away from you.  He needs someone that is emotionally open.

3. Be creative 

These men like creative women. Show him your creative sides. Write him a sweet letter or a poem.

4. Supportive 

When a man is in love he can do just anything for his woman. He would always be there for you. If you are supportive and always there for him, he will be obsessed with you.

5. Generous 

They like to give and they like their women to be like them too. He wants to know that he can call on you when he needs help. So free giving to him and others, if you want to get this man addicted.

What does a Pisces man do when they like someone

1. Constantly stare at you 

One way you know this man likes you, even if he has not spoken to you, is through eye contact. This man will always look at you, and sometimes you will catch him staring like he is lost.

2. Shower you with affections 

Men born under this sign are very affectionate. If he likes you, you are going to know,  from the way he treats you, touches you, and cares for you.

3. Support you 

A Pisces man likes to be there to support and protect people he likes. He thinks about his relationship, whether romantic or platonic, very seriously. He likes to be always there for everyone in his life.

4. Seeks your advice 

When he likes you, he regards you as part of his life. If he wants to do anything, he constantly seeks your opinion.

How Does a Pisces man apologize 

1. Shower you with gifts 

When the Pisces man knows he is guilty, he would do anything to get you to forgive him. Like buying you lots of gifts.

2. Openly apologizes 

A Pisces man will tell you he is sorry If he knows he is guilty. He would come to you, and tell you how sorry he is.

3. Sing you are a song or write a poem 

He might get creative and sing you a song, or write you a poem to apologize. This man can sing you a song in public, just to apologize to you. 

Signs a Pisces man is playing you 

1. Only calls you when he wants sex 

This applies to all men. If a man calls you only when he is horny, then obviously he is playing you. The Pisces man is very caring that’s why if he does not care about you, but only acts caring when he wants you to come over, it’s a sure-fire sign the man is a player.

2. Avoids going out with you in public 

They are very affectionate and like public displays of affection. If he tells you he loves you but never wants to be seen outside with you, or does not want to touch you, then is not being real with you. 

3. He is not generous 

Pisces men are free givers especially when you are important to them. If that man has been stingy around you, then you are not important to him?

4. Does not give you attention

He likes attention and also gives attention so well. He wants someone he can always call on and who will be there for him. This man craves companionship. Though at times, he can become distant, Maybe because he is busy or something is wrong. But if this man has never given you attention, then is playing you.

5. Not romantic 

As earlier stated, they are ruled by the planet Neptune, the planet of fantasies and dreams. These men believe in a fairy tale kind of romance. If he loves you, he will treat you like a princess. Buy your gifts surprises all the time.If your man is nothing like I just explained, then he is not serious with you.


These trials can get frustrating for you, but if you are calm, you can handle the situation. Soon he will get back to normal. But if he keeps doing this, and you are not cool with it, you have every right to talk to him or get angry about it. No man should treat you as he wishes, because of his zodiac sign. If he truly loves you, he will adjust and not put himself in a position to lose you.

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