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20 Astonishing Ways Being Cheated on Changes You

20 Astonishing Ways Being Cheated on Changes You

Being cheated on can have great effects on you which might lead you to want to know how being cheated changes you. Although no one wishes to be cheated on, it is likely to happen when you are in a romantic relationship, especially when your partner is the unfaithful type. 

Being cheated on can make you lose trust in people, affect your self-esteem, and make you question your self-worth.

Everyone has different ways to react to being cheated on and how it affects them. Below are a few tips on how being cheated on changes you.


20 Astonishing ways being cheated on changes you

1. You become vengeful:

Wondering how being cheated on changes you? Well, it might make you start wanting to seek revenge. You trusted this person so much and you love them, you have had chances to cheat on them, but you declined because you couldn’t see yourself doing such a thing to them. And one day, you find out they have cheated on you. 

After the feeling of being hurt by it, one thought that will come to your mind is how you can cheat back to hurt them too. In most cases, you might turn to an unfaithful partner yourself. 

2. You develop trust issues: 

It takes time to build trust, but just a single action can ruin whatever level of trust has been built. One thing about how being cheated on changes you is it does not only change the trust you have for the person that cheated on you, but you also develop a lack of trust for every potential partner of yours. You would think everybody is a cheat.

3. You become bittered: 

In addition, being cheated on can bring out the monster in you. You become filled with bitterness and anger. You are going through hurt, you feel betrayed, and this will make you develop anger issues that start to affect your personal life.

4. Affect your self-esteem:

When someone cheats on you, it leads to you asking yourself lots of questions which can result in a lot of sleepless nights, stress, and depressive symptoms. You will feel like no one loves you, and you are not good enough for anyone. 

5. You will become self-centered: 

After investing so much in a relationship, if you find out that your partner has been having an affair with someone else, it will make you feel stupid and used. So what will be going through your mind is all the time you wasted on them. So now you would want to focus on yourself, even when you get a new partner, it would be hard for you to put them above you. 

6. Can make you understand your partner better: 

Let’s look at one positive effect of how being cheated on changes you. Sometimes, your partner might have cheated on you because of something you did. So when he cheats and after discussing with him, you saw that you have been guilty in that area, it can make you understand each other better, and make better that side of you. 

7. Can make you turn unfaithful: 

We talked of wanting to seek revenge earlier, in that process, you would want to cheat on them too. What will run through your mind is that everyone does it, so why shouldn’t I? Even if you enter into a new relationship, you might start to act promiscuously too.

8. It can open your eyes to reality: 

You might be dating someone and at some point, you’ll think they are angels and the only one for you. When you’re cheated on after falling deep, it’ll definitely help you realize that the relationship is not the one you should keep, it also gives you a tangible reason to move on.

9. It makes you more guarded:

You become protective of your heart, and this can lead to many controlling and toxic behaviors in a relationship. You want to know your partner’s every move, you question them all the time and you are not easily open emotionally.

10. Can make you lose interest in relationships:

You greatly lose interest in starting any relationship with anyone. This is one of the ways being cheated on changes you. You won’t be willing to start again because you are scared any man might do the same thing to you.

11. You compare yourself to the other person: 

Furthermore, you might start to question yourself and the other person now looks like a competition to you. This can make you will look for what they have that you don’t have that made your partner decide to have an affair with them.

12. You feel empty: 

Also, the person you gave your heart to has broken it; this will leave a feeling of emptiness inside of you.  You will feel like the whole world has abandoned you.

13. You are filled with toxic emotions: 

You are not yourself and being cheated on can make you feel bitter and can also make you develop some toxic traits. This can make you can become more of a controlling partner.

14. You discover yourself:

How being cheated on changes you? This might depend on how you react to it. If you take the time to focus on yourself, you will discover that you don’t need that person for your happiness. This can help you easily move on from that relationship. It’ll make you discover a lot of potential hidden inside of you.

15. You don’t trust yourself: 

Equally important, you now would have thoughts that make you doubt yourself, thoughts like: if I was good at judging characters, I would have known this person is unfaithful or does not love me. In the future when you are choosing a partner, you will face so much uncertainty.

16. You are insecure in relationships: 

Being cheated on can make you feel insecure in a relationship. Due to your low self-esteem and lack of trust, you think everybody who is dating you would leave you. 

17. You will spend time wondering why it happened: 

Being cheated on can lead you through a very long phase of overthinking. You would want to answer the question of where, and why it all went wrong, and this could lead to anxiety and stress.

18. You become a pleaser: 

You might be think your lack of complete submissiveness was why your partner cheated on you. And will now try to please him or other potentials, which can lead to a toxic relationship if you are with a controlling partner. They will take advantage of it.

19. Everyone looks like a threat to your relationship:

Just as you become insecure, you become overly jealous. You think everyone, even your close friends is a threat to your relationship, even when they are just trying to advise you.

20. You can spot cheats easily: 

Furthermore, you have heard all the lies and seen all the manipulations, so when you spot similar attributes in people, you are quick to take note of their cheating red flags.

Will being cheated on change you forever?

Be it a positive or negative change, being cheated on can have an impact that will last with you for a very long time. Though the hurt will heal with time, the lessons learned will linger forever. 

Yes, you will be able to trust again if you take the time to discover yourself and realize that your partner cheating on you is nothing about you. But if you keep blaming yourself, it might be hard to get over it.

What does being cheated teach you?

1. No one is irreplaceable:

It will make you realize that the fact someone is acting as if they love you so much, does not mean that they won’t get tired of you someday. 

Also, after someone cheats on you, you will feel that you won’t be able to find love again. But after some time, you realize everyone is replaceable.

2. It’s never your fault: 

Again, they cheated on you because they wanted to. If you must have done anything to make them feel like cheating, they should have been able to talk to you about it or quit the relationship if they felt they were not getting what they wanted.

3. It is not a reflection of your self-worth: 

It’s not about you not being good enough. A promiscuous partner can have an affair with just anyone. They decide to cheat and not because the other person is better than you.

4. Being cheated on is not always the end of a relationship: 

Sometimes being cheated on is not always a deal-breaker in a relationship. It can even lead to more understanding and increase love and intimacy between partners.

5. You will always find love again: 

At first, you will think you will never find love again, you can’t trust anybody again. But the right person will always find their way back to you. You will move on when you want to.

6. Forgiveness:

Being cheated on might make you appreciate forgiveness more. To save yourself from stress and being bitter, it will be better to just forgive. Whether you come back to each other or not.

7. Love is not enough: 

Love alone does not sustain a relationship. You have to understand each other, have discipline and be loyal.

Can one get PTSD from being cheated on?

The pain you have to go through when you are cheated on can make you start to experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Though what you are feeling is post-infidelity stress disorders. Things like low self-esteem, lack of trust, overthinking, doubt of self-worth, and being scared of falling in love again are signs of (PTSD).

Does cheating affect esteem?

Yes, it does. When someone cheats on you, the first thing that might come to your mind is that you’re not good enough. The other person is way better than you. You will lack confidence in yourself, you won’t think you are good enough for anyone anymore.

How does cheating affect a woman?

1. She experiences toxic emotions: 

When a woman is cheated on, she starts to go through mental and emotional stress that makes her develop toxic emotions, like anger. 

2. She feels abandoned: 

Of course, when a man cheats on a woman, it can feel like the relationship is over for her. That can lead her to a feeling of abandonment.

3. She feels betrayed:

She trusted her partner so much and the partner ended up breaking that trust which will make her feel betrayed.

4. She might turn into a cheat too:

Besides, she might have had her own chance to cheat that she passed, but as she has been cheated on, she might see no reason to be faithful to one partner ever again.

5. She feels disgusted: 

It makes her develop disgust and hate towards her partner. She might hold grudges and find it hard to forgive the man.

6. She feels used and depressed: 

Later, she will feel like she has been played and was never loved. This will affect her self-confidence, and self-worth and might even lead her into depression. 

How do I stop overthinking after being cheated on?

1. Accept that it’s not your fault: 

As a matter of fact, the best way you can move on from overthinking about being cheated on is to accept that it’s not really about you, but it’s your partner’s choice. Don’t try to question yourself about what you must have done wrong. Accept that it happened, and it’s their fault, and move on.

2. Look for a distraction: 

Additionally, try doing things that can get the issue out of your mind, look for something that works best for you as a distraction.

3. Get help: 

Don’t be shy or afraid to seek help. They are professional therapists who can help you.

4. Stop living in the past: 

It’s okay to start over again. If cheating made things end with you two, you should move away from it and try going on. The right person will always find their way to you.

Can a relationship go back to normal after being cheated on?

Yes, a relationship can get back to normal after infidelity, but it is going to require lots of effort and understanding to rebuild the trust that was broken. Before you think of getting back to someone, after they cheated on you, you have to be certain you can forgive what they have done to you, and not just go back because you are lonely.

How do you become more secure in a relationship after being cheated on

1. Talk with your partner: 

An honest conversation is the best way to regain the trust of your partner. They have to tell what went wrong, and you have to dig into the issue and see if it’s something about you, or it’s just them. 

2. Work on regaining your self-esteem:

Afterward, if you can accept that you are beautiful and the cheating it’s not about you but about your partner not being able to value what they have, then you will be able to regain your confidence.

That way, you won’t be overly jealous in the relationship because you know your worth. If they break the relationship, it is their loss and not yours.

3. Ensure transparency: 

Your partner has to agree that they would be ready to answer all of your questions about who they are talking to, and where they are going. With time, you can begin to develop trust for them again.

4. Embrace the insecurities: 

Your insecurities are expected after being cheated on. Your partner has to accept that it’s left for them to make you trust them again and you have to recognize their efforts.

5. Ensure your partner is ready to change: 

If they are ready to change, you will know and then you will feel more secure being in a relationship with them.

How does a cheater react after cheating?

Well, it depends. Sometimes, cheating can happen as a mistake. Maybe they were drunk at a party or something, then they had an affair with the hot person at the party. If it happens, the cheater will feel bad, and start to feel like they have hurt their partner, even before their partner finds out. 

A promiscuous partner will keep cheating and will only react like they are sad or try to push the blame on you when he gets caught.

Psychological effects of being cheated on

1. Low self-esteem: 

Firstly, someone who has been cheated may start to feel less confident and worthless.

2. Self-blaming: 

You will be stuck in the past, feeling it was all your fault. You might feel you should have done the right things, they won’t have cheated.

3. Feeling of loss:

You had a relationship believed will lead somewhere and when you are being cheated on in such a scenario, you’ll feel a terrible sense of loss.

4. Stress: 

In fact, you will go through anxiety, and overthinking will lead to mental stress.

5. The feeling of being used: 

You will feel like you were just being a tool to your partner. This will make you start to look less of yourself.

How do I find peace after being cheated on?

1. Get help: 

To begin with, you can seek support from friends or seek the help of a professional therapist.

2. Avoid self-blaming: 

Truly, it’s never your fault, always remember that they cheated because they wanted to.

3. Think about the good part:

As well, look at the positive part. Maybe this gives you time to focus on yourself, and go for someone who truly values you.


In conclusion, infidelity can make the partner on the receiving end go through a lot of phases, like the ones listed in this article. Cheating can break anyone especially when you truly love the person who cheated on you, but now is the time to find strength from the article and stand up to creating new memories and actualizing new dreams. Cheating can help develop your character and can bring out the best in you too. Don’t totally down yourself, get up and win

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