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How Long Does It Take to Like Someone (The factors that contribute to this)

How Long Does It Take to Like Someone (The factors that contribute to this)

Just as we are all different, so are the things that determine why and how we like a person are different, and the answer to the question – How long does it take to like someone – isn’t direct. Liking someone may depend on a whole lot of factors. Some people immediately are attracted to someone for their looks, their behavior, and some for the way they speak, or how they dress. So if you like someone, it doesn’t have to take forever for you to figure out if you like them or not.

To begin liking someone, there is no particular time frame, even though some people believe in love at first sight, it can also take many days and months to like someone. Liking someone can happen within three seconds and also, it can take eighty-eight days to like someone too.

Factors that contribute to how fast or slow you like someone.

1. Attraction:

Attraction is a powerful force, it happens immediately you see someone. And your brain quickly registers the fact that you are attracted to that person in more ways than one, and immediately you are attracted to a person. Liking the person tends to follow quickly, feeling attracted to a person helps you register the fact that you like the person and would like to know the person better.

2. They compliment you:

When you meet someone and the first thing out of their mouth to you wows you or they look amazing, you tend to like that person a lot quicker than others. Having someone who makes you feel good about yourself is not just something you can easily ignore. It ignites a strong bond between the both of you that you naturally can’t resist.

3. We see something of ourselves in the person:

Talking to someone and realizing that you both share the same interests can quicken likeness, after all, who doesn’t want to hang out with people who share the same interest as them. Most times, even if you don’t know the person, and the fact that you see something you admire about yourself in this other person makes you like the person more and want to get closer to the person.

4. You like their vibe:

When you instantly connect to someone’s vibe or immediately you meet the person, you already enjoying his company then there is a tendency that you would have immediate likeness for that person if you like someone you don’t need to take days to decide that fact it, not rocket science

5.  He makes you laugh:

It’s easy to like someone who always makes us laugh, especially if we are having a bad day. So, one factor that can help determine how fast you like someone is if the person is in the habit of making you laugh, even at yourself.

6. He tells you as it is:

It is difficult to always find someone who tells us the truth and does not sugarcoat things for us. So when you meet someone and they are immediately honest with us, we can quickly get attached to the person or even feel instant likeness for the person.

7. You connect instantly:

Have you ever met someone and you guys just start by having this deep and meaningful conversation? I mean the connection is instant, you can’t help but feel like you have known this person all your life. You can’t help but have an immediate likeness for someone who you share such a deep connection with.

8. He is charming:

Well, there are some persons whose charm is just infectious, and you can’t help but like them. You feel butterflies around the person and you are completely drawn to the person when you find someone charming you tend to like the person a lot faster.

9. They are clingy:

You may have a hard time liking someone and you keep asking why it is taking me this much time to connect with the person. Well, the reason could be simple; you may have noticed that the person is clingy and you just can’t deal with their clinginess. We usually tend to develop likeness slowly for the people with habits we don’t like.

10. He never lets others say a word:

Imagine you just met someone for the very first time and the person isn’t even allowing you to get a word in, he keeps interrupting you and does not care about your opinion, such a person you may find it difficult to like, or it make take a while for likeness to develop.

What does it mean to like someone?

Love and like are two different phenomena. If you love someone, they can hurt you badly. Don’t get me wrong, if you like someone they can also hurt you, to like someone means that you are happy around them. You understand them, you enjoy having a conversation with the person. It also can mean that your mind is at peace with that person, you just generally enjoy the vibe the person emits. To ‘like’ is the mild form of love, you have to like a person first before you even begin to love the person.

Is liking quickly a flaw?

Liking someone quickly is not necessarily a flaw, it may be that you are a very open-minded person and you like to see the good in others. Liking someone quickly means you are giving the person a chance. You may like the positive energy you are getting from the person. Also, liking someone quickly can mean you felt an instant connection with that person.

Can liking someone affect me negatively? 

Liking someone is not likely to affect you negatively, instead, it may positively impact you. But on the other hand, if the person you like is toxic, a narcissist or he is manipulating, it may most likely also hurt you. Once the person realizes that you like him, he may see it as an opportunity to abuse you emotionally or even try to manipulate you. So whether liking someone will impact you negatively ultimately depends on the kind of person you like.

What are the advantages of liking someone?

There are a lot of advantages to liking someone. As humans, we are not separate islands, so we need people around us to enable us to function properly. Liking someone can help combat loneliness, it can help to avoid depression, and it can also help us live a rich and fulfilling life. We can’t work this journey of life alone, and facing the difficulties of life will be easier if we do it with the person we like.

How quickly do men like someone?

Men find it easier to like someone quickly. Men are more inclined to like some as soon as they met them, they tend to know what they want as soon as they see it, they don’t necessarily have to waste time debating within themselves if they like you or not.

How quickly do women like someone?

Women are just can’t meet someone and immediately decide whether they like the person or not, they have to observe the person. So it takes them a bit longer to like a person than it would take a man.

What to do if you like someone?

If you like someone, you don’t need to act tough or try to play it coy. You need to summon the courage to have a conversation with the person tell the person you like them, or you can pay the person a compliment. You can also ask the person for their phone number if you guys are just meeting for the first time and you are interested in being friends with the person.

How to like someone?

There is no manual or rule book anywhere that can accurately tell you how to like someone and that is because everyone reacts differently to people. You are the only person who can determine how well or how best you can like someone. But remember, when liking someone, try not to always put the person’s feelings before yours because your happiness is important too.


There is no specific amount it is supposed to take for you to like someone. You can just chill and go with the flow if you meet someone in a minute, and you can also feel you like the person which is okay. If you met a person and it takes years before you like the person it is also okay. Like I said before, there is no specific or permanent time frame.

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