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How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened?

How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened?

How long does mascara last unopened? This question is asked by most girls who like make-up and those who are into the makeup business but do not know about some facts about the use of mascara, this is a major confusion among them.

The Spanish word mascara means ‘mask’ or ‘stain’ and the Italian word Maschera means ‘mask’. A makeup box is incomplete without mascara.

How long does mascara last unopened?

When mascara is properly packaged and completely sealed and kept in a cool and dry place, it will last up to 2 to 3 years.

The symbol printed on the composition with a number and the period after opening will show the number of months between the day you opened it to the day it expires. That’s the life span of the mascara.

When an unopened mascara gets to its expiry date, do well to discard it for if you use it, you might be endangering your health

Can the mascara dry out unopened?

How long a mascara lasts unopened is determined by how well the mascara is being produced and packaged. They don’t usually dry out if you haven’t opened them yet, however it is advisable to keep them in a cool and dry place and keep away from sunlight.

If this is not done, the mascara will dry out.

How long does a mascara last if unopened regularly?

Mascara can last as long as you want, even if you don’t use it every day. There are ways you can preserve them and make them look cool when next you want to use them. 

Take a look at the tips on how to care for your mascara below

Does mascara have an expiration date?

You got a favorite mascara that makes your lashes full & beautiful and you have it in mind that you are going to keep using it for a long time. Well my dear, It is high time you disembark from that thought because mascara is one of many cosmetics that has a short life span, that is, it has the earliest expiration date. 

It last around three to six (3 – 4) months when it is opened and shouldn’t be kept for long because it can cause great harm to you in the nearest future.

To recognize the expiration date, on the mascara pack, you will see where an open jar image is stamped, followed by the number, and call the letter M. The symbol helps you remember which month you opened it and when it is likely to get expired.

If your mascara does not have a symbol, it would be difficult for you to know the expired date, which is risky.

What does it imply when an unopened mascara’s said expiration date is due?

Mascara in general, expires when it is three to six months but you can still use it in taming your brows.

If you notice the white or grey hair coming out, your expired mascara can serve then but if you notice anything that might not be okay with you using an expired mascara, kindly discard it.

10 signs of expired mascara

i. Eye irritation

When using a mascara that is expired, your eyes start to get irritated. It tends to itch your eyes uncontrollably and this can cause reddish and swollen eyes.

ii. Bad odour

Another sign of expired mascara is an unpleasant odour or smell. Whenever you open a mascara to use and you notice that the odour that oozes out of the tube is bad, that is a sure sign that the mascara is expired.

iii. It becomes dry and flaky

Whenever your mascara is dry & flaky in the sense that, there’s no form of liquid in it, it is high time you abandon that mascara and purchase another.

Failure to do this can cause you your eyesight

iv. Loss of eyelash

If you are adamant about your physical changes, it would be very long before you notice the ruins of an expired mascara on your eyes.

 If you continue using mascara even when it is expired, it poses a strong threat because you tend to lose your lashes eventually.

This may inherently expose your eyes to more danger.

v. It causes infection

The usage of expired mascara can breed bacteria which can cause disgusting infections. Aside from the texture problem, it is a good place for mites and this will make you find difficulty in sleeping. 

If you are prone to any eye infection, it is mandatory to take note of the mascara’s expiration date before purchase and use

vi. It doesn’t give you your desired look

The use of mascara is designed to give darker and thickened lashes which makes your face and eyes physically attractive. 

But when your eyes come in contact with an expired mascara, you won’t have a beautiful look. Your eyes will be reddish and sometimes teary. If care is not taken, it will itch a whole lot.

vii. If the texture changes

If the texture and the consistency of the mascara have changed, it is a great sign that you have to get a new one for it has gone past its expiration date.

Failure to discard it can hinder your health.

What becomes of the expired mascara?

Just for precautionary measures, it is advisable to exclude expired mascara from your make-up kit. It may become dry and you should never use water or saliva to moisten it for it can introduce bacteria. 

The use of expired mascara can lead to pimples, rashes, acne, e.t.c. It is advisable to do away with expired mascara for better skin health. 

An open jar image should be stamped on all mascaras, followed by the number of the letter M. The symbol helps you remember which month you opened it. 

If your mascara does not have a symbol, the first thing you should do is

i. Smell

Smell to check if the smell is offensive. An offensive smell signifies an expired mascara

ii. Observe the color

The color changed from what it ought to be. if the color ought to be black for example and is greyish currently to your eyes, this is a sign of an expired product.

iii. Skin observation

if your skin feels different after applying it, throw it away without delay.

An expired mascara is not healthy to use, beware!

How to revive a dried-up mascara?

If your mascara is dried and you want to revive it, follow these steps below;

i. Hot water

It is not advisable to pour water into the mascara tube. Instead of doing that, boil water, put it in a bowl and place the mascara tube by standing it, and then leave it for a few seconds. 

The heat from the hot water will soften and moisturize the dried mascara and give you smooth application again.

ii. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is very useful in rejuvenating products that have to do with beautification and mascara is not exempted.

Put a drop of aloe vera gel into the mascara tube. Shake it up and see how smooth your mascara becomes

iii. Contact lenses solution or eye drop

Since contact lenses solutions and eye drops are thicker than water, they will blend and mix with the mascara without making it too watery.

As usual, it is also not advisable to pump the wand in and out as this act will allow air to get in which will dry up the formula, fizzle it instead.

Is mascara damaging to the skin?

Everything that has an advantage, will surely have a disadvantage. We all know that the use of mascara beautifies and enhances the faces of women but when overused, it can cause damage to your health and skin.

i. Continous use

The use of mascara is damaging to the skin in the sense that, the chemicals used in making mascaras can eventually become unhealthy to the skin due to continous use and application of this product (mascara) .

Chemicals such as cheap petroleum, aluminum powder for color, and parabens for preservation used in mascaras have been stated as being dangerous to human health.

These chemicals can also infect the woman’s breast, causing breast cancer.

ii. Wearing for too long

Don’t leave your mascaras out in the open. Don’t also leave mascaras on your eyelashes for too long, using a mascara way past its due date can be very toxic and harmful to the skin. 

iii. Sharing

Avoid sharing with your friends; this can also lead to eye irritation which can also lead to an eye infection.

That moment you feel you are enhancing your beauty, while in the real sense, your beauty is deteriorating. The consistent use of mascara can make you lose your lashes, be it small or voluminous. 

The chemicals used in producing it can weaken the roots of your eyelashes cells and make them fall off,

At what point do I discard my mascara? 

Among the beauty product, mascara has the shortest life span and should be thrown two or three months after opening. If it changes color, smell, and texture, discard it as soon as possible.

Keeping makeup products past its due expiration date or neglecting the regular routine cleaning of your beauty tools can welcome bacteria into your system. 

Proper ways to store mascara

i. Don’t pump, scrape

Don’t get tempted to get out more of the mascara by pumping the wand inside the tube when you start getting low on your mascara instead, scrape the wand gently inside the tube.

This allows air to rush inside and make your mascara drier than before.

ii. Quick solutions work too

Whenever you notice that your mascara is dried out but not sure, do not throw the tube away. You can still get some scoop with the wand by pouring a few eye drops into the tube. 

Some experts in the beauty world say, that saline solution might do the same magic. You can place the tube in a bowl that contains hot water, to make it easier to apply when it is softened.

iii. Keep it in the fridge

Preserve by keeping your mascara inside the fridge if you don’t make use of it regularly. The same temperature that makes your food fresh also works in preserving your favorite mascara tube.

iv. Keep it closed

It is not right or advisable to expose your mascara tube to air, this dries the content up on time.

Instead, close the tube after you must have taken the brush out of it with a wipe, tissue paper, or your disinfected thumb so that you prevent germs from getting into the tube.

Do not leave your mascara opened

v. Avoid germs

Opticians have advised that the usage of mascara shouldn’t pass three months before replacing it or else, you are inviting germs to your mascara brush which will later infect your eyes with infections and bacteria. 

vi. Avoid sharing

It is also advised not to share your mascara with friends for you wouldn’t want to share bacteria with them. 

v. Eye irritation

Whenever you are suffering from eye irritation, avoid the use of mascara. Failure to do so will worsen the irritation and also contaminate the brush which might serve you back the itchy eyes you thought you got rid of.

In conclusion, we are now certain that an unopened mascara can last up to three years and more, so long it is not expired. Using expired mascara whether it is unopened or opened can damage your eyelashes and also go a long way in damaging your eyes. 

Regular change of mascara can also go a long way in preventing your eyes from infections and diseases.

Whenever you want to purchase mascara, get from a good and trusted brand, with these, your eye safety and care are guaranteed.

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